Weekly Wonders: Cute France, Summer Fests and an exhausting week

1. Finally, my book “OTP’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy and Broke”, arrived on monday, the 17th, as well as my Gorillapod. 

2. In the evening, I had Indian for dinner, because I was craving it soooo much lately <3

3. + 4. Summer Day trip No. 2 took us to Colmar which is in the Alsace region of France. It was beautiful, cute and relaxed, with some minor difficulties :’D More of it in a seperate blog post. We even visited the Titisee on the way back.

5. + 6. We also took a ride on the canal in one of the boats. Our punter and guide was a young handsome frenchie and he provided us with a lot of interesting facts about the architecture we saw lined up along the river Rhine.

7. No trip to France is complete without having a real french crepe <3 It was truly delicious!

8. + 9. I even found a small japanese shop there that sold Omochi filled with red bean paste <3

10. On Thursday, I first, had to work for the day shift, then I went to the summer festival of the company that owns my workplace. It was amazing, including these black bun burgers <3

11. – 13. Just shortly after we arrived at the venue, it started raining though. All the benches outside got wet and the ground got all muddy and wet. When we tried to walk back to our seats, we literally sunk into the mud. Our feet looked disgusting at the end of the night.
Still, it didn’t hinder us from taking a lot of selfies :’D
Also, in the late evening hours, we started to take over the dance floor. It was so much fun and I was so exhausted when I finally fell into my warm, cozy bed :’D


As you can probably tell from my entries above, the third week of July was pretty exhausting for me. Not only with work, but also with travels and activities scattered throughout the week, it was hard to find time to do anything else – including blogging which is why I only had time to do so now :’D

Also, on saturday after work, I was invited to one of my longest known friend’s birhtday party. We went to a mexican restaurant. I had Tacos Dorados con Pollo and after finishing eating, I had the biggest food baby ever. I was so full! And the drinks didn’t make it feel better :’D Anyway, it was a very fun evening, but I was so happy when I finally came home and fell into my bed – once again :’D

On Sunday, I just stayed home the whole day  :’D

I hope your week was as great and les exhausting than mine :D

Thank you for popping by and reading my entries!

See you next week on Weekly Wonders!



Weekly Wonders: Food, Castles, and Reggaeton

Apart from our trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle on Monday, July 10th, the rest of the week was not very spectacular. Most of the time, I had to work until late. Still, I managed to do some stuff:


1,2+3. As I have already described in my last blog post, I have visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, and it was AMAZING! You can read all about it here.

4. I have also finished this book: “Read this if you want to be Instagram-famous” which I got as a birthday gift as you can read on my blogpost here. The book was actually really good and very interesting.

5. On Thursday, we went to our local ice cream parlour to have some delicious ice cream bowls. I also got one of my last birthday presents – a huge see-through umbrella :)
I also got my new passport, finally :)

6.+7. On Sunday, we went to a summer party called Latin Island together with our cousin. First we ate something. Without hesitation, I chose the grilled shrimp skewers. Later, we sat by the pool after we finished eating and being fed up with the wasps swarming over our dishes. In the early evening, we decided to move to the dance floor and mingled with the crowd. It was a great party on a sunday afternoon/early evening.


I hope you guys had an even more amazing week!

Thank you for reading! See you next week on Weekly Wonders!



Last Parties in China: What I learned from 10 months living abroad

As I promised to upload the last post about reflecting on my time in China in 2015/2016, here is the last post in chronological order of my time there. This doesn’t mean that it’s my last post ever on China.

Less than one week before my flight back to Germany, we had 3 parties. 

On the 25th, we went to KTV all together. I don’t really have pictures from that evening, since we had too much fun singing and dancing. The only ones I have are quite blurry :’D It was a blast though, and definitely one of my most favourite night-outs in China :)

On the 26th, the next day, it was my friend Ana’s birthday. First she hosted a BBQ party at her apartment. Everyone came, even our boss :’D The food was great, she got some awesome gifts, and we drank a lot of alcohol before heading to the club.


