Weekly Wonders: Food, Castles, and Reggaeton

Apart from our trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle on Monday, July 10th, the rest of the week was not very spectacular. Most of the time, I had to work until late. Still, I managed to do some stuff:


1,2+3. As I have already described in my last blog post, I have visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, and it was AMAZING! You can read all about it here.

4. I have also finished this book: “Read this if you want to be Instagram-famous” which I got as a birthday gift as you can read on my blogpost here. The book was actually really good and very interesting.

5. On Thursday, we went to our local ice cream parlour to have some delicious ice cream bowls. I also got one of my last birthday presents – a huge see-through umbrella :)
I also got my new passport, finally :)

6.+7. On Sunday, we went to a summer party called Latin Island together with our cousin. First we ate something. Without hesitation, I chose the grilled shrimp skewers. Later, we sat by the pool after we finished eating and being fed up with the wasps swarming over our dishes. In the early evening, we decided to move to the dance floor and mingled with the crowd. It was a great party on a sunday afternoon/early evening.


I hope you guys had an even more amazing week!

Thank you for reading! See you next week on Weekly Wonders!




Weekly Wonders: Rainbows, Pinapples and Mom Jeans


Last week wasn’t very eventful, but still I managed to do quite some stuff.

We had an amazing double rainbow right outside our house which looked amazing!

On Thursday, we went to the waxing studio, but before, we had to try the new Indian restaurant. And it was super delicious!!!! I just couldn’t stop eating! I was even silent most of the time! I have to go there again and try a new dish! I had butter chicken, garlic naan and a coconut lassi which was probably the best coconut drink I had <3 So much love for this location! It’s called Ganesha, again :D (I have been to a Ganesha restaurant in China and in Stuttgart).

My Asos order came on Friday. I ordered a bunch of bathing suits and ripped jeans, but only kept one ripped jeans, which you can see on the picture.

You can shop it here

At the weekend, we had amazing weather, and on Sunday, we spent almost the whole day at the public swimming pools and now I am slightly tanned :) Of course, I wore my new pineapple bikini which you can see on the picture.

You can shop it here.

I hope you guys had a great week as well :)

I’d like to hear about it in the comments.

See you next week at Weekly Wonders!




Summer Vacation Turkey 2014 – Wrap Up Part 4

Thursday, 21st of August. Izmir/Marmaris:

When we had visited our family friend two weeks ago, we had asked him to organize a hotel for us. He gets the rooms for cheaper, since he knows the owner of that. So that week on Thursday the 21st of August, we woke up early in the morning and went to the bus station.

We had a 4-hour-ride, but it went fast enough. We got a lot of free stuff served in the bus, like free ice cream, free snacks and free drinks like water, juices and coffee. The service is great! We also had a monitor with movies attached in front of everyone. But I already had my book to read, so I did that a little bit, before getting sleepy and falling asleep.

The free ice cream
We passed a lot of different landscapes

When we arrived, our family friend picked us up, because he himself also was at that hotel with his wife and little daughter. But it when we arrived, they only had 1 or 2 days left at the hotel.

We checked in at about 2.30 pm. We went to our room to unpack our stuff.

I love that free hotel stuff
We had a glass elevator *o* Like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :’D

Then we dressed and went down for the beach. It was beautiful. Right in front of the hotel. Without any walking distance. There also was a pier, but when we arrived at that hour, it was already quite full there, so we sat down on the sunbeds. We also swam in the sea the first day, and got ourselves a cocktail, but I soon went back to the room to take a shower. My sister and my mum came later. By this, we were quite on time for dinner. Well, okay, we were a bit late actually, I don’t quite know why. But we still got something to eat. Oh, and how much we ate…

I overdid it a little bit… ehehehe. The plate couldn’t be big enough :’D
Errr desert! :D

In the evening, there was a Mongolian circus show at the poolside. It was unbelievable what they did!

