Dubai Part 5: The White Bliss of a Mosque

Our last day has arrived, on Friday March 17th. We checked out and since this was our last full day, and we had to be at the airport early next morning (like 2am). So we basically had to kill time the whole day and evening until our flight early next morning. Here is what we did.

1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi

From our hotel, we walked to the metro and bus station which in walking distance to our hotel. There, we bought a metro/bus card and waited in line for the bus to arrive. The bus was a bit late already, and when it finally arrived, there was such a hustle with gettin on it. Some people were accusing an old man of cutting the line, so he had to go to the back of the line to wait for the next bus. It was a bit sad to watch since that man was quite old.

After we were on the bus, the ride took us about an hour. I was getting hungrier by the hour, and when we finally arrived at Abu Dhabi Bus Terminal, we saw that there was a mall in front of it and I immediately had to use the toilet and have a late lunch.

After waiting for the waiters to finally bring the bill, and then bring the change, we finally left the mall and looked for a taxi to take us to Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Here, I would probably recommend you not to take the taxis right in front of the bus terminal. Walk a bit further and get a different one because the ones at the bus terminal will probably start with a higher sum and there will also be those private car taxis where they will try to drive you around in luxury cars :’D Of course, if you are interested, you can do it, but if you get annoyed by this kind of stuff, you should head to a calmer place to pick up a taxi.

When we were finally approaching the mosque, we could already see the snow-white minarettes from afar and were already taking pictures like crazy.


Before we could enter the mosque, we were given abayas to wear over our clothes. You can avoid wearing it if you come prepared with clothes covering your shoulders, arms, legs, belly and head. I came unprepared on purpose, because I really wanted to wear this abaya. I think it just adds to the atmosphere, and it is nice to be on the same level with the local tourists. I think you should try it, too. You can either purchase your own abaya (as many chinese tourists did, probably on taobao) or you can come with your every day clothes and get an abaya there for free. Of course you have to give it back after you exit the mosque.

I kind of liked the abayas that we got which were blue and made us look like wizards (I’m looking at you Ravenclaw) and were made of a very light fabric.

As soon as we went inside, we started taking pictures of course.


We were allowed to enter the prayer rooms as well. For this, you have to take off your shoes of course, so we did it. It was so nice to walk around on bare feet.



After this, we took a few more pictures of the outside of the mosque, and then slowly headed outside.


As unlucky as we were, the call to prayer just started as we left the mosque :( It sounded so beautiful and calming, but luckily, we could still see the mosque from the outside and hear the prayer. It was still beautiful, but if you really wanna hear the call to prayer while inside the mosque, get yourself informed about the prayer times.

When we left the mosque, it was probably around 6pm. We took the taxi back to the bus terminal and took a bus back to Dubai. This would drop us off in the city centre, because we wanted to do something before heading back to the hotel to pick up our luggage.

After the tiresome day and the thought of the flight ahead of us, we got carried away and actually missed our stop. It actually wasn’t our fault, because there was no anouncement whatsoever on the bus and it was already dark and we couldn’t see anything. We were now driving through parts of Dubai we have never seen before, so we asked the other passengers where this bus was going, and they told us that the next and final stop was Al Ghubaiba and that we missed our stop. We were now starting to panic a little bit, but another guy on the bus told us that we could easily take the metro from there to the city centre. He even helped us get to the metro station which was so nice of him. The people in Dubai truly are very helpful and nice, no matter which part you go to.

2. Take the Dubai Metro

Yes, because it is a bit different than metros in other countries. Smoking and chewing gum is prohibited in most areas with high fines waving at you if you break them. And the biggest shock was of course the division of the train cars into male and female. There is literally a line on the floor that doesn’t allow males to step over. So, our brother had to stand at one end of the line and my sister and me at the other. I know that some people have difficulties accepting this, but I can actually understand the reason for such measurements. It is probably preventing women from getting harrassed. I know that this exists in Japan as well where the trains and metros get filled up with so many people and women often reported about sexual harrassments that could not be screened because of the amount of people. Now, some trains in Japan have female only carriages where women can choose to enter. It is not a must, so if you are travelling with male friends you can still choose to enter the normal mixed carriage as well. In Dubai, it is not a choice though. This was also the only time using the metro for us. If I were to be travelling alone in Dubai, I would have used the metro constantly because it is cheap, it gets everywhere, it’s clean, safe and apparently safe as well. So, I can encourage you to use it when you are travelling solo.

