Top 10 Things to do for Tokyo First-Timers

It’s been a very long time since my last post. I am sorry! I have been busy working but also enjoying the city during the weekends. Still have some stuff to sort, but I’m getting there. Since it would have been impossible to blog every day, and also a little bit boring, I decided to write a Top 10 post about visiting Tokyo for the first time. Some of them are touristy, some maybe not so much. And here they are:


1) Eat ALL the Ramen!

Ramen at Ippudo, Ginza

You have never tried real Ramen if it wasn’t in Japan! After eating Ramen in Japan, you will understand the purpose of everything. You will feel accomplished. You will understand why you exist: We all exist, so we can enjoy the beautiful taste of Ramen <3

Enough said! Convince yourself!


2) Play!

Whether it’s  UFO Catchers or Gatcha Pon Machines (the surprise egg machines where you put in a few 100 yen, turn the knob and wait for a kind of surprise egg coming out which has a figure inside. You can see me play them here and here), your visit in Japan is not complete if you skip playing these colourful machines.

3) Shibuya Crossing


Actually, when I was standing in front of the Shibuya crossing, I didn’t immediately recognise it. Then I asked myself if this was really the crossing and I looked around: There was the Hachiko statue behind me, the Tsutaya Starbucks in front of me and the Shibuya 109 on my left side, and only then did I realise that this was the crossing indeed. Crossing it was an exciting experience. It felt like I now really belonged to Tokyo. Crossing it without bumping into someone is a real skill that I can now proudly claim to have managed. After crossing it, you have to go up the Starbucks to take a time-lapse and several zoomed-in photos. I could never get bored of this view.

4) The Konbini Experience

7/11, Family Mart, Lawson, just to name a few of the most important life-savers in Japan, a.k.a. Konbinis (Konbini <– Convenient Store). You WILL go there, and you WON’T regret it. They will be your go-to places as soon as you start living here. But even for tourists they have everything you want at any hour. Be it tissues, water, hot drinks, warm foods, alcohol, masks, toiletries, ATMs, anything! And who knows, you might catch yourself in front of one of the shelves, deciding what to get because they all seem so intriguing, and ending up buying nothing because the struggle was just too hard :’D You can have a little review of a 7/11 here. 


The bread section at 7/11
One of many Bento Box options
Sakura snacks you can get at 7/11

5) Harajuku Bucket List

From the Rainbow Cotton Candy, to Purikura to Harajuku Crepes to aaaalll the shopping (Daiso, Wego,…), you can spend all your money and all your time in just this little street called Takeshita Dori. It’s probably the only street in the world that will get your Yens out of your pocket before you even reach the end of the street.

Totti Candy Factory
Line Friends Store
Harajuku Crepes
Sailor Moon Store at La Forget Omotesando


6) Get lost in random alleyways


No matter where in Tokyo you go, you will most definitely stumble upon some picturesque alleyways, that look like straight out of a movie or even an anime. Some of these alleyways I found were so beautiful to me, they almost made me cry. Most of them were in Asakusa.

7) Go to an onsen

Since you can’t take photos at an onsen, this point is going to be without visuals. Still, it’s one of the most impressive and interesting experiences you will have in Japan: being naked and relaxing in some hot springs with random, equally naked strangers (don’t worry, everything is gender-separated). The first onsen I went to was an indoor one in Asakusa. It was quite nice. But the outdoor onsen by the Fuji mountain was an unforgettable experience.

8) Visit a temple/shrine

Tokyo is bursting to the brim with temples and shrines. You will have a big choice of all the different types of temples and shrines. Still, there are some especially beautiful ones that you wouldn’t want to miss. One of them is the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa which I also like to call little Kyoto of Tokyo.