IMG_20140821_215300 IMG_20140821_222943



Friday, 22nd of August. Marmaris:

We started this day, of course with a breakfast. I overdid it again… This time with the chocolate sauce…

I had a sugar shock after that I think :’D

After breakfast we went to the pier right away. Our mother has reserved us some places on the cushions. It was so comfortable there, and the sea right in front, under, and around you.

A panoramic shot


Our hotel. Elegance Hotel.
A great shot from my sister

During the day, I did almost everything. Read a little bit in my book, also a little bit in my sister’s magazine. After lunch, I granted myself a cocktail. Or two. Or three. If I had known there was pool aerobic, I wouldn’t have drunk so much Vodka-Cherry :’D But still, I did it, drunk as I was :’D It was fun, but the pool was just too hot!


IMG_20140822_195822 IMG_20140823_073706

Later, I met some guys with whom I talked a bit. One of them kept bringing me drinks which made me feel dizzier and dizzier :’D When we later jumped into the cool water of the sea, I had quite a shock :’D

Later during dinner, I realized just how much I have drunk and my appetite was gone. I felt kind of sick and couldn’t think about eating anything, not even salad. After the animation show I went to my room, and slept right away. After our first whole day, I realized that I overdid everything a little bit with the food and the drinking and so on :’D

Saturday, 23rd of August. Marmaris:

Our second day at the beach/pier. Basically almost the same. This time I drank less, and no Vodka. I think the Vodka was a cheap one, and the heat also contributed to my feeling sick, because usually, I drink more than 4 Vodka-Drinks.

Yepp that’s me in the sea :’D

Dinner was quite epic that night. There was this…


After dinner, the nephew of the relative who organized that hotel for us took us to show us the city a little bit.

Fish eating the crusts on your feet. I wish I had the money to do that too. I bet it is funny :’D

We arrived at the hotel at about 11 pm. That night, we wanted to go clubbing. The animation team organized a bus every night at 11.45 pm to the famous bars&clubs street in Marmaris which also picked everyone up at 3 am from the club we originally went to. Every day, they go to a different club. But we can also leave that club and go into other clubs. And if we want to return to the hotel at 3 am we are supposed to be at the first club. The busride there and back costed 20 Lira, including a free drink of choice at the club. So at 11:45 pm we met at the Lobby and later entered the bus. It was already almost filled. There was only one seat in the back. There were already 3 guys from England sitting there. They were quite funny, and I talked to them on the busride. I was lucky that the animateur was drunk and forgot to take money from me in the bus, because I sat with the english guys and they have already paid, so he automatically left me out as well :’D Later in the club we all danced together. And we all got a free shot and a free drink. I got sex on the beach, although I heard that the free drink voucher only included Longdrinks :’D Lucky me! Very soon, the others left the first club, and me and my sister also left after we finished our drinks. We asked the doorman if we could come to the club again later. We didn’t know that every club had a free entry. The owner of the club told us that he would give us a free drink if we came again :’D

So we strolled through the filled street, music pumping from left and right. We went into almost every club just to see and went out again. At the biggest club there we met the English guys again. They were dancing on the bar :’D So we joined them.


That club is called Joy, and it is probably the most popular there

Funny thing: In turkey, they play electronic music almost in every club. There was only one Hip Hop club which was a small open-air club. And there was another open-air club which looked like a garden where they played mixed Turkish pop songs.

At about 2 am we went back to the first club again. And as promised, the owner gave us free Vodka Bull :’D I got drunk without paying for anything :’D Later, the barkeeper even gave us free shots. I don’t have a clue why he did that :’D

It was a fun night, but unfortunately, my sister got a bit tired towards the end, so I had to dance alone, and let strangers take selfies with me :’D

Sunday, 24th of August. Marmaris:

That day, I mostly relaxed and watched the watersports guys :’D In the evening, there was a python show, and at the end of the show, we were allowed to touch it and have a picture taken together with the python. And yes, I did it of course. I touched a python! *o*

I am the girl in the middle obviously :’D

Monday, 25th of August. Marmaris:

