Weekly Wonders: I nearly caught Justin Bieber’s Yeezy!!!


Last weekend was insane! I was at the Wireless festival in Frankfurt, and I never imagined to experience the crazy stuff I did.

First of all, The rest of the week before the festival was rather calm. The only exciting thing that happened was the beginning of the sales in various shops like Zara and Mango. Of course I did some shopping :’D More about that at the end of this week.

I also came across a beautiful rose garden and  had to take an instagram picture.

  • Saturday, June 24th

After that, the long-awaited festival arrived and with that, two days filled with worldstars performing on one stage.

On Saturday, it was mainly german rappers like Materia and Genetikk. There weren’t many artists we wanted to see that day, and Rae Sremmurd had cancelled weeks ago as well, so that was a huge disappointment for us since he was one of the main reasons for us to go there.

During the breaks, we went outside to explore the area, take some photos and eat something. My friend and me decided to get some rolled ice cream which is a food trend now. The queue was endless and we stayed in line for one and a half hours in total. While I was standing there though, I suddenly saw a group of girls asking a stranger to take photos of them. Then I noticed that two of those girls were famous german youtubers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Just 5 minutes ago, I was talking about one of them, and now she was standing in front of me. Of course I had to ask for a picture :’D It’s the picture with the readhead :’D She is one of the funniest youtubers ever :’D

After we were finished with eating and roaming, we went back inside to secure some spots until the headliner at 9.45pm who was The Weeknd for that day. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of him, because my phone died. It was amazing although he was around 20 minutes too late and finished 5 minutes too early. Plus, he always stayed in the back of the stage :/ I enjoyed his starboy tour performance in Cologne way more than the festival performance.

By the end of the night, I was shattered. Everything was hurting, including my right eye. I stayed at my friend Giulia’s house, and after chatting for a while in the middle of the night, I had to excuse myself and go to bed.

  • Sunday, June 25th

We decided to meet at 12.30 at noon to walk to the festival area. The first performance was at 1.55 pm by german trap rapper Rin. My friends were die hard fans, and I had to say that he was pretty good. Actually, Lil Uzi Vert should be performing, but he cancelled last minute, so they had to arrange someone different. Rin is less popular of course, but there were still some fans of him.

Of course, everyone was waiting for Justin Bieber’s performance in the evening that day, so the place was filled with Beliebers. The crowd got tighter and tighter, and people were pushing us forward all the time.

We saw so many more artists perform, including Machine Gun Kelly, Jess Glyne, Sean Paul, until we were finally waiting the last minutes for Travis Scott. He was one of the reasons I went to that concert. And he was freaking awesome!!!!! He leaned in to the crowd all the time and he even made one of his fans rap. As a thank you he gave her his hat.

Of course the show was over too soon, but it was about time for us to get out to get some fresh air, drinks and food. We were standing in the crowd from 1pm – 7pm!!! 6 HOURS!!!

We had some pizza and water before getting inside to get some good spots for Justin Bieber. We didn’t want to be too much at the front, so we were standing rather at the back right side of the first block. At that moment, we didn’t know that this was the most perfect spot.

Justin Bieber was even earlier than on time. He entered the stage at 9.26 pm (4 minutes earlier than scheduled), and his performance was lit! It was probably the most professional performance of that festival. I liked how he was just walking around the stage and trying to look his fans straight into their eyes. When he was not dancing of course. His voice is actually pretty amazing life. I just felt like he was way better life than on audio.

Anway, I was dancing, singing and screaming together with the other beliebers, when I realized that he was coming to an end. It was getting weird now, because he started taking off his shoes (white Yeezy) and throwing them into the crowd. Into OUR DIRECTION!!!! The first one came flying into my face and I kept staring at how he was throwing away the second Yeezy. The crowd was raging by now and the girls around me were running, pushing, falling to the ground and crying. A tall guy who was standing behind me caught the he first Yeezy. The second one flew to the second block right behind us.

GUYS!!!! I just missed the jackpot of my life! The right Yeezy is on ebay now, selling for 6,5K!!!! And it’s still going until next week Tuesday. Here, you can have a look.

I think I have never regretted anything more than not catching Justin Bieber’s Yeezy. I would be planning my asia trip now. I could be buying a new camera and a Macbook with that money. My life would be changed.

Can’t believe it! I was centimeters aways from catching it. It flew right past my head :'( How did I not jump??!?! WHY??!?!?

I guess in that moment, I was just too perplexed, suprised, astonished to move anything, neither brain nor body.

I’ve gotta say that Justin Bieber gave me a once-in-a-lifetime experience here. It was one of the most unique and energetic, and professional performances I have seen so far. Everything was thought-through, but at the same time full of heart.

I am aware that JB treated his fans badly in the past, but I think that most of his performances were like the one that I witnessed at the weekend. I am not suprised why his fans love him so much now. I might even commit to becoming a Belieber as well. :’D

Anyway, I took a video of that shoe, and now I put it on youtube. You can watch it here:

After that exciting turn of events, we left the concert area and headed back to the car and drove back home on an 2-hour ride.

Although we were a bit disappointed that we didn’t catch Justin’s Yeezys, we were still content about what we got to experience at the festival.

