Weekly Wonders: Cute France, Summer Fests and an exhausting week

1. Finally, my book “OTP’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy and Broke”, arrived on monday, the 17th, as well as my Gorillapod. 

2. In the evening, I had Indian for dinner, because I was craving it soooo much lately <3

3. + 4. Summer Day trip No. 2 took us to Colmar which is in the Alsace region of France. It was beautiful, cute and relaxed, with some minor difficulties :’D More of it in a seperate blog post. We even visited the Titisee on the way back.

5. + 6. We also took a ride on the canal in one of the boats. Our punter and guide was a young handsome frenchie and he provided us with a lot of interesting facts about the architecture we saw lined up along the river Rhine.

7. No trip to France is complete without having a real french crepe <3 It was truly delicious!

8. + 9. I even found a small japanese shop there that sold Omochi filled with red bean paste <3

10. On Thursday, I first, had to work for the day shift, then I went to the summer festival of the company that owns my workplace. It was amazing, including these black bun burgers <3

11. – 13. Just shortly after we arrived at the venue, it started raining though. All the benches outside got wet and the ground got all muddy and wet. When we tried to walk back to our seats, we literally sunk into the mud. Our feet looked disgusting at the end of the night.
Still, it didn’t hinder us from taking a lot of selfies :’D
Also, in the late evening hours, we started to take over the dance floor. It was so much fun and I was so exhausted when I finally fell into my warm, cozy bed :’D


As you can probably tell from my entries above, the third week of July was pretty exhausting for me. Not only with work, but also with travels and activities scattered throughout the week, it was hard to find time to do anything else – including blogging which is why I only had time to do so now :’D

Also, on saturday after work, I was invited to one of my longest known friend’s birhtday party. We went to a mexican restaurant. I had Tacos Dorados con Pollo and after finishing eating, I had the biggest food baby ever. I was so full! And the drinks didn’t make it feel better :’D Anyway, it was a very fun evening, but I was so happy when I finally came home and fell into my bed – once again :’D

On Sunday, I just stayed home the whole day  :’D

I hope your week was as great and les exhausting than mine :D

Thank you for popping by and reading my entries!

See you next week on Weekly Wonders!



Translation course, and trainees honor of the best

Yesterday, I had my first English course of the new semester, my Translation 2 course, at a prof I wished to have one course so badly since I started my studys. He caught the attention of all of us during the orientation weeks of our first semester. He was bald, had tattoos, and a strong voice with a british accent. He seemed very excentric and interesting, so almost everyone wished to attend one of his courses. I tried to get in his translation 1 course last year, but didn’t get in, unfortunately. This semester, I got in and was so happy! Yesterday, I went inside the smallest possible room of my faculty, and saw many students who were already sitting. I was happy that I was on time, because the seats were getting scarce. In the end, more and more people had to bring chairs from somewhere into the classroom. Then, he also accepted a few more students for the course, although they weren’t accepted. He got an additional table from outside, and they placed it into the already filled classroom :’D It was kind of funny, but I think I won’t laugh anymore when it is July, because according to Watts (the profs name) we will have about 44 degrees in that tiny classroom :’D Humidity ftw!

Well, another thing I was happy about was the course itself. I am in a group of 3 other guys and we got the subject of subtitling for our presentation! *o* We will be the first group to present, but I am looking forward to it. And we won’t have to present during the summer heat then ;) After that, we can relax and concentrate for our in-class translations we have to hand in :) Furthermore, Watts said that we won’t have a written exam in the end. We will have an assigned translation to hand in during the semester. I think this is the best idea ever, because a written exam in translation doesn’t make any sense. He also said that it is too artificial. And he is right, because in real life, translators use any kind of dictionaries and information for their translations. I am quite happy about that! In my last translation course I got a 2,3 and I wasn’t that content. Now, I want to do my best. I am alredy excited and hope that it will end well. At the end of the class, we talked to him a bit, and he told us that a few semesters ago, even last semester, bachelor students couldn’t allow the translation 2 course for their studies. It was just an additional certificate. But now, we bachelor students can also do it. He told us that he will write to the study commission if anyone of us will decide to do a Master in Translation :’D I was actually thinking about that, so I hope I will be accepted for a Translation Master in the future :)

Another good thing about yesterday was that I saw my other friend Rapha who returned from Korea. I met her and Yen at the university’s cafeteria to have lunch. Before I met them at about 1.45 pm I was sitting at the cafeteria of my faculty building and doing my chinese homework, when I saw this:


After I was finished I went to meet Yen and Rapha at the library’s cafeteria. We sat for about one and and a half hours and talked about the difference of german and korean men, about our university courses especially chinese courses, and about our future travel plans :D I told them about the Japan day in Düsseldorf. I told them to join us as well :D And we also think about going to Hamburg one day. I am in love with Hamburg, and they both have never been there. After talking non-stop, I had to go at about 3 pm. I had to arrive early at home, because my sister had her honor of the best trainees at 7pm.