That day was quite funny. I met a turkish girl and her friend, both coming from Australia. At first, I didn’t know that she was turkish. After I jumped into the water, I felt something at my feet while I was still underwater, and when I came out again, I saw that a girl jumped right behind me and I was afraid that I accidently hit her, so I asked her if she was okay in english. She also answered in english, and then we kept on talking. Apparently, she was drunk, because she smelled of beer and she talked quite loudly :’D Then after we introduced each other, we found out that we both were turkish. Then we talked in the sea about Australia, Germany and Turkey. And what we were doing in normal life and in Turkey for vacation. Her name was Esma and her friend’s name was Songül. Esma’s guy cousins were also there with them, that’s why she drank so much she told me, because they stressed her out quite a lot :/ We told them to join us to go to the bar streets with us again, and they also wanted to, because it was their last day at the hotel. The next day, they would leave.


A few hours before that, I went with our relative’s nephew to another watersports stand because he knew them and we could do anything for free. We decided to do the great mable, the sofa thing.


On the way back to the hotel, I admired the environment

IMG_20140825_184549 IMG_20140825_185356

In the evening, we unfortunately couldn’t find Esma and her friend. We nevertheless went to the club street. Funny thing: That night, my sister and me were the only girls in the bus.This time, we went to a beach club, and this time, I paid :’D It was quite good that night again. My sister danced more, because we went to the hip hop club afterwards. Two guys from the hotels came with us as well.


Tuesday, 26th of August. Marmaris:

That day was quite relaxing. I talked a lot to the female animateur who always did the Water Aerobics. I also talked with the DJ a lot. He was still so young, only 19 years old. They were all so nice and talkative. In the late afternoon, I drank some beer with my mum and we took some selfies together :’D


In the evening, there was a strange animation show, but they introduced their new club dance :’D It had to do something with Tequila

Wednesday, 27th of August. Marmaris:

Our last full day at the hotel. I spent the days reading and talking with the guys we met at the club on Monday night. They were quite funny. Especially one of them, who seemed quite silent, suddenly became so hyper talkative in the evening after he drank too much :’D Even my mum laughed. Late in the night, we went to our room and fell asleep. Ocean air really tires out extremely.

Thursday, 28th of August, Marmaris:

That day, we packed our luggage and had to leave the room at 12. We wanted to leave at 1 pm to catch our bus back to Izmir which was at 2 pm. So we still had time to eat lunch at 12.

In the bus, I watched “The Words”, which was a hauntingly beautiful movie. A dedication to literature. So beautiful and sad. I will write a review about that soon :) We arrived at about 6 pm in Izmir. We were quite tired, and I didn’t feel like doing anything when we arrived home. I was already so used to doing nothing in that one week, that it felt strange coming home and having to cook for yourself suddenly :’D

Going to an all-inclusive hotel really did us good. It is neccessary to do this often enough in order to relax and get rid of the stress. And trust me, every penny is worth paying.

A few things I regret not having done are:

– I wanted to go Parasailing, but it was quite expensive, so we haven’t done that.

– Visiting Turtle Beach, where you can observe turtles and have a mud bath

– Going to the Swimming with Dolphins. But that was quite expensive as well.

Next time I will have to bring more money with me. Why does everything have to be so expensive?

What about you guys? Do you like all-inclusive hotels? Or do you dislike being bound to a hotel?

Summer Vacation Turkey – Wrap up Part 2

Friday, 1st of August. Izmir:

That day, the president was to come to Alsancak to held a speech. My mum is a big fan of him, so we went there in the afternoon. We went shopping before that, and ate a pizza. I found some cool leopard trousers from Zara, and we bought a lot of accessoires.

While my mum was at the speech, I strolled around the place, and then sat down inside a cafe called Özsüt. It is famous for its tasty cakes.


That’s the cutest cake I have ever eaten. It is called zip zip Tavsan (hop hop bunny).
While waiting for my mum, I drank a cool, fresh lemonade and  read “City of Bones”

My mum left the speech early in the evening. She also sat next to me and drank a cup of tea. Then we headed home with the ferry.