But first, before entering the club, we had to have some fireworks in front of the club, because that’s what you do in China on your birthday :’D
When we entered the club, we were suprised to find out that our boss got us VIP seats. I don’t know why, because he left only 1 hour later :’D I think that was his gift for Ana probably :’D The guys also ordered Hennessy, but I didn’t like it at all :’D

Everyone was so drunk, except the ones who survived the night at the Xiao Long Bao place to get some midnight snacks before heading home. Ana was not with us though. She already returned home quite early without telling anyone :’D We were all worried and started looking for her EVERYWHERE, until one of our friends confirmed that she had gone home :’D

At the Xiao Long Bao place with the survivors of the night :D

The next party, my goodbye party was also my last full day in China. I spent the whole day going shopping (I did so much shopping, that I had to take the taxi back home although it was only 5 minutes walking distance), cooking and preparing everything.

In the evening, my friends slowly started to arrive. They also brought some snacks and drinks and we all had an amazing party. I hope I could be a good host for them the first time ever (I wish not the last time).


Our friend Harry brought a box of Durian for me to try :’D That’s the second time in one week that I have tried something crazy in China. Of course they had to be last minute on my last week there. Just 3 days ago, I tried Stinky Tofu in Shanghai which you can read here. Now it was my turn to try real Durian fruit. It smelled horribly, but the taste wasn’t as bad as I thought. It has a slightly onion taste to it. I wouldn’t crave it though.


Apart from the Durian, I got some more gifts. Nicole, the girl on the picture next to me, made me some apple muffins that looked like roses, and she got me a collection of lollipops with photos printed on them. The photos were of my friends I met in Yuyao. It was such a beautiful gift to keep me reminded of my time.


Josie also got me a gift. A keychain of a Buddha’s foot and a card from one of our students. Also a letter from her and Harry which I was supposed to read on the plane :D

Plus, I got the best of the best gifts ever. Two photo albums filled with pictures of my 10 months here. Everyone took part in making it, especially Ana, Veronica and Josie.

When I read through the first pages, I was about to cry. I had to hold in the tears. I didn’t cry at the end, though, because the pictures were so funny that I had to laugh all the time flipping through them :D

The party became loud and boozy, but soon everyone had to go back home since all of them had work the other day (a thursday). It was a wonderful last evening with all my friends that I met there. It was a weird feeling to be sitting on the plane the next day, on the way back home again. I did feel sad, but also happy to see my family again.

Veronica cried a little bit that evening when she gave me her gift which was a wooden comb she used to use. It was before the others arrived so no one saw it.

The next morning, after I had lunch with Josie, Ana and Veronica before my bus to the airport arrived, Ana also cried when we said goodbye. I felt really sad and also guilty for not crying, but I think I was just too stressed about my flights I woud have to take (Ningbo to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Frankfurt). Also, something inside me told me that I would be seeing them all again very soon, which was true :’D
[January 2017, for my friend Veronica’s unexpected wedding]

Anyway, I had such a blast in China during those 10 months I lived there.
I made friends for a lifetime.
I visited places that I have never thought to be visiting before.
I solo travelled for the first time ever.
I tried foods that I would have never tried if I lived all my life in Germany.
I became more confident talking to strangers.
I became more tolerant towards different cultures.
I found out that I wanted to become a full time traveller.
I realized that there were so many other places I wanted to see in the world, just because I met a lot of amazing people from there.
I learned to trust strangers.
And I can call an additional place my third home now.

Thanks to everyone who accompanied me through the blog posts about my time in China. I appreciate that a lot.

‘Till the next adventure in China (which should be next year if everything works out properly).



Weekly Wonders: Rainbows, Pinapples and Mom Jeans


Last week wasn’t very eventful, but still I managed to do quite some stuff.

We had an amazing double rainbow right outside our house which looked amazing!

