Weekly Wonders: Birthday Week


1. Monday started with a brunch out in town. We ordered the breakfast for two which included a basket full of bread, a plate with scrambled eggs, two different types of jam, butter, 3 different kinds of cheese and ham, different kinds of fruit, two cups of fruit oatmeal, and two glasses of orange juice. I also ordered an extra ginger tea since I was a bit sick. The breakfast was extremely yummy and filling. We couldn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.

2. The rest of the day was dedicated to shopping. I found a pair of sunglasses which were reduced from 120€ to 99€ and I spontaneously bought them as you can see on the picture. I did need a new pair though.
3. We were walking around a beautiful park, looking for a nice spot to take photos at and they had these colourful flowers planted.  We didn’t take too long, and went back home. We were completely shattered.

4. On Tuesday, July 4th, it was my birthday. We had planned to go to the thermal baths that day. My sister still had free tickets, so we used them. It was a day full of relaxation, swimming, sunshine and yummy food and drinks. Despite being sick, I enjoyed it a lot. Still miss the steam bath and the amazing fruit sugar peeling we got there for free.

5. At the weekend, I finally got to celebrate my birthday with all my friends. My sister did my make-up and I got to wear my new dress from Mango.

6. It was such an amazing evening, despite some reservation problems. I booked a table for 11 at the most popular sushi restaurant in town called Origami at 9pm (8pm was not possible), and when we arrived at 8.50pm, they told us that we’d have to wait for a while until the guests have finished eating. It was around 9.30pm until we were able to go inside for food finally. Until we had ordered and got our food, almost one hour passed. Some of us got starters as well. I got the gyoza, and it was friggin yummy!

7. Finally the food – and with it the sushi – came. I also ordered a huge sushi platter for everyone to try. I didn’t only eat sushi, but also a coconut udon soup with shrimps. I didn’t like that so much though, and my sister’s beef pak choi dish looked so much yummier. It was a great evening though, and by the time we left the restaurant, they were about to close :’D We were the last ones inside (11:45pm), but then again, it wasn’t our fault, since we did arrive on time.

8. Group picture with everyone :)

9. Me with the cute HappySocks I got from two of my friends :)

10. On sunday, I first had to unpack all my gifts and take photos of some of them. I loooveeeed all of my gifts I got and want to say thank you to everyone who came and got me presents. I am fortunate to have friends who know me so well :) The ‘One-Line-A-Day’ 5-year-journal is actually one of the things I have thought about buying, but never did.

11. And the Instagram-famous book is a book I just recently discovered at Urban Outfitters and had to think about my friend Giulia thinking about me if she ever got to see the book :’DD And then she actually got it for me :D

12. I just specifically fell in love with the Harry Potter pillow set <3 The trio and Hagrid look soooo cute! Hagrid is actually my favourite out of the four in this pillow collection :D Other than these gifts above, I got a Sailor Moon mug and a unicorn pocketmirror, an Amazon voucher and some bathing stuff, and I am gonna get a see-through umbrella :)


I hope you guys had an awesome first week of July. Mine was great as you can see. I was sick on my birthday, probably for the first time ever, but it was still a great birthday week with all the friends, food and swimming <3

Thanks for reading! See you next week!



Last Parties in China: What I learned from 10 months living abroad

As I promised to upload the last post about reflecting on my time in China in 2015/2016, here is the last post in chronological order of my time there. This doesn’t mean that it’s my last post ever on China.

Less than one week before my flight back to Germany, we had 3 parties. 

On the 25th, we went to KTV all together. I don’t really have pictures from that evening, since we had too much fun singing and dancing. The only ones I have are quite blurry :’D It was a blast though, and definitely one of my most favourite night-outs in China :)

On the 26th, the next day, it was my friend Ana’s birthday. First she hosted a BBQ party at her apartment. Everyone came, even our boss :’D The food was great, she got some awesome gifts, and we drank a lot of alcohol before heading to the club.


But first, before entering the club, we had to have some fireworks in front of the club, because that’s what you do in China on your birthday :’D
When we entered the club, we were suprised to find out that our boss got us VIP seats. I don’t know why, because he left only 1 hour later :’D I think that was his gift for Ana probably :’D The guys also ordered Hennessy, but I didn’t like it at all :’D

Everyone was so drunk, except the ones who survived the night at the Xiao Long Bao place to get some midnight snacks before heading home. Ana was not with us though. She already returned home quite early without telling anyone :’D We were all worried and started looking for her EVERYWHERE, until one of our friends confirmed that she had gone home :’D

At the Xiao Long Bao place with the survivors of the night :D

The next party, my goodbye party was also my last full day in China. I spent the whole day going shopping (I did so much shopping, that I had to take the taxi back home although it was only 5 minutes walking distance), cooking and preparing everything.