9) See Tokyo from Above

There are many different ways to see Tokyo from above. You can either pay a lot of money and go up one of the iconic towers that are The Tokyo Tower or the Skytree. If you do this, you won’t be able to see the tower, you are standing on, itself. Or you can visit the Mori Art Museum and finish it off with the observation deck on the top. But if you don’t want to wait in a long line, nor pay a lot of money, then the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku is the best option. It didn’t even take me half an hour from the entrance of the building to the top.


10) Go to a Themed Cafe

Hedgehog Cafe Harry in Harajuku


There are endless options for themed cafes in Tokyo such as Robot Cafe, Animal Cafes, Disney-themed cafes, anime cafes, character cafes,…

I went to a bunch of character cafes and I also checked out the Kawaii Monster Cafe which was an experience for itself. The Hedgehog Cafe was super cute and a very new experience to me. Beware, though! The prices of these cafes are higher than usual cafes and restaurants in Tokyo.

And this was the end of the post. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment and like.

What about you guys? Have you ever been to Tokyo? What are the must-do things in your opinion? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading!





ABC Travel List: L – Laos, Lisbon, Lagoons of New Caledonia

Deciding upon the places this time was quite a hard time for me. There are many but none places that could have been taken into consideration.

Let’s begin this confusing blogpost about the letter L


1. Country: Laos

Bildergebnis für Laos

Laos is the place that no one really knows about, but right after seeing a picture of that place, everyone would put that country on the travel list for sure.

Here are some amazing things to see and do in Laos.

-Pha That Luang Temple

Bildergebnis für pha that luang

You wanna see a golden temple? Go to Laos!

-Buddha Park Vientiane

Ähnliches Foto

This park literally looks like out of a psychedelic drug trip :’D And I would love to be part of this.

Bildergebnis für buddha park vientiane

There is even a huge lying Buddha.


Bildergebnis für patuxai

This is a victory monument, the asian answer to the arc de triomphe in Paris, and its sister in Barcelona.

-Wat Phou

Bildergebnis für wat phou

What for visit Wat Phou, you might ask? Well, just because the architecture of these ruins looks just like out of a fantasy movie set à la Lord of the Rings.

-Si Phan Don / Don Det 4000 Islands

Bildergebnis für si phan don

Four thousand islands in the river of Mekong. Sounds like a natural wonder, and the pictures surely promise nothing nonetheless.

-Vang Vieng

Bildergebnis für vang vieng blue lagoon

Okay, that’s it!!! I am going to Laos very soon. ASAP!!!

Ähnliches Foto

-Ninh Binh City and Nationalpark

Bildergebnis für ninh binh nationalpark

This place looks a lot like a painting.

Bildergebnis für ninh binh city

-Wat Si Saket

Bildergebnis für wat si saket

Laos seems to be the place to be if you wanna experience real Buddhism culture.

This blogpost made me go to Laos even more than ever before. So that’s definitely gonna be on my soon-to-visit list.

2. City: Lisbon

Bildergebnis für lisbon

I always imagine Portugal to be melting pot of a european Brazil. Looking at this picture, I get major South-American-Mediterranean vibes from this picture.

The first thing I think about when I hear Lisbon is the food. I hear a lot of great, delicious things about protuguese food, but I can’t really imagine what it looks and and tastes like. I just realized that I have never tasted it before, since it’s pretty hard to find any portuguese restaurants here in Germany, but I would die to try it.

-Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Bildergebnis für mosteiro dos jerónimos

-padrao dos descobrimentos

Bildergebnis für padrao dos descobrimentos

Actually, this place looks amazing! I could imagine myself just chilling here the whole afternoon, admiring the view and snapping photos.

-elevador de santa justa

Bildergebnis für elevador de santa justa

This elevator actually looks super fun!

-palácio dos marqueses de fronteira

Bildergebnis für palácio dos marqueses de fronteira

The Portuguese answer to Versailles.

-miradouro de santa luzia

Bildergebnis für miradouro de santa luzia

What a wonderful, summery cute little village.