On Thursday, we went to the waxing studio, but before, we had to try the new Indian restaurant. And it was super delicious!!!! I just couldn’t stop eating! I was even silent most of the time! I have to go there again and try a new dish! I had butter chicken, garlic naan and a coconut lassi which was probably the best coconut drink I had <3 So much love for this location! It’s called Ganesha, again :D (I have been to a Ganesha restaurant in China and in Stuttgart).

My Asos order came on Friday. I ordered a bunch of bathing suits and ripped jeans, but only kept one ripped jeans, which you can see on the picture.

You can shop it here

At the weekend, we had amazing weather, and on Sunday, we spent almost the whole day at the public swimming pools and now I am slightly tanned :) Of course, I wore my new pineapple bikini which you can see on the picture.

You can shop it here.

I hope you guys had a great week as well :)

I’d like to hear about it in the comments.

See you next week at Weekly Wonders!




Weekly Wonders: Streetfood Festival and Sunday Brunches

 Tuesday, May 30th + Wednesday May 31st 2017

We went to the Streetfood Festival two days in a row, although it wasn’t even that big. I have been to bigger ones, especially the ones I been to in Asia which don’t seem to have an end.

Anyway, first we ate some spinach and feta cheese dumplings at an austrian dumpling stand. The next day, we visited this stand again, for some curly potato fries.

On the first day, we also tried Tacos for the first time. Tacos are not as common here in Germany as they are in the US. We have Döner Kebab here, which is rasped beef meat filled in a wrap or a loaf of bread together with some raw vegetables like tomatoes, onions, beets and more. In my opinion, a Döner Kebab is waaaay more delicious and apparently, healthier. But I guess I have to try proper Tacos in Mexico one day.

For dessert, we had Frozen Yoghurt. It was good, but the toppings were just too little. The next day, in addition to the potato curls, we also had a Burger. It was nothing special though. I could have eaten something different instead.

The dessert was great, though. We had Choco Kebab. It’s rasped nougat inside a wrap which has some toppings you can choose from as well. It’s way too small but super yummy! <3

On our way back home, we had the most amazing sunset.

During the course of the week, I finished Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. It was such an amazing read! I love this series! The Lunar Chronicles is probably my second favourite series after the Harry Potter books. I think I love it even more than the Hunger Games. One of the main reasons I love it so much is because it’s a fairytale retelling. The first part, Cinderis set in New Beijing and it’s about a girl who is half cyborg half girl. And she is supposed to portray Cinderella of course. She even has a mean stepmother, and two stepsister, but only one of them is mean. And in the end, she even looses her cyborg foot :’D

The books have this excellent humour, but they also portray serious problems that could be compared to political problems of our time today.

Sunday, June 4th 2017

On Sunday, we met up to have an amazing sunday brunch at a restaurant called Cafe del Sol. The interior reminded me of a hotel breakfast area, and the outside looked like a countryside house which is typical for the USA, with a wooden front porch and a wooden swing in front of the entrance. It did have a mexican-american vibe to it. We enjoyed it and we decided to come back for the 1-Meter Pizza :’D

Last week was pretty great, although I had to work a lot. The week, as well as the weekend were both great! It was very food-filled though, but I guess that’s why it was so good ;D

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend as well!

Thanks for reading!


Last two weekends in Shanghai

After this one-week trip, the end of my stay in China was slowly approaching. Right after my trip to Hong Kong, I still had one night to sleep in my room back at home, but the next afternoon which was a Sunday, we had already our next train going to Shanghai. Our group this time should be a very different one. Ana and me have gone on weekend trips to Shanghai or Hangzhou already, but Josie and Ale never joined us, so that was a first time for the four of us. Although I wished that the others could have joined us as well, it was still a nice way spending my second last weekend away with my friends.

On my very last weekend in China, I was also invited to Shanghai by some new friends I met.