In the evening, my friends slowly started to arrive. They also brought some snacks and drinks and we all had an amazing party. I hope I could be a good host for them the first time ever (I wish not the last time).


Our friend Harry brought a box of Durian for me to try :’D That’s the second time in one week that I have tried something crazy in China. Of course they had to be last minute on my last week there. Just 3 days ago, I tried Stinky Tofu in Shanghai which you can read here. Now it was my turn to try real Durian fruit. It smelled horribly, but the taste wasn’t as bad as I thought. It has a slightly onion taste to it. I wouldn’t crave it though.


Apart from the Durian, I got some more gifts. Nicole, the girl on the picture next to me, made me some apple muffins that looked like roses, and she got me a collection of lollipops with photos printed on them. The photos were of my friends I met in Yuyao. It was such a beautiful gift to keep me reminded of my time.


Josie also got me a gift. A keychain of a Buddha’s foot and a card from one of our students. Also a letter from her and Harry which I was supposed to read on the plane :D

Plus, I got the best of the best gifts ever. Two photo albums filled with pictures of my 10 months here. Everyone took part in making it, especially Ana, Veronica and Josie.

When I read through the first pages, I was about to cry. I had to hold in the tears. I didn’t cry at the end, though, because the pictures were so funny that I had to laugh all the time flipping through them :D

The party became loud and boozy, but soon everyone had to go back home since all of them had work the other day (a thursday). It was a wonderful last evening with all my friends that I met there. It was a weird feeling to be sitting on the plane the next day, on the way back home again. I did feel sad, but also happy to see my family again.

Veronica cried a little bit that evening when she gave me her gift which was a wooden comb she used to use. It was before the others arrived so no one saw it.

The next morning, after I had lunch with Josie, Ana and Veronica before my bus to the airport arrived, Ana also cried when we said goodbye. I felt really sad and also guilty for not crying, but I think I was just too stressed about my flights I woud have to take (Ningbo to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Frankfurt). Also, something inside me told me that I would be seeing them all again very soon, which was true :’D
[January 2017, for my friend Veronica’s unexpected wedding]

Anyway, I had such a blast in China during those 10 months I lived there.
I made friends for a lifetime.
I visited places that I have never thought to be visiting before.
I solo travelled for the first time ever.
I tried foods that I would have never tried if I lived all my life in Germany.
I became more confident talking to strangers.
I became more tolerant towards different cultures.
I found out that I wanted to become a full time traveller.
I realized that there were so many other places I wanted to see in the world, just because I met a lot of amazing people from there.
I learned to trust strangers.
And I can call an additional place my third home now.

Thanks to everyone who accompanied me through the blog posts about my time in China. I appreciate that a lot.

‘Till the next adventure in China (which should be next year if everything works out properly).



China Travel: What to do on your Birthday

Saturday, July 4th:
That day was my birthday, but I didn’t have many expectations from that day, because I had to work. At lunch time we went to the dongbei restaurant and our friend Harry joined us, too. Surprisingly, he got me a little gift, a leather bracelet. Since I didn’t expect anything on that day, especially not gifts, because I have only known all the people for only 4 weeks, it was a nice surprise.

Anyway, when we got back from the restaurant something more surprising happened. We were in the office and Ana was suddenly pushing my head down under the table, so that I couldn’t see what was going on outside the door. Then Josie, Geet and Veronica came in, one of them was holding a cake with candles and the other one a bouquet of flowers. This was such a cute surprise. I didn’t reckon they would bake a cake for me or suprise me at work with that. It was really a cute thought. After that surprise, work didn’t feel that bad anymore. Plus, I saw that I had my next weekend off, which made me even happier.

After work, Geet and me decided to go to Wanda Plaza to meet Nicole and have a nice dinner.
In Wanda Plaza, when we met up with Nicole we selected a nice restaurant which was called The Drunken Corner. I don’t know why it had such a name but the food was really good.

After dinner, Nicole bought us something that looked like Creme Brulee, and it tasted amazingly gooooood!!

As soon as our stomachs were filled with delicious food, we looked around the shops a little bit, one of them Miniso, and Nicole and Geet immediately fell in love with that shop as well.
When we were finished with shopping, Harry texted us and asked if we wanted to get a drink at 19 number. We agreed so we met up with him. There, we tried to play some old vintage Video Games, but it didn’t work as properly as we wished it would :’D

It was a calm and relaxed evening which was my first birthday in China and I couldn’t have wished for a more blissful evening, although some of the others were missing.
At the end of the day, we all got home safely.