I walked home with my sister from the train station. She also left earlier from work in order to get ready. Later in the evening, we were ready to set off. I was already a bit excited for her, but I guess she was more excited. The honor event began with two songs from a band, then some formal men spoke about studying and learning a job. Finally, the honor of the best trainees began. At first, many other trainees went on stage, took their certificate and left. At the back, photos were taken. Soon, my sister came on stage, with 3 other girls. They were also taken photos of. My sister has done her training at a university as a management assistant of interoffice communication. She was the best trainee the university ever had, with an average grade of 1,8. We were all proud of her.

When the honor of the best was over, we heard a song from the band again, and then we were allowed to go to the back and eat and drink something. They had sandwiches and many different drinks like juices, sodas and bubbly. I drank a glass of orange juice. We didn’t stay too long after that, but it was a nice evening. I hope the best for my sister’s future :) she deserves it!

Have you ever been to such a honoring event before?

Thanks for reading!

Review: The year 2013

This year was the year of the snake in chinese astrology, and although my chinese zodiac sign isn’t a snake, I was very unlucky this year. Although it was a great year for many of my friends and relatives, I disliked this year quite much and I am so happy for tonight and 2014. I just don’t think that it can be worse than 2013. Nothing worked out for me this year, really nothing! Everything went wrong. I will list some bad and good things that happened in 2013.

Here are the bad things:

  • My exchange year to the USA didn’t work out just because of money issues.
  • My holiday job as a fundraiser didn’t really work out as well. I was taken, but had to return after 3 days.
  • I also found a mini job late this year at a store which sells books, DVDs, CDs, notebooks, calendars and stuff like that. I applied, but got a letter of refusal
  • My oral exams this year in February didn’t go as expected. I felt quite unfairly treated.
  • I dated a guy who just stopped texting me after 2 dates.
  • I gained weight
  • My Laptop died
  • The partys were mostly quite boring
  • All my friends were absent this year because they had their exchange year in South Corea
  • My birthday party didn’t go as well and fun as expected.
  • The winter was just too long this year. It last until March!!!
  • I didn’t go on vacation in summer

Probably, there were also a few more shitty things, but these were the main events. Despite all of these I also had a few good things and also new experiences

Here they are:

  • Lana Del Rey Concert
  • I got my first smart phone
  • I started learning a new language: Chinese
  • I slowly learned how to cook due to my 30-days-challenge (e.g.: Chinese dumplings, Mousse au Chocolat, Risotto, Pumpkin Soup,…)
  • I visited Switzerland for the first time ever.
  • I saw Swan Lake for the first time just yesterday.
  • I got a tablet for the first time.
  • I ate Ramen for the first time
  • I learned to write calligraphy
  • I went punting
  • I read good books, and watched many good movies (e.g.: The Hunger Games series, Pride and Prejudice, Life of Pi,…)
  • I took part at NaNoWriMo for the first time ever
  • I met new friends

Of course there are as many good things as there are bad things, but somehow the bad ones outweigh the good ones, because they are more significant and stay in mind longer.

Last year at New Year’s Eve, we went to a club with many of our friends. The motto was a Mask ball, and it was a great, magical evening. However, the new year began horrible in the first 3 months. I could say that it was my worst year because one dream of mine scattered. It affected me quite much, because every single one wanted to know now why it didn’t work out, and I had to tell the same story over and over again so that it was very hard for me to get over it. I also gained much weight. Probably, I tried to distract me from my failures by eating junk food and sweets. I still fit into my clothes, but I have never weighed so much before. I probably also always ate out because of instagram ;)

Tonight, I am happy that I am not planning to celebrate big. It will just be a private group with family and family friends, tasty food and good drinks. It will not be as legendary a night as last year. But the better New Year’s Eve, the worse is the year. So I don’t expect much of the night nor of next year. I will prepare for my Erasmus in England, and that’s my only wish for next year. If it shouldn’t work out as well, I studied for nothing.

Let’s just hope for the best! And with that, I take leave of you all with my last post of 2013, and wish you a happy new year! Hope to see you all sane, well-rested, sober, and fully fed in 2014 ;)


Working in Augsburg: Day 5, Friday 13.September.2013 – Early Return

The morning started with packing the last things in my suitcase and finally a decent breakfast. We had more bread now, different kinds of cheese, and, FINALLY Nutella! How I’ve missed it in only a few days. I ate two slices of bread and then I got my suitcase and backpack and slowly went outside. The others arrived as well after a few minutes. Before, I asked Michael about my Malteser pass, and he told me that I could keep it :) Now I have it as a remembrance.


