Top 10 Things to do for Tokyo First-Timers

It’s been a very long time since my last post. I am sorry! I have been busy working but also enjoying the city during the weekends. Still have some stuff to sort, but I’m getting there. Since it would have been impossible to blog every day, and also a little bit boring, I decided to write a Top 10 post about visiting Tokyo for the first time. Some of them are touristy, some maybe not so much. And here they are:


1) Eat ALL the Ramen!

Ramen at Ippudo, Ginza

You have never tried real Ramen if it wasn’t in Japan! After eating Ramen in Japan, you will understand the purpose of everything. You will feel accomplished. You will understand why you exist: We all exist, so we can enjoy the beautiful taste of Ramen <3

Enough said! Convince yourself!


2) Play!

Whether it’s  UFO Catchers or Gatcha Pon Machines (the surprise egg machines where you put in a few 100 yen, turn the knob and wait for a kind of surprise egg coming out which has a figure inside. You can see me play them here and here), your visit in Japan is not complete if you skip playing these colourful machines.

3) Shibuya Crossing


Actually, when I was standing in front of the Shibuya crossing, I didn’t immediately recognise it. Then I asked myself if this was really the crossing and I looked around: There was the Hachiko statue behind me, the Tsutaya Starbucks in front of me and the Shibuya 109 on my left side, and only then did I realise that this was the crossing indeed. Crossing it was an exciting experience. It felt like I now really belonged to Tokyo. Crossing it without bumping into someone is a real skill that I can now proudly claim to have managed. After crossing it, you have to go up the Starbucks to take a time-lapse and several zoomed-in photos. I could never get bored of this view.

4) The Konbini Experience

7/11, Family Mart, Lawson, just to name a few of the most important life-savers in Japan, a.k.a. Konbinis (Konbini <– Convenient Store). You WILL go there, and you WON’T regret it. They will be your go-to places as soon as you start living here. But even for tourists they have everything you want at any hour. Be it tissues, water, hot drinks, warm foods, alcohol, masks, toiletries, ATMs, anything! And who knows, you might catch yourself in front of one of the shelves, deciding what to get because they all seem so intriguing, and ending up buying nothing because the struggle was just too hard :’D You can have a little review of a 7/11 here. 


The bread section at 7/11
One of many Bento Box options
Sakura snacks you can get at 7/11

5) Harajuku Bucket List

From the Rainbow Cotton Candy, to Purikura to Harajuku Crepes to aaaalll the shopping (Daiso, Wego,…), you can spend all your money and all your time in just this little street called Takeshita Dori. It’s probably the only street in the world that will get your Yens out of your pocket before you even reach the end of the street.

Totti Candy Factory
Line Friends Store
Harajuku Crepes
Sailor Moon Store at La Forget Omotesando


6) Get lost in random alleyways


No matter where in Tokyo you go, you will most definitely stumble upon some picturesque alleyways, that look like straight out of a movie or even an anime. Some of these alleyways I found were so beautiful to me, they almost made me cry. Most of them were in Asakusa.

7) Go to an onsen

Since you can’t take photos at an onsen, this point is going to be without visuals. Still, it’s one of the most impressive and interesting experiences you will have in Japan: being naked and relaxing in some hot springs with random, equally naked strangers (don’t worry, everything is gender-separated). The first onsen I went to was an indoor one in Asakusa. It was quite nice. But the outdoor onsen by the Fuji mountain was an unforgettable experience.

8) Visit a temple/shrine

Tokyo is bursting to the brim with temples and shrines. You will have a big choice of all the different types of temples and shrines. Still, there are some especially beautiful ones that you wouldn’t want to miss. One of them is the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa which I also like to call little Kyoto of Tokyo.


9) See Tokyo from Above

There are many different ways to see Tokyo from above. You can either pay a lot of money and go up one of the iconic towers that are The Tokyo Tower or the Skytree. If you do this, you won’t be able to see the tower, you are standing on, itself. Or you can visit the Mori Art Museum and finish it off with the observation deck on the top. But if you don’t want to wait in a long line, nor pay a lot of money, then the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku is the best option. It didn’t even take me half an hour from the entrance of the building to the top.


10) Go to a Themed Cafe

Hedgehog Cafe Harry in Harajuku


There are endless options for themed cafes in Tokyo such as Robot Cafe, Animal Cafes, Disney-themed cafes, anime cafes, character cafes,…

I went to a bunch of character cafes and I also checked out the Kawaii Monster Cafe which was an experience for itself. The Hedgehog Cafe was super cute and a very new experience to me. Beware, though! The prices of these cafes are higher than usual cafes and restaurants in Tokyo.