This is one way to spend your birthday in the town you’re living at with the people you just met a month ago. Of course, if you wanted, you could also go on a trip, but because I just met my new friends, I didn’t want to just go somehwere. I wanted to spend my first birthday in China with the people there. And even though we were just 4 people, it was a great get-together :) I really enjoyed that day and I am still thankful for everyone who was there with me ^^

October Wrap Up

October was quite a good month for me, well at least, it started awesome, but had a little bit of a disappointing ending.

As I have already written here, I have been to the Harry Potter exhibition on the 4th of October. This was definitely the highlight of the month, and probably also of the year :D

I have also won many books on lovelybooks to read and review. I felt quite flattered to be chosen for 4 books on lovelybooks. However, I almost had no time to read it until now, because the new semester had started and I was busy getting new books for my courses. But I have now started a Japanese language course at university, and I am sooo excited. Japanese always belonged to the languages I have always wanted to learn. Now, it is finally time to do it.

Furthermore, we went to a Live Escape Room. It is a room in which you will be locked up for 60 minutes together with up to 4 friends. You will have to solve some puzzles within that given time. There are cameras in the room and the instructor will also be giving you hints if you are stuck on one puzzle. My sister Didi, my friend Giuli and I did that 3 weeks ago, and it was so much fun!

2014-10-12 16.30.16

A week after that, I was spontaneously invited to the birthday party of Yong Il, a friend of mine from South Korea. I had a great time with her and some other friends of mine :)

2014-10-14 19.32.19

The next day I helped to organize a party at university. The party was from our faculty, and I have to admit that it is quite hard to organize parties. It is a lot of stress and then you have to work in a team together with others, and that can sometimes be quite annoying. But the first hour of the party was fine because I had fun with some friends :)

I also got a new phone that week. Well, actually, it is the old phone of my brother because he got himself a new phone now, a Samsung Note 4, and I got his old Samsung Note 3 which is definitely not old yet :’D

2014-10-17 20.12.38

At that same week we went shopping at the mall. I found a new leather jacket, finally, and a new beautiful pullover.

2014-10-18 21.15.28
(Don’t get distracted by the blanket :’D) Leather Jacket: 39,99€ from Mango Pullover: 18€ from Promod

Furthermore, I enjoyed the nice colours of autumn.

Last week, there was a university party from my friend Giuli’s. We went there, already a bit drunk. But we got in for free and we even got V.I.P. wristbands :’D We got all our drinks for free. At first, everything was okay, but after an unvoluntarily Ouzo shot I felt quite sick. Well, at the end of the party, we were almost the only ones left there. A friend of my friend Giuli’s was quite drunk. While waiting for the tram outside, he threw Giuli and another friend to the floor and blew into their nose. I was torn between being shocked and amused :’D Then he really managed to throw me to the floor of the tram, to blow into my nose. Right in front of other people who looked quite annoyed of some drunk youths :’D But I was like: WHAT IS THIS?! HE IS BLOWING INTO MY NOSE! WTF!?!?!!? It was quite disgusting. For an instance I thought I was going to suffocate, and then I got this smell of spittle in my nose :’D I think that was the most disgusting thing someone has done to me (except when my cousin stuck a key into my asshole as a child :’D That was quite disturbing xD)

IMG_20141025_124939 IMG_20141025_130710

This week, our cousins from Heidelberg came to visit us. They also have two children, a little boy (2 years old) and a girl (4 years old). I spent a lot of time with the little girl. I gave her some of my manga I don’t read anymore and she immediately started reading :’D She is such a sweetheart <3

On Friday, we visited the new mall in Stuttgart. It was amazing. Very big, but in my opinion it was clearly arranged. It is impossible to get lost in it, although many have that feeling. I want to go there again next week, because I didn’t have any money left this week, so I could only buy some cute socks from Bershka :’D But I have already seen some cute pullovers at Pull and Bear and also some beautiful black skirts.

Well, so much to the activity part of the month of October.

