On top of the second highest building in the world!| Shanghai Tower

Most people just want to go up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai because it is the highest building in the world, but Shanghai Tower’s observatory deck is actually a little bit higher than Burj Khalifa’s. And after seeing the views from both towers, I can say that the view over Shanghai is more amazing!

You don’t believe me? Check out for yourselves!


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Last two weekends in Shanghai

After this one-week trip, the end of my stay in China was slowly approaching. Right after my trip to Hong Kong, I still had one night to sleep in my room back at home, but the next afternoon which was a Sunday, we had already our next train going to Shanghai. Our group this time should be a very different one. Ana and me have gone on weekend trips to Shanghai or Hangzhou already, but Josie and Ale never joined us, so that was a first time for the four of us. Although I wished that the others could have joined us as well, it was still a nice way spending my second last weekend away with my friends.

On my very last weekend in China, I was also invited to Shanghai by some new friends I met.

In this post, I will just point out what you can do on two Sunday/Mondays in Shanghai:

  1. Have dinner at the top rated restaurant on Tripadvisor:

    Since Ana and me discovered this turkish restaurant Efes after our spring festival holiday, we were certain to tell the others about it and make them try it as well. Especially with our foodie friends Josie and Ale, it was a must.

    As I can recall, I had a plate of chicken kebab. 
  2. Have you last fancy drink at Bar Rouge:

    After our dinner, we went straight to the Bund to have some drinks at Bar Rouge. That was the second time at that bar for me now, and the drinks are still one of the best I have had so far.


  3. Go to the foreign language bookstore:

    Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
    I do have A Strangeness in my mind by now. My father gave it to me in german.

    On Monday, when we had our train back to Yuyao in the late afternoon, we still had some time left to do some shopping. Ana had to go to the embassy, Ale wanted to meet up with a friend and Josie and me went shopping. We split up as well. She had to go to Sephora and Nike and I wanted to get a new book from the foreign language bookstore that was just down the street from our hostel.
    But none of this could happen without having proper breakfast first.


  4. Stroll through Yuyuan Garden:

    I have been to Shanghai so many times, but only on my last weekend in China did I have the possibility to see the Yuyuan Garden and stroll through its streets there. It’s the perfect place to try street food and buy souvenirs. But the architecture looks awesome as well. It is a great spot for photo opportunities. 


  5. Try Stinky Tofu:

    During my stay in China, I swore to myself that I would never ever try Stinky Tofu, no matter what. But then my friends craved it when strolling through Yuyuan Garden, so I said “yolo” why not? My final thoughts are: Try it, because it basically tastes like nothing. You might like it. I will not eat it again, because I didn’t like the texture and the aftertaste is just exactly like the smell. Not nice.

  6. Visit a Jazz Bar:

    On my very last evening in Shanghai, we visited the Jazz Bar that is right in front of the Captain Hostel which is called House of Blues & Jazz.  That was my third time there, and it is weird that none of the times, none of us had actually thought about taking a photo there. A shame. It is a great bar and the people who go there really go for the music, to dance and just to enjoy the moment. It is not at all pretentious.
    Because I don’t have any photos of the Jazz Bar, here is a photo of a stranger having a monkey pet we saw on the street when walking to the bar.



When thinking back of that time, I was having mixed feelings. Both happy and sad about returning to Germany, to start a new life as I imagined, and sad about leaving my new friends and beautiful China behind. I do have a new life now, but it is not as I imagined. I am still struggling to fit in, and I miss Asia, especially China so much that it actually hurts. 

I don’t know what the future will bring, but I still have one last post left which will be dedicated to the last parties in Yuyao.

Stay tuned for some funny posts.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!




Shanghai 2.0 – Brunch, Towers, and Bars

As you could read in my previous post, I have landed in Shanghai very late in the evening and fell into bed like a corpse. Still, I had to wake up early to get some things done like exchange some money and do some shopping.

Anyway, when I finally had my kuais, I was ready to throw’em up for some seriously fun activities, because that what you have to do when in Shanghai.

1. Have a fancy brunch:

I went to the Bund to admire the beauty of Shanghai, before heading to have breakfast somewhere.


I didn’t have to look for too long. I found a cute but fancy looking cafe at the Bund 18 building which also houses some of the most famous locations in Shanghai including Mr. and Mrs Bund, Hakkasan, Bar Rouge, and my destination, L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon.

I saw from the outside, that it looked extremely yummy and fancy, so I went inside and asked about the place. The nice young lady explained to me that I would have to sit down inside in the lobby and they would serve me. If I wanted to take something away, I could do it at her location which was more like a cute little cafe. I wanted to sit down, so I headed to the lobby. It wasn’t filled, since it was around 12 at noon. The young man who served me was very polite and nice.

I opted for a savoury crepe filled with poached eggs and salmon, white tea, and for dessert, a lychee cake.


Unfortunately, when I was finished with my cake, I had to leave. I was so impressed by this cafe/restaurant, that I wished to eat here again soon. They also have an afternoon tea package which I was actually craving, but they only offered it at 2pm. It was too late for me, since I was desperately craving some breakfast. Next time, I will surely come back.