Can’t wait for the next festival experience to come :D

I hope your weekend was just as eventful as mine.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!


Jack White Concert, 14. November 2014, Frankfurt

I know it is a bit late for this post, but better late than never. I might have mentioned that I would go to the Jack White concert in November. And last week, it finally was time for it. I would go there alone, but my friend Giuli wanted to go to Frankfurt as well, so she offered to go there by car and take me with her. On Friday, at about 12.30 pm, we hit the road. Luckily, we were so early, because at about 2.30 pm there was a traffic jam which last almost 2 hours >< It was horrible!! We had actually planned to walk around the city a little bit, and Giuli also wanted to visit her friends at Nintendo, but then we just arrived shortly before 6 pm. I wanted to be in front of the Alte Oper at 6 actually, so we hurried there. There was no reason to stress out, because Jack White fans aren’t as hyped as other ones. I waited there and took a few pictures.

Frankfurt Skyline
Alte Oper. The opera building where Jack White played

Soon, it was finally 7pm and we were let inside. I hurried inside and together with some other girls, we found an elevator that took us to the 3rd floor. There, we had to wait another 30 minutes before we could be let inside the room. It was only for the people who had a ticket for standing. But finally, they let us in, and everyone was running now :’D I managed to stay in the 5th row!!!! SO AMAZING!! I had a good view, and it got better when a guy offered me to stand in front of him, because I was so small :’D Then we also talked a little bit about Jack White and all his musical projects he had. Soon, it was finally time for the Supporting Act. It was a band called Lucius, and they were pretty awesome!!!

Here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiMzcLUYMjo


The two singers had such beautiful voices, and the usage of different kinds of percussion was amazing! It was just my kind of music, and I wasn’t surprised at all, because there was nothing less to expect by a genius like Jack White :)

2014-11-14 20.01.55

2014-11-14 20.06.18

They played until about 8.45 pm and then, we had to wait until 9.30 again. After that, a man came and stood in front of the curtains (The curtains were closed), and told us that we shouldn’t take photos of the concert o.O It would be unfair if people behind us wouldn’t see anything, if the concert was filmed, or photos were taken. I mean, WTF??!?! But when everyone is clapping and rocking, we can see a lot or what??? I mean, if someone is taking a picture, the person behind you can still see what’s going on because of the screen. But when everyone is clapping with their hands in the air, no one sees anything. He also told us that it was Jack White’s wish, and that they also have a personal photographer, who will take a lot of photos and put them online, so we can download them. But I just ignored this “rule”. I mean, I pay for that concert, then I also want to take pictures for myself. I want to show people the photos I MYSELF have taken, and not a professional photo from the internet. Then no one would believe that I was there… -.- I have never heard anything like that at a concert… But this also was so typical for Jack White. I somehow expected something like this. I think he has something against modern technology.

Well, when Jack finally entered the stage, I couldn’t realize it at first. He looked so different and was rocking around and dancing, with his guitar in his hands *o* OMG I COULDN’T BELIEVE THIS!

All in all the concert was just unbelievably AH-MAZING! The only thing that I disliked was the tune of Jack White’s microfone. I am not sure if it was because of the place, because it actually is an opera saloon, but his voice was, compared to the instruments a little bit too quiet. Still, the show was great, and the way he played his guitar… OMG NO WORDS!!!

Then, at one point, he did something unusual. Suddenly, he crossed his arms in front of him, and denied to continue playing. Then, someone from the audience shouted a title of a song, and then he replied: “It’s my show, motherfucker!” :’D I was laughing by then, but I think he really was pissed off and he meant it seriously :’D

Well, after he played about an hour, he went off the stage and there was an encore a few minutes later. He went on for 30 minutes more. The final song was Seven Nation Army *o* Anyway, he played more White Stripes songs. He didn’t play any song from The Raconteurs or The Dead Weather. He also didn’t play many songs from his first album Blunderbuss, which was a bit sad, because I love that album, more then the new Album Lazaretto. But still, I was so happy that he played many White Stripes songs, because I have always wanted to see them live, but never could :'( At least, I could listen to a few songs of them, even if it was without Meg White…

Well, at about 11pm the concert was over. I really didn’t want to leave, but had to. I would definitely go to another concert of him again.

Here are a few pictures I have taken:

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

IMG_20141115_124355 IMG_20141115_131544

Thanks for reading guys.

21.09.2014: Trentemoller Concert in Stuttgart

Last week, I went to a concert of the danish DJ Trentemoller. My friend Nina gave me a ticket as a birthday gift. That day, it was also the birthday of my childhood friend Özi. It started in the afternoon, so I stayed there for about 3 hours or so, ate and drank some things. At about 5pm I went to the train station. Nina would enter the train at a later station. It took us quite some time to arrive at the place where the concert was supposed to be. It wasn’t in the centre of Stuttgart, but in a little town about 20 minutes away by train from there. Because we didn’t know how to get to the club where the concert took place, we were a bit early. But we asked a girl how to walk and she explained it to us. It was quite easy to find in the end. We also met two people, a guy and a girl (probably a couple) who also didn’t know how to get there. But we found it, and we even were 30 minutes too early. Entrance was at 7pm. Before the supporting act came on stage at 8 pm (I think), we stood around, talking and drinking. The club wasn’t that big, but I guess it is normal for an artist like Trentemoller who is only known to people who are interested that genre.