When it comes to books, I could have read more. I have finished 4 books though:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Joanne K. Rowling

Shopaholic to the Stars – Sophie Kinsella

– Punch and Judy: A Short History with the Original Dialogue – John Payne Collier

The Iron Trial – Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Plus, I have started following books, but couldn’t finish them last month:

– The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

– Bon retablissement – Marie Sabine Roger

Rivers of London – Ben Aaronovitch

I have also bought/got many books:

Shopaholic to the Stars – Sophie Kinsella

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy – Rachel Joyce

Vier Welten – Anika Fischer

Einmal rundherum – Astrid Schlupp-Melchinger

The Iron Trial – Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Destined and Dragon’s Oath – P.C. Cast

Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace – Terry Brooks

Maus I: A Survivor’s Tale: My Father Bleeds History – Art Spiegelman

Paper Towns – John Green

– Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

About a Boy – Nick Hornby

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe – Douglas Adams

Yes, these are a lot of books, but I got most of those from the library sale. And the other part I won on lovelybooks.de

This was all from October :) In November, I will attend the most-anticipated Jack White concert *o* Stay Tuned!

Thanks for reading :)

Birthday Celebrations

FINALLY I am able to post about my birthday celebrations two weeks ago. I was so busy the last few weeks, that I really couldn’t find any day for posting it. Actually, I am still busy right now, the next week might even be busier than the weeks before, but well, it is sunday, and I will just take the time for me and my blog now :)

Two weeks ago, on Friday the 4th of July it was my birthday. So, as you can see, I was born on Independence Day. I am no American, though, and I have never been to the US, but I have met some Americans during the course of my studies here in Germany :) And I also wanted to do an exchange year in the US, but for financial reasons, it didn’t work out. If you have been following this blog for over a year, you will know the exact reasons.

Anyway, the day began quite normal. I went to work for 4/1/2 hours, and even got a present from my chef :D


I am not sure what this book is about, but I will soon find out if I will read it :)

The day also had another event, namely the Worldcup match between France and Germany. I missed the first part of the match because I sitll had to work, but I made it for the second part. However, the match was not very exciting.

The next day was even better. I had organized a little birthday celebration at a restaurant in Stuttgart. A few of my friends also came, especially some I seldom see :) I was quite happy that they found time to celebrate with me, although most of them had to leave early already.


I celebrated at the Sultan Saray again this year. The turkish restaurant :) The food was delicious, but there was a little problem when my friend wanted to leave to catch their train, the waiters told them to wait a little bit, because they were stressed due to Ramaddan. But later, the waitress apologized, and I offered her a chocolate I got from my friend as a birthday gift :D She was very grateful for the chocolate, and that made me quite happy as well :)


My friend Giuli was also present, but she took the photo :)

After the rest was gone, we were only 5 people. My sister, my friend Giuli, my friend Keddy, a friend from my job, and me. We also paid at about 10.30 pm and went outside to watch the football match between Costa Rica and the Netherlands. I also got a bottle of wine as a gift from my friend Yen, so we drank it outside.

After the match was finished (after midnight, due to penalty), we went to the club next to the restaurant. They play Hip Hop there, so it was a good place to continue celebrating.


Yupp, that’s me dancing :’D

We left the place at about 3 or 4 am. When I was in bed, it was 6 am I think.

It was a fun night with all my kind friends and funny people :) And here is my gift haul :)

A lot of chocolate and birthday cards. I even got my Hogwarts letter *o* They contained a bookstore voucher. Then I got a new phone case, lipsticks (MAC and Avon), showering gel and body lotion, key pendants, a lollipop, Nori, a book about Facebook…

And a friend of mine who couldn’t make it to my birthday gave me some endlessly cute presents *o*

Here they are:



Can you believe it??!??! A Sailor Moon mug :O And extremely cute Luna and Artemis key pendants :’) And a bookstore voucher of course :D My friend really must be crazy to give me all of this … o.O

Okay, enough showing off for today ;D

I hope you enjoyed this post, despite of all the cute pictures ;)

Thanks for reading!


Yesterday was the last day of August and finally my whole, free day since last semester has ended. After finishing my term paper on friday, I only had free time in the evening. But yesterday, the whole day was mine :) I did some things I wanted to do now, one of them was taking a bath with my new Lush bathbomb I bought a few weeks ago, like I have posted here.

I filled the bath and put the bomb in it. Additionally I put some rose petals in it that my mother wanted to dry.


I also took my laptop to the bathroom and prepared the movie “The princess and the frog” I wondered for a long time ago.


I really like the movie, just like every disney movie. The blonde girl is a rich family’s girl and she is best friend with the sewer’s daughter. In this scene, the mother of the girl in the right, her name is Tiana, is reading aloud the story of the frog prince. Tiana is disgusted by it, but her friend loves the story.


