Weekly Wonders: Birthday Week


1. Monday started with a brunch out in town. We ordered the breakfast for two which included a basket full of bread, a plate with scrambled eggs, two different types of jam, butter, 3 different kinds of cheese and ham, different kinds of fruit, two cups of fruit oatmeal, and two glasses of orange juice. I also ordered an extra ginger tea since I was a bit sick. The breakfast was extremely yummy and filling. We couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.

2. The rest of the day was dedicated to shopping. I found a pair of sunglasses which were reduced from 120€ to 99€ and I spontaneously bought them as you can see on the picture. I did need a new pair though.
3. We were walking around a beautiful park, looking for a nice spot to take photos at and they had these colourful flowers planted.  We didn’t take too long, and went back home. We were completely shattered.

4. On Tuesday, July 4th, it was my birthday. We had planned to go to the thermal baths that day. My sister still had free tickets, so we used them. It was a day full of relaxation, swimming, sunshine and yummy food and drinks. Despite being sick, I enjoyed it a lot. Still miss the steam bath and the amazing fruit sugar peeling we got there for free.

5. At the weekend, I finally got to celebrate my birthday with all my friends. My sister did my make-up and I got to wear my new dress from Mango.

6. It was such an amazing evening, despite some reservation problems. I booked a table for 11 at the most popular sushi restaurant in town called Origami at 9pm (8pm was not possible), and when we arrived at 8.50pm, they told us that we’d have to wait for a while until the guests have finished eating. It was around 9.30pm until we were able to go inside for food finally. Until we had ordered and got our food, almost one hour passed. Some of us got starters as well. I got the gyoza, and it was friggin yummy!

7. Finally the food – and with it the sushi – came. I also ordered a huge sushi platter for everyone to try. I didn’t only eat sushi, but also a coconut udon soup with shrimps. I didn’t like that so much though, and my sister’s beef pak choi dish looked so much yummier. It was a great evening though, and by the time we left the restaurant, they were about to close :’D We were the last ones inside (11:45pm), but then again, it wasn’t our fault, since we did arrive on time.

8. Group picture with everyone :)

9. Me with the cute HappySocks I got from two of my friends :)

10. On sunday, I first had to unpack all my gifts and take photos of some of them. I loooveeeed all of my gifts I got and want to say thank you to everyone who came and got me presents. I am fortunate to have friends who know me so well :) The ‘One-Line-A-Day’ 5-year-journal is actually one of the things I have thought about buying, but never did.

11. And the Instagram-famous book is a book I just recently discovered at Urban Outfitters and had to think about my friend Giulia thinking about me if she ever got to see the book :’DD And then she actually got it for me :D

12. I just specifically fell in love with the Harry Potter pillow set <3 The trio and Hagrid look soooo cute! Hagrid is actually my favourite out of the four in this pillow collection :D Other than these gifts above, I got a Sailor Moon mug and a unicorn pocketmirror, an Amazon voucher and some bathing stuff, and I am gonna get a see-through umbrella :)


I hope you guys had an awesome first week of July. Mine was great as you can see. I was sick on my birthday, probably for the first time ever, but it was still a great birthday week with all the friends, food and swimming <3

Thanks for reading! See you next week!



Weekly Wonders Part 1: 12 Hours in the city, Hello Lillet, Sunday sundaze

I decided to sum up my weeks and weekends in pictures for this format. I will only do this if I had an eventful or insightful week. I also decided to to write more reviews. Reviews about anything: Books, films, products, restaurants and places. I will either dedicate a day of the week to one topic, or I will include the reviews to the Weekly Wonders format, depending on when I watched/read/tried something.

So here we go!

-Friday, May 26th:


I started my day at Starbucks with a green tea latte and a new book that I picked up after finishing off The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank the other day. That book was devastating, heartbreaking, yet filled with so much hope and innocence. It was so pure, and that’s why it was so brutal. The dreams of a young girl against the background of the second World War, all the hatred, violence, killing, racism, intolerance. Having such wonderful dreams during such hard, cruel times, is so heartbreaking, that I just couldn’t keep my tears inside my eyes anymore. If you wanna know more about my opinion on this book, read my review on goodreads here.

