Weekly Wonders: Food, Castles, and Reggaeton

Apart from our trip to the Neuschwanstein Castle on Monday, July 10th, the rest of the week was not very spectacular. Most of the time, I had to work until late. Still, I managed to do some stuff:


1,2+3. As I have already described in my last blog post, I have visited the Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, and it was AMAZING! You can read all about it here.

4. I have also finished this book: “Read this if you want to be Instagram-famous” which I got as a birthday gift as you can read on my blogpost here. The book was actually really good and very interesting.

5. On Thursday, we went to our local ice cream parlour to have some delicious ice cream bowls. I also got one of my last birthday presents – a huge see-through umbrella :)
I also got my new passport, finally :)

6.+7. On Sunday, we went to a summer party called Latin Island together with our cousin. First we ate something. Without hesitation, I chose the grilled shrimp skewers. Later, we sat by the pool after we finished eating and being fed up with the wasps swarming over our dishes. In the early evening, we decided to move to the dance floor and mingled with the crowd. It was a great party on a sunday afternoon/early evening.


I hope you guys had an even more amazing week!

Thank you for reading! See you next week on Weekly Wonders!




Ice Cream Book Tag

I haven’t been tagged for this, but I have decided to do this anyway.

I saw it on booktube of course, in the channel of bookables

It looked like a lot of fun, and I thought it would be an alternation to all my review posts :)

There are questions asked suitable for different tastes of ice cream. It sounds like a lot of fun, so I will do that now :)

1. Peanut Butter

A Long Book Series you want to read but won’t:

Probably “A wizard of earthsea” series by Ursula K. Le Guin, because I once had to read a book from her for a seminar at university, namely “The Left Hand of Darkness”, and I absolutely disliked the book after the first 50 pages or so. I just couldn’t get along with her writing style. It was sooo boring and it felt so clumsy to me. So I will definitely not read any series by her, even if the books are quite short. NO. NEVER.

ursula k le guin

2. Chocolate

A book you can read over and over again:

Definitely each and every book in the Harry Potter Series :)

harry potter

3. Pistachio

A book with a green cover:

The German Edition for Michelle Harrison’s 13 Treasures. I really have to continue with the rest of the books. Maybe even reread this book, because it has been years since I have read this.

4. Strawberry

A book with the cutest romance:

Hmmm, that’s hard. The taste really fits to the question, but I had to look through my goodreads shelves because I seldom read romance novels :D But it’s probably Hunting and Gatherin by Anna Gavalda. That book was also quite sad, but it had a cute side to it as well :)

The German Version. The cover is just so cute!

5. Lemon

A book with a sour ending:

Definitely Mockingjay. I HATED that ending, and I also didn’t like the book itself. It was a huge disappointment, especially when compared with its two forerunners.


6. Mint

A children’s book you like:

The Chronicles of Narnia. Definitely the best children’s book which is not a comic. For me, the series is such a beautiful masterpiece in itself, that whole world that Lewis created has influenced so many later children’s works. This series is also one of those that I wish to own.


7. Vanilla

Your favourite classic:

Oh, this is sooo hard! Since I am an english student, I have to read a lot of classics for seminars. Amongst my favourites are Pride and Prejudice, Lolita, 1984, and Brave New World. But I think the book that appealed to me the most was The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

That’s the edition that I own, but I love the original edition with T.J. Eckleburg’s eyes <3

8. Whipped Cream

A very long book you read fast:

Probably Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which I read in 3 days. Also the first two books of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (over 1000 pages) which I also read in only 3 or 4 days.

444327 8508640

This is already the end of the Ice Cream Book Tag. I had a lot of fun, and I hope that you also enjoyed reading this post. If you want to share your books, just leave a comment or copy the post and do it yourself as well :)

Thanks for reading!

Running Sushi All you can eat

Yesterday, we finally managed to go to the japanese-chinese restaurant near my university town. I have been there last year in December on my friend’s birthday, but we didn’t have an all you can eat that day. It was delicious anyway. Back then, I had a bento box *o* I love japanese culture, and I love sushi. That day, it was one of my beginning months for eating sushi, but I liked it very much. However, I have found out that I like the ones with Nori less than those with salmon on top, or the California Rolls, which are my favorites (although I don’t usually like sesam, but on sushi, it tastes amazing!).