Later, during Tiana’s life her father dies who wanted to open his own restaurant. Now Tiana is following the same dream and is saving money to open a restaurant. However, a lot of problems are happening and then she founds herself talking with a frog who claims to be a rich prince and wants her to kiss him. He also promises to fulfill her dreams. Although Tiana is disgusted by frogs, she does it, hoping to get her dream fulfilled this way. But because Tiana is not a princess, she turns into a frosh as well. And now, they have to find a way to turn to their real selves.

The movie was really funny and entertaining, but also beautifully sad :’) Just like Disney used to be during our childhood.


Now to the bathbomb: I was really a bit disappointed by this one, because I thought there would be a lot of rose petals and knosps coming out of it, but there were merely just a few poorly shaped petals, that could be mistaken for little tree sticks and dirt.



So you see how poorly the petals came out. If I didn’t put in the rose petals from my mom, my bath would have been quite less petally :D


I stayed about 45 minutes in the bath and then washed my hair and my body again because the petals colored.

After I was finished, I continued watching the movie. After a while I hang around on stylefruits for a while, but then I prepared myself for the barbecue-birthday-party of one of our childhood friends.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought that I would really go there or that she would invite us since she said she wanted to celebrate in a private circle. We also haven’t done a lot with her recently, except for the firework display a few weeks ago as I posted here.

But we still went, although we thought a bit awkward, but after all, she is our childhood friend and the last time we were on her birthday was like an eternity ago. I think we were children back then. The reason for this is, that her birthday is always during summer break, and either we or she have been on vacation all the years before. This was the first time since childhood days that we were on her birthday again.

As we arrived we went to the garden where the meat was being grilled. There was also salad and we helped ourselves. Everything was super tasty but unfortunately I forgot to take photos :/

We had to wait for the cake, though, because her birthday is on the 1st of September, so they wanted to blow the candles after midnight.

As a present we bought her a bathing-set, Milka chocolate, and a card with an old childhood photograpf of us :D That was really a funny one :’D We also managed the present quite well, because she invited us to her birthday on Friday evening. So the time was a bit short to find something proper. But we somehow did it :D

The cakes were super tasty, and I unfortunately forgot to take photos of them, as well xO I could really hit myself for this!!

However, after 2 am we slowly left for home. It was a very relaxing evening with a lot of yummy food (I consumed about 2000 calories).

And today, we will be eating at Joe Penas, a Mexican restaurant. I hope I will be able to take a hold on myself :D

Big day

Happy 4th of July to every american fellow :) although it is already the 5th of july here in germany it still is yesterday in the US ;) and the reason for this late Gratulation is because I was myself quite busy today with my birthday gratulations :) yes you’ve heard right, I was born on the 4th of july :) I wasn’t able to celebrate today, but I will do it at the weekend. But I already got presents from my boss at the student’s private lessons teaching (schülerhilfe).

My first present actually arrived yesterday from my dad. A backpack from urban outfitters.

My friend saw this on instagram and sent me a photo of the same backpack :’D she had ordered the same and hers arrived on monday. And no we didn’t have a clue that we both bought it at the same time xD
Well my backpack-friend also came over today and gave me my present.

A CHINESE KALIGRAPHIE-SET *o* I was very happy about this actually because it was something different but also usefull and new :) I am going to ask my chinese teacher how to use this because I have no clue how to use these several tools *o* I hope she can help me *o*
My friend furthermore got me italian cookies and a selfmade book :)
My mum also made a cake – a banana-coco-cake <3

Love you mum <3
So yeah it was a good first birthday-day ;D

I’ll just pretend it’s summer

Wow, I haven’t blogged for over a month now :O I am quite shock right now. I forgot where I stopped. I was not even stressed so much the last few weeks. A lot of happened though. And next week is already my birthday, but I kind of feel like I don’t want to celebrate it. I just planned everything last week and wanted to make reservation at a restaurant this week end, but strangely, all the mexican restaurants seem to be booked out!!! The american restaurants don’t answer and the asian restaurants are either too expensive, too far away, or look very cheap. I just feel like 2013 is constantly kidding me. Nothing seems to work out like I am planning it. The summer weather pisses me off, the parties are not as good as last year, the people are different. Everything has changed so fast. Some good things happened though, but nevertheless I just want this shitty year to be over. I am really looking forward for new year’s eve, more than for my birthday somehow.

However, 4-5 weeks passed since I have made my last entry. During this time, my mom had her operation, I had an offer for a holiday work, and had my first chinese presentation of my life :’D And a few parties I went to in Tübingen and Stuttgart. And as surprised as I was, I liked the parties in Stuttgart better than the ones in Tübingen, although they are cheaper. Until next week i will try to post some things that happened the last weeks. I hope I will get everything togehter :S