After my sister was finished at the doctor’s, we went to Stuttgart to have some amazing brunch together. Egg in an avocado, as you can see on the picture. We went to a cafe called Netzer, and they serve some delicious, healthy breakfast there. I would give it a rating of 3,5/5 though, because the selection wasn’t too big and it had more drinks than food.

After our bellies were filled with food and happiness, we finally went on to do some shopping. We went to several shops like Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Mango, Vero Moda, Calzedonia, Hunkemöller, and Promod. I tried on an amazing pair of pants as you can see on the picture above at Zara, and an amazing dress from Mango, all Asia-inspired designs and motifs. I didn’t buy them though, since they were 50€, way too expensive.

Here, you can see the things I tried on.

Bild 1 von CULOTTE MIT PRINT von Zara
Culotte from Zara, 49.95€
Kleid | MANGO
Dress from Mango, 49,99€

I didn’t buy the dress, but I bought a cute bag from Mango.

Umhängetasche mit metallgriff | MANGO
Bag from Mango, 29,99€

Other than the bag, I bought the book “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur from Urban Outfitters and some fishnet tights.

Bildergebnis für milk and honey
Source: Barnes & Noble

After our shopping spree, we met up with our cousin, his girlfriend and one of his friends to eat some burgers at the newly opened restaurant Triple B – Beef Burger Brothers. It is a cool spot, the prices are quite affordable for a filling Burger and the food tastes good. I expected a lot more from this restaurant though, since everyone hyped it up so much. So I will just give it a 4/5. After that we went to chill on the rooftop bar SkyBeach. The day was amazing. Hot and clear blue sky. We had some drinks and the others smoked hookah (I don’t like smoking, so I didn’t join) and we stayed there until the sun was gone and we were slowly feeling cold.

– Saturday, May 27th:


In the early evening hours, we were invited to our family friends’ garden barbecue to have dinner together. The mother of our friend mixed some amazing cocktails for us, called Lillet. It’s a kind of wine that you mix with cherry Schweppes and put some strawberries inside. It’s literally the perfect summer drink. 

At night, we went clubbing. It was a fun night out, although the music wasn’t the best we expected.

– Sunday, May 28th:


We slept through most of the day, but as soon as we were as awake as we could, we packed our bags and headed to the public swimming pools. It was pretty hot and it was the first time for this year, so we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We had books and magazines with us, so we could tan and have a relaxed read in the sun.

This is how I spent my past week. Since the days are starting to get longer and warmer, there are way more activities to do during the week and at the weekends.

I hope you guys had a great time last week.

Thank you for reading!


Top 5 Christmas Markets to visit in Germany

It’s Christmas Market season in Germany right now which means that famous city centres all around the country are lit up and decorated  for about 1-4 weeks of Pre-Christmas Celebrations.

I have been living in Germany since my birth and I have spent almost every winter at my hometown, often going to Christmas markets around the place.

I haven’t been at every Christmas market, so this list is a mixture of the ones I have been to and the ones I would like to visit one day.

The order has no significance whatsoever:

1. Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market Stuttgart):

Source: stuttgarter-weihnachtsmarkt.de

The first part of the Christmas market in Stuttgart starts in the middle of the shopping street Königstraße, and it goes on into the market square which is actually quite big and very beautiful.

Source: stuttgart-tourist.de

Dates: 23.11.-23-12.2016

Opening Hours: 
Monday – Thursday: 10am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday:     10am – 10pm
Sunday:                        11am –  9pm
Opening Day (November23rd): 5pm – 9pm
Shopping Night (December 17th): 10am – 10.30pm

Location: Marktpl., 70174 Stuttgart

2. Esslinger Mittelalter – und Weihnachtsmarkt (Middle age and Christmas Market Esslingen):

Source: bahn.de

This one is a very special Christmas Market. It is sprawled through the old city of Esslingen and one part consists of a middle age market with torches that light up the streets, dishes and snacks from that time, antique clothing pieces and activities like archery.

