The Caribbean of Europe!

Just because my Cappadocia videos are over now, doesn’t mean that it was the last series about Turkey.

Next, you can look forward for videos full of beaches, ocean, and colourful sunsets.

First part is right here!


ABC Travel List: X,Y,Z – Xinjiang, Yangon, Zanzibar

Because the last three letters are rather poor, and it is already May today, so I will just wrap the last three letters up as cities, because there aren’t really a lot of countries here.

Lets start!



Bildergebnis für xinjiang landscape

Xinjiang is actually a province in West China, mainly populated by Uighurs and Han Chinese who are mostly muslim. The landscape of this province has everything from deep blue lakes to bright orange deserts.

Ähnliches Foto

These are the rainbow mountains of Dnaxia Landform. An amazing sight that I have never forgotten from the moment I first saw them on pictures.

Ähnliches Foto

And of course, there are a lot of mountains. This is the Changbai Mountain with lake Tianchi on top of it. Looks more like a friendly volcanoe to me. I would probably not dare climbing this gigantic thing, but it surely looks impressive.

Bildergebnis für Aksu China

This is the city of Aksu which is famous for its rock formations and it kinda reminds me of Cappadocia. The name Aksu actually sounds turkish as well. It even has a meaning in turkish, which means something like flowing water. Very ironic, since this place looks as dry as it wouldn’t see any flowing water for months.

Ähnliches Foto

Xinjiang is famous for its muslim food, especially the Kebab. Everyone in China loves these grilled meatsticks which are famous in other muslim countries as well. I would love to go on a food trip to Kashgar, which seems to be the cultural centre of Xinjiang.



Bildergebnis für yangon

Yangon is one of the more popular cities in Myanmar and looks pretty majestic. Myanmar is actually climbing the stairs on my travel list, the more I see and read about this country. The architecture looks so unique, and I don’t know anything about their food which makes it so intriguing.

Bildergebnis für yangon

This is the Shwedagon Pagoda and it probably is the most beautiful pagoda I have seen on a photo. It is white and gold, almost like liquid.

Bildergebnis für myanmar yangon sehenswürdigkeiten

Probably inspired by the hot air balloon rides over Bagan, it seems like getting sights from above might also be possible here.



Bildergebnis für zanzibar beach

Just recently I have seen an instagram picture of a friend who went to Zanzibar which is in Tansania in Africa, and it looked gorgeous!!! The water looked like a mirror, a mirror of the sky. And the pale sand of the beach matched the pale blue colour of the sea perfectly.

Ähnliches Foto

This just looks unreal.

This place would also make a great honeymoon getaway or just a couple’s retreat.

This post has actually been quite short despite covering three different letters and cities. But it’s time this challenge comes to an end now. It was a lot of fun, and I actually discovered a lot of places I haven’t known before.

I hope I could also give some of you inspiration for new travel destinations you haven’t known of.

But I would still like to know what other XYZ places you would recommend, if you know of any, since it is really hard to find places that start with that letter. I would be delighted, so feel free to comment below.

My next post is gonna be about my travels in Beijing in Xi’An which I haven’t posted yet. I know, I am late, but you can definitely look forward for some great picture and stories. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!


ABC – Travel List: H – Hungary, Havanna, Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace in Lhasa

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I was busy working the last few days, and when I came back home, I just fell into my bed, dead!

Now, I have time to continue my ABC – Travel List posts and I will even plan a few posts for next week.

Today, we have reached the letter H. Enjoy!


1. Country: Hungary

Bildergebnis für hungary

Hungary is one of those european cities, that perfectly display ideal Europe. Budapest, being its capitol city, is considered by many travellers as the most beautiful city of Europe. It’s not only due to its beautiful architecture, but also because of its famous nightlife and the beautiful thermal baths.


Bildergebnis für budapest danube

The famous river flowing through Budapest, and its banks with the bridges and the architecture in the background, is a setting that many tourists must be falling in love with. It does remind me of the pictures of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and I’d say that these two cities are actually quite similar when it comes to architecture and atsmophere.

Thermal baths

Bildergebnis für budapest thermal baths

The bath on the picture is the Gellert spa and looks pretty romantic and antique. These baths originated from the classical turkish baths, but pretty popular in Budapest as well. They do have a different twist these days, with huge party events located in such ancient baths.