The supporting act was a bit strange. I am not sure if I liked him or not. I can’t remember his name anymore. He said it, twice, but I didn’t understand it. It was a very tall and skinny man, with high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, and huge bloodshot eyes. He looked quite creepy, definitely high on coke or heroin.


His music was a bit like a mixture of punk rock and minimal. He had a bass guitar at first, and was only playing some tunes. His lyrics was quite simple and repetitive, still he had sheets on the ground and read the lyrics of his songs from there. That was a bit of a weak performance. But the worst was yet to come: He picked up his guitar, and maltreated it in a way that only a child could do. He just jammed on the strings like crazy, without caring about notes or chords or anything. It was horrible. An insult to any guitar player. I wanted to cry after seeing this and was relieved when he picked up his bass guitar again.

I just wanted the supporting act to end. Although it didn’t start too bad, the guitar-raping just schocked me.

Well, at about 9pm Trentemoller and his supportive singers and supportive band came on stage. It was really remarkable. It was my first electronic concert that I have been to, and also the first concert in a club. Before, I had only been to concerts in big halls.

This is Trentemoller
Marie Fisker. She is also featured in the new album. Funny thing: While we were waiting the entry hall, she walked just past us and got inside o.O


20140921_215728 20140921_220013


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

The concert ended at about 11pm. It was really awesoome. We danced all the time and there was no scrampbling at all. Everything was quite comfortable. We even were in the first row and didn’t have make an effort or push ourselves or anything.

Before the concert, Nina also met some people, two guys and a girl who bought the tickets from her a few weeks before (she works at a ticket selling office). When the concert ended, we all walked (or ran) to the train station in order to catch the earlier train. There were also other people from the concert running to the train. I guess most of the people had to go to the direction of Stuttgart. During the train ride, we talked with the others a bit.

I arrived at home at about 00.35 pm. It really was a great concert with people who were there just for the music, and not for the fandom. The tickets also were quite good-priced. I think about 29€

I really love concerts, and can’t wait for the next one, which is, brace yourselves: JACK WHITE! Yupp! I have ordered a ticket for his concert in Frankfurt and I am waiting for my ticket to arrive finally! I just can’t believe it. When I found out on Monday that he would come, I literally cried. I CRIED! And I trembled like hell! I just couldn’t believe if it was real or if I was dreaming, so I looked on the eventim page again and again. I am sooo excited and can’t wait November 14th to finally come around.

What about you guys? Do you like going to concerts? Which concerts have you already been to?

Thanks for reading!

19.02.2014: Drake Live in concert in Frankfurt Germany

On the 19th of February, we prepared to go to Frankfurt for the Drake Concert. Wednesday morning, we set off to the big bus station from where our bus drove off to Frankfurt train station. However, the day started awful. I found out that I didn’t get into Erasmus that day. I was dazzled. We had to wait 20 minutes at the bus station, and then I started to waste my time with crying silently. My sister was confused and sad, too and told me to stop. After a few minutes I somehow calmed down, but  was still gloomy. On the bus I read a few pages but got tired very fast so I slept. On the bus, there were many other young on the bus who were on the way to the Drake Concert.

When we finally arrived in Frankfurt, we tried to waste some time by shopping, walking through the city, and eating something until our friend Pelin came. She had to work, and that’s why she came a bit later. But we fortunately didn’t have much luggage, since we only stayed for one day. After looking in some shops, we decided to go to eat at Vapiano, an Italian restaurant, until our friend Pelin came. 



It was very delicious but over too soon. At about 3.30 pm our friend came. We went to her car to put our things inside. Then we shortly looked at H&M because she wanted to buy some clothes she had seen a while ago. After that, we slowly set off to the concert. I decided to forget about Erasmus at first.

It was easy to find our way to that place. We left our jackets in the car, because we didn’t want to spend time with garderobe. We arrived in front of the doors at about 5 pm. At 7 pm they should let us inside, 1 hour before the concert. Fortunately, it wasn’t cold at all. There were already many other people standing in front of the doors. There was no possibility of trying to get to the front, at all. But the time passed fast, and we were finally able to get inside, at about 6 pm. There was a lot of squeezing. When we were let inside, we began to run of course. We had a quite good place. It was the 7th row on the right side of the stage. But we still had almost 2 hours until the concert began. The hall began to fill up more and more, also the tribunes. The disadvantage was that it got hotter, stuffier, and everyone moved closer together. It was harder to breathe now, and I often had Pelin’s thick hair in my face. It was really very uncomfortable. And while we raged about some adolescenting guys, and stinking people, it wasn’t long until 8 pm. 

And then, he came first, THE WEEKND! I was a fan of him first, before I began listening to Drake. His voice is so beautiful, and his songs have a distinctive style. I love every song of him. The new album is also great, especially Kiss Land, Professional, and Belong to the World are my favorite songs:

Kiss Land (official video) 

Live For (feat. Drake)

Belong to the World: 


Yes, he is on a Japan trip it seems :) Unfortunately,  he didn’t sing kiss land or live for. But he sang professional, belong to the world, and wanderlust from the new album. And of course a lot of his older songs. 