Source: simskultur.de
Source: sippel-reisen.de

Dates: 22.11. – 22.12.2016

Opening Hours: 
Opening Day (November 22nd): 5pm – 8.30pm
Daily: 11am – 8.30pm
Closing Day (December 22nd): 11am – 6pm

Location:  Rathauspl., 73728 Esslingen am Neckar

3. Dresdner Striezelmarkt (Christmas Market Dresden):

Source: prinz.de

Dresden is actually a city I have never been to, but would like to visit. The perfect combination for a city trip would thus be in December I guess.
In general, you can never do anything wrong with visiting Germany during December, because it is one of the most beautiful months to meet this country.

Dates: 24.11. – 24-12.2016

Opening hours: 
Daily: 10am – 9pm
Opening Day (November 24th) 4am – 9pm
Sternstunden (December 9th) 10am – 11pm
Closing Day (December 24th) 10am – 2pm

Location: Altmarkt, 01067 Dresden

4. Nürnberger Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market Nürnber):

Source: stadtarchive-metropolregion-nuremberg.de

Nürnberg might as well be called the hometown of Christmas markets and Ginger bread. As a huge ginger bread fanatic, this Christmas Market is on my to-be-visited list, and should be on yours as well if you wanna come to Germany during Christmas-market season.

Source: bayern.by

Dates: 25.11. – 24.12.2016

Opening Hours: 
Monday – Sunday: 10 am – 9pm
Christmas Eve 24.12.:10 am – 2 pm

Location:  Hauptmarkt, 90022 Nürnberg

5. Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market Frankfurt):


I have been to Frankfurt so many times, but I was never lucky enough to be there during the Christmas Market. Although Frankfurt is a very metropolitan city with skycrapers, it didn’t lose its historical side either.

Dates: 23.11.-22.12.2016

Opening Hours: 
Monday-Saturday: 10 am – 9pm
Sunday                       11 am  – 9pm

Location: Römerberg, Paulsplatz, Mainkai, Hauptwache, Friedrich-Stoltze-Platz

I hope you enjoyed this little blog post about the Top 5 Christmas Markets in Germany where you can sip on some Glühwein (mulled wine) and eat some german delicacies.

Have you ever been to a Christmas Market in Germany or somewhere else? Did you like it? What was your highlight?

Thanks for reading,

And Travel Well!

21.09.2014: Trentemoller Concert in Stuttgart

Last week, I went to a concert of the danish DJ Trentemoller. My friend Nina gave me a ticket as a birthday gift. That day, it was also the birthday of my childhood friend Özi. It started in the afternoon, so I stayed there for about 3 hours or so, ate and drank some things. At about 5pm I went to the train station. Nina would enter the train at a later station. It took us quite some time to arrive at the place where the concert was supposed to be. It wasn’t in the centre of Stuttgart, but in a little town about 20 minutes away by train from there. Because we didn’t know how to get to the club where the concert took place, we were a bit early. But we asked a girl how to walk and she explained it to us. It was quite easy to find in the end. We also met two people, a guy and a girl (probably a couple) who also didn’t know how to get there. But we found it, and we even were 30 minutes too early. Entrance was at 7pm. Before the supporting act came on stage at 8 pm (I think), we stood around, talking and drinking. The club wasn’t that big, but I guess it is normal for an artist like Trentemoller who is only known to people who are interested that genre.

The supporting act was a bit strange. I am not sure if I liked him or not. I can’t remember his name anymore. He said it, twice, but I didn’t understand it. It was a very tall and skinny man, with high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, and huge bloodshot eyes. He looked quite creepy, definitely high on coke or heroin.


His music was a bit like a mixture of punk rock and minimal. He had a bass guitar at first, and was only playing some tunes. His lyrics was quite simple and repetitive, still he had sheets on the ground and read the lyrics of his songs from there. That was a bit of a weak performance. But the worst was yet to come: He picked up his guitar, and maltreated it in a way that only a child could do. He just jammed on the strings like crazy, without caring about notes or chords or anything. It was horrible. An insult to any guitar player. I wanted to cry after seeing this and was relieved when he picked up his bass guitar again.