Bildergebnis für budapest thermal bath party

I guess there are many haters against these events. I personally think that it’s a clever idea for party tourism which is constantly growing in Hungary, and worth an experience. But I think this should be limited to only one or two baths organizing such events, and only for a limited time of the year.

Budapest Royal Palace

Bildergebnis für budapest royal palace

A role model for eastern european architecture, the royal palace is probably automatically on the list of every tourist and traveller alike.

I’d say that Budapest is quite a relaxed city with not too many sights to see, but more the city to enjoy the surroundings and the atmosphere, the delicious food and the people.

Because this part has become more of a Budapest guide than a Hungary one, I will just include a link about hungarian food in general.

Here is a guide to Hungarian food which sounds amazing <3 especially its sweets.

2. City: Havanna, Cuba

Bildergebnis für Havanna

Is there anything to say, to justify the choice for the H-city? I don’t think so. I’d say that Havanna is just like from another world. The colours, the cars, the streets, the people, the beaches, the drinks, everything seems to be made for free-spirited people with a love for the beautiful and nostalgic. Enjoy the following photos I found online.

Ähnliches Foto

I heard that Cuba is slowly starting to welcome the new world, together with internet, smartphones and modern american Landrovers (yuk!). I do have to put Havanna veeeery high on my soon-to-travel list, before all the nostalgic vibes will vanish :'(

Bildergebnis für havanna strand

The beaches are still there, though. So if you are not interested in oldies anyway, you can visit the beaches, with a Cuba Libre in your hand, anytime you want.

3. UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace, Lhasa

Bildergebnis für potala palace lhasa

The Potala Palace in Lhasa is on the list of any enthusiastic backpacker, as well as spiritual traveller. I’m neither of both, but I am a sucker for cultural architecture and its significance, so this has always been on the back of my mind. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to Lhasa during my time in China, but it’s definitely on my list, and I still have many years of travelling awaiting me. I did get the chance to meet Tibetans in Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan province, and they were the nicest people I have ever met. You can read about that incident here. Hopefully, by the time I will get to visit the place, Tibet might be freed from China :)

Ähnliches Foto

And this was already all the places for the letter H. I hope you could enjoy it.

Tell me about your H-letter places on your Travel List below in the comments.

See you in the next post!

Thanks for reading, and travelling with me!


ABC-Travel List: E – Egypt, Efate, East Renell

For the fifth day of this challenge, the E-letter, it was a little bit hard to find something interesting, to be honest. The places on this list are quite some interesting places to visit, but they are not at the top of my travel list yet.


1. Country: Egypt

Bildergebnis für egypt

The pyramids of Giza are the main reason why I put Egypt on my list. I think nowadays, it’s still quite a risk to travel to Egypt with all the political sitution of the past. But I am sure that it’s gonna be quite safe to travel here.

Bildergebnis für egypt beach

This picture awakens the wanderlust in me 100%. Can’t believe this place is real. Now I really have to move egypt a little bit higher on my list.

I think Egypt is one of the most famous and popular travel destinations on the map. Everyone knows the famous pyramids which were once one of the seven world wonders (I have no clue why they are not on the list anymore). Anyway, whatever you do in Egypt, will be worth it.

2. City: Efate (Vanuatu)

Bildergebnis für efate

Efate is an island at the pacific island state of the Vanuatu which is said to be the happiest place on earth which is not a surprise, regarding these pictures.

Bildergebnis für efate

I know that in Vanuatu, all the places look as paradisiacal as Efate.

I guess there is not much to do in Vanuatu than island hopping, tanning on the beach and swimming in the different kinds of seas.

3. UNESCO – World Heritage Site: East Renell (Solomon Islands)

Bildergebnis für east rennell

Another place right out of paradise. This is a coral atoll, that’s the reason for its colour I guess. I have heard a lot of things about the Solomon Islands, but I never knew a lot about them. Now, they definitely are very high on my list as well.

Bildergebnis für east rennell

This post seems very different from the others. It was also quite hard to find a city with E, but in the end, I managed to include Vanuatu which has been a wish desitnation of mine for a long time now, although it might not be as hyped as other places. Apart from Egypt, the other two seem to be very unknown but beautiful places, and I am quite happy that I found out about them.

What about you guys? Do you have any suggestions for E-letter destinations?

Thanks for reading and traveling with me!


ABC – Travel List: D – Dominican Republic, Dubrovnik, Dorset and East Devon Coast

The next letter in this challenge is all about water, ocean, and sea. What else is any better than the outlook of the most beautiful ecosystem there is?