Yesterday, there were tables just next to the conveyer, but only 2 people were right next to it. I was lucky to sit next to the conveyor, and of course, took anything I could grab :D

Tiny plates on the two storeyed conveyor

I started with California Rolls, different sushi with salmon and other fishes on top. Then I also tried some shrimps and salad and spring rolls. I even tried duck, which tasted good, but I don’t think I would say it is the tastiest kind of meat.


After the real food, We saw several tiny bowls of ice cream approaching us on the conveyer. We grabbed three of them, and soon, the baked bananas were on their way, too. I was even lucky to get one without honey. People always wonder when I tell them I don’t like honey, since everybody likes it, and spicy food, since I am a turkish girl :D just because I am turkish doesn’t mean I only eat spicy food. To be honest, the turkish kitchen is rather one that is rich of oily food (food, mainly prepared with olive oil). My mum seldom cooks spicy food. She, too, can’t eat too hot food.

To finish the meal, I ate two slices of orange. This relieved my stomach quite a lot  and left a fresh taste in my mouth.

The rest of the evening went by with laughter and chatter, and we also got a free drink before paying :) It is usual there if you order food, you get a green juice go drink (may sound strange but it tasted good, just like fruit juice).

At 10 pm we headed back to the train station. I took the train at 10.50 pm. Arriving at home, I noticed how tired I have become.

It was a funny evening, with lots of yummy food and good friends.

Thanks for reading.

Boat-trip, Eating-trip, Shopping-trip

Yesterday it was the day of our first punt-trip. For ones who don’t know it: It is a kind of long boat, a little bit like a gondola, which is steered by a long cane by pocking it into the ground of the river and urging the boat forward. This is a popular activity for tourists, and residents as well, in my university town Tübingen. There are even punt races at the beginning of summer, in June. I have never seen a race, and although this was my second year at the university, I have also never been punting before. Yesterday was the first time. And this because we gave our friend for her birthday in april a coupon for punting. She was allowed to bring another person with her. My friend asked us both, me and my sister, and so we thought we both could come and split the price for the third person. It was 22€, so 11€ each of us.

The day began a bit fresh and cold, but as soon as we arrived at the pier from where the tour started, we got warm because of the beautiful view. Image



There was a cute table which can be rented for a dinner floating on the river :)


A lot of ducks were sleeping and swimming there :) Across the riverside, there were more ducks sleeping. It really is a duck-paradise.
The boats of the pier. My sister already feared she would get seasick when entering the boats :D



This was our punting guide. He was punting and telling stories about the buildings and the famous people who used to live there. He was very cool. A swabian man, with parents living in South-Africa :D He also asked if there was anyone who wanted to punt. There were two, one of them my friend :D I also have pictures of that.

The Neckar bridge
The famous, coloured row houses of Tübingen. There are always people sitting on the wall in front of them. Eating ice cream or just hanging around, drinking something.
The trees are so beautiful. Behind them, is the Hölderlin tower, named after the famous german poet Friedrich Hölderlin. I also want to visit the tower some time


We were also allowed to have a glass or two of prosecco :)

My friend who we gave the punting trip for her birthday in April :)


A cute little house amidst beautiful trees
My friend punting with the help of the guide



She did it very well in my opinion. She punted a little bit athwart, going from left, then to right. But I think it is a bit hard to do it straightly as a beginner. I could have never done that. I would have fallen into the water together with the punting cane.




My friend shot a picture of me while I was looking around. Well, in fact I knew that she had made a photo of me :D
My sister and me
Gone with the wind :D
A panorama shot my sister had made

The tour took about 1.30h in total. It really was beautiful, and our quide was very funny. After this tour now, I appreciate this city more. It is so beautiful and there is still a lot to see in this small city.

After the tour we got very hungry and searched for a place to eat. After the Italian restaurant didn’t have any pizza we headed for Asian food. There was a three-course meal at the asian restaurant, called Bambus. It included: 1) Peking soup or vegetable rolls 2) A meal from the card which doesn’t contain duck, shrimps or fish, and 3) a dessert either a fruit salad, baked bananas, or ice cream. The whole menü was for 7.50. So cheap!! And so delicious. We all decided for the vegetable rolls and the baked bananas. I ate one of baked banana at an Asian restaurant in Frankfurt, at the all-you-can-eat I posted here, but I didn’t like these ones, because the banana was so smashed and sour, and I forgot that the original ones were with honey, but the ones I ate in Frankfurt at the all-you-can-eat buffet were without honey. And I hate honey!