IMG_20140801_235728 20140801_194456

When we arrived home, our aunt called and told us that she would come to us with her daughter. We made plans to go to the beach the next day. We went to the same beach town where we went on Wednesday.

Saturday, 2nd of August, Izmir:

We left the house in the late hours of the morning. In the afternoon we arrived and at first we ate something. After that, my cousin and me went to look for a bed&breakfast. We also found a cute stay. 80 TL per night, so each of us had to pay 20 TL. That was quite cheap.


IMG_20140802_231617 IMG_20140803_140045

The view from our bed and breakfast :)


IMG_20140802_192826 IMG_20140802_210403 20140802_194742

After we put our stuff into our room, we went to the beach. It was already 6 pm or something like that, so most of the people were already gone. Unfortunately, the sea wasn’t calm that day, but we still wanted to go swimming. In the evening, we were too tired to do anything except eating dinner.

Sunday, 3rd of August, Izmir:

That day, I watched a lot of animals like cats and bumblebees before heading to the beach :’D There, I read and swam in the sea most of the time. In the evening, my cousin had bought a bottle of vodka and we drank it after dinner. Then, we decided to go outside to stroll around the streets and sit in a bar.

This is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.
Bumblebees <3
Beach readings
The Tower
I don’t know why my mum bought a chocolate tart from the supermarket. It melted while I tried to rip open the package :’D But the ice tea is yummy! It is with melon taste! Fusetea is the best ice tea ever!
This was my dinner :D a fish sandwich


When sitting at the bar, drinking and listening to music, this beautiful dog came to say hello ^^ I think I know that dog from 3 years ago. Its name is Ares, and he is so clever!

Monday + Tuesday, 4th+5th of August. Izmir:

This little, black cat followed us the night before. It was so cute. It meowed all the time when I talked to it. I felt like a mother :’D And when we wanted to go inside our room, we told her to stay outside. She wailed the whole night :'(
Eating corn at the beach is one of the typical turkish things you do on vacation :)
A beach selfie without having the beach at the background :D stupid me

Wednesday, 6th of August. Izmir:

This was the day we returned back home again. We left the bed & breakfast in the morning and went to a cafe by the sea to have breakfast there. The weather was hot, and it was not easy with all those bags we had to carry. But in the end, we made it home in the late afternoon hours. I was just too tired for anything.

Thursday, 7th of August, Izmir:

While we were at the beach the last few days, my father’s cousin called us and invited us to his house. He just got a daughter, and we also wanted to see her. So that day, we decided to visit him. For that, we had to take the ferry. When we arrived, he picked us up.

He lives inside of a site. It is a condominium with a park and a pool included which can be used by all the people living there. When we arrived, the daughter was still sleeping, but later she woke up, and she is such a cute, tiny girl *o*

Taken on the ferry

20140807_111320 20140807_111350

That’s cute little Alya with her mother in the background :’D I played with her all day until I was tired :D

Friday, 8th of August. Izmir:

I spent that day entirely at the pool, Reading, sweating, swimming a little, and repeating all over.


Saturday, 9th of August. Izmir:

This was our last day at our relative’s house. We packed our things and then left in the afternoon, but not before saying goodbye to the newborn kittens that live in the garden there <3

I love the grey one on the left side <3 so cute! but the black-and-white one is also cute. I wish I could take one of them home, but I have an allergy :/
Gone with the wind on the ferry
Dinner at the barbeque restaurant again :D This is some chicken kebab with rice and vegetables.

Sunday, 10th of August. Izmir:

That day, we went to our aunt’s. They invited us, and it was right on time, because I had to hand in an essay for the next day, and hadn’t even begun writing. We went there, and I spent the whole day writing my 4-page-essay. In the evening, I was quite exhausted. I sat on the balcony and talked with my aunt, uncle and mum a little bit, then went to sleep.

Monday, 11th of August. Izmir:

Because I was so busy the day before, my cousin wanted to take me out for dinner together with her friends. I already knew two of them before, and there was also another girl who was also married just like my cousin. At first, we drank some turkish mocca in the afternoon. The two friends of my cousin were also there. At 7pm or so, we went outside to eat pizza. It was a cute, calm location. After that, we went to a cafe by the sea to drink something.