After everyone was outside, we waited for Michael. He overslept and was grumbling over Vera why she didn’t wake him up earlier. He was now moving downstairs to the room of Kim and Vera. When he finally was ready we walked to the cars and put everything inside. I enjoyed the car ride today because I didn’t think about working now. Nevertheless I was bothered with the trains, but I looked for the next trains to Stuttgart. I was relieved to see that there was a train every hour.

Arriving at the train station, Michael even asked if I will have to wait long for my next train. If so, I could come with them to the booth at first instead of waiting at the train station on myself. But I ensured him that there would be one in a few minutes. I said goodbye to him and to the other girls. They all were really cute and hugged me. I had about 20 minutes until the next train. I went to the train office and bought a ticket. Then I got me something to drink and waited outside for the train to arrive. Not even after 10 minutes it arrived and I entered it. The train was full. Fuller than on Monday as I left Stuttgart. I tried to read a few pages, but I was so tired that I fell asleep in the train. It was quite uncomfortable, because I had my suitcase beside my feet. I am just too weak to hieve it on the placement area above the seats. And I was too tired to ask someone, since almost everyone nearby were women. At least it seemed like that.

The train ride seemed so long, because I was so tired. But after not even 2 hours I arrived in Stuttgart. I hurried out the train to catch the other train to my hometown. It was almost noon when I finally arrived and jumped into a taxi. I was so relieved when I stood in front of my house. I went inside, ate something and then immediately fell into my bed to catch up 4 days of sleep.

When my sister arrived she told me that she would go to Frankfurt the next day. She wanted me to come with her. I agreed. she booked the ticket and I felt like a hitchhiker travelling around Germany :D Well, you couldn’t count Frankfurt as travelling anymore, because I have been there too often.

I was already so happy to be back that I would imagine home would be so nice to be at :3 But I was wrong: It got better! We had Lahmacun for dinner! A turkish dish, something like a wrap that is filled with mince :)


After dinner I stayed up a few hours to watch a series on TV. The turkish version of O.C. California. After that, I unpacked my suitcase I brought from Augsburg, so that I would only pack my backpack for Frankfurt the next morning. Our bus was at 2 pm. So it was neither too early, nor too late.

I went early to sleep that day, because I still was tired and still had to get up earlier for next day.

So this was my adventure with Malteser at talk2move. I don’t regret trying that out, but I am happy that I didn’t stay there for 4 weeks. Although I feel a little bit disappointed that nothing seems to work out this year, I still think that everything has its reason.

P.S.: My 90€ already arrived on my account :)

Working in Augsburg: Thursday, 12.09.2013, Day 4 – The truth about it

That day started with a meager breakfast. We almost had no bread. Only a few slices of dry wholemeal bread and a piece of dark bread which was rotten at the end. Two of the girls cut a thin slice of that half-rotten bread and tried to eat the rest of the bread which was still safe. But they said they had a strange aftertaste. I only ate one slice of the driest wholemeal bread I have ever tasted with a cheese parfait. That was the only breakfast ingredient we had. And cheap bitter nutella. I don’t like eating wholemeal bread with nutella, so chose a cheese parfait. I ate one single slice of bread very hardly. I almost couldn’t swallow. It was the worst breakfast since a long time. After the poorly breakfast, we prepared everything and went outside. It was a rainy day again, but not as bad as on the first day.

The formation was different today. Kim and Manu head to go to another spot now, and Alisa and Vera were together with Patrizia and me at the same spot as the day before. Michael was also together with us and Jenia was returning. At first we stopped at the place our booth should stand. Then Michael went to the train station with Jenia. Meanwhile we built up the booth and went to the city for a short time to buy some things. I went to buy a deodorant, because I forgot mine at home, and was not able to buy one the last few days. I have already taken a shower that morning, but didn’t have a deodorant, unfortunately. After that, I returned to the booth, but the others weren’t there yet. After a few minutes they came, and Alisa and Vera took their folders and went flying. Patrizia and me stayed there and tried to talk to people. The coach was there, too, and was observing us from afar. Michael came, too and talked to Patrizia. Then she went flying, as well, and I was together with Michael there. Two were enough for that place, because it was almost dead. There were almost no people passing by. Sometimes, Michael was also talking to people, but most of the time he was away, talking on the phone or with Tom, the coach.

