Weekly Wonders: Cute France, Summer Fests and an exhausting week

1. Finally, my book “OTP’s Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy and Broke”, arrived on monday, the 17th, as well as my Gorillapod. 

2. In the evening, I had Indian for dinner, because I was craving it soooo much lately <3

3. + 4. Summer Day trip No. 2 took us to Colmar which is in the Alsace region of France. It was beautiful, cute and relaxed, with some minor difficulties :’D More of it in a seperate blog post. We even visited the Titisee on the way back.

5. + 6. We also took a ride on the canal in one of the boats. Our punter and guide was a young handsome frenchie and he provided us with a lot of interesting facts about the architecture we saw lined up along the river Rhine.

7. No trip to France is complete without having a real french crepe <3 It was truly delicious!

8. + 9. I even found a small japanese shop there that sold Omochi filled with red bean paste <3

10. On Thursday, I first, had to work for the day shift, then I went to the summer festival of the company that owns my workplace. It was amazing, including these black bun burgers <3

11. – 13. Just shortly after we arrived at the venue, it started raining though. All the benches outside got wet and the ground got all muddy and wet. When we tried to walk back to our seats, we literally sunk into the mud. Our feet looked disgusting at the end of the night.
Still, it didn’t hinder us from taking a lot of selfies :’D
Also, in the late evening hours, we started to take over the dance floor. It was so much fun and I was so exhausted when I finally fell into my warm, cozy bed :’D


As you can probably tell from my entries above, the third week of July was pretty exhausting for me. Not only with work, but also with travels and activities scattered throughout the week, it was hard to find time to do anything else – including blogging which is why I only had time to do so now :’D

Also, on saturday after work, I was invited to one of my longest known friend’s birhtday party. We went to a mexican restaurant. I had Tacos Dorados con Pollo and after finishing eating, I had the biggest food baby ever. I was so full! And the drinks didn’t make it feel better :’D Anyway, it was a very fun evening, but I was so happy when I finally came home and fell into my bed – once again :’D

On Sunday, I just stayed home the whole day  :’D

I hope your week was as great and les exhausting than mine :D

Thank you for popping by and reading my entries!

See you next week on Weekly Wonders!



Weekly Wonders: Rainbows, Pinapples and Mom Jeans


Last week wasn’t very eventful, but still I managed to do quite some stuff.

We had an amazing double rainbow right outside our house which looked amazing!

On Thursday, we went to the waxing studio, but before, we had to try the new Indian restaurant. And it was super delicious!!!! I just couldn’t stop eating! I was even silent most of the time! I have to go there again and try a new dish! I had butter chicken, garlic naan and a coconut lassi which was probably the best coconut drink I had <3 So much love for this location! It’s called Ganesha, again :D (I have been to a Ganesha restaurant in China and in Stuttgart).

My Asos order came on Friday. I ordered a bunch of bathing suits and ripped jeans, but only kept one ripped jeans, which you can see on the picture.

You can shop it here

At the weekend, we had amazing weather, and on Sunday, we spent almost the whole day at the public swimming pools and now I am slightly tanned :) Of course, I wore my new pineapple bikini which you can see on the picture.

You can shop it here.

I hope you guys had a great week as well :)

I’d like to hear about it in the comments.

See you next week at Weekly Wonders!




ABC Travel List: S – Singapore, Seoul, Serengeti National Park

Finally I have reached the letter S which I have waited for very long. It has two of my favourite must-go places that are on my travel list nowadays, of course, both of them in Asia. It also has one newly-found spot that I just recently discovered and immediately wanted to explore.

Without further ado, let’s start!


1.Country: Singapore

Ähnliches Foto
Source: onedio.com

Singapore is surely on the top 3 countries I want to visit right now. It is the perfect example for a modern, clean, asian nation that could manage to please every- and anyone. Here are the top things I would love to see.

-Spend one night at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Bildergebnis für marina bay sands pool
Source: pinterest.com

I know that this might be a bit expensive, but going to Singapore, and not spending at least one night here would be a total waste. Plus, the Marina Bay Sands was probably the first famous infinity pool that started all the infinity pools around the world. I think this would be perfect after a long flight, arriving early in the morning, sleeping in in your room and then spending the rest of the day and evening in this hotel. Checking out the next morning and looking for another, cheaper accomodation.

-Hawker Center

Ähnliches Foto
Source: thecitylane.com

Even more than fancy restaurants, it is the Hawker Centers I’d go for food in Singapore, since they are famous for its authentic food from different cuisines in the world, especially local cuisine which is a mix between Chinese, Indian and Malay. I love the first two cuisines so much that I’d die to try their fusion. I also heard amazing things about Malay food. I mean, there has to be a reason that Singapore is known as the foodie capital of the world.

Here is a link to a website where you can browse through all the hawker centers and all the food that is offered there.

