Weekly Wonders: I nearly caught Justin Bieber’s Yeezy!!!


Last weekend was insane! I was at the Wireless festival in Frankfurt, and I never imagined to experience the crazy stuff I did.

First of all, The rest of the week before the festival was rather calm. The only exciting thing that happened was the beginning of the sales in various shops like Zara and Mango. Of course I did some shopping :’D More about that at the end of this week.

I also came across a beautiful rose garden and  had to take an instagram picture.

  • Saturday, June 24th

After that, the long-awaited festival arrived and with that, two days filled with worldstars performing on one stage.

On Saturday, it was mainly german rappers like Materia and Genetikk. There weren’t many artists we wanted to see that day, and Rae Sremmurd had cancelled weeks ago as well, so that was a huge disappointment for us since he was one of the main reasons for us to go there.

During the breaks, we went outside to explore the area, take some photos and eat something. My friend and me decided to get some rolled ice cream which is a food trend now. The queue was endless and we stayed in line for one and a half hours in total. While I was standing there though, I suddenly saw a group of girls asking a stranger to take photos of them. Then I noticed that two of those girls were famous german youtubers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Just 5 minutes ago, I was talking about one of them, and now she was standing in front of me. Of course I had to ask for a picture :’D It’s the picture with the readhead :’D She is one of the funniest youtubers ever :’D

After we were finished with eating and roaming, we went back inside to secure some spots until the headliner at 9.45pm who was The Weeknd for that day. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of him, because my phone died. It was amazing although he was around 20 minutes too late and finished 5 minutes too early. Plus, he always stayed in the back of the stage :/ I enjoyed his starboy tour performance in Cologne way more than the festival performance.

By the end of the night, I was shattered. Everything was hurting, including my right eye. I stayed at my friend Giulia’s house, and after chatting for a while in the middle of the night, I had to excuse myself and go to bed.

  • Sunday, June 25th

We decided to meet at 12.30 at noon to walk to the festival area. The first performance was at 1.55 pm by german trap rapper Rin. My friends were die hard fans, and I had to say that he was pretty good. Actually, Lil Uzi Vert should be performing, but he cancelled last minute, so they had to arrange someone different. Rin is less popular of course, but there were still some fans of him.

Of course, everyone was waiting for Justin Bieber’s performance in the evening that day, so the place was filled with Beliebers. The crowd got tighter and tighter, and people were pushing us forward all the time.

We saw so many more artists perform, including Machine Gun Kelly, Jess Glyne, Sean Paul, until we were finally waiting the last minutes for Travis Scott. He was one of the reasons I went to that concert. And he was freaking awesome!!!!! He leaned in to the crowd all the time and he even made one of his fans rap. As a thank you he gave her his hat.

Of course the show was over too soon, but it was about time for us to get out to get some fresh air, drinks and food. We were standing in the crowd from 1pm – 7pm!!! 6 HOURS!!!

We had some pizza and water before getting inside to get some good spots for Justin Bieber. We didn’t want to be too much at the front, so we were standing rather at the back right side of the first block. At that moment, we didn’t know that this was the most perfect spot.

Justin Bieber was even earlier than on time. He entered the stage at 9.26 pm (4 minutes earlier than scheduled), and his performance was lit! It was probably the most professional performance of that festival. I liked how he was just walking around the stage and trying to look his fans straight into their eyes. When he was not dancing of course. His voice is actually pretty amazing life. I just felt like he was way better life than on audio.

Anway, I was dancing, singing and screaming together with the other beliebers, when I realized that he was coming to an end. It was getting weird now, because he started taking off his shoes (white Yeezy) and throwing them into the crowd. Into OUR DIRECTION!!!! The first one came flying into my face and I kept staring at how he was throwing away the second Yeezy. The crowd was raging by now and the girls around me were running, pushing, falling to the ground and crying. A tall guy who was standing behind me caught the he first Yeezy. The second one flew to the second block right behind us.

GUYS!!!! I just missed the jackpot of my life! The right Yeezy is on ebay now, selling for 6,5K!!!! And it’s still going until next week Tuesday. Here, you can have a look.

I think I have never regretted anything more than not catching Justin Bieber’s Yeezy. I would be planning my asia trip now. I could be buying a new camera and a Macbook with that money. My life would be changed.