After a while, I talked to a guy, who at first was sceptical about donating something. But then I argumented a bit, and he said “alright, why not”. I filled everything out, and in that moment, Michael came back. I gave him a picture and thanked him. That was at about 12 or 1 pm. Then I had nothing for hours. The lady on the right street side offered us a coffee and hot chocolate. She had a cute, little chocolatier shop. Michael took a coffee, and I went for a hot chocolate. While I was talking to people, she brought the hot chocolate to our booth. Without wanting any payment. Such a nice woman, I had tears in my eyes TTvTT. It was soooo tasty, I almost thought about buying one during break. At about 5 pm I had a break. I should actually have my break earlier, at about 4.30 pm, but I forgot about it. Patrizia was also at the booth when I left, and she said that it should be okay. Bevore I hurried up to the city, I went to the little chocolatier again, and thanked her for the hot chocolate again. The shop was really cute. She was also selling chocolate bars. At that moment I thought how nice it would be to work in a cute little shop that was warm and smelled like chocolate. But I headed to the city and this time I went to a cafe. I ordered a Quarktasche (a german dough sweet which is filled with quark, something like yoghurt) and a hot chocolate. I ate fast and after a few minutes, Michael called and asked where I am. I told him I was having my break, because I forgot about it earlier. He didn’t fuss much about it afterwards. After my break I went down to the booth again. Alisa was there now. The other two were still in the city and flying. Alisa was a bit disappointed, because she still had zero. While it was getting darker, I had more and more people talking to at the booth. I had a boy with his friend, or girlfriend, I don’t know quite. But the guy was interested, but didn’t have his bank data with him. He gave me his phone number, and even the phone number of the girl. He told me that he would call me if I shouldn’t call him. After one hour or so, I called him and then the girl. Both of them didn’t answer the phone. I forgot about it and continued working. In the meantime, Michael has picked Vera up and went grocery shopping with her, because she was so good that day. She hugged him out of joy. We were at our final spurt now. After the grocery shopping we were probably going to get packed. In the last half hour I even talked to a girl, who was also ready to donate. She was very calm and casual, and I really hope that it wasn’t just for fun. We’ll see after 2 weeks.

Our booth during twilight :)


Soon after that, Michael called me and said we should dismantle the booth. I slowly dismantled it, while Alisa was still talking to someone. But she didn’t get anyone to donate something. After a few minutes Patrizia also came down and helped us dismantle it. Michael and Vera arrived and we put the things into the car. We began driving and Michael and Vera drank a beer in the car. Michael had to go to the bank to get some money. While he was away, we talked about our day in the car. Then, Alisa began lamenting about her zero and told how disappointe she was, and suddenly, she began crying in the car. I was shocked! She was crying, because she didn’t write anyone. Of course, it is frustrating if you have worked for 10 hours and didn’t manage to write anyone down, but maybe it was just a bad day. The other girls tried to cheer her up, said words like “tomorrow is another day” “you will just try it again”, or “evryone has a bad day once”. But she just continued to cry and I really felt sorry for her, and thought that she didn’t deserve it. I like her, she was a nice girl, maybe the nicest one of the group, that’s why I thought to say something significant. I leaned over and told her: “But the most important thing is that you are okay!” After saying this, the girls looked at me in shock and amusement at the same time. Alisa’s tears turned into laughter and the Patrizia and Vera were not sure if they should call it cute or stupid. But we all laughed and Alisa forgot about it. I hope she and the others will think about my words in the future, if they should be down or sad.

Later in the house, we found out that Kim also had a bad day. She only wrote 1 and told that she has also cried. Then Vera and Alisa told her what I have said and Alisa said that it was so cute what I sad :D I was content with myself. But before Kim and Manu even arrived at home, Michael called me upstairs into his room. I thought maybe he wanted to talk to me because of the break mistake. When I was upstairs, he asked me how my day was and so on. I told him that I neither got better, nor worse. Then he asked me how long I was planning to stay. I said that I had actually planned 4 weeks, but that I maybe will not last so long. I admitted, that I would maybe do this week and then decide whether I still want to stay or not. Then he said, that he wouldn’t even wait until the week was over. He saw that I pulled myself together all the time and gave my best. But he also sees, that it would be for nothing if I still stayed. My hard work would pay off, and talk2move would waste money and time with me. Furthermore, he said that I was too nice for this job. I had already thought about it myself, and also told him that I noticed the same thing. I ensured that I didn’t perceive his critique in a negative way. I was actually glad that he also told me that this job was nothing for me. He told me that he was glad to meet me and that I was a very sweet person. He gave me a formular that I had to fill out. I went downstairs and filled it out. And I also took out my bill from the train ticket. He gave me the money. That was probably the reason why he went to the bank. After packing a little, I went to the kitchen where the others were sitting. We cooked noodles, and ate them while we talked and laughed. Kim especially had several laugh attacks out of nowhere. It seemed like she was drunk, but I think she wasn’t. But after a while, she, Vera and Manu got themselves a beer. Alisa, Patrizia nd me refused. I would have drunk, but I was so tired, and scared that I would get sick if I would add some alcohol to my tiredness.

Before it was getting too late, I went to bed. The last time sleeping there for me. I didn’t think that I would miss anything, or anyone. But I really wished, that I would have been better, or that the weather should have been a bit warmer. But I was already looking forward to go home. There, it was at least warm and dry :)