In this post, I will just point out what you can do on two Sunday/Mondays in Shanghai:

  1. Have dinner at the top rated restaurant on Tripadvisor:

    Since Ana and me discovered this turkish restaurant Efes after our spring festival holiday, we were certain to tell the others about it and make them try it as well. Especially with our foodie friends Josie and Ale, it was a must.

    As I can recall, I had a plate of chicken kebab. 
  2. Have you last fancy drink at Bar Rouge:

    After our dinner, we went straight to the Bund to have some drinks at Bar Rouge. That was the second time at that bar for me now, and the drinks are still one of the best I have had so far.


  3. Go to the foreign language bookstore:

    Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
    I do have A Strangeness in my mind by now. My father gave it to me in german.

    On Monday, when we had our train back to Yuyao in the late afternoon, we still had some time left to do some shopping. Ana had to go to the embassy, Ale wanted to meet up with a friend and Josie and me went shopping. We split up as well. She had to go to Sephora and Nike and I wanted to get a new book from the foreign language bookstore that was just down the street from our hostel.
    But none of this could happen without having proper breakfast first.


  4. Stroll through Yuyuan Garden:

    I have been to Shanghai so many times, but only on my last weekend in China did I have the possibility to see the Yuyuan Garden and stroll through its streets there. It’s the perfect place to try street food and buy souvenirs. But the architecture looks awesome as well. It is a great spot for photo opportunities. 


  5. Try Stinky Tofu:

    During my stay in China, I swore to myself that I would never ever try Stinky Tofu, no matter what. But then my friends craved it when strolling through Yuyuan Garden, so I said “yolo” why not? My final thoughts are: Try it, because it basically tastes like nothing. You might like it. I will not eat it again, because I didn’t like the texture and the aftertaste is just exactly like the smell. Not nice.

  6. Visit a Jazz Bar:

    On my very last evening in Shanghai, we visited the Jazz Bar that is right in front of the Captain Hostel which is called House of Blues & Jazz.  That was my third time there, and it is weird that none of the times, none of us had actually thought about taking a photo there. A shame. It is a great bar and the people who go there really go for the music, to dance and just to enjoy the moment. It is not at all pretentious.
    Because I don’t have any photos of the Jazz Bar, here is a photo of a stranger having a monkey pet we saw on the street when walking to the bar.



When thinking back of that time, I was having mixed feelings. Both happy and sad about returning to Germany, to start a new life as I imagined, and sad about leaving my new friends and beautiful China behind. I do have a new life now, but it is not as I imagined. I am still struggling to fit in, and I miss Asia, especially China so much that it actually hurts. 

I don’t know what the future will bring, but I still have one last post left which will be dedicated to the last parties in Yuyao.

Stay tuned for some funny posts.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!




Post-Spring-Festival Weekend: Shanghai Eats

Saturday, February 13th 2016:

After landing at Hongqiao Airport, we straightly went to our Hostel, Captain Youth Hostel, our go to place when in Shanghai. On our way there, we were looking up restaurants where we could have dinner. On tripadvisor, I looked for the best restaurants in Shanghai, and I was surprised to see that a turkish restaurant, Efes Restaurant, was rated as the best restaurant in Shanghai. Ana was interested too, so we decided to go there later for dinner.

It was a bit hard to find, but we finally made it. It is in the Lujiazui area and it looks really fancy from outside with high glass windows and doors.

Inside, the waiters were all chinese, at least that’s what I thought, so I spoke english with them.
We ordered our food and before our food arrived, the owner of the restaurant also came to our table to wish us an enjoyable meal. I knew he had to be turkish, so I talked in turkish with him and he was surprised. He was really nice and friendly and wanted to ensure us a perfect service. when the asian-looking waiter came to bring us our food later on, he asked me, in TURKISH, why I didn’t talk turkish  earlier? We would have gotten a better service. “Better than that??” I thought, but only said: “I didn’t know you could speak turkish. Where did you learn it?” and he said he learned it at school. I was a bit confused by that so I asked: “Oh really? I didn’t know they teach turkish at schools here in China”. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that because he went like this: “I am not from China. I am from Kyrgyzstan. Do I look chinese?” And as though it wasn’t already enough, I said “yes”. I think this was one of the most embarrassing moments I had in China :’D Luckily, he didn’t seem to be insulted.