20140811_121612 20140811_195810 20140811_202136

In the evening, we returned home again.

This was already the second part of my holiday’s wrap up. The third pat includes a lot of shopping :)

Never-ending love

The rose

already dry and hard.

T’was still hanging above the mirror,

the tiniest red rose.

It was hanging there

and would hang there

for a long time as well.

No reason

to throw it away, because


Because we could

We could never

Never part, because


Because our love

Our love has never

Never ended.

We only said goodbye because


Because of distance.

Of distance

We don’t hate each other,

and there will be no reason

No reason for that in the future.

We haven’t lived

Not lived a relationship together,

just a summer

of love

with farewell

in the end.

Love and farewell in the end.

That’s why

our love

will never end.

Never end

It will always stay

Always stay

in our minds,

as a beautiful memory,

a never-ending fantasy

of love.

of love.

Of love.

A beautiful memory

of love

A never-ending fantasy

of love.

A Barbecue, Summer, and Spiders

Yesterday, we were invited to our family friends’ for barbecue. They have a big, beautiful garden, now with glass roof and walls surrounding it to prevent the spiders from disturbing (which was not very successful, since my friend still killed 5 of those).

However, it was very beautiful at the beginning while the sun was still shining. we didn’t have to wait so long for the food to be ready, but there was quite a hustle about the food plates, and who was getting which, then there were too many food plates, and such confusions :D But in the end, everyone got the right plate and ate happily and peacefully.

Later in the evening we ate mini-Berliners, but unfortunatel, I forgot to take a photo of them. I was in such a maze for eating them as fast as possible :D They were so delicious!

When it got later, more and bigger spiders came out. I was the first to run inside the house. I am a big spider phobic, I hate those brutes!

Semester’s over

And after finishing my last exam in translation yesterday I went to the public swimming pool there. Just as we entered, locked our things up, went to the toilete and changed into our bikini, dark clouds started to cover the sky and a slight thunder was heard. We wondered what to do, but nobody was hurrying back home so we also stayed. We went swimming because if there was a lightning later on we would have left without going swimming. We swam a little bit and then went out. Then we waited until we were dry a little bit and then leave if the weather should go on to be like this. We ate grapes and talked a little bit. Then my friend went to the toilet and I picked up my book and read a little bit. In the meantime the weather was starting to brighten up. As she returned, she also picked up her book and we read together, the sun finally shining on us accompanied with tiny raindrops falling from the leaving clouds :) about one hour or so we silently lay next to each other and read in our books. We did this years ago at the public swimming pool as well, lying for hours on our stomaches directly under the burning sun, realizing afterwards we had a sunburn like hell on our shoulders, backs, hips, and the backside of our legs :’D we were so stupid. This time we put on sun lotion after the sun had appeared, and didn’t lie in the same position for hours :D we have learned from that ;)
But there is one thing that stayed still the same: after all these years we still get along so well with each other,  reading side by side. That’s when you notice you have found a real friend, when you can read together without feeling awkward :) yeah, i really like that.


Cool summer evenings on top of the roof

On the 21st of June there was a party at sky beach, the lounge-bar we often go to. This event was taking place on the evening. We payed 3€ for the entrance and also found place to sit at once. We got us something to drink, watched the sunset and chatted.



I never thought to be able to make photos like this in Germany :D Doesn’t really look like Northern Europe at all.

When it got a bit later, about 10pm, the fireshow began. It really was amazing although I didn’t have my glasses with me and my camera’s quality was quite bad because of the darkness and the distance.


We only stayed for a short time after the fireshow because it was getting quite cold. Despite of my jeans jacket my hands were freezing cold so that I could hardly move them. My legs were bare though, so they were cold as well :/ We left at about 11pm.