And this was the end of the post. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment and like.

What about you guys? Have you ever been to Tokyo? What are the must-do things in your opinion? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading!





Weekly Wonders: Rupi Kaur might have changed my life


  • Started and finished reading “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur. It was such a delightful read. It made me feel all the emotions and so much more. It made me want to write like this as well. It was a tearjerking, heartwrenching and probaby the most inspirational read ever. You can read a few of the poems shown on the pictures above.


  • Last week, I had to request a new passport, because mine is expiring soon. After I was done, I realized how hungry I was so I sat down at the cafe near the city hall and had an amazing veggie bagel for breakfast.


  • On Thursday, it was a bank holiday in Germany, so we went to the oldtown nearby, had some drinks and enjoyed the sun.


  • At the weekend, I tried out a new restaurant called Kikuya which is a japanese restaurant. They serve Sushi, Ramen, Tempura and different kinds of meat. They also had Taiyaki, the fish-shaped pastry which is filled with red bean paste also known as Anko. I have always wanted to try it, and although it probably doesn’t even taste nearly as good as the ones you can get in Japan, I enoyed it a lot and I am definitely looking forward to trying it in Japan.


  • In the evening, we had some yummy drinks at a bar, but we couldn’t stay any longer since the weather was getting colder and colder.


  • Sunday was another great day. I am beginning to like sundays quite a lot now, because we have been doing a lot of different things every week now. Last sunday, we went to a newly opened summer lounge where they hosted a reggaeton party that day. It was great! They had food, drinks, a stage with a dj, sandy beach and even a small pool where you could put you feet inside. As you can see on the pictures, we forgot our bathing suits, but next time, we will definitely wear them underneath our clothes.


Actually, last week got worse and worse, but only until the weekend arrived. On Thursday, I realized that my beloved metallic sandals broke in two halves :'( I will try to get them fixed at a shoe store here, but I kind of don’t have any high hopes :'(

I also called in sick on Friday, because my back hurt so much in the morning after waking up, I couldn’t stand, I coulnd’t sit, it was such a pain. I was amost feeling sick from it. Thankfully, I took some pain pills and a long hot bath and I was fine for the weekend already.

I hope you guys had a nice week with an even nicer wekend. Tell me about it below.

See you next week at Weekly Wonders.


Amsterdamazing: Day 2

This was our only full 24-hours day in Amsterdam and it was packed. I will just present you a way to spend the 24 hours in this wonderful city.

1. Have breakfast: 

Amsterdam has many cafes and restaurants to offer for all the hungry stomaches, either waking up from a night full of sex and drugs or just for simple foodies like us who needed something sweet/savoury to start the day. I am more of a sweet person while my friend always needs meat and something savoury :’D

I first went to a bakery to have some waffles swimming chocolate sauce :’D My friend felt sick just from watching me eat that :’D

I have to admit, I was a little bit sick after I finished this :’D

After that my friend had a Wantan soup at a chinese restaurants. You can find a lot of bakeries and chinese restaurants all over Amsterdam. Don’t worry about looking anything up on the internet, you will stumble upon one sooner or later.

2. Visit the Bloemenmarkt:

What better way is there than to wake up to the fresh smell of flowers! Of course, we didn’t have the luxury to order someone with flowers to our dorm, but we had the choice to walk to the flower market after having a fulfilling breakfast, and so we did. On our way there we saw Amsterdam from his many beautiful sides.

Flowers and a canal


Arriving at the flower market, we were surprised that it was next to a canal and a tiny pathway next to shops, cafes and cheese cellars :D

Of course, Weed and Tulips, two natural symbols of Holland. But did you know that Tulips were a gift from the Ottoman Empire to the Dutch Kingdom hundreds of years ago. Tulips only grew in the country which is now Turkey, but Holland loved these flowers so much that they kept on cultivating it so that it became their national symbol :D That is so interesting and another reason to love the dutch who give so much importance to something as simple as a flower.

3. Visit the Heineken Experience, or any other museum:

Because we aren’t huge museum fans, we weren’t interested in all those art museums you can find in Amsterdam. I really wanted to see the Anne Frank Huis, though, but all the tickets were sold out online and there was an estimated waiting hour of at least 2 hourse outside of the museum :/ But since museum has such an abundance of great museums to visit, we thought we should give at least one of them a try. One which is not so expensive and a little bit interactive. So we decided to go to the Heineken museum which was a great decision as you can see on the pictures below.


4. Take a photo at the I amsterdam letters:

One of the newly famous sights, especially on social network platforms like Instagram are these letters.