I just wanted the supporting act to end. Although it didn’t start too bad, the guitar-raping just schocked me.

Well, at about 9pm Trentemoller and his supportive singers and supportive band came on stage. It was really remarkable. It was my first electronic concert that I have been to, and also the first concert in a club. Before, I had only been to concerts in big halls.

This is Trentemoller
Marie Fisker. She is also featured in the new album. Funny thing: While we were waiting the entry hall, she walked just past us and got inside o.O


20140921_215728 20140921_220013


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

The concert ended at about 11pm. It was really awesoome. We danced all the time and there was no scrampbling at all. Everything was quite comfortable. We even were in the first row and didn’t have make an effort or push ourselves or anything.

Before the concert, Nina also met some people, two guys and a girl who bought the tickets from her a few weeks before (she works at a ticket selling office). When the concert ended, we all walked (or ran) to the train station in order to catch the earlier train. There were also other people from the concert running to the train. I guess most of the people had to go to the direction of Stuttgart. During the train ride, we talked with the others a bit.

I arrived at home at about 00.35 pm. It really was a great concert with people who were there just for the music, and not for the fandom. The tickets also were quite good-priced. I think about 29€

I really love concerts, and can’t wait for the next one, which is, brace yourselves: JACK WHITE! Yupp! I have ordered a ticket for his concert in Frankfurt and I am waiting for my ticket to arrive finally! I just can’t believe it. When I found out on Monday that he would come, I literally cried. I CRIED! And I trembled like hell! I just couldn’t believe if it was real or if I was dreaming, so I looked on the eventim page again and again. I am sooo excited and can’t wait November 14th to finally come around.

What about you guys? Do you like going to concerts? Which concerts have you already been to?

Thanks for reading!

Bars, Fish, and Starbucks

After being on vacation for almost 5 weeks, I wanted to meet up with some of my friends again. The weather was still nice in Germany, so my friend Keddy and me decided to go Sky Beach in Stuttgart. It was fun to talk with her and tell her about my vacations.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

After drinking something we strolled through the shops. I didn’t buy anything, because I didn’t have much money left anymore since I have already been shopping in Turkey :D

Before we left in the evening, we went to Nordsee in order to eat some fish and chips and fish sandwich.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Two days later, we decided to do a little pub crawl in a town near where I live. We also called our other friend Pina, because I also haven’t seen her for long. So we visited 3 pubs. In the end I was a bit primed, but it was just the right drunk condition :D



A bit dark, but well :D

Then, last week Tuesday I met a friend whom I met in my second semester. She has been to California the last year, studying there. We always wanted to meet together to talk. She was also on my birthday party, but there we didn’t have a lot of opportunities to talk calmly. Last week we went to Starbucks together and sat for a long while and talked. It was interesting to hear about her adventures in the USA.


I have also met my friend Nina. It has been a long time since the last time we have seen each other. But I will write about it in an extra post because we met and went to the Trentemoller concert together :) More about it in my later posts.

Thanks for reading.

Demonstration at my university

It might be a cliche that you will get involved in at least one demonstration during your time as a student. Yet, it seems to be more than a cliche since education is never taken as seriously as other topics in politics. If there were no students going to the streets and protesting, politicians would never hear them/us.

So yesterday, there was this anticipated ‘Aktionstag’ in Baden-Württemberg. In all nine universities in Baden-Württemberg, students, teaching staff, and the rectorate should come together to strike against the financial shortages under which many german students suffer. Due to this, universities can’t provide proper teaching spaces, staff, time, and material. The buildings are ramshackled, the lecture halls are crowded, the teaching staff is underpaid and undermanned. If it goes on like this, the universities have to save money, in worst scenario cases many faculties would have to close so that it wouldn’t be possible for some subject to exist any longer. That is a waste, because education is the only ressource Germany can offer, and it is also the worst place to save money at. There can be no big results if there is not enough financial support. If education is being decreased, universities will die out.