There are already a lot of dishes on my list:
Ayam Penyet, Bak Chor Mee, Ban Mian, Biryani, Chendols, Chicken rice, Laksa, Halal Chinese Foods, Nasi lemak, Nasi Padang, Onde Onde, Roti Prata, Satay, Popiah, ,…

Most unbeatable ayam penyet
Source: Ayam Penyet
5 best chendols in Singapore
5 best nasi padang restaurants
Nasi Pedang
Mind-blowing onde onde
Onde Onde
8 best satay stalls in Singapore
6 different varieties of popiah you must try


All food photos are from hungrogowhere.com

-Gardens By the Bay

Bildergebnis für gardens by the bay night
Source: singapore-guide.com

This looks like straight out of a fantasy world. Some people compare them to the Avatar trees, for me they look like massive, sparkling massage sticks :’D

I’d definitely visit these trees in the evening when the lights are turned on. And I’d try anything to get a picture like this one <3

-Singapore Botanic Gardens

Bildergebnis für singapore botanic gardens
Source: expedia.com

It’s all about the gardens in Singapore it seems. I know that this is also a UNESCO Sight, but I have also heard a lot of beautiful things about this spot, and it is the perfect playground for photography obsessed people like me :’D

The rest of Singapore is actually more artificial than cultural. I would think about some stuff to do in Orchard Street maybe which is the main shopping area, and I would consider visiting Universal Studios if I still had time and money left to do so. Other than that, I would just make Singapore a complete food tour :’D


2.City: Seoul

Bildergebnis für Seoul
Source: viator.com

When I think about Seoul, I think about a relaxed, but cosmopolitan city. I think about beautiful and fun people. I think about its bustling nightlife. And I think about Korean BBQ.

Except for these amazing things to do in this city, there are also some sights to explore.

-Gyeongbokgung Palace

Bildergebnis für gyeongbokgung palast
Source: mgb-home.de

This palace actually reminds me of the Forbidden City Palace Museum in Beijing, just a tiny version of it. I heard that there is a change of guards with the presentation of local weapons, so I’d be excited to see that as well.

-Myeong-dong/ Dongdaemun Market

Bildergebnis für myeongdong
Source: thousandwonders.com

These are the main shopping districts of Seoul, and I guess there should also be restaurants and cafes, and I hope several animal cafes that tourists and locals alike can visit.

-Seoul Tower

Bildergebnis für Seoul Tower
Source: myeongdong.org

This might actually be the only high tower in Seoul I think. From here, you can actually get a great view over the city.

Bildergebnis für seoul tower view
Source: world-walk-about.com

The skyline of Seoul actually reminds me a little bit of that of Taipei or a small chinese city.

-Namsan Park

Bildergebnis für namsan park
Source: trazy.com

Namsan is actually the name of the mountain where the Seoul Tower is located at.

Bildergebnis für namsan mountain
Source: english.visitkorea.or.kr

-Samsung Museum

Bildergebnis für samsung museum seoul
Source: expedia.com

Since I have many gadgets by Samsung (phone, tablet, camera), I can actually say that I am a Samsung fangirl.

-Nightlife in Itaewon and Hongdae

Bildergebnis für itaewon nightlife
Source: mydestinationseoul.com

These two districts and Gangnam are the main parts of the city for nightcrawlers. Since Gangnam is rather posh, I’d focus rather on these two districts. I am sure that you can explore these parts of the city during the day as well, but they are particularly known for their nightlife scene.

In general, Seoul seems like a cool city for young people to hang out, but also for travellers who want to get a taste of korean culture. Surely a must-visit place.


3.UNESCO World Heritage Site: Serengeti National Park

Bildergebnis für serengeti nationalpark
Source: franks-travelbox.com

I have known about this place for ages now, but just recently, I saw pictures of this National Park again on social media. This place reminds me of the Lion King, and if I had to think about a place where it all takes place, I guess it would be this very place here.

Bildergebnis für serengeti nationalpark
Source: touring-afrika.de

I also saw pictures of hot air balloon rides over the national park, and I would love to experience that as well. Seeing the animals from above probably feels like watching a documentary.

And quite quickly, we have already reached the end of this post as well. I imagined it to take more time, but most of the places I chose are more relaxing than full of sights to see.

What are some places starting with S on your travel list? Let me know below!

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!


How to spend less than 24 hours in Hong Kong, Part 1

Hong Kong, known as the most important port in Asia, is also one with a devastating history. Marked by its disruption between two cultures and several war settings, the city is now one of the most modern metropolises around the world. It offers everything, from museums to shopping malls, from religous buildings to skycraper views, from natural sceneries to an exciting nightlife. Hong Kong is a city where East and West meet in a way that is unknown to any other city.

Before I start with the guide, I would like to hold down the first impressions I got from that city.
Some people say, they don’t feel like they are in China when they visit Hong Kong after staying in Mainland for a few months. For me, that was not the case. To be true, I had a minor culture shock when I first arrived on Nathan Road which I neither had in Shanghai, nor in Yuyao. I tried to explain this to myself and came to the conclusion that there is a simple reason. Hong Kong shocked me that way because it is a city that combines the chinese bustle with western influences on a small space.
It is very hard to explain. To understand what I am saying, you have to experience this city yourself.