Image  Image 



I have to apologize for the bad quality of the photos. But the Weeknd was so amazing, I totally freaked out. He made us hot with words like “I will be sexy for you tonight, Frankfurt! I will make you come three time s tonight, Frankfurt!” :’D I would go again 1000 times to see him live, and Drake of course, because he just nailed it! I will come to that later.

After 45 minutes of seductive tunes, he shortly goodbye for a short time, because he already told us that he would come back on stage with Drake later. So, we waited 45 minutes, until 9.30pm. Pelin has already gone out, because it was too hot for her. There was also no chance for her to come inside again. And my sister was some rows in front of me. I have no clue how she managed to get so far. However, when Drake hit the stage at 9.30, everyone freaked out. He began with Tuscon Leather. Everything was shining in bright colors except for Drake himself. He could only be seen as a dark shadow, but then he went closer to the audience, and we could see him better. It really was a good start. And after that song, The weeknd already came on stage again for Crew Love. At first I didn’t notice him, although there was clearly his voice singing. I noticed him only after the half of the song was already over.


It was sooooo awesome how they performed together! I can’t belive I saw them both on stage. At the end of the song, we could see how much they like and respect each other as friends. 



They are so cute! How Drake smiles! My heart jumped :D I already liked the concert after only the opening act and two songs. 

Drake went on with some new songs. He often enough mixed some of his old songs, or his featuring songs with other stars. When he sang a part of From Time, my favorite song on the album, I hoped that Jhene Aiko would appear, but she didn’t :( Instead, he held the microphone to the crowd, so that we could sing her part. I was a bit disappointed, but the show went on. He played every song I can think of, and not think of. I think there was no song he didn’t sing. This was really great. Not everyone can do this. 







He also brought a fan, a woman, on stage and sang for her, touched her hair, and then hugged and kissed her. That really was cute from him.

Towards the end of the concert, a big, round catwalk was lowered from the ceiling above us. Drake walked on it and went round the whole catwalk, pointing at people on the tribunes and the crowd, and telling them that he sees them, like this for example: “I see you there with the 95’s sweater”, and so on. This lasted about 30-45 minutes or so. This showed how much he cares for his fans.


Then he went back on stage and rocked with us the last 30 minutes, until 11.30 pm. During the whole concert, especially at the last song which was Started from the Buttom, he didn’t save with explosions and fire shows. 


Drake is one of the most fan-friendly stars I know, and experienced myself. His show was truly amazing. He gave everything and more. I can say that this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I even have to admit that I actually wasn’t that big of a fan of him. I knew and liked him but I didn’t know many songs from him, yet I have always heard ofmhis concerts being amazing and wondered how they were. So this was a good possibility to go and see for myself. And now I can call myself a real fan after seeing him live. I would go to his  oncerts again and again. I can’t even wait for the next time. And then I want to go to Berlin, because last week, at night, in bed, while I tried to sleep, but looked through instagram instead, I came across some pictures from the Drake Concert in Berlin. And then I read the comments and was shocked: Kanye West appeared as surprise act. Jhene Aiko and Juicy J also appeared. I almost cried. I couldnt belive it. Why did he bring everyone to Berlin? Why couldn’t he bring Jhene Aiko for us, and Kanye West to Berlin, I am not that interested in him. So unfair. But well, for the next time we will keep that in mind. Still, it was a good concert. Something I will never forget in my life. 

However, after standing 6 and a half hours, my whole body was a wreck. I could barely walk to the car. And I was so happy when we finally made it home to sleep. 

The next day, we had to run to our bus through Frankfurt city :’D but in the end, we made it. There were almost the same people on the bus back as there were on the bus on Wednesday. 

I am really sorry that I am so late for posting about it, but I was a bit busy then, with looking for other possibilities than Erasmus, although I am getting a bit lazy and hopeless by now… I will try my best to apply, but I am very hopeless by now. I don’t believe to get to study in an english-speaking country anymore.

A very hopeless end to such a great post. I didn’t mean it. So here is something to look forward to, namely some yummy Cooking posts. They are also quite a while ago, but I still have to post about them. So you can look forward for it. 

Thanks for reading :)


Blogging pile-up

It has been weeks since I have posted the last time :S I have a lot of post planned, and I hope I won’t forget about them. The last days and 2 weeks were a bit stressful. Yesterday I had to hand in my portfolio for my Written Communication class, so I was quite a bit stressed out at the weekend. I thought I could have managed it easily over the weekend, but it turned out to be quite time-consuming. And then I had a nervous breakdown on sunday because I couldn’t properly copy and paste my texts together to one pdf data with my tablet, and started crying. It was also only a few days ago that I found out I didn’t get into the Erasmus program for England, so I was near to tears anyway. I was clueless what to do nkw, even thought about not continuing with the course (after having accomplished most of the exercises). But then I thought I could edit them at university. Yesterday, I went to the library of my university to edit my portfolio. I was busy about 2 hours. I almost only copied and pasted everything together, and changed the fonts and so on. I only had to write one page again, because I couldn’t find the word document of those, and only had the pdf. But it didn’t take too long writing them. It was even relaxing compared to editing everything, reading everything through for mistakes, and creating a table of contents. At about 4 pm I was finished, finally. Since yesterday I feel a bit lighter. Although I liked that course, I am quite happy that it’s over now. As soon as I have my grade, I will post some of m stories here, so you can read and comment on them. I didn’t want to post them here earlier, because he could think that I got the stories from the internet or something like that.