Well, it was the first demonstration I ever went to, because it was one topic that concerns me as a student, and it was worth experiencing it. Of course it is a serious topic, but everyone was in a great mood. There was no turmoil or fights. Just music and paroles, and screaming, and dancing students :D Since I don’t like violence in real life, I was quite happy that it was so peaceful. Something that I really appreciate in Germany: They are not aggressive people.

The demonstration started on Wednesday at 3 pm at the main entrance of the university’s main building. Actually, the protest already began the day before with a 24-h-Information-sessions. I couldn’t go there, because I had to study for an exam I had on the evening of the demonstration :/ However, I could attend the demonstration on wednesday which was more important. The significance of a demonstration is as big as the number of demonstrators is. At 3.30 pm the speeches at the university building’s main entrance was over, and we all started walking the route to the city. Some streets were even closed so that we could walk there. There were also police men everywhere. It was an astonishing atmosphere. I had goosebumps for being part of such a big community (about 4500 demonstrators).

Here are some pictures:

Source: gea.de
They coloured the water of the fountains at the main entrance. The red colour should symbolize how the university are being blooded out.


Source: gea.de

There is even a picture of me :’D Here, we stopped in front of the municipal building to hear some more speeches and to call some more paroles. I am the girl next to the guy with the signs :D (When translated, his sign means: Shortages: ShityShity. That’s brilliant, because there is even an alliteration in the english translation! There you can see how smart students are! ;’D)

The demonstration took about 2 hours. Everything went well, except for an idiot who thought it would be funny to ignite a bengal firework. DUH! I have asthm, dude! And it stinked like hell! -.-

All in all, it was a great experience. After the demonstration, I went to the park with a friend. Her roommate should celebreate his birthday there, so I joined them for a while until I had to leave for my chinese test at 6 pm. It was quite hard, but I hope that I got an average or somehow a good grade. My head, however, was dead after that :’D I was so tired, I couldn’t even blog, and only read one chapter from my book :)

Have you also ever made experiences with demonstrations? How did you like them?

Thanks for reading!

Bookstores, Restaurants and Frozen Yoghurt

Yesterday, I went to Stuttgart with my sister to shop around a little bit. Actually, we wanted to go to a bar to drink some cocktails, but somehow, we totally forgot about it and ended up at the turkish restaurant in the end :’D How stupid we are.

First, we looked around at H&M and Zara, but we only bough some little things at H&M. Then I wanted to go to the big bookstore called Hugendubel which is actually a mixture of bookstore, cafe and library. Well, you can’t actually lend books, but you can take books from the shelves and read them on some comfy, red sofas, for hours if you want. I love that book store, it is so nice! And there is also a cafe upstairs where you can have some snacks or a coffee :)

Well, I almost always visit that shop, but yesterday, there was a reason why I wanted to go inside. The night before, I dreamed that I read the first two A Game of Thrones books in ONE DAY! Because they were so exciting obviously. Of course that’s a ridiculous dream, because who the heck reads over 1000 pages in one day? :’D However, I somehow couldn’t stop thinking about that dream and wanted to check out the first book in the series. Because I was so unsure about the writing style of that book, I couldn’t decide whether to buy the books or lend them somehwere or from someone. So I picked the first book and sat down on one couch to read a few pages. The writing style of the first few pages isn’t that bad actually, and I like it that the chapters are divided into characters (from which there are a lot in the series I heard), so one can have an overview over whose point of view it is right now.


It slowly got quite hot in the book shop, and my sister got very hungry, so we headed for a restaurant. At first, we wanted to a restaurant called Dean&David, but there, they ran out of rice and could only offer salads and sandwiches/wraps. So we left and went to a turkish restaurant called Sultan Saray. I also spent my birthday there, and the food was amazing! This time, it was excellent as well. I ordered a vegetable dish, gratinated with chese *o* Heaven! And my sister got chicken fillet filled with spinach which had fries as a garnish. Yummy!


