Paris – The Beauty of Europe!

I was especially looking forward to watch all my Paris videos again.

Paris is such a beautiful city that I felt like I was back there again. It’s a city where you feel like you are in a dream world. I love this city so much and can’t wait to finally visit again. But until the next trip, I have to be patient while watching this video.

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ABC – Travel List: H – Hungary, Havanna, Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace in Lhasa

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I was busy working the last few days, and when I came back home, I just fell into my bed, dead!

Now, I have time to continue my ABC – Travel List posts and I will even plan a few posts for next week.

Today, we have reached the letter H. Enjoy!


1. Country: Hungary

Bildergebnis für hungary

Hungary is one of those european cities, that perfectly display ideal Europe. Budapest, being its capitol city, is considered by many travellers as the most beautiful city of Europe. It’s not only due to its beautiful architecture, but also because of its famous nightlife and the beautiful thermal baths.


Bildergebnis für budapest danube

The famous river flowing through Budapest, and its banks with the bridges and the architecture in the background, is a setting that many tourists must be falling in love with. It does remind me of the pictures of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and I’d say that these two cities are actually quite similar when it comes to architecture and atsmophere.

Thermal baths

Bildergebnis für budapest thermal baths

The bath on the picture is the Gellert spa and looks pretty romantic and antique. These baths originated from the classical turkish baths, but pretty popular in Budapest as well. They do have a different twist these days, with huge party events located in such ancient baths.

Bildergebnis für budapest thermal bath party

I guess there are many haters against these events. I personally think that it’s a clever idea for party tourism which is constantly growing in Hungary, and worth an experience. But I think this should be limited to only one or two baths organizing such events, and only for a limited time of the year.

Budapest Royal Palace

Bildergebnis für budapest royal palace

A role model for eastern european architecture, the royal palace is probably automatically on the list of every tourist and traveller alike.

I’d say that Budapest is quite a relaxed city with not too many sights to see, but more the city to enjoy the surroundings and the atmosphere, the delicious food and the people.

Because this part has become more of a Budapest guide than a Hungary one, I will just include a link about hungarian food in general.

Here is a guide to Hungarian food which sounds amazing <3 especially its sweets.

2. City: Havanna, Cuba

Bildergebnis für Havanna

Is there anything to say, to justify the choice for the H-city? I don’t think so. I’d say that Havanna is just like from another world. The colours, the cars, the streets, the people, the beaches, the drinks, everything seems to be made for free-spirited people with a love for the beautiful and nostalgic. Enjoy the following photos I found online.

Ähnliches Foto

I heard that Cuba is slowly starting to welcome the new world, together with internet, smartphones and modern american Landrovers (yuk!). I do have to put Havanna veeeery high on my soon-to-travel list, before all the nostalgic vibes will vanish :'(

Bildergebnis für havanna strand

The beaches are still there, though. So if you are not interested in oldies anyway, you can visit the beaches, with a Cuba Libre in your hand, anytime you want.

3. UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace, Lhasa

Bildergebnis für potala palace lhasa

The Potala Palace in Lhasa is on the list of any enthusiastic backpacker, as well as spiritual traveller. I’m neither of both, but I am a sucker for cultural architecture and its significance, so this has always been on the back of my mind. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Lhasa during my time in China, but it’s definitely on my list, and I still have many years of travelling awaiting me. I did get the chance to meet Tibetans in Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan province, and they were the nicest people I have ever met. You can read about that incident here. Hopefully, by the time I will get to visit the place, Tibet might be freed from China :)

Ähnliches Foto

And this was already all the places for the letter H. I hope you could enjoy it.

Tell me about your H-letter places on your Travel List below in the comments.

See you in the next post!

Thanks for reading, and travelling with me!


ABC – Travel List: G – Greece, Guilin, Galápagos Islands

The letter G is getting more and more difficult from one category to the next. Country was pretty easy, and city wasn’t too hard either. But choosing the UNESCO Site was quite hard. Choosing the Galápagos Islands was quite hard, since it hat to contest against the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef, just to name a few. In the end, I chose Galápagos Islands because I love animals and I find the evolution theory extremely interesting and fascinating, and finding out more about it would be so great.

Enough with the ranting. Here are the G-letter spots.


