The World, Here I come!

I know that for most people, it is frightening to meet foreign cultures and people who look different, speak different and act different. Most people are afraid to leave their comfort and security within the society they live in.

For me, it’s the other way round. I am afraid to think about a future full of security instead of freedom. I am afraid that I will stop learning one day. I wish to experience new challenges every day if possible. I hope that I will fulfill this dream of mine. The first step was taken in June 2015 and back then, I didn’t even have a clue that I already did my first step. The next step will be taken in less than a month when I fly off to live in Japan.


My adventures in Japan and the rest of the world

If you want me to experience the culture even more, you can donate and make a wish about what you want me to see, do or try in Japan. I will be gladly try to do it.



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Thank you for showing interest!