After that we concluded the day with a frozen yoghurt.

How was your satuday? And what do you think of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones series? Should I buy them or lend them?

Thanks for reading!

3 Days of Drinking

It isn’t as excessive as it sounds :’D It was just a little bit of drinking every day. Let’s start with the first day:

Thursday, April 10, 2014:

It was the party of my faculty, namely of the american faculty that evening. A few of my friends were even the organizers, but not me. Maybe it was better that way, because I only saw them scarcely on the dance floor. But let’s begin with the early hours of the evening. We met at 9 pm on the bridge with a few korean girls I met at the Meet&Greet I wrote about here. My friend Giuli was also there. Everyone had brought beer for themselves. Then we went down the stairs to the wall under the bridge and sat there, drinking, talking and laughing. It wasn’t that cold, so we stayed about 1 hour there. Slowly, we went to the party. In front of the building, we waited for two of our other friends. One of them, Eleni, was also in Korea last year, and now it was the first time to see her :D It was good to celebrate with all of them again. Soon, we went inside, and I also saw some of my organizer friends, Yasmin and Elena.

At first, we bought something to drink, and then we danced around on the balkan floor. We were quite a big group: 5 koreans, and 5 germans (actually, only my friend Rapha is a real german. Yen is vietnames german, Giuli is italian german, Eleni is greek german, and I am turkish german :’D a representation of the mixed ethnicities present in Germany, I would say). Well, the night started rather funny. Eleni and me already were familiar with the music, since greek and turkish music is similar to balkan music, so we taught the others how to dance. Some of the koreans were actually good in it. Yong and Yeonnie however, always banged with their heads and it looked sooooo hilarious! But it was so cool that they still dared to dance, although they didn’t know exactly how to do it to that kind of music :D Then, another korean girl I met that night, Yejin is her name, and Stella is her english name (some asians tend to give themselves english names), she had quite good dance moves on which reminded me at big city girls’ dance moves :D But they were good indeed. We were forming a big circle, and everyone had to go inside and dance for a while. Of course, everybody was looking at us :’DD But it was so much fun! I think the last time I had so much fun at a party was at the university party of my friend Giuli in January which I wrote about here.

However, the koreans disappeared some time at 11pm. After that, we went to another floor with the ones who were still left. Actually, only Yen, Giuli, Rapha, Eleni and me. Our friend Alex also came and my friends saw another korean girl whom I didn’t know. Then we dance at the mixed music floor. At first they almost only played german rap, but it got better after a time. We also met a student from the Tufts University in Boston. After our friends were all gone, Giuli and me were left with him. He was alone there, and we felt pitiful, so we danced with him. He wasn’t pushy, so we had a fun time. But we thought that he must have been high, because his eyes were half closed, but he still could dance and talk :D Towards the end, we lost him. But we were also tired and sat on a table next to the DJ. He has played awesome music, especially some electronic artists I am listening to but never heard at another party before, like Make the Girl Dance *o* Then, suddenly, we heard it: The tunes of Daft Punk’s harder better faster stronger. Giuli and me immediately looked at each other with big eyes, then at the same time, we jumped to the floor and began dancing :’D It looked like directly from a movie or a Comedy series x’D After that he played around the world, and then more electronic tracks that were quite good. While he was playing around the world, a girl came to ask him for a song I think. Giuli and me looked a bit angry at her now, because the music was so good. That’s why I then went to him and told him that he was playing awesome music tonight. I think he was happy to hear that. And somehow, I know him from a seminar I had with him I guess, because he studies the same as me as I found out from my friend Yasmin.

Another funny thing happened: Two unicorns came by (of course no real ones, but two people who were dressed as one), and they did a magic trick on me :’D IT WAS THE FIRST TIME A MAGIC TRICK WAS DONE ON ME! :’D AWESOME!