2. Have duck for dinner:

Peking duck is actually a top activity for Beijing, but guess what, you can have good duck almost everywhere in China, especially in the biggest city that is Shanghai. My friend Ana arrived at my hotel at around 5pm. We got ready, and headed for dinner. The restaurant we went to is on Nanjing Road. When you walk from East Nanjing Road to West Nanjing Road, it is in one of the side streets on the left side of the street.


We also ordered some green veggies, and the duck was just heavenly, as always <3

3. Visit Shanghai Tower, the second tallest tower in the world:

Shanghai Tower has been opened to the public in summer 2016, a few months after I have left China, so I promised myself to climb up that big boy when I’d come back next time. Who thought it would be so soon?

So, after dinner we took the metro to Lujiazui, took some photos on the way and got our entrance tickets. It was surprisingly well-priced. Way cheaper than the other towers which is very strange since the Shanghai Tower is the largest, newest, and the one from where you can get amazing views on all the important landmarks like the Oriental Pearl Tower or the Bottle Opener.


Before you took the elevator up to the observatory platform, there was an exhibition of the story of Shanghai’s skyline, and also of the Shanghai Tower. They also had models of one of the tallest and most famous landmarks in the world, like the Shard in London, The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur or the Burj Khalifa. It was really interesting and amazing of the Shanghai Tower to offer something like that, because most of the time, you only get the entrance to the platform and nothing more.

After getting smarter, we finally went to the elevator and waited to be taken upstairs. When we the elevator doors opened and released us, I coudn’t believe the view I saw. It was breath-taking and I didn’t know what to say anymore. I was making noises with my mouth and Ana thought I was disappointed, but I just couldn’t believe. Words can’t describe, so here are some of the probably most amazing pictures I had ever taken.


I still have many more photos on my laptop, but I’d have to create an album for them all.

4. Enjoy the evening view at a rooftop bar:

My choice was, again, Bar Rouge. I have already been there twice, but I never got the chance to admire the view over the Bund from there. Plus, the drinks are delicious and the people who visit that bar are always nice and ready to party.

On our way to Bar Rouge: Old vs. New Shanghai

For a tuesday evening, it was quite full, but we found some seats outside. We were sitting with our coats on, talking, and enjoying our drinks. Probably one of the best bar evenings I had so far.


So this was it! My short but amazing wrap up of my second last day in China.

I hope you enjoyed the post and the pictures.

What is your most favourite rooftop bar? Let me know in the comments!

The next post is going to be a fun ride! I am not saying anything more, it’s gonna be a surprise.

Until then, thanks for reading and travelling with me!



One Night in Shanghai

Not only one week after my trip to Shanghai, I was about to visit that city once again, but this time just for one reason: Party.
Our friend Ana was leaving for her summer vacation so we all had a goodbye party since some of us wouldn’t see her again after she’d come back.
We were 8 people on the train and we had a lot of fun pre-gaming and playing Never Have I Ever.
When we arrived in Shanghai and checked in at our hostel, we continued our pre-gaming. We had already decided upon a club, which would be Mint Club.

In this post, I will introduce some clubs I have visited during my 10-month stay in China.

Let’s start with our pick for the night:

1. Club Mint

Situated close to Nanjing Dong Lu (East Nanjing Road), it is quite central and easy to find (not at least for the huge building which reads M1nt on it).
This is a very fancy club with a dress code. Men can’t wear sneakers or short trousers. By that, you can expect to find expats working as models and chinese new riches alike in this club.
The most famous characteristic of this club is its shark tank though. That was the reason for us to go there in the first place as well.

Source: luxus-welt.de

Another good side about this club is the service and its drinks. Some of them might be a bit too strong, and some might be too expensive, water for example, but most of them are excellent. On the main floor, the music is either electronic or a mix of party hits. On the lounge floor they usually play R’n’B or Hip Hop.

2. Bar Rouge

This Bar/Lounge which turns into a club in the late night hours, can be found right at the Bund. This club is famous for its view on Pudong and its fancy, but wild parties. Another treat for me to come back to this club are the delicious cocktails. Again, they are a bit more expensive than in usual clubs in China, but considering the location and the quality, I am always willing to pay for 1 or 2 drinks here. The music here is usually a mix of party hits.

source: bar-rouge-shanghai.com

3. Club Fusion

This is one of the smaller clubs in Shanghai, but nonetheless popular, especially among young people who just wanna have a good time. The location is not quite central, so be prepared to take a taxi there (and don’t forget to have the chinese adress ready). The music is a mix of famous radio and party hits and electronic music.

source: smartshanghai.com

4. Myst Club

This club is another small-room club which is popular for its Star-DJ’s that perform in this club. Again, taking a taxi to this club might be better if you’re staying in the city centre, although it is not very far away. The music is a good mix of party hits, and of course, electronic. The audience is mostly chinese than expats, especially when compared to other clubs like Mint or Bar Rouge. But the people are all very friendly and intend to party and dance.

source: evilyoshida.com

This was my short wrap-up of the clubs and bars I have visited in Shanghai, not in one night of course. Of course, you can combine 2 or 3 of these clubs and bars in one night if you are adventurous enough :D
My favourite Bar is definitely Bar Rouge. Next time I go to Shanghai, I will surely go there again.