Well, now the only thing to do is to write that term paper about “Lolita”.

Oh, and before I forget about the actual purpose of this post,  here is my blogging pile-up:

Movies 2014

– The Oscars (not quite sure if I should do a post before or after the 2nd of March)

– Drake Concert in Frankfurt

– 30-Days-Challenge: pide

– 30-days-challenge: mole cake

– Surprise post featuring a friend who’s also on wordpress :)

– My sister’s birthday (don’t think I posted about it)

– New in! Product review: Tea

– Beyaz show (a turkish Late Night show with the comedian&host Beyazıt) on tour: Stuttgart

So that’s it, I guess. Quite a lot. I think I will be busy over the next few days. But you can look forward to many interesting post ;)

Let’s Celebrate!


I have 200 (201 to be certain), followers since today \^o^/ I know it’s not a lot in comparison to others, but I am proud that my blog is slowly growing and people actually like what I write :) I want to hug all of my readers here, and thank you all very much for following my blog, and liking and commenting my posts :) I always get excited when I see an orange-white star or speech bubble ;) I hope to be more active in the future, to still keep posting about the things I used to, and of course, to get discovered, and discover other blogs myself :) 

Another reason to celebrate would be the Chinese New Year which was however on Friday last week. I am a bit late, but better now than never, right? :D I knew it from my friend and my taiwanese mandarin teacher :D she talked about it last week after we had our oral exam which was quite good :) It is the year of the horse now, and our teacher told us that wearing red on New Year’s Eve is lucky. On thursday I will have my last chinese exam, the written one. I will be relieved when it is all over :) 

On friday, there is going to be a semester closing party and I am planning to go probably. My friend who will go to Australia on the 13th of February, is also going to be there \^o^/ I hope it will work out and the people will all come :) This year is probably going to be the last for most of us :/ But well, let’s see if I will get into the Erasmus program. I really hope so. 

But well, I am already in the mood of celebrating :) So here are some awesome songs I am listening to right now, mostly rap/hip hop.

The weeknd is probably going to be supporting act at the Drake concert I will be attending on the 19th of February :) I am listening the whole time to the Weeknd, Drake, and Jhene Aiko, and I realize more and more that the Weeknd are doing seductive bed-music :’D But I like it, not I really love it <3 

Well, this is not really a party song, but I love it and listen to it the whole time. They both are perfect together. I wished they were a couple <3 And the lyrics are so beautiful and sad :( 

“I love me, I love me enough for the both of us
That’s why you trust me, I know you been through more than most of us
So what are you, what are you, what are you so afraid of?
Darling you, you give but you cannot take love.”

So sad and her voice is one of the most beautiful ones I have heard. I think she’s more talented than Beyonce or Rihanna <3

Well, now maybe a more cheerful song :D 

Unfortunately it’s only a remix, but it still is awesome *o* It’s the first song I have heard from them I think and I fell in love with it. There is something about his songs that I like, something forbidden, dark and somehow perverse, but also beautiful and seductive. This song is one of the most perfect r’n’b/hip hop songs I know. It has everything needed. If you have spotify you can listen to it till your ears drop ;) 

I would like to post some songs of Drake here now, but somehow all of his videos are not available for germans :/ But I love listening to his new album “Nothing was the same”. My favorite songs are “From Time”, “Hold on we’re going home”, “Pound Cake which is with Jay-Z, “Own it”, “Started from the bottom”, in fact almost every single song *o* I listen to it the whole time when I am at home. And when I am outside I listen to Jhene Aiko and The Weeknd. Let’s see if I will get the premium version of Spotify. It is quite advantageous. 

Well, however, I am happy that the semester finally is over, although it passed so fast, and I still have to write a term paper in the vacations :/ At first I am looking forward for the awesome events and parties in February :)

And I have decided to avoid assholes in my life who don’t take serious what I talk about, or might think that I talk shit. Whatever, intelligence isn’t everything, it’s kindness :) 

Now thanks for reading :) See you soon, hopefully.


Uni party, Cocktails, and Orchestra

It’s been a week now again since my last post. I feel like I only have time for blogging at the weekends :S This week was so stressful.  I had to meet up a few times with my partner again to prepare our presentation which we will held on tuesday. Then I had a problem on the online platform of my university with my grades and had to go the examination office. But is hasn’t changed yet -.- I will check tomorrow again, and if there is still the same grade, I will go to the office hours again tomorrow.

Now the last few weeks before exams will begin. I only have learn chinese. I have an oral exam on 30th January and a written exam on 6th February. And else, I have to hand in a portfolio, and during the holidays, a term paper and another little essay. And of course the papers for Erasmus. I am so excited for February. It already sounds so good, that I really really hope that a negative message from the Erasmus department won’t ruin it.

Now to this weekend. On friday I had to work at the teaching school from 2-5 pm. It was quite stressful with one pupil I have. He is so hyperactive, I am clueless what to do with him. He runs around, never does anything for school, doesn’t listen to me, neither to other teachers, hits another boy all the time, and is just too loud. I know him for a few months already, but it never was so horrible with him like on Friday. And I was so happy after I read that his mother wants to cancel the contract.

