Paris – The Beauty of Europe!

I was especially looking forward to watch all my Paris videos again.

Paris is such a beautiful city that I felt like I was back there again. It’s a city where you feel like you are in a dream world. I love this city so much and can’t wait to finally visit again. But until the next trip, I have to be patient while watching this video.

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Sun daze on Sundays in Paris

We woke up to our second day in Paris with a little breakfast at our hotel.

We quickly dressed up and prepared for our trip. We planned to spend most of the day in Versailles. We expected some queues, but to be honest, I was not prepared to see SUCH a long line.

Anyway, we had to buy an extra ticket to drive to Versailles. The Youth Ticket that you can use at the weekends doesn’t count to Versailles, because it is on the outer line. We bought our two-way tickets at the information desk and headed to Invalides. From there we could take the yellow RER line to Versailles. The ride took quite long, so as we arrived at Versailles, it was almost noon. It was just a little walk from the train station to the castle. When we entered, we were shocked. The whole place was crowded with people standing in line. It was insane. We didn’t know if it was the line for the ticket booth or the entrance to the castle if you already had a ticket. So my sister already stood in line while I went and looked out for the ticket booth. I found out it was in a seperate building and the line for that wasn’t that long.

Our question was another, though. I read on the website that EU-citizens under 26 have free access to the castle. But I didn’t know if we could just show our passports at the entrance to the castle, or if we had to get our tickets first.

Here is what we did:

So I just took my sister’s passport and mine and stood in line at the ticket booth. It only took around 30 minutes or less. The man at the booth told me that we didn’t need any tickets and could just show our passport at the entrance to the castle. So I headed back and looked for my sister. After that, it took us another 2 HOURS until we could finally enter the castle. I just couldn’t believe the amount of people standing in line. And there was yet another huge line after we got in. Luckily we had nice, sunny weather.

After some first photos, we realized how hungry we were and went to look for Angelina Paris, a very famous café you can find throughout Paris. We had to wait 5 minutes before we were seated inside. It was just like you’d imagine having a cup of tea with Marie Antoinette.

After we were full with cakes and hot chocolate, we started our visit through the castle. It was already past 3 pm and the castle would close at 6pm.

We tried to navigate our way through the castle. It was huge and we got lost a few times. We had to ask some officials, especially about where the Hall of Mirrors was. That was the place I was dying to see. After walking past several rooms of Queens, and finally the one of King Louis XIV, we found ourselves in the Hall of Mirrors.

Unfortunately, the place was crowded as hell. It was hard to walk and catch a glimpse at any room. Taking photos at the Hall of Mirrors was a struggle as well, with so many people accidentally photobombing behind you.

After we were finished with the castle itself, we were curious about the gardens. We had to pay an extra entrance fee, though.

It was close to sunset and we heard something about a fountain show, but we couldn’t find it. We later guessed that it probably doesn’t take place at the weekend. Anyway, the gardens have another kind of beauty and splendor about them. It felt like a dream, strolling though the gardens, enjoying the sunlit views and taking the most beautiful photos.

We stayed quite long. The park was really big though. And when we got hungry, we sat down at a restaurant and had dinner. My sister had a burger and I drank a french onion soup and chose a platter of cheese.

It was past 8pm when we finished and wanted to go back. The main entrance has already closed, so we had to use the back exit. It was a dark path leading outside from behind the restaurant. It was quite creepy, since me and my sister seemed to be the only ones around. We then saw a young couple with a child walking ahead of us so we asked them if we were right. They helped us and then, they even offered us to take us by car, because it was a bit far from there to the train station, unlike the main entrance that we came with. We were flattered and felt blessed for meeting such kind people. After they dropped us off at the train station we also offered them a little amount of money, but they refused to take it. Such kind people. I really liked the local french people. They were very nice and I just love the way they talk english <3 That accent is too cute!

Okay, enough fangirling already. That was the first part of our day. We also had some evening plans at the Mandarin Oriental Bar 8. It is quite a fancy place, with cocktails starting from 27€ and wine and beer for 10-15€. But it was a nice location and we got some delicious snacks served with our drinks.

I had a Pina Colada and my sister just took a normal glass of white wine, sweet. Actually, my cocktail would have been enough for 2 people as well :’D I could barely finish it. 

We had a royal day with a little bit of adventure :’D

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Have you ever been to Versailles? What were your impressions?

Today’s rating:

Sightseeing: 5/5

Food: 4/5
Shopping: 3/5
Nightlife: 3/5
Transportation: 4/5