And now, I will choose some new dishes to try…

-Polvo à lagareiro (octopus roasted in olive oil)

Bildergebnis für Polvo à lagareiro

-Queijo de Azeitão (Azeitão sheep’s milk cheese) 

Bildergebnis für queijo de azeitao

This looks like the best cheese party you can have! OMG I am craving this so much right now!

-Peixe e marisco (Fish and seafood)

Bildergebnis für Peixe e marisco

I love fish, shrimps and everything that comes out of the sea. And Portugal is one of those countries that eats a lot of seafood as well. Good for me.

-Bacalhau à brás (Scrambled eggs with cod)

Bildergebnis für bacalhau à brás

I’d probably have this for breakfast every morning…

-Sericaia com ameixa de Elvas (a soft eggy cake and a crystallized plum) 

Bildergebnis für Sericaia com ameixa de Elvas

That would be my dessert, actually, a bit too heavy for my taste.

3. UNESCO World Heritage Site: Lagoons of New Caledonia

Bildergebnis für lagoons of new caledonia

New Caledonia is in the Pacific Ocean, north-east of Australia, in the french pacific-area. The remoteness give this place its unique beauty. It is considered as the second great barrier reef in the world, so this place must be a dream for divers.

Bildergebnis für lagoons of new caledonia

This was a great end to a great start I’d say. Which of these mentioned places would you like to go to the most?

And which other places with the letter L can you recommend?

Thanks for reading and travelling with me.


What to do: Chinese New Year | Part 1 Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, started February 7th this year and ended February 14th. Our last working day was the saturday, February 6th. We could spend that day packing everything and getting ready for our trip the next day. Our destination would be an amazing province in China, namely Sichuan Province, home of Pandas and spicy food!

We had our flight at early afternoon from Shanghai, so we took the fast train from Yuyao in the morning. This is how the sky said goodbye to us:


Everything went well, our train ride and the flight were very comfortable and we soon arrived at our hostel where we had our own private room.

We relaxed in our room for a while and then asked some questions at the reception, including where to go celebrate Chinese New Year. The girl at the desk told us about the Wuhou temple in the city centre which would be decorated, so we decided to go there. We also looked for a resturant on the way, but couldn’t find it, so we tried our luck findin some place to eat inside the temple.

A lot of people were out in the streets, including police and the military. But we still managed to enjoy the decorations and the festive atmosphere.

After we found the temple, we finally got in. I can’t remember if we paid anything, but I think we did, because we go tickets. If I remember well, it was 20 RMB, so around 4€

We didn’t regret it though. As soon as we entered the temple, we were overwhelmed by the incredibly beautiful decorations! It was so beautiful!

After strolling through the temple a little bit, we realized how hungry we really were, so we tried to find a restaurant, and we actually found a very nice-looking one. It wasn’t crowded, because it was way past dinner time we guessed. We quickly had a seat outside, because the weather was really nice and mild for February, and there were actually seats outside which is pretty rare in Yuyao.

We ordered some food and I tried to take care not to get something spicy. We had some broccoli, eggplant, I think we also had beef and for dessert, we had tangyuan which is glutinous rice balls filled with sesame or red bean paste.


After dinner, we strolled through the temple and found some beautiful spots and admired a lot of impressive lanterns in form of masks, monkeys and other creatures.

After we returned back to our hostel, we were high on colours. It was so overwhelming. We couldn’t believe what happened to us :’D I literally imagined an LSD trip to be like this: Like a temple in China for Spring Festival.

It really was a glorious evening and everyone seemed so happy and elated. We were wishing random people “Xin Nian Kuaile” (Happy New Year) when walking past them and they returned that wish as well. It was almost like being part of China.

Back at the hostel, we tried to sleep after the colour-flash, but we couldn’t so we stayed up a bit, browsed social media and talked about the next day, which would be one of the most fun experiences we would have: Visiting the Panda Center!

So you can look forward to a post full of cuteness overload!