After this surprising turn of events, we finally could indulge in our food. We both ordered Pide, the turkish version of Pizza.


We also had some side dishes as hummus, turkish sheep cheese with tomatos, and an eggplant salad. After that, we got dessert on the house. That was really nice of the restaurant owner. We still talked with him after we finished our meal. He imported almost all the food from Turkey or western Asia. He then asked me how we found out about the restaurant, so I told him about the number one rating on tripadvisor, and he told me that many visitors come to the restaurant because they see it on tripadvisor.

It was a lovely evening, but we returned to the hostel after dinner because we were really tired.

Sunday, February 14th 2016:

We woke up a bit late that morning and went to have brunch at a cafe/restaurant called Kathleen’s Waitan which is located on the Bund and has an amazing brunch menu and yummy looking drinks. I ordered the poached eggs with salmon, tea, and for dessert a chocolate lava cake <3 Everything was super delicious, and the service, again, was one of the best I had in China.


After our amazing lunch, we slowly had to return to the train station to catch our train back to Yuyao.

Here is a picture of Hongqiao train station. All train stations in China look like this. Basically, a small airport in Europe :’D

We had an amazing Spring Festival trip in Sichuan, fuelled with cuteness and adventures. Our short stay in Shanghai was pretty amazing, too, especially foodwise.

This was not the last trip I had in China yet. There are still many more to come, including my amazing trip to Beijing and wonderful Xi’An. So, stay tuned for those.

Thank you all for reading and travelling with me.


The Ups and Downs of the Weekend

The Weekend was not as expected.

On Friday, I went to the university party of my friend Giulia. My friend Yen who came back from Korea also joined us and brought a friend with her as well. we pregamed in the car, and no, none of us was driving. A friend of my friend Giuli told us he could drive us, because he had to go by car anyway. However, he wanted to leave early, so we wouldn’t be driving back with him later.

When we arrived there, we watied for Yen’s friend, Hongye. She lives in Stuttgart, so she didn’t come with us. The car was already full anyway. When we were complete, we went inside and got a free Jägermeister shot. At first, I gave mine to others, because I don’t really like Jägermeister, and already drank a vodka-sprite mix. However, I gotmyself a Gin Tonic later, so it doesn’t actually make any sense :’D Later, we played a game on the dancefloor. We had to search someone for our friend from who she should get the number from. I decided for my friend Yen, my friend Yen decided for Hongye, and Hongye decided for me. So I had to get the number from a girl in a dress :’D it was awkward, but I acted as though I liked her tattoo and that was the reason why I wanted her number :’D And Hongye had to get the number of the DJ which she got :’D A funny game. Have to repeat it soon

Later, we saw Giulia’s university friends. One of them gave me his free Jägermeister coupon. I took it, but I don’t know why. I think I wanted to be bold :’D After dancing a bit, we went to the entrance to get a shot. I took it and it was ugly :S I hate Jägermeister!!! I was feeling very hot suddenly, and tried to cool down by hugging a guy’s leather jacket :’D Of course he was wearing it, and he actually was a uni friend from Giulia. He probably thought I was high :’D He had a liking on my friend Yen, but she is already in a relationship.

Soon, however, the floors were getting fuller, although the music wasn’t as good as imagined. We often went outside and sat on the chairs. Some idiots tried to talk with us, but we dumped them :’D The funny thing is, they slowly started to close the electro floor at about 2 am o.O What the hell??!?! So everyone had to go to the small, already hot and filled hip hop floor. We were barely able to stay there too long. Soon, Yen and Hongye left, because they were getting hungry and the party was getting lame. However, half an hour after they have gone, they were starting to close the party o.O We didn’t know what to do now, because the last tram was the one that Yen and Hongye took. So we all waited outside and talked with Giuli’s uni friends. There was one rich, wannabe rapper who invited us to his appartment for the after-show party. We refused because his roommate was a douchebag. He really was strange, and we both didn’t want to have a closer contact to that guy. Creepy I say!