1. Country: Greece

Bildergebnis für Greece

With the greek legends and the philosophers being the centre of Europe’s current situation, Greece has always been an important country for the EU, maybe even the most important one. The name Europe itself comes from a greek legend, a daughter of king Agenor, and the one that Zeus fell in love with. Plus, the democracy itself, the most important political ideology in Europe, came from greek philosophers (Aristoteles, to be exact).

Greece doesn’t even have a significant importance in European history, but it also amazes through its sheer natural beauty.

Here are some places I definitely wanna visit in the future.


Bildergebnis für Greece

I am sure that you have seen this place on instagram, in a travel video, in a commercial or a music video. This might be the most paradisical place in Europe, at least in my opinion. I would go to Greece only for Zakynthos. Definitely at the top of my Greece Travel List.

Ähnliches Foto
Ähnliches Foto



Bildergebnis für mykonos

This is probably the most typical summer villa vacation city in Greece. But Mykonos is not only perfect for families, but also for a group of friends, looking for a party vacay.

Bildergebnis für mykonos party

If you’re open for anything, you should know that Mykonos is secretly known as the party mekka for gay people.



Bildergebnis für santorini

The most iconic picture of Greece is this, literally! Every tourist who doesn’t know anything about Greece thinks every city there looks like this. There are actually many cities in Greece that have that typical blue-and-white look, but not all look as iconic as Santorini I guess. People from everywhere come here, especially for honeymooning, also for a calm family/friends holiday. Definitely on my list, but I’d rather visit the places mentioned above first.

Bildergebnis für santorini hotels



Bildergebnis für elafonisi

This pink beach is located on the greek island of Crete, and you have probably never heard of that before. Now, it’s been a pleasure to introduce this spot to you. I definitely wanna go to Crete, and if I do, this beach is gonna be first on the list.



Bildergebnis für Rhodes

Last but not least, Rhodes is still on my greek list. It’s probably been the first greek island I have always wanted to visit, since it is probably the most popular one for the turkish people.

2. City: Guilin

Bildergebnis für Guilin

Guilin is one of the provinces in China that I haven’t visited yet, but which is very high on my China travel list.

Guilin is in the Guangxi province which is in the south of China, borderin to Vietnam. It’s famous for its mountaineous valley-river areas and its picturesque rice fields.

Here are some beautiful must-see spots:

Li Jiang River

Bildergebnis für Guilin
Bildergebnis für guilin china sehenswürdigkeiten



Bildergebnis für guilin china sehenswürdigkeiten

This place of Guilin is extremely popular in ancient chinese poetry and paintings. I can’t blame it, cause it feels like everyone would turn into a poet or an artist after seeing this place.

Bildergebnis für moon hill yangshuo


Reed Flute Cave

Bildergebnis für reed flute cave

I think this might be the most interesting cave on earth.


Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas

Bildergebnis für guilin pagodas

Again, one of the most amazing set of pagodas in the whole of Asia probably. I have known about this sight even before I went to China and I actually wanted to see this place really bad, but I couldn’t manage to go, unfortunately. Next time, Guilin will be my first go-to city for sure.

3. UNESCO World Heritage Site: Galápagos Islands

Ähnliches Foto

The Galápagos Islands, located in Ecuador, are the centre of the evolution theory. Even Darwin himself visited this set of islands during his studies and could therefore confirm his theory about the survival of the fittest. Since the evolution theory has always been my favourite topic at school, I have to visit the Galápagos Islands at least once in my lifetime, and definitely before they start changing too much.

Bildergebnis für Galapagos islands
Bildergebnis für galapagos islands animals
Ähnliches Foto

This post was my favourite one so far. I love all the pictures that i used for this post and I actually can’t decide which one of these places I would like to visit first. It’s a very hard decision.

What do you guys think? Would you rather visit Greece, Guilin or the Galápagos Islands first?

Are these places also on your travel list? They should be. If not, please tell me the G-letter travel destinations on your list down below :)

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!


Last view on Paris

Our last day in Paris has started, sad but true.

After having our last breakfast, we got packed and left the room. We asked if we could leave our suitcases until before our train departure and it was okay. We still had almost the whole day until 4pm. Then we should slowly get back to the hostel to collect our things and head to the train station.

But before that, we first wanted to go to Montmartre to see the Sacre Coeur and the Place du Tertre where artists are presenting their work and where you can get a portrait of yourself.