The vegetable rolls and the main meal were still yummy :)




After the meal we got super tired we almost fell asleep. We payed as quickly as we could to go outside for shopping. I just got my salary and wanted to go shopping at H&M and wanted to buy a shaving cream and a bathbomb from Lush.


From H&M I found a green dress with cut outs and a dark grey pullower with silver pointy studs on the shoulder parts


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any bigger pictures in the online shop. I also bought two packs of rings in different sizes :) I love rings, and I never can find fitting ones because my fingers are so thin. But now I finally found many many rings in every size and color :) And I also have a piece of clothing with cut-outs which I wished to have since the beginning of the year. And I also have a new pullover for the next season :) Thanks H&M <3

After H&M we headed to Lush. I heard from a fellow male student that the shaving creams from Lush were so good against stubbles and itchings. I always have cactus legs only one day after shaving, and then they begin to itch like hell!! I tried everything. Ever body lotion, all kinds of oils, from olive oil to grape core oil. Nothing made it better. Now after a guy even had smooth skin after using a shaving cream from Lush I decided to spend 16€ on one bottle of it. The vendor in the shop told me that a little amount of the cream was enough for one usage. I also wanted to buy a solid body lotion, but I still got 1 or 2 body lotions in use and decided to buy it later, together with a lot of other soaps and creams :)

Ambrosia Shaving Cream and Rose Queen bath bomb

These articles are also on my Wish List:

1. Theraphy Massage butter: with Lavender oil, orange oil and neroli oil. €10.95


2. Sea Vegetable: Lime – and Lavender oil. Sea salt included to peel the skin and a handful of seaweed to provide the skin with moisture. 100g – €5.45; 200g – €10.90.


3. Dream Cream: Helps dry skin with oat milk, rose water, Camomile oil, Lavender oil and tea tree oil. €18.95


4. Eyes Right: Mascara with fresh wheatgrass. €14.95


5. Shine so bright: Hair balm against split ends with fresh free-range-eggs, vergine olive oil and coconut oil, tulipwood oil, neroli oil and grapefruit oil. €9.50.


6. Marilyn: Hair cure with saffron, lemon, olive oil and camomile makes the hair shimmery and combable. €13.50.


7. Sunnyside: Bathbomb, contains three citrus oils: wild orange-, mandarine-, and lemon oil with pieces of gold glitter turning the bath tube into a sea of gold. €6.45.


8. Somewhere over the Rainbow: Bathbomb with orange petals, and Ylang Ylang oil. €5.65.


9. Cream Candy: Bathbomb with little cocoa pieces. Smells like cotton candy. €4.95.


10. Pop in the bath: Bathbomb with mandarin oil, lemon, bergamot, and bitter orange petals. €5.45.


11. Floating island: Bath melt that smells like chai tea latte. With almond oil providing the skin with moisture. €5.95.


12. Ceridwen’s Cauldron: Bath melt in a little bag with oat, walnut- and rose oil. Similar to Dream Cream for sensitive skin. Leaves the bag with oatmeal and herbs to peel the skin. €6.50.


13. Think Pink: Bath bomb with tonka-vanilla smell and little sugar flower and paper hearts floating on the surface of the water. €3.95.


14. Space Girl: Bath bomb with fresh grapefruit-, and bergamot oil makes the water glitter. €4.35.


15. Tisty Tosty: Bath bomb with Rose and Jasmine, essential oils from lemon and geranium, iris root and 7 rosebuds. €5.75.


16. Phoenix Rising: Bathbomb with cocoa- and shea butter, jojoba oil, a lot of glitter and a smell of caribbean rum. €5.35.


17. Blackberry Bath Bomb: Bergamot- and incense oil. Every bomb has a secret message. €4.95.


So, this was my quite long Lush-Wishlist. At the beginning, I didn’t like Lush, because the smell of the soaps was too strong I couldn’t breath anymore. Then I bought the first item from Lush, but it wasn’t for me. It was a birthday present for my friend, the bath bomb Space girl. After that, I decided that I wanted to buy a bath bomb for myself too. It was twilight and it turned the water from blue to pink. It was also glittering. It was sooo magical. I also posted about this here, quite at the beginning of my blogging time.

Well, this blog post became a bit longer than I had thought. But I think you can still enjoy it.