Then we hung out with the other people. Some of them also wanted to go to the after party, but didn’t have any money to pay for the taxi. They tried to pursuade us to share a taxi with them, but we didn’t want to end up being the only ones paying, so we refused again. The tram arrived at about 5 am I think. At the train station in Stuttgart we went to McDonald’s and ate something. I was hungry like a bear, and every time the others tried to offer me alcohol when we were outside, waiting, I refused and told them that I wanted a hamburger. Yummy! I could eat one right now again!

After the food, we went to catch our train home, and suddenly I felt so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open. I slept the whole ride through. Poor Giulia had to entertain herself :/ But soon, we arrived. At 7 am, I arrived home. I got a message from Yen that she has also arrived at 7 am. Although there were some inconveniences, we had a fun time, especially at the beginning. Here is a fun toilet mirror selfie :’D


The next day, my sister wanted to go to stuttgart for midnight shopping. I actually needed a pair of shoes (Leo-chuck! Post is coming soon…), and some black jeans. The latter one, I finally found and I was so happy! I have also bought some nice summer goodies from H&M. A cute, bonbon-pink flattery skirt and a nice flower-print top.

Black Jeans: Mango, 19,95€
Flower Print Top: H&M, 9,99€
Skirt: H&M, 14,99€

I needed the trousers, and was lucky to find some that are priced very well, are stretchy, and fit perfectly on just like a second skin. The skirt was just love at first sight! Unfortunately, it is size 40, and has some strange black stains on it. I will bring it back and try to exchange it with another size. Fortunately, H&M is quite tolerant when it comes to exchanging items. And the top is something I wanted to have so badly since last year! But I will probably have to exchange this with another size as well, because this is medium and is a bit big. I think I will need small. But I am quite happy with my haul :)

But the really interesting haul is another one. Girls get hungry after shopping, so they need something proper to eat. Best, junk food. Sweet junk food of course.


We finally managed to visit the newly opened Dunkin Donuts Store at the train station in Stuttgart, and bought a 12er-pack. Of course we didn’t eat anything. We only tried 3 and brought the rest to our mother and brother. It was heaven, but we got a bit sick in the end :’D

It was a nice evening with a lot of clothes and more food! Hope to do it again.

Sunday was quite calm and boring. Actually, what did I do yesterday? I don’t quite remember. But one thing I do remember. We got bad news from our family friends in Frankfurt. The family of our friend Pelin, you know her from my Frankfurt trips. Her father called us and they told us the bad news. Pelin’s mother has a brain tumor. I was shocked! Utterly shocked! How could it be that this kind, warm-hearted woman got a tumor??! Life is so unfair! At first I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing, and didn’t realize it yet. But slowly, up until today, I saw the reality of it, especially while talking with my mom about it. It is not only for her that I am sad, but especially for her children. One of them is just 14, a girl. She is in the middle of adoloscence and needs her parent. I don’t want to think about the negative outcomes…

Anyway, on wednesday, she is going to get operated. When I think about it, I get afraid. Really, doctors and medicine students are the ones I really respect. For me, doctors are like superheros, or extraterrestials. I could never, ever in my whole life become a doctor!

On saturday, we are going to visit them at the hospital. Although the operation sounds scary, I am sure she will make it. But I am not sure yet if she will completely overcome it. I hope so much that she will do. Everything she needs now is support, mental support. I am not sure how I should behave on saturday, but I will just try not to look so sad. I want to look cheerful. I would wish it when I was her, as well. I am also thinking about buying her a good book. Maybe a story about cancer but with a happy ending. I am not quite sure yet if she will be able to read it. Maybe her mind will be too occupied with other things. But maybe by having a book to read, she can suppress the negative thoughts. I think a nice book can cheer up everyone.