The weather was not bad, but it actually could have been better, too. But all in all it was quite a relaxing evening :)

A very hot day in June

After I have arrived at home at noon, I changed my clothes and went to Stuttgart with my sister. The weather was great, not too hot, not too cold. But unfortunately the sun hid behind the clouds as soon as we sat down on the sunbeds.


After we spent a bit of time lying there and enjoying the few rays of light, we went a little bit shopping, then we met our friend who was late because the trains were stuck.

Image  Image

I have tried this on at Zara, and I fell in love with this, but I didn’t have much money with me to be able to buy this :/ Tomorrow I will look if I can find this maybe :)

After we met our friend we went to eat something somewhere. At first we wanted to go eat mexican, but then we found a spanish restaurant and decided to stay there. The problem was that the only spanish meal they had were tapas (which can’t be considered a meal, because it is just something like finger food) and paella. I was mega hungry, so I ordered a mixed paella pan, with chicken and seafruits. My sister also ordered a paella but only with chicken, because she doesn’t like seafood. Our friend ordered a tapa with vegetables. The latter one arrived early. But our paella took a bit long. When it arrived my sister was shocked because of the huge shrimp on top of my pan. :’D


The shock however, happened after we already began to eat. My sister fished something slippery and white out of her paella. She looked at it as though she was going to vomit :’D It looked like an eye of an octopus. And even I was disgusted. Then, as though it was not enough, some little tentacles appeared in the paella :S We guessed that her pan was supposed to be mine, but they just put the shrimp on the wrong pan because my sister ordered one with only chicken. But to be honest: I would have also been disgusted because the eye and the tentacles looked as though they were the leftovers of a delicious, fried octopus or something. And it even looked raw because it was so slippery. My sister refused to eat her meal and complained at the waitress for mixing up the pans. They took it and brought her a new one, without any octopus-excrements of course :D But my sister still was disgusted and lost her appetite. I was also not able to finish my meal, because it was just too much. I also had problems with cracking the shrimp open, although it was very tasty.

In the end, we decided to never eat a paella again, at least not in Germany. But I also have to admit: I didn’t have a good first impression of the spanish kitchen now. I love fish and seafood, but I think the turkish, italian, and asian kitchen are more successful with that :D

After a strange meal we went to something amazing and yummy what we were looking forward to the whole day :D FROZEN YOGHURT! My sister got a coupon from Groupon, for 3 big cup froyos :D

we went there, filled our yoghurts with endless toppings and sat in front of the shop and ate our froyos with pleasure so that almost everyone who walked by saw us with our fat cups, and thousand colorful, bright toppings, went inside and bought one, too :D We were simply living advertisement for this shop :’D It was really funny, we even had a laughflash :D

After we finished this paradisical desert, we slowly headed back to the train station. However we were hindered by the demos there and stayed a bit to watch them. The sun was still shining though :) After a while then, we went to the station and sat on the train back home :)

I’ll just pretend it’s summer

Wow, I haven’t blogged for over a month now :O I am quite shock right now. I forgot where I stopped. I was not even stressed so much the last few weeks. A lot of happened though. And next week is already my birthday, but I kind of feel like I don’t want to celebrate it. I just planned everything last week and wanted to make reservation at a restaurant this week end, but strangely, all the mexican restaurants seem to be booked out!!! The american restaurants don’t answer and the asian restaurants are either too expensive, too far away, or look very cheap. I just feel like 2013 is constantly kidding me. Nothing seems to work out like I am planning it. The summer weather pisses me off, the parties are not as good as last year, the people are different. Everything has changed so fast. Some good things happened though, but nevertheless I just want this shitty year to be over. I am really looking forward for new year’s eve, more than for my birthday somehow.

However, 4-5 weeks passed since I have made my last entry. During this time, my mom had her operation, I had an offer for a holiday work, and had my first chinese presentation of my life :’D And a few parties I went to in Tübingen and Stuttgart. And as surprised as I was, I liked the parties in Stuttgart better than the ones in Tübingen, although they are cheaper. Until next week i will try to post some things that happened the last weeks. I hope I will get everything togehter :S