However, I could let myself go in the evening. I went to the university party of my friend. We already started drinking on the way there. My friend has prepared 4 plastic bottles of Vodka mixed with sprite, 2 for both of us. We were already quite drunk when we got there, and inside, my friend ordered me drinks the whole time, but I almost passed out, so I gave them to other people the whole time :’D I still can’t remember a few things from that night, especially when I look at photos we took, I can’t remember when, and why we took them, and who the strangers are :’D And we fell to the ground maybe 36282837r6 times :’D however, we survived the evening/njght/morning. Towards the end of the party, almost everyone was gone. Only a few people were left. At about 7 am we left to eat something at a Kebap house. I only ate fries. However, we had a big problem there. There was a group of men, they were around 30-40 years old, and they looked like turks, only one of them had lighter hair and skin. One of them suddenly spoke to me, calling me Redhood (because of my red coat), and asked me for my name, because his friend who is a taxi driver liked me and wanted to go on a date with me. I looked quite perplex, and said that I am not interested. But they didn’t stop. While me, my friend with whom i came, and two other university friends of her continued talking, they interrupted again and again and tried to converse with us, but there was only rubbish coming out of their mouths. Then they insulted our friend that he was german, but couldn’t even properly talk. We started arguing with them, in a kebap house, at 8 in the morning.  Then they slowly stood up and wanted to go, finally. But the lighter haired guy came to us and started talking bullshit to our friend and pushed him. Then he totally flipped out and wanted to go after them to start a fight. We tried to push him back. It was hard, but the guys got away and our friend was in rage. The owners of the kebap house also came and tried to calm him down and told him to forget those idiots. They were so friendly :D

We sat there for a few minutes, then left. I arrived home at about 9 am. I think it was the longest night so far. But despite of all the problems, and my stained tights, it was a fun night. However,  I am sorry that I can’t post any photos of the evening, because I look very… unnormal. But here is a photo of my totoro purse which I always take with me when I go partying


Yesterday, on saturday the 18th we went to a bar to celebrate the finished exam of my sister. The bar is called Mauritius, and it has absolutely yummy cocktails only for 5€. I drank a cocktail called Dragonball, and you know what? It is the best cocktail I have drunk so far. I totally fell in love with it. It tastes like summer holidays at a 5-star hotel. There were many juices inside, juices of summer fruits, like pineapple or melon. Sorry, Cuba Libre, but I have a new favorite cocktail now :)


I ate a Vegi Pizza with my sister. It tasted so good. I want the same  again, right now.

Yesterday was a good evening, but I was so tired from the party on Friday, that I fell asleep at once yesterday.

Today, Sunday 29th, I went to my friend’s invitaion to the life orchestraof our university. She is also part of it, and plays the violin.


It was so beautiful. I always get goosebumps when I listen to classic music.

The weekend really was great. I am already looking forward for February, despite of the term paper I have to write.

Busy First week

It’s been a few days since my last post. I am sorry,  but I was very busy with the first week of uni and preparations and worries for my Erasmus in England which I will hopefully experience this year. 

On tuesday I met up with my friend who also wants to do an Erasmus in England. We went to the office hours for the information. There were 4 other people as well and all had the same questions. The girl there gave us the application sheets and informed us about the whole procedure. We only need to give in those 2 sheets with our transcript print to the office there until the 15th of February. Then, one week after that, we will get to know if we get in. I am quite worried about it, because they only look at grades. For the US application I had to hand in more things, but it was easier to get accepted. I have an average of 2,6. The equivalent for the british university grading system would be second lower part. I think there could be a possibility of getting in but I am not so sure. It could also be impossible. I already have great plans for February, and looking forward for that month. So it will either be overly perfect if I will get in, or it will be a mess! 

At home, I filled the application sheet. For the 3 university priorities I have chosen Leeds University and Newcastle University. And now I can’t decide between Nottingham and Reading. I won’t take London, though, because the girl told us that it might not be in the program anymore. I will still have to collect info until tuesday. Next tuesday will also be an information day for Erasmus. We will go there and ask about applying through other faculties as well. 

On Wednesday, I had a free day, so I went to the newly opened Burger Bar in Stuttgart, together with my sister and friend. 


I got a Gigi Cheeseburger. It tasted quite good. We could see how they made the burgers. They were also not too big, just had the same size. And this was not enough with American fast food :D We went to Tasty Donuts and got a 6-pack Donuts. 2 Donuts for everyone :) 

While we were in Stuttgart, my parents went shopping in Outletcity Metzingen. They found a short-coat for me. In Purple!!! My favorite color, together with red <3 It was reduced from 65€ to 35€ from Esprit. 


I had to sleep early because next day would be a long one. 

Thursdays are my earliest and longest days. I also have calligraphy on that day. We practiced writing our names this week. Mine is quite nice. I will post a picture when we write it on nice paper :) After calligraphy, my other friend, Thanh, who also wants to do an Erasmus in England, went to the examination office. I still had some course certificates I had to administrate to my online account. But the office was closed, and they told me to come on Monday. So went to the cafeteria. I had 4 hours free now. I met my friends there, also my other friend who wants to do Erasmus in England.  Elena. We talked about Erasmus a little bit, and also other possibilities of doing an exchange year at a uni. One hour before our break was over we finally started learning chinese. 