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Do you have any experience with cancer? This is actually the first one close to us who has cancer/tumor. My friend’s mum had intestinal cancer in 2007. She died… it was a sad time when this happened. I have felt sad as well, but I tried not to cry. This was even bad enough, but now there is someone closer to us, and I am kind of afraid…

I will write about the visit after we arrive. Until then, you can still look forward for a few more cheerful posts.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading.

14.09. – 16.09.2013 – Weekend at Frankfurt

Last week, I went to Frankfurt with my sister. Like I have posted here, I decided spontaneously to go with my sister since she has planned it while I was in Augsburg.

Saturday, 14.09.2013:

Our bus was at 2pm, and about 4.45 pm we should arrive at the train station in Frankfurt. Our family friend Pelin would pick us up by car. After we have arrived, we walked to the outside entrance of McCafe and waited there for her. After a few minutes, she already appeared. We went to the hotel, because she had to use the WC.

The car ride was an adventure. Pelin didn’t know Frankfurt city very well by car, so she lost the way a few times, or missed the right street. But after finding out of the city, it wasn’t that hard to find our way back. We had to drive to a little old town near Hanau. As we arrived home, the dogs already greeted us wildly. Then we ordered pizza and ate dinner. After finishing, we had to get prepared, because we wanted to go clubbing. We decided for moon13, the former Cocoon club in Frankfurt.

I was finished very fast, but had to wait for my sister and Pelin. There was the same kind of party like on my birthday at Penthouse in Stuttgart. Free drinks from 10pm till midnight. We thought it would be the cheapest way to party in Frankfurt. However, we were a little bit too late, and didn’t get the free entry. We had to pay 10€, but still had the chance for one free drink, so it was okay.

The club was very nice from the location. Also the selection of music in the different floors was good. The first floor we went to was playing mixed music, and it was a smoker area. As we wanted to buy a drink from the bar, we noticed that it was too full, and we had no chance to get near the counter. Then my sister and I were shocked, because we saw little children there. They were barely 14 years old. We were annoyed and went back to Pelin, who was talking to a friend of her. He then told us to get our drinks at another floor. So we went to the Minimal-Floor. It was quite small, but brighter than the other floors. It was the most beautiful one in my opinion. But we didn’t stay long there. We were only waiting at the bar and ordering our drinks. My sister and I got the same, Vodka Cranberry. I also ordered a water for Pelin, because she had to drive the car, but the woman forgot about the water and continued serving the other guests. Then we were annoyed and left for another floor. Before we walked around a bit and looked for somewhere to sit. Then I saw the green combs that were famous for Cocoon Club, and now are part of moon13. We sat inside and took a few photos while my sister changed her shoes.



Sorry for the bad phone quality.


After that, we went to the Electro-House floor. It was the biggest floor and I liked it best there to really party and dance. I even climbed on the podest and danced there all alone while the others were under me.

My sister didn’t like it there, so we went to look for the Hip-Hop-floor. We didn’t know where it was, so we looked for Pelin’s cousin first, who had also arrived at the club. He was with his friend and they showed me where the hip-hop-floor was. This floor was also a smoker area, so it was very muggy in there. It was also the fullest floor I guess. We stayed there for a long while, but then it became too hot and we wanted to go out there. We wandered from floor to floor. My sister got annoyed from Pelin’s friend, because he wanted to impress my sister. At about 3.30 am we left the club and set out for home.