Thanks for travelling with me!

China Travels: Trip to Hangzhou

Hangzhou, also called the paradise of China, is the capitol city of Zhejiang province, where Yuyao is situated as well. Zhejiang province belongs to the richest and most developped provinces in China and is famous for its textile factories.

Hangzhou, with around 5 million citizens, is a popular tourist attractions, especially for its West Lake, but also for its tea plantages, the several natural and cultural sights, and the big city feeling with its shopping miles and various nighlife events.

We travelled there by train, which was only 45 minutes from our town. My friend and me went together. She just arrived in China as well, so we were both quite inexperienced with the chinese way of living. This being my first trip inside of China, I think I managed well.

So here is how our trip was:

It was a pleasant ride and when we first saw Hangzhou from the train it looked kind of gloomy and foggy. After we got there, we found ourselves in a subway station and decided to take the subway to West Lake. It only cost about 3 kuai, so quite cheap. Plus, the subway has such a modern technology it is amazing! The platforms are closed by some plastic doors, and as soon as the train arrives, the doors open simultaneously with the train doors. Amazing Asia has shown its efficiency with technology again. It was also very easy to find the way through the subway lines, but when we got off at the station, we didn’t know how to walk to the Lake, so we just got a taxi and said xihu, which means west lake. Somehow we managed to get there without complications and we were amazed by the sight of that huge lake. The air was so much better there and soon we reached a small pavillion where people were dancing around. I thought I filmed that, but somehow I seem to have forgotten to press on record -.- Anyway, it almost felt like Latin America rather than China because the people were dancing fast and rakish. We had a look and then we saw a bridge we wanted to go to. From there on we recognized the Pagoda as well and decided to walk there. On our way we took a lot of pictures, also from ourselves and instantly there were people asking us if they could have their pictures taken with us. It felt strange to see other random people wanting to have pictures with us. It felt like being some famous person, although we obviously weren’t.



After getting away from our fans, we found some boats lined up and decided to take a boat ride on the lake. We even bargained with the man who was responsible for the boats and got the ride for half the price :D
It was worth it because we had quite a beautiful view on everything, although it started to rain at one point. We didn’t get bothered by it and just enjoyed the air and the water.




After the boat ride, we continued our walk towards the pagoda. At first we thought it would be quite a long walk and weren’t sure if we should walk or take one of the little busses that were passing us. But we saw a group of foreigners and asked them how far it was. They told us that it is only about 3 or 4 kilometres, so easy to walk to. Of course, we decided to walk because that way we would see the environment and the nature around the lake. It was good that we walked because we saw some cute spots.



These fishes were in front of a museum’s entrance







My lunch: Fried Rice and vegetables in a pineapple

We were getting closer to the pagoda now, we only had to find the entrance, so we kept on following the other tourists. When we finally got to the right path, we saw it and everyone was taking pictures. There were escalators bringing you up to where the pagoda was and finally we could go inside. Inside the pagoda, there were even lifts and people were standing in line to take one up. That was crazy because the lifts were filled with people. Hailey and me thought it would be quite annoying and expensive to take the lift so we walked which was not even that high. The first few floors were quite calm but the top floor, the 6th was so crowded that we had a hard time taking photos. Still we managed to take some and that’s how they look like.




After the pagoda, we tried to go to the Lingyin Temple which we heard should be quite nice. On our way out of the pagoda we saw a little pond with many turtles in it. I have never seen so many turtles before. Have a look.