I was so happy after that day finally was over. I was so tired like never before. And the next day would be early and long as well. Not as long as Thursday, but as early and maybe more stressful because I had to work. 

On friday, I woke up to meet up with my group partner. We have to present about the book of John Hodgman, “More information than you require”


We already have a structure now and also decided upon who is doing what. We haven’t yet finished reading, but it already is quite fun. I will have to prepare somethings for the presentation. We will meet on Monday again and on Tuesday we have to talk with our teacher. 

At about noon I returned to go working at the teaching school. At first I had older boys from classes 8-10. It was quite pleasant teaching to older students. But after that, I had my second lesson with elementary school kids. And there is a boy who is so loud and hyper-active. He never listens to anything anyone says. It was a bit hard with him yesterday. But it was very soon over. It really is surprising how fast time goes by when you’re busy. Sometimes I even think that we would need more time. 

At home I did nothing except drinking tea and hanging on Instagram. It was a wasteful friday evening, but I was just too tired to do anything else. Oh, but our tickets for the Drake concert arrived yesterday. It will be on the 19th February. So here is one point why February will be great. Furthermore, we will also attend a show of a turkish comedian who is doing a Germany tour. Then there is my sister’s birthday. And, my friends will return back from Korea. Then I also hope to get into the Erasmus program, and maybe find a job, too. So that’s why February will probably be a good month.


Today is my cousin’s birthday, and we will visit him tonight. Tomorrow I will then have to prepare my presentation. 

I also want to do a post about Movies in 2014, so you can look forward to that. 


Lana del Rey and Frankfurt short trip: 20.04. – 21.04.2013

Sa, 20.04.2013: Arriving, city tour, lunch, concert:

Finally, the day of the long awaited concert had come last weekend. Our bus left at 5.50 am so we had to wake up at 5 am. Early enough, but we thought it would be a good idea to go partying at the semester opening party one night before the concert. We actually promised not to drink too much, but ended drunk as hell due to our russian friend who fuddled us. We only slept 3 hours. hungover and tired we had to wake up, go to the bus station and have a 4 hours-bus ride. In the bus we had our breakfast which consisted only of pretzels. For the first 1-2 hours the pretzels were fine. Both of us have slept the whole way to Frankfurt anyway, but after about 2 hours I really felt strange in the stomach. I really was afraid all the time that I will have to puke. But I, both of us survived the ride without puking. After we had finally arrived at the bus station in Frankfurt we went on a search for our hotel. At first we couldn’t find it. But after asking our smartphones, it wasn’t that hard anymore. Actually, as stupid as we are, we just passed our hotel without noticing. I think we really were still drunk and tired. We couldn’t check in yet since it was only about 11 am and the check-in was at 2 pm. But we were allowed to put our bags in a room so that we could walk calmly around the city. At first we went a little bit shopping. Then we went to the park next to the bank areal. Image

This really looks kind of beautiful: nature against skyscrapers. A natural oasis in the middle of high buildings.


I don’t quite know what kind of tree and what kind of flowers these are, but somehow they look like cherry blossoms. I really liked this tree. It is so beautiful. And the friendship ribbon on the branch just looks so cute and beautiful. I wish we would have done this, too, but we didn’t have a ribbon.

After walking through the park quickly we got hungy and headed for the japanese restaurant we saw on the way. But before we even arrived greenpeace activists stopped us and asked if we wanted to join quickly on their I-love-arctis project. There were a few people forming a heart by helding up red cartons in the air. We had to fill the hear. We also got red cartons and had to place ourselves in the middle of the heart. This was in front of the opera house and on top of that very building the photographer and the instructor were standing. They told us what to do and then took photos. It really was fun, and I think this was the first time really that I have volunteered for something to protect our planet. I really think that was fun. Image

We are somewhere on the left upper part of the heart. Well, it didn’t only take 5 minutes in the end, it really took longer. But it was really interesting. Now we could finally go on our way to eat something at MoschMosch. Like mentioned before it is a japanese restaurant which also sells ramen (Japanese noodle soup). I have never tried ramen before, but always wanted to, because I love Japan, and I love watching anime, and in one of my favorite anime, ‘Naruto’ the main character’s favorite meal is ramen. So I really was curious about this dish. We sat down inside and ordered.


This was a normal ramen, with normal noodles, carrots, soya sprouts, spinach, cress, and chicken. I actually don’t like any soup except for lentil soup, but I quite like this ramen. The spinach tasted a bit strange though, but I just left it out. For drinking, we had ordered housemade ice tea, my friend had ordered handmade lemonade. The drinks were tasty, too. After finishing our meal, we prepared to slowly head for our hotel. On the way we found Urban Outfitters and went there, too. We don’t have an Urban Outfitters in Stuttgart, but I have to say, it is fucking expensive :O I didn’t buy anything, but I am thinking about buying the leo-print vans I have seen. Furthermore, there were quite funny books, like this one


When I will go to Frankfurt again soon (and I am sure that I will), I want to look at urban outfitters again. Not only for books, but also for the pair of Leo-print vans I have seen. They were about 75 €. Maybe I will also look in the internet if it is cheaper there.