Pelin and my sister also wanted to stop at McDonald’s shortly, to get something to eat. I wasn’t hungry at all. At home, Pelin even ate the rest pizza from dinner. I had to laugh: She was stuffing herself with fast food before going to sleep :’D Sometimes, she can be quite crazy :D

Sunday, 15.09.2013:

The next morning, Pelin and her mother were preparing breakfast as I waked up. Pelin had to hurry up, because she had to go to help her boss at work. Normally, sunday is a free day for almost everyone in Germany because most of the shops and companies are closed. But some cafes or studios are still open on Sundays. She said she would be away only for 3-4 hours. Meanwhile, I went to take a shower and read “The Hunger Games”. As she arrived, we planned what to do at the evening. We decided to go to a hookah bar. But before, Pelin prepared dinner, because after she has arrived, her mother has gone to work. She made meatballs and fries. I was getting hungrier as the time passed further. Pelin’s mother arrived, and we sat down to eat.

After dinner we prepared to go out to the hookah bar. Pelin knew the owner of the bar, since he is fancying her. We ordered something to drink, and a hookah with lemon taste I think. I am actually not a big smoker, but I allowed myself some drags.

Here, the hookah has not arrived yet.

Since it was Sunday, a lot of people left early. We also didn’t stay long. At about midnight we left and went home. At home, my sister and Pelin’s sister were already too tired. They lay on the bed and half slept. I had a drink in the kitchen with Pelin and her mother, since this was our last day there. But at about 2 am we already started to get tired, and Pelin’s mother had to wake up early in the morning to go to work, so we all went to bed.

Monday, 16.09.2013:

We woke up a bit earlier that morning, because we wanted to go out a bit earlier. Our bus was at 3pm I think. We went a bit earlier, because we wanted to go shopping at Primark first. I bought some autumn/winter clohtes and accessoires, like pullovers, hat, handshoes, and scarve.


Unfortunately, I forgot in the meantime how many the clothes cost. So I can only tell you approximately how much I paid for them.

Penguin bonnet, About 5€
I loooove penguins!!! One of my favorite animals. And I am a fan of animal bonnets. they are so cute! The best thing to wear in winter. Isn’t the snout so endlessly cute? There was also a panda bonnet, but I decided for penguing because everyone seems to have a panda bonnet.
Tube Scarve, about 5€
Scarves are also clothing pieces that are lacking in my wardrobe
Leo-print Pullover, 16.95€ I think.
I love Leo-print, I love burgundy, and I need a lot of winter clothes, so I needed to buy this pullover.
Owl gloves, 2.50€
So cute! I love owls and had to buy them, since they also were so cheap.
Tights for about 3.95€.
After I ripped off three tights in the last few weeks (I know it’s so sad!!!) I decided that it was time to get new ones. This one is probably to extroverted to be worn here in Germany. People would look at me. Maybe I will only be able to wear it in England next year. But who knows, in my university town there are a lot of young people. They definitely don’t bother :)
purple Longsleeve, about 8.95€
I just needed a simple Longsleeve.
I think both were about 4 or 5 €.
Everytime I am in Primark, I buy jewellery.
Backpack, 14.95€ I think.
After I got my big white UO backpack for university on my birthday, I decided to get a smaller one for everyday since my back always hurts from one-sided bags, and since one bag has broken a few weeks ago :)
Backpacks forever!
Here, my complete haul again :)

I paid 52€ for everything, and I am really content with the things I have bought.

After shopping, we went to eat something at a turkish restaurant called Anatolya. My sister and Pelin wanted something big with meat, so they orderen Iskender. I ordered a Pide with cheese.


Unfortunately, my sister and Pelin were not pleased with their plate. The meat still contained some pieces of animal fat. They were so disgusted, that both of them left half of their plate. I finished mine, and was relieved that I didn’t order something with meat.

At about 2 pm we left the restaurant and went to the train station. Before we went to a shop because Pelin saw a nice cardigan she wanted to buy. And I have to mention that it was raining all day. When we got to the train station, the rain became stronger. But short before 3 we said goodbye to Pelin and went to the bust stops. After 5-10 minutes our bus came and we finally entered.

It was a nice trip again, and I really enjoyed this time better than last time I was there. Maybe I will be in Frankfurt soon again :) At the book fair!

Until then, I have to blog about many things ;)