Can’t believe it! I was centimeters aways from catching it. It flew right past my head :'( How did I not jump??!?! WHY??!?!?

I guess in that moment, I was just too perplexed, suprised, astonished to move anything, neither brain nor body.

I’ve gotta say that Justin Bieber gave me a once-in-a-lifetime experience here. It was one of the most unique and energetic, and professional performances I have seen so far. Everything was thought-through, but at the same time full of heart.

I am aware that JB treated his fans badly in the past, but I think that most of his performances were like the one that I witnessed at the weekend. I am not suprised why his fans love him so much now. I might even commit to becoming a Belieber as well. :’D

Anyway, I took a video of that shoe, and now I put it on youtube. You can watch it here:

After that exciting turn of events, we left the concert area and headed back to the car and drove back home on an 2-hour ride.

Although we were a bit disappointed that we didn’t catch Justin’s Yeezys, we were still content about what we got to experience at the festival.

Can’t wait for the next festival experience to come :D

I hope your weekend was just as eventful as mine.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!


Present, Italian Food and a surprise

Hello, everyone! Today was a good day. But it started bad because I ripped my dot-tights with my nails, and also discovered that my heart-tights also have a ladder in them :'( I wanted to cry! It was the most horrible morning since a very long time.

But today at work, a funny thing happened, indeed! My pupils always talk rather than learn. One of them mentioned Justin Bieber, and then everyone freaked out distastefully. They told they hated him, and would never ever listen to that. I was quite relieved to hear that and was hopeful again, that our world is not doomed to end in the hands of stupid teenies who can only rave about stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. I think the generation before them was really gone gaga, so I hope that the new generation will be smarter.

After my lessons, I went to my university town with one of my old friends with whom I did my A’levels two years ago. She was just back from Turkey, Bursa (yeah, I know, it seems like all of my friends have been to Turkey this year), and we wanted to meet up before I would go working from Monday on for one month. I still had to give back 5 books from my term paper, and she had to get her oral communication credit. After that, we went eating at an Italian restaurant. I took Lasagne al Forno, and she took a Pizza with pepper and onions.


Unfortunately, my friend didn’t feel well as we sat in the restaurant. She had a slight circulatory collapse and had to lay down on the bench seat of the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant, an old, little, cute man came to us right away and asked if she was okay. I said that she has problems with her circulatory. And he went to the back of the restaurant right away to get a box with a pillow on it, so she could put her feet on it. He was such a cute, little man I just wanted to cuddle him! But fortunately, she got better after 15-20 minutes. The owner was also very happy about that, and patted her cheek :D In the meantime,  I have already eaten most of my Lasagne. My friend also wanted me to taste something from ther pizza and I also took piece from that (I know, not a very good idea if I actually want to lose weight). When we finished, we asked for the bill and left.

We slowly walked into town, and realised that we actually wanted to go the other way.

The city hall of Tübingen

We had to go to the library once again, because my friend had to lend some books for her term paper, and she didn’t do that before, because then, she would have to carry them with her all the time.

At the library, I discovered two volumes about Sherlock Holmes. The books were enormous and beautiful.


After the library, we went for the train.

I have also bought a new book from the bookshop there.

Nathaniel Hawthrowne’s “Scarlet Letter” for 2.49€

I have already watched the movie “Easy A” with Emma Stone starring, and I have loveeed the movie. It seemsl ike it is the modern adaption of “The Scarlet Letter”, so I was really interested in it. I will try to read it if I find time.

My friend also had some little cute presents for me from she got from Turkey.

Isn’t the owl necklace just lovely?
And the skull earring with the earcuff just looks so special I think. Although skulls are no longer in my fashion interest, I have to say that this skull is a very beautiful one with a white stone as brain :)

Today was really an eventful day. And I have finally found out where I will be working on Monday: It will be Augsburg. A beautiful little city near Munich.


I am already excited, and I still have to prepare a lot until monday:

1. Go to the hairdresser (already mentioned)

2. Throw in my absentee ballot

3. Buy a ticket to Augsburg

4. Do a Packing List (already mentioned)

5. Organize my mp3-player

I will do point 1, 2 and 3 tomorrow. The rest will be due at the weekend probably.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!