After leaving the shop, we also found American Apparel, but it was quite a small shop and we went out quickly. It was already past 2pm so we went to our hotel to quickly take a shower and prepare to leave for the concert. Our room was really nice. A typical hotel room. It wasn’t that small I have to say. Everything was in white and red.

20130420_144336 20130420_144344 20130420_14442320130420_144435

This is how our room looked like. The view from the hotel room was not bad. We could see the terrasse of the breakfast area. The shower was quite nice, but it didn’t have a door. And the toilet was very clean. Everything was really nice. I felt comfortable :)

We were ready at about 4 pm and went out at about 4.20pm. At the train station we met a girl who also wanted to go to the concert. She asked us if we knew which train to take to the Jahrtausendhalle, but we weren’t quite sure. However she knew it and we just followed her. We found out that she also studies in Stuttgart. We took the 5.17 pm train and arrived there at about 5.45. There we met 3 other girls, too. With them we were also standing together during the concert. They let us in at 6.30 pm finally. We ran inside like maniacs. We were in the 8th row at the beginning. The hall was slowly beginning to get filled. It wasn’t that big though. I think the Schleyerhalle is bigger, but I am not sure if they have put the stage forward. The stage looked a bit creepy, and strange music was playing during the waiting time.


I really was getting nervous minute after minute. At about 8 pm I think the supporting act performed. The name of the band was Kassidy. It was a scottish four-man band. They really were quite good. One of the best supporting acts this far, I have to admit. Nevertheless, I still have an allergy against supporting acts. They always seem to make me nervous right before the actual act finally appears. It’s such a pain in the ass. After the supporting act left, we still waited about 30 – 45 minutes until Lana was ready. The waiting music was becoming worse now. They had begun to play opera music and my nerves were lying blank. I just couldn’t wait anymore, I even forgot the pain in my legs and feet.

Finally, at 9.15 pm she arrived on stage. At first the lights went off, the music went on, then the drapery was pulled up and there was a setting on the stage. The orchestra (violinists, drum player, pianist) arrived, and then there was a dark shadow at the end of the stage and everyone was screaming like crazy. Me too, but I couldn’t see her. Then she came to the front of the stage from right and began her concert with ‘Cola”: “My pussy tastes like pepsi cola”, maybe the most epic concert start I have heard :D As I was finally able to see her through all the hands and cameras in the air, I began to cry and scream like a child. I didn’t know where I was anymore, and I also didn’t know where my friends were :’D I wouldn’t have expected to cry, but I was just overwhelmed to see her live in front of me.

20130420_212836_2013042109341636220130420_214207_2013042108171749620130420_214216_20130421081547034 20130420_214435_2013042108134176520130420_215014_2013042100521769620130420_215212_2013042100490951520130420_221033_2013042100463185820130420_221038_2013042100453191320130420_221405_20130421004228929

I can’t really express it in words, but it was so beautiful, awesome, sad, happy at the same time, and overwhelming, just amazing!! I would definitely go to another concert of hers again. Especially her engagement for her fans was remarkable. Several times she went off the stage and down in front of the barrier to give autographs. In the end I was even nearly in front of her but couldn’t manage to reach more forward. She also spoke to her fans while she was giving autographs. This was shortly before she has left the stage. It went quite long, about 10-15 minutes she was sharing autographs. She’s so wonderful! A wonderful, beautiful person. The whole time during the concert, she had this typical melancholic Lana look on her face: sad, wet eyes, with a big, bright smile appearing from time to time over her face. She also didn’t have a big performance. Most of the time she just stood there, walked around, turned around, or went low :D Once, her panties were also seen *o* But I couldn’t see them unfortunately. I have also recorded her a few times but I can’t upload them here because they are not upright, they are horizontal. However, she finished her concert with ‘National Anthem’. She didn’t give an encore, but that’s not all too bad. When we began walking out at about 10.45 pm, we couldn’t move our feet anymore, of course, after standing almost 5 hours without hardly moving. We slowly went out, walked to the train station and talked with our new found friends about the concert. It was a great night, and a great experience. Ariiving at the hotel, we instantly took off our clothes, and our pyjamas on. I was looking at the pictures and the videos again, and then we slept. The next morning we wanted to wake up earlier to have breakfast and then to check out at 11 am.

The Dead Weather Concert Prive

This is a video showing a privat concert in France. The Concert is going about 41 minutes. After that, there is an interview. Unfortunately the interviewer’s questions are dubbed into the french. But the answers of the band members are with french subtitles. So I could understand vaguely what they talked about :)

And again, I have to say: This band is incredible! Although it consists of members from different bands. Alison Mosshart from the Kills, Dean from Queens of the Stone Age, and LJ from the Raconteurs, which was also a band by Jack White. Jack White is a genius. Everything he touches, is turning to gold :D well, not in Germany however. Here, almost nobody know the Dead Weather or the Kills. I can count the people on one hand -.- That’s also a reason why I want to get away from here.
Yesterday evening/night/midnight/around the morning hours I watched this video (and several more) and I couldn’t sit still! I love this woman. I want to marry her! I can’t marry Jack White, this is clear, so I want to marry Alison <3