I probably won’t say too much about these places, because the pictures speak for themselves, so enjoy.


1. Country: Dominican Republic

Bildergebnis für dominican republic

There is no explanation needed I guess. There are also not many countries starting with the letter D, at least not many that interested me a lot. So let’s just say, it was pretty easy to pick Dominican Republic.

Bildergebnis für dominican republic

2. City: Dubrovnik

Bildergebnis für Dubrovnik

Croatia’s blue pearl has been on my list for ages. Its deep blue waters flowing around the coastal region of a city that looks like it’s been taken out of a medieval movie (I’m looking at you Game of Thrones), are making me just wanna pack my bags and have an early summer vacation. I’d even say that living here might probably feel like paradise. #whatamidoingwithmylife


3. Dorset and East Devon Coast

Bildergebnis für Dorset and East Devon coast

I actually never realized that this place looks like the Thailand of England. Seriously, I didn’t know that there are such deep blue waters in England. This place is also famous for its archeological researches which makes it even more interesting. I wonder if you can actually go swimming here, since the waters look wild. But even if not, just breathing this air and enjoying the views seem to be enough medicine for the soul.

What do you guys think?

What are you top D-letter destinations on your go-to list? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!


Top 5 Things to do in Cesme, Turkey

1. Visit Ilica Beach:

At least that’s the beach we went to. It is a public beach famous for its turquoise to light-blue water and a long beach you can take a long walk at. The Sheraton Hotel is located on that beach as well. Convince yourselves:

2. Stroll through the soap-smelling streets of Alacati:

The streets of Alacati are famous throughout Turkey. It is considered as a little version of Mykonos. It is guaranteed that you will fall in love with that place. Every corner offers a perfect photographic background. The cobble-stone streets mix perfectly together with the aegean beach flair. After a long stroll and some photo-sessions, the best way to relax is to sip some coffee at a corner cafe, feast on some turkish sweets or some western cupcakes. Be warned though, the prices are a bit higher than at usual restaurants in Turkey. But totally worth it. Also, don’t forget to visit the windmills.


3. Visit the Marina at the City Centre of Cesme: 

Here, you can find all the touristy shops ligned after each other when walking down to the Marina and the Yacht Club. I bough a beautiful white-purple shell and some ice cream on the way to the Marina. When you arrive there, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of the yachts parked there. You can sit in a cafe or a restaurant with a view to the sea, or you can hike up the Cesme Castle and get a great view over the bay.

4. Have a turkish breakfast with organic foods:

The hotel we stayed at offered a organic breakfast every morning which was so yummy, I am dreaming about it now. They had different kinds of bread to offer, hard boiled egg, tea, different kinds of cheese, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, cream, honey, olives and different kinds of jam which were so delicious and exciting to taste. The most delicious jam I had was lemon jam, something I had never eaten before. I am generally more the nutella kind of person, but this lemon jam would definitely make it on my breakfast table. They also had rose jam that I enjoyed a lot.


5. Relax at the Ayayorgi Beach: 

This is actually not a public beach, so you have to pay for it, but it was out of season, so we had free entry, but still we had to eat or drink something in return. The prices were quite high of course, but we enjoyed the day and the beach was as calm as a lake.


I hope I could give you a little insight into life at Cesme. It still has many other things to offer that I didn’t have time for like the Boylik Beach, Altinkum Beach, the Surfer’s Bay (since it is considered as Turkey’s Surfer’s Paradise due to its winds), and the possibility to hop on a ship towards the greek island of Chios.

Final rating:

Sightseeing: 1/5

Food: 4/5
Shopping: 3/5
Nightlife: 4/5
Transportation: 3/5

Summer Vacation 2014 in Turkey – Wrap Up Part 1

Hello dear readers, I am back!! To be exact, I already returned last week on Tuesday, but I was so busy that whole week that I couldn’t post anything yet :/ I will also report about my post vacation time here, of course, but before it all gets confused, I wanted to share with you my holidays.

Friday, 25th of July. Stuttgart/Izmir:

I had my flight to Turkey. I had to take my laptop with me as well, because I had to write an essay until the 11th of August, so I had to do that in Turkey. I also had lots of books with me, and tried to read “Divergent” at the airport while waiting for my plane. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as I had imagined. While I was waiting, there were 3 or 4 women who kept on talking to me all the time, so I couldn’t concentrate on my book properly :/


But fortunately, I could read on the plane for fully 3 hours. The woman seated next to me noticed already that I like reading :D She was funny. Before the plane took off, she swallowed some pills, I think in order to calm down. Then, during the whole flight, she was asleep, and her husband had to nudge her all the time, because her head kept falling on my side all the time :’D It didn’t disturb me, though. It was quite entertaining somehow.