Unfortunately, when we got there, it was already late in the afternoon so the place was full of people, everyone climbing on the letters, crawling through the a-holes (sounds so wrong :’D) and just posing in front of the m’s and t’s. That’s also what we did.

5. Eat Poffertjes:

What more is there to say?

6. Have dinner – only if you are decisive enough to choose the restaraunt:

We had difficulties, but because the chinese restaraunt seemed a bit expensive, and we only had limited cash, we opted for the Ramen restaraunt close to the red light district. It is called Ramenya and a good choice for quick, but good food.


7. Have a drink above the city at the Sky Lounge:

In the evening, we met a friend who lives there and went to the Sky Lounge which we only found by accident while looking for Bitterballen online and where to eat it. Of course, we completely forgot about that dutch snack because we were too busy being awed by the view and couldn’t stop taking pictures.


Of course the view is not as spectacular as the ones we are used from Asia, but it was still very beautiful, especially the location which was on top of the Hilton Double Tree Hotel. So if you ever go to Amsterdam and wanna have a nice night out without going to the Red Light District, this is another choice (and probably not even that much more expensive than in the RLD).

So once again, another night ended in this wonderful city. Our dorm was now filled with 4 more smelly guys, but it was the only night we had to endure them :’D

The next post will be about our last day, or rather, our last final hours in Amsterdam. We saved the most beautiful sight for that day, though, so don’t miss it!

Lana del Rey and Frankfurt short trip: 20.04. – 21.04.2013

Sa, 20.04.2013: Arriving, city tour, lunch, concert:

Finally, the day of the long awaited concert had come last weekend. Our bus left at 5.50 am so we had to wake up at 5 am. Early enough, but we thought it would be a good idea to go partying at the semester opening party one night before the concert. We actually promised not to drink too much, but ended drunk as hell due to our russian friend who fuddled us. We only slept 3 hours. hungover and tired we had to wake up, go to the bus station and have a 4 hours-bus ride. In the bus we had our breakfast which consisted only of pretzels. For the first 1-2 hours the pretzels were fine. Both of us have slept the whole way to Frankfurt anyway, but after about 2 hours I really felt strange in the stomach. I really was afraid all the time that I will have to puke. But I, both of us survived the ride without puking. After we had finally arrived at the bus station in Frankfurt we went on a search for our hotel. At first we couldn’t find it. But after asking our smartphones, it wasn’t that hard anymore. Actually, as stupid as we are, we just passed our hotel without noticing. I think we really were still drunk and tired. We couldn’t check in yet since it was only about 11 am and the check-in was at 2 pm. But we were allowed to put our bags in a room so that we could walk calmly around the city. At first we went a little bit shopping. Then we went to the park next to the bank areal. Image

This really looks kind of beautiful: nature against skyscrapers. A natural oasis in the middle of high buildings.


I don’t quite know what kind of tree and what kind of flowers these are, but somehow they look like cherry blossoms. I really liked this tree. It is so beautiful. And the friendship ribbon on the branch just looks so cute and beautiful. I wish we would have done this, too, but we didn’t have a ribbon.

After walking through the park quickly we got hungy and headed for the japanese restaurant we saw on the way. But before we even arrived greenpeace activists stopped us and asked if we wanted to join quickly on their I-love-arctis project. There were a few people forming a heart by helding up red cartons in the air. We had to fill the hear. We also got red cartons and had to place ourselves in the middle of the heart. This was in front of the opera house and on top of that very building the photographer and the instructor were standing. They told us what to do and then took photos. It really was fun, and I think this was the first time really that I have volunteered for something to protect our planet. I really think that was fun. Image

We are somewhere on the left upper part of the heart. Well, it didn’t only take 5 minutes in the end, it really took longer. But it was really interesting. Now we could finally go on our way to eat something at MoschMosch. Like mentioned before it is a japanese restaurant which also sells ramen (Japanese noodle soup). I have never tried ramen before, but always wanted to, because I love Japan, and I love watching anime, and in one of my favorite anime, ‘Naruto’ the main character’s favorite meal is ramen. So I really was curious about this dish. We sat down inside and ordered.


This was a normal ramen, with normal noodles, carrots, soya sprouts, spinach, cress, and chicken. I actually don’t like any soup except for lentil soup, but I quite like this ramen. The spinach tasted a bit strange though, but I just left it out. For drinking, we had ordered housemade ice tea, my friend had ordered handmade lemonade. The drinks were tasty, too. After finishing our meal, we prepared to slowly head for our hotel. On the way we found Urban Outfitters and went there, too. We don’t have an Urban Outfitters in Stuttgart, but I have to say, it is fucking expensive :O I didn’t buy anything, but I am thinking about buying the leo-print vans I have seen. Furthermore, there were quite funny books, like this one


When I will go to Frankfurt again soon (and I am sure that I will), I want to look at urban outfitters again. Not only for books, but also for the pair of Leo-print vans I have seen. They were about 75 €. Maybe I will also look in the internet if it is cheaper there.