Walking to the hill where Sacre Coeur was reminded me a little bit when we walked up the Parc Güell in Barcelona. The street was aligned with shops left and right. We found a cookie store and bought some, but had to find out that they all tasted very strongly of soap :’D So if you come pass that store, don’t get in!

When we finally arrived at Sacre Coeur we were a bit out of breath, and I personally was a bit annoyed by the several street vendors, trying to trick you into buying some stupid stuff. Usually, I am really tolerant when it comes to things like these. In the end, they also have to earn their money. But there is a limit when someone violently grabs your arm and hinders you to continue walking. I screamed at him, wriggled my arm out his grip and quickened my pace. That was really rude and creepy. Anyway, take care of that when you walk up the church. Other than that, the view was beautiful, the sun was shining again, even on our last day and we sat down on a bench in front of the church, ate some cookies and took some selfies:

Before entering the church, we walked by a musician, playing the harp and people surrounding him and enjoying his music in such a beautiful weather, in one of the most beautiful cities.

We saw that the queue was not that long and were relieved. Inside, there was church service with a full choir and everything. I have never seen such a splendid church with such a glorious musical performance. I don’t really go to church since we are not christian, but I have been to the church a few times when at school, and once for our friend’s mum’s funeral. And I have also been to all the big famous churches around the world you can visit as a tourist. The Dome in Cologne is probably similar in its greatness to the Sacre Coeur.

We didn’t stay too long, so we left pretty soon. It was also not really allowed to film or take photos because of the service.
From there on, we continued walking on the left side behind the church that should lead us to the Place du Tertre. On our way there, we saw something quite bizarre: A woman walking her pet ferret. It made me go sick. People really have no other hobbies nowadays…

We soon found ourselves in the middle of the small but cute Place. I literally felt like in a french movie once again. It was like a dream:

The portrait artists were mostly busy, and my sister and me just casually looked around until we saw how a woman was drawing the portrait of a cute little girl in colour and we loved her style. We then decided to let our portrait be drawn as well, together in one picture. It took around an hour in total, but the result was amazing! We were left in awe:

After having our portrait drawn, we continued to walk into the tiny alleys of Montmartre to find a place to eat. I actually wanted to go to a certain restaurant, but we found another one on the way there which served typical french food, including Escargots which I wanted to try. We went inside and had a seat. I asked if I could only try one Escargot to decide whether to take the whole dish, because I never had it before. She said it was possible and she brought us two little nsails and I tried. My sister was disgusted, so she just filmed me eating it. It wasn’t bad actually. The consistency was okay, not too chewy. The taste was very garlicky and the colour was green due to some herbs it was cooked with. It really wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t used to the strong garlic taste which also makes me feel sick sometimes, so I opted for beef bouignon, the same as my sister.

It took quite a while until our dishes came. The mashed potatoes were good, but the beef was a bit fatty for our taste. We couldn’t eat all of it. Not really our best food experience in Paris. After that I would have preferred the snails :’D


Slowly, we headed back to the metro station. It was already early in the afternoon, and we still wanted to go up the Arc de Triomfe. We heard the view to be amazing from there as well, not as high up as on the Tour Montparnasse. It didn’t take long and we found ourselves on the Champs Elysees once again, this time in the middle of a sunny day.

We had to go through the underground passage to arrive on the island of the arc. The entrance to the top was free for us again, so another thing to be happy about. What didn’t make us so happy was the steep ascent to the top. We had to walk up the tiny winding stairs, and it made me both very dizzy and breathless.

But finally, we arrived at the top and the view was beautiful. When I see the pictures now I feel a sting in my stomach and a tiny burn in my eyes. It is just so beautiful. Paris, you are more beautiful than I could have  ever dreamed <3

Unfortunately, we had to slowly descend and leave for the metro. We found ourselves too soon back at the hostel again. We shopped some snack from the supermarket next to our hotel and headed to the station. I felt really sad to be going back to grey Stuttgart. I’ll be coming back for you Paris, I promise :*

I hope you guys enjoyed my trip to Paris. If you haven’t been to this city, I can only recommend you to put that city on top of your travel list. It comes from someone who had prejudices against this city but turned out to fall in love with this place.

The following posts will be travel advices for China and the experiences I had there. I still have to catch up a lot.

Thanks for walking along with me.

Today’s rating:

Sightseeing: 3/5

Food: 3/5
Shopping: 3/5
Nightlife: –
Transportation: 4/5