When I arrived in Turkey in the late afternoon, my mum picked me up at the airport, and we drove home by train. We both were super hungry, especially me, because I only had a breakfast early in the morning, and since food on the plane is not included in the ticket price, I refused to buy an overexpensive sandwich, and waited until we landed. A good idea, as it turned out, because when we brought the luggage into the house, we went outside for dinner at once.

We went to the famous shopping and food street in Izmir, called Karsiyaka. It is very popular among the people living there, and also among other turkish people. It is told that the girls there are very pretty. In general, there is a saying that the most beautiful girls in Turkey come from Izmir :)

20140725_190020 20140725_192052

This is what I ate at a barbecue restaurant. These are Köfte (Meatballs) scolloped with cheese on a bed of bread <3 It was so yummy, and very filling.

After eating, we strolled through shops and went to exchange some money. I even found some new clothes.


Then we walked to the harbor to sit by the sea.


At the weekend, I didn’t do a lot, except relaxing and reading.

Saturday, 26th of July. Izmir:

Turkish breakfast
Review about “Divergent” is coming soon :)
Dinner. Beans, Rice and Salad.
The view of our balcony by night

Sunday, 27th of July. Izmir:

Breakfast with Omellet and Simit (turkish pastry with sesame. Has the shape of a ring)
I have read all day on the balcony that day, until I god a sunburn on my back :’D I also finished Divergent that day and made the Faction Quiz. My results were Amity and Dauntless :’D Funny, right? The two opposites.

Monday, 28th of July. Izmir:

That day, bayram (religious holiday after Ramaddan) began, and my aunt and uncle came together with my older cousin for dinner.

Tuesday, 29th of July, Izmir:

The second day of bayram. We visited my step grandma. It was a hot day, but it was a nice, familiar feeling to sit at the huge balcony on one of the divans right inbetween the flowers and the bunch of grapes.


The grapes always remind me of my grandpa. He is dead since 2007. The balcony will soon be gone as well. New buildings are planned for that area.


After staying at my step grandma for a few hours, we went to the aunts of my father. They also had a lot of visitors, also a few girls my age. In the evening, they invited us to go picknicking by the sea. Yeah, I know, but it is normal in Turkey to go picknicking in the evening, since it is too hot during the day :’D

Wednesday, 30th of July. Izmir:

That day, we went to a little town by the beach. We had already spent our summer in 2011 there, so we knew the place. It was the last day of bayram, so the beach was as filled as I have never seen it before.

20140730_105828 20140730_122604 20140730_144805

20140730_183855 20140730_194039

In the evening, we returned and arrived at 11 pm at home.

Thursday, 31th of July. Izmir:

That day I finally met up with my stepcousin Irem. At first I went shopping with my mum in the afternoon. Then, towards the evening, I met Irem at the train station and we went to drink and eat some things in Alsancak. Alsancak is a town in Izmir which is famous for its nightlife.

This bar was quite funny. They had food and a lot of tasty drinks. We have only drunk something here.
This was my dinner. They made some really yummy food at this restaurant called Bisquitte. The drinks were also great!
This lemonade tasted so good :) Not sure if you can see it on my face ;D

After dinner, we got some Heineken from the supermarket and sat down on the lawn in front of the sea. In the evening, there are a lot of young people sitting outside on the lawn, drinking, talking, playing the guitar,…


I arrived home at about 11 pm.

This was one week of vacation. In Part 2 there is another few days spent at the beach, a lot of animals, and poolside relaxing.

10 Trips you need to take in you 20s

So I have found this Video on the profile of one of my facebook friends. Definitely some Bucket List and Travel List points :)

1) Go on a road trip with your best friends
2) Use a Eurail pass to see Europe
3) go on a cheesy Springbreak in your early 20s
4) Lose yourself in south-east asia
5) Go to burning man
6) Go to the Himalayas
7) Go on a Camping Trip in the Middle of Nowhere
8) Spend a week on the beach with someone you love
9) Take a last-minute trip on a train to see an old friend
10) Spend a week in Paris with a friend

I think some of those will definitely go on my Bucket List if they still aren’t already on it :)