Well, in the end, we had to leave the party at about 3 am. I went to the train station with Giuli and Yasmin, but before we went to a kebap house to eat something. Well, I only ate a slice of pizza from Giuli because she couldn’t make it anymore. Yasmin ate a Falafel.

We made it on time for the time, although we would have almost missed it. I arrived home at 5 am, and had to wake up at 10 am in the morning, because I had to work at 2 pm. But I wasn’t tired at all!

Friday, April 11, 2014:

That day, we had great weather. Work was relaxed. I had one new pupil, a turkish boy in 4th grade, and he was so cute! He and the other new girl from last, Zaynab, are very good and cute pupils. It is fun to teach them because they seldom refuse doing what you say, and they also cooperate and tell you what they still have to learn.

In the evening, my friend Giuli had invited us to go drinking something at the bar Mauritius. He invited a few of her friends, also Sami, and the two vietnamese twin Linh and Trang. Another turkish friend of us was also there, Kübra. We drank something, and then ate dessert. Giuli has already eaten a Snitzel at the restaurant. The rest of us was not hungry.


As a dessert, I had waffles with Nutella, and almost got a sugar shock. Unfortunately I haven’t taken a photo. My sister and me left a bit earlier, because we thought we would be going to Frankfurt to visit our family friends’ mother in the hospital.

Saturday, April 12, 2014:

That day, we actually wanted to go to Frankfurt to the hospital to visit our family friend’s mother, but we thought about what her sister said the night before. She told us that we might not be able to go see her in the room yet, so we would come all for nothing. However, we had already prepared everything and got ready when we then decided not to go. So, my sister and I decided to go somewhere else instead since we have gotten ready to go. The weather was still nice, so we decided to go to Stuttgart to relax at the Sky Beach instead, a rooftop bar which is filled with sand, deckchairs and palms. We found two deckchairs, and then bought some drinks. I had a Hugo (Prosecco, mint, elderberry juice) and my sister had a sky beach Limo (actually the same as Hugo, only without alcohol, but with ginger ale instead of the prosecco).


Unfortunately, the sun had disappeared as we arrived there, so it was a little bit cool. especially for my feet since I had to go barefoot on the sand.



Although the sun sometimes peaked through the clouds


After staying there for about 1 hour, we left and walked around the park a little bit, where also the opera is.




Duck Family :3 How Cute!!!

We also visited Dunkin Donuts, but this time we only had one Donut each :D

This Donut is called Heartbeat

So, as you can see, the drinking was not too excessive, not even on Thursday since I only had two beers ;)

But I am already looking forward for summer now!

Thanks for reading.

Important Monday

Did I tell you that I joined the mentoring programme again? Last semester, I joined as mentor for an international student. I got Merve from Turkey (she has the same name as me), and we spent fun time together while exploring Stuttgart and surroundings. We also joined in a trip to Basel. Now, I have joined again, and I got Salma, a girl from Egypt. We already wrote, and she arrived in Germany yesterday. I already looking forward to meet her soon.

On Monday there is also the Meet&Greet for the ones who still don’t have a mentoring partner. My friend wants to go there, and I want to go as well, just for fun. Don’t know if it is only for the people who don’t have a partner, but I don’t think so :)

I already looking forward to it, although it is also the day in which I have to hand in my term paper. I am on page 15 now, so I have 5 pages left. And I don’t know if I have to hand it in as a copy, or if I can also send it per e-Mail. Last time when I had a seminar at that prof, I could also send it via e-mail. I’ll see. First, it has to get finished :)

KurzText Stuttgart

Like I wrote yesterday, I went to an event in Stuttgart that supports Art and Culture and has organized a night in which people can read out their stories they have written. At 8 pm it started and I arrived there with my two friends Giuli and Sami. There we met our other friend Nina and her boyfriend Patrick. Nina and Sami also wanted to read out their story. Giuli and Patrick just came to listen. There were quite a lot people, about 50 or 60 I think. And 9 people read their stories. Most stories were about 10 minutes, but we also had some longer ones. The atmosphere of the event was very comfortable. Mostly, there were young people. There also was a little bar at which water, beer, and some soda drinks was offered for a little  contribution, dependingnon yournown generosity.