So our next stop was the temple. In order to get there, we wanted to take a taxi. Now, the first problem started. All the taxis would refuse to stop and take us. I didn’t understand the world anymore. I have never experienced anything like this before with taxis. I mean, it is their job, they can’t just refuse us. Then, however, we saw that they were having a break, that’s why they didn’t take anyone. After walking for a while we saw a lot of taxis and one taxi driver was offering us to take us to Lingyin Temple for 50 kuai. We thought that might be the maximum and as soon as he turned on the metre it might even be cheaper. We were just happy to find any taxi that would take us. But when we get inside, he wouldn’t turn on the metre and we got suspicious. He obviously wanted to rip us off. We immediately told him to stop and went out the taxi. After a few minutes, we found a normal taxi and he took us there for 15 kuai, almost 4 times cheaper. That was our first negative taxi encounter in Hangzhou or China in general. In Yuyao, they would never do anything like that, but in the more touristy places they tend to do it more.

Anyway, we arrived at the temple and tried to figure out how to get to the part where the temple was. We were told that we had to buy a ticket for the Fei Lai Feng park at first and then we could get another ticket for the temple. We didn’t expect this but we just bought one anyway since we got all the way to get inside. While we were trying to figure out how to get the ticket, we met two italians, a girl and a boy who were both studying engineering in Shanghai. They were quite nice and we walked around with them for a while when we were in Fei Lai Feng, but when we arrived at the temple, we lost them.
Anyway, I didn’t expect Fei Lai Feng to be so beautiful. There were a lot of statues of buddha, even inside of a cave and there was so much untouched nature. I actually liked Fei Lai Feng better than Lingyin Temple.One good thing about the temple however was that with purchasing the entry ticket, we also got free wish candles which we could ignite inside and make a wish. I was so excited about this, because I always wanted to do something like that.
When we got inside, there was already smoke coming up. We also ignited ours and then I actually bowed and made a wish.
The temple was impressive inside, but not as much as I thought it would be. Here are some pictures from both Fei Lai Feng and the Lingyin Temple.






With the entrance ticket to the temple, we also got some incense
A Buddha statue inside of the temple


The swastika. Originally a religious symbol for Hindus and Buddhists.

After we were finished and a bit bored with the temple, we discovered other parts of the whole area. There was a tea garden which I wanted to go and an observation area where Hailey wanted to go. So we tried to get to those two places which were actually not that far away. The tea garden was exactly how I imagined it but we didn’t sit down to eat or drink something because it was too expensive.
The observation area was beautiful too. We could have a perfect view over West Lake so it was definitely worth it.



When we wanted to leave the temple, we first had difficulties getting out. Unfortunately, we have taken the wrong exit but thought that if we’d get into one of the taxis standing around there, they would bring us into the city centre so that we could figure out how to find a hotel. Unfortunately, none of the taxis wanted to take us again. We were desperate. We didn’t know what to do and we were in a place which had nothing but streets and bushes everywhere, so we decided to go back inside and try to look for the other exit. Luckily, we found it and took a taxi from there to the city centre. There we wanted to look for some hotels. However, we didn’t find any so we looked up at TripAdvisor and there was a cheap youth hostel. The adress however, was written in English, so no taxi driver could read it. We were slowly starting to get worried. It was almost 7pm and we still didn’t have a place to sleep. Then we had the idea to type in the adress into chinese google which is called Baidu, and it worked. Finally, we could find a taxi which would take us there. On the way to the hostel, we even met 2 chinese people who were also looking for the hostel. When we arrived it took a while until they arranged all the bureaucratic stuff but the girls at the reception could speak english quite well and they even helped us how to get by with the buses around here for the next day. Hailey had to go to the next bus terminal to take the bus to Yellow Mountain and I would need to take an ordinary bus back to the train station to go back to Yuyao.
When we finally got our room card we took a shower, changed and then looked for some food. It was easy to find, but it was way too expensive although it was quite an isolated area.

All in all, my first trip in China was very interesting. I saw a lot of beautiful nature, though it was quite simple I guess. Still, I liked Hangzhou a lot and I’d recommend it to everyone who want to have a relaxing sight-seeing day.

Today’s rating:

Sightseeing: 5/5
Food: 3/5
Shopping: 4/5
Nightlife: no information

Transportation: 4/5