After leaving the shop, we also found American Apparel, but it was quite a small shop and we went out quickly. It was already past 2pm so we went to our hotel to quickly take a shower and prepare to leave for the concert. Our room was really nice. A typical hotel room. It wasn’t that small I have to say. Everything was in white and red.

20130420_144336 20130420_144344 20130420_14442320130420_144435

This is how our room looked like. The view from the hotel room was not bad. We could see the terrasse of the breakfast area. The shower was quite nice, but it didn’t have a door. And the toilet was very clean. Everything was really nice. I felt comfortable :)

We were ready at about 4 pm and went out at about 4.20pm. At the train station we met a girl who also wanted to go to the concert. She asked us if we knew which train to take to the Jahrtausendhalle, but we weren’t quite sure. However she knew it and we just followed her. We found out that she also studies in Stuttgart. We took the 5.17 pm train and arrived there at about 5.45. There we met 3 other girls, too. With them we were also standing together during the concert. They let us in at 6.30 pm finally. We ran inside like maniacs. We were in the 8th row at the beginning. The hall was slowly beginning to get filled. It wasn’t that big though. I think the Schleyerhalle is bigger, but I am not sure if they have put the stage forward. The stage looked a bit creepy, and strange music was playing during the waiting time.


I really was getting nervous minute after minute. At about 8 pm I think the supporting act performed. The name of the band was Kassidy. It was a scottish four-man band. They really were quite good. One of the best supporting acts this far, I have to admit. Nevertheless, I still have an allergy against supporting acts. They always seem to make me nervous right before the actual act finally appears. It’s such a pain in the ass. After the supporting act left, we still waited about 30 – 45 minutes until Lana was ready. The waiting music was becoming worse now. They had begun to play opera music and my nerves were lying blank. I just couldn’t wait anymore, I even forgot the pain in my legs and feet.

Finally, at 9.15 pm she arrived on stage. At first the lights went off, the music went on, then the drapery was pulled up and there was a setting on the stage. The orchestra (violinists, drum player, pianist) arrived, and then there was a dark shadow at the end of the stage and everyone was screaming like crazy. Me too, but I couldn’t see her. Then she came to the front of the stage from right and began her concert with ‘Cola”: “My pussy tastes like pepsi cola”, maybe the most epic concert start I have heard :D As I was finally able to see her through all the hands and cameras in the air, I began to cry and scream like a child. I didn’t know where I was anymore, and I also didn’t know where my friends were :’D I wouldn’t have expected to cry, but I was just overwhelmed to see her live in front of me.

20130420_212836_2013042109341636220130420_214207_2013042108171749620130420_214216_20130421081547034 20130420_214435_2013042108134176520130420_215014_2013042100521769620130420_215212_2013042100490951520130420_221033_2013042100463185820130420_221038_2013042100453191320130420_221405_20130421004228929

I can’t really express it in words, but it was so beautiful, awesome, sad, happy at the same time, and overwhelming, just amazing!! I would definitely go to another concert of hers again. Especially her engagement for her fans was remarkable. Several times she went off the stage and down in front of the barrier to give autographs. In the end I was even nearly in front of her but couldn’t manage to reach more forward. She also spoke to her fans while she was giving autographs. This was shortly before she has left the stage. It went quite long, about 10-15 minutes she was sharing autographs. She’s so wonderful! A wonderful, beautiful person. The whole time during the concert, she had this typical melancholic Lana look on her face: sad, wet eyes, with a big, bright smile appearing from time to time over her face. She also didn’t have a big performance. Most of the time she just stood there, walked around, turned around, or went low :D Once, her panties were also seen *o* But I couldn’t see them unfortunately. I have also recorded her a few times but I can’t upload them here because they are not upright, they are horizontal. However, she finished her concert with ‘National Anthem’. She didn’t give an encore, but that’s not all too bad. When we began walking out at about 10.45 pm, we couldn’t move our feet anymore, of course, after standing almost 5 hours without hardly moving. We slowly went out, walked to the train station and talked with our new found friends about the concert. It was a great night, and a great experience. Ariiving at the hotel, we instantly took off our clothes, and our pyjamas on. I was looking at the pictures and the videos again, and then we slept. The next morning we wanted to wake up earlier to have breakfast and then to check out at 11 am.