Well, the evening began at about 8:15 pm with a small introduction by one of the organizers. The first reader was a guy who wrote a story based on a dream. It was a bit hard to follow, and was long as well, but he had a perfect voice, like that of a dubber. The second reader was my friend Sami :D we both were so nervous right before we arrived there. And as she began reading my heart began beating as well. Firstly I felt nervous with her, and secondly, I would be reading after her. My friends’ story was based on an experience of amnesia she had after an operation. I loved her story. And here she is


She doesn’t like to see photos of her on the internet but this photo is so great! She already looks like a famous, busy author :D and her hat is awesome! I am sorry, but this photo just had to be on my blog ;)

Well, next was me, and I was very nervous. More people have come during Sami’s story, which was quite annoying. But now I had more listeners than the first reader. When I walked to the front I was shocked to see only ONE SINGLE chair, with a bright light falling upon it. There was no table on which we could put our papers or electronic devices, a tablet in my case. I sat and waited. Then I began and after a few sentences my voice already began trembling. But it soon got better. Only towards the end it began trembling again. And another awkward situation I was in, was that I had the urge to burp during reading. Of course I swallowed them, but it looked as though I would throw up :’D I shouldn’t have drunk so much water before reading out… And there was another awkward moment. Or rather, technical problems: While I was only on page 2 or 3 (out of 9), my finger accidently hit the ‘back’ button and my pdf data was closed. So I had to open it again. Then right after that, I accidentally opened the multitasking button and had to close it again. I said sorry, but the people just laughed :D Well, Advanced technology has many flaws when it comes to something like that: it can do more than you need :’D At the end, I even wished I could continue reading a bit longer :’D I know,  strange. And here is a photo.


This was probably the moment when I had technical difficulties :’D And I have just noticed that I have green hair xD

Next up was my friend Nina. She also used my tablet, so I was quite happy that I was not the only one who seemed geeky :’D Thanks Nina :’D Her story was in english (mine was originally in english as well, but I decided to translate it). Her story was based upon the novel “Less than Zero” by Bret Easton Ellis. One could consided it to be a hommage to that book, or even fan fiction. Unfortunately they didn’t take photo of her while reading (at least they didn’t post anything on their facebook page). Maybe they will add some photos later. If so, I will upload it here as well.

After her, we had a break. We chatted a bit, but then it continues. Now, a girl came with a very funny satire about Stuttgart and the Swabians. We were also supposed to find out which city she came from. It was Leipzig as one found out.

After her funny text, we had another funny read from the staff. A guy who read about the ups and downs of life. It was built like a monologue, and it seemed like he was mocking happy couples :D I liked it a lot! It was funny!

After him, another guy from the staff read his text. I can’t quite remember anymore what it was about, but he was the other technology friend who read his story from his smart phone.

After him, another girl read her story. It was a funny story about two boys (or men?) Who tell their lifes of living in a big city and wasting their evenings with getting drunk and hitting on women, on fat, german women :’D I laughed a lot at this as well.

The last guy was especially good. He was probably the oldest one of us, and had two stories to read. The first was like a love story. The second story was interesting. It was about the circle of life: being born, growing up, seeing colors, feeling emotions, having sex for the first time, having a family, and death of a dear person. One couldn’t consider it a story with a typical description of people and places. It was like a mixture of song and poem. He was also standing while reading and raised his voice at the important parts. “Screaming” appeared a lot in his text, and the colors of blue and red which stood for different emotions during the different events of his life. I had goose bumps while he, literally, performed it. It was the best story on that evening.

At about 10 pm it ended. They thanked us and we set off to go. There was no feedback or anything like that. But I thought it was nice anyway. I don’t know if I will ever participate in something like this ever again, but it was worth a try. In the end, we were all happy that we did it. And if you also write, I can just advice you to do something like this as well. It is nice to see reaction from the audience, even if there is mostly silence if your story isn’t funny :’D but silence is better than chatting, right?