With this, I will start:

Step 1: Get lost while trying to find your hostel:

Hong Kong overwhelmed me big time. Maybe it was the fact that I first saw Nathan Road, passed Chung King Mansion and all the weird people strolling in front of that building. Or maybe it was the fact that everything was extremely cramped, crowded and colourful. The main reason might be that I had problems finding my hostel which was located right on Nathan Road. The fact that it was in a huge building complex escaped me. I didn’t know that almost every hostel in Hong Kong is inside of one of these huge buildings, in order to save space. So I ended up walking up and down the same road, desperately trying to find the hostel. In the end, I found it and was so lucky that it looked clean, since the elevator I went up with was a bit scary :’D My shock didn’t end though. I found out that I had to sleep in a mixed dorm which means not only females but also males – in my case 2 other guys. Plus, we didn’t have lockers, and the room was tiny, filled with 2 bunk beds. If you entered the room and took one step you landed on the bed already :’D There was only 1 guy in the room and he seemed to be a nice person luckily.

I ended up sleeping with my valuables under my pillow which was a good idea because another roommate entered the dorm in the early hours of the morning. He was sleeping on one of the top bunks.

Step 2: Bond with your roommates:

The next morning, I wanted to start to do some things before my flight in the late afternoon, so I woke up early. My roommate was awake as well so I asked him if he wanted to join me. That’s one of the advantages of staying in a hostel if you are travelling solo. You can always meet new, young people from all over the world.
We got ready, I packed the little things I had and we went to take the subway. It was good that he came along, because he had already been in Hong Kong for a few days, so he knew how to get around. I wanted to go up Victoria Peak and he hadn’t seen it either, so we went there. Before, we needed to get breakfast, so we stopped at a cafe.

Step 3: Go to the most amazing sight in Hong Kong, the Victoria Peak:

If the weather is clear, make sure to go up the peak. But only if it really is good weather, otherwise you will end up spending a lot of time and some money for nothing. We were super lucky with the weather. It was middle of september and Hong Kong was still very hot and humid, but the sky was clear and blue.
After breakfast, we took the tram up the peak. There are also other ways of transportation. You can walk up or take the bus, but we wanted to take the tram because the view is supposed to be great. And it really was. While driving up, all the skyscrapers looked sloping, as though the world was folding itself together like in Inception :D

Anyway, it was lucky that we woke up early, because the tram was almost empty. We didn’t know, but we should later find out that the sky terrace of the peak opened way later than we expected, but still we were able to finish early. Plus, the tram up was so crowded later in the day, we saw the queue when we went down later. It was totally insane. So if you wanna avoid the crowds, make sure to come a little bit earlier.
Even if you arrive before the peak opens, you still have great opportunities to enjoy different views. Right beneath the sky terrace there was a lion pavillion which was almost empty during that time so we managed to take some photos there.



Plus the surroundings of the peak were beautiful. We felt like somewhere in a tropical forest. Palm trees everywhere and the sound of insects and birds. It was amazing.


After we saw most parts of the peak, we relaxed at a cafe and had a refreshing drink before going up the terrace. There, we saw some beautiful dogs who went for a morning stroll with their owners.
It was becoming hotter and hotter, but we still waited and could finally enter. The view from up there was way better than from the pavillion of course. Although the place is not that big, the view is just incredible. I couldn’t stop taking photos.

Look what they had there :’D The Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant from Forrest Gump ^^


I would suggest to go to the peak either early in the morning to avoid the crowds, or right before dusk, so that you can see it in three different stages: Day, dusk and night with all the lights on. That’s what I’m gonna do next time I’m in Hong Kong.

Step 4: Get lost in the winding streets of Central:

On our way back from the peak to the ferry terminal, we got a little bit lost in Central, one of the districts of Hong Kong Island. It is famous for its bars, pubs and nightlife. We didn’t stay long, since we were slowly getting hungry and couldn’t find anything we wanted in Central, so we slowly headed back to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Step 5: Take the Star Ferry from Victoria Harbour:

Of course, you can take the subway anywhere you wanna go in Hong Kong, but if you plan to go to one of the islands surrounding Hong Kong, it is a more relaxing alternative to take the ferry.
We also did that since I love ferries, ships, boats, yachts and everythig that has to do with water :’D
And at this point I have to say that I love the sea in Hong Kong. The colour is one of my favourites, a bright turquoise, with splashes of white, glittering in the sun and reflecting the iron skyscrapers from the shore. So beautiful. Don’t miss out on this.




Step 6: Have lunch in a mall:

Actually, we wanted to eat some Dim Sum or something else that was Hong Kong food, so we strolled through the streets in and around Nathan Road but we couldn’t find anything that other than some noodle soup places which we didn’t really want. I found a good dim sum restaurant online which was supposed to be in a mall close where we were so we went there. Inside of the mall, we also got lost. We were already starving and I also had to hurry up to get to the plane.
We finally found the food court and discovered an Indian restaurant that was offering a lunch buffet. That was the first time I ever ate Indian food and I fell in love with it. It is now one of my favourite cuisines. Asian cuisine truly is the best.


After lunch, it was also already time for me to take the bus to the airport and say goodbye to this crazy yet colourful city. That would not be my last time here though.

Today’s rating:

Sightseeing: 5/5

Food: 5/5
Shopping: –
Nightlife: – 
Transportation: 5/5