3. Have dinner in front of the Burj Khalifa

Since it was our last evening, we wanted to have a last glimpse at the Burj Khalifa. What better way than having dinner in front of it we thought. We were a bit late since the bus ride took us half an hour longer (2 hours in total because our bus driver on the way back was quite slow) and then we had to take the metro back again. Then, we had to walk like another 15-20 minutes until we got out of the metro and in front of the Burj Khalifa. So by the time we had dinner it was almost 10pm. We decided to have pizza at an italian-american fusion restaurant by the fountain. It was super delicious, the drink and food looked and tasted amazing of course.


Cucumber green ice tea, water melon – strawberry juice, strawberry ice tea


We were even lucky enough this time, to catch the last screening of the fountain show. This time, they used a beautiful arabic song. Last time when we were watching, they used a cheesy Whitney Houston song.

Before heading to the taxi pick up at midnight, my brother stopped at a coffeeshop and got himself a late night coffee to be ready for the upcoming red-eye flight.

When we arrived back at the hotel, we picked up our luggage, got changed and called a taxi to the airport. It was sad to say goodbye to the hotel and especially, to Dubai.

At the airport, we waited for about an hour until our check-in counter was open. We charged our phones and used the wifi for a bit. The time flew by very quickly, and we were soon in the middle of checking-in, security and then boarding.

Our layover in Istanbul was shorter this time. At first we were worried that we wouldn’t make it, because we still had to get our connecting flight tickets from the THY counter, and then we saw the security check-up lines and panicked a litte bit. But everything was done quickly and we even had time to use the toilet and have a smoking break (my brother is a smoker).

We then comfortably walked to our gate and boarded. By the time we landed back in Stuttgart, our feet were swelled up like mini-water boats :’D It was horrible! I don’t usually get swollen feet from sitting for too long on airplanes, but this time was extreme. I guess it was due to the time that we also spent at Abu Dhabi, and then spending the whole evening on our feet, waiting for flight, and flying for several hours.

This was our trip to Dubai. I hope you enjoyed the ride. I know, it is a little bit more text this time, but I hope you can use some of the information for your travel plans, whether it be Dubai or any other place. I am sure that some structures and experiences I had can be applied to different places.

What about your next travel plans? Tell me where you are heading to next.

Do you get swollen feet from flying for too long as well? What do you do to prevent it other than flying business or first class?

Do you also have some weird metro experiences? Share them with me below.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!



Dubai Travel Anticipation

It’s finally just 2 days left until our flight to Dubai.

On sunday, my sister, my brother and me are gonna take the plane (by Turkish Airlines which is something else to look forward to) from Stuttgart and fly to Istanbul. There, we will have a 4-hours layover, and then, again with Turkish Airlines, continue our flight to DXB <3

We will arrive pretty early, at around 4 am local time, but we planned to just leave our suitcases in the hotel lobby and go straight to the beach.

Apart from relaxing on the beach, I have a lot of things on my to-see list in Dubai which I am extremely looking forward to. And here they are:

1. Desert Safari: 

Bildergebnis für Desert safari dubai
Bildergebnis für Desert safari dubai

I literally can’t wait to see the desert for the first time in my life. I am overly excited, I can’t put it into words.

We booked a package that includes the ride to the dessert in those white Landrovers, a short ride on camels, time to take photos and watch the sunset, barbecue dinner and drinks, a belly dance performance and more. In the evening we will be dropped off at our hotel.

2. Burj Khalifa: 

Bildergebnis für burj khalifa

Going to Dubai without visiting the Burj Khalifa would be a huge fail! So of course, this is at the very top of my list of things to do when in Dubai. I have to admit though, that the skyline of Dubai doesn’t even come close to the ones in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and I don’t think that the view from atop the tallest skyscraper looks as spectacular as the one from the Shanghai Tower (see here).

Still, I wanna say that I have been on top of the world’s tallest skyscraper.

3. Sheikh Al Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi: 

Bildergebnis für sheikh zayed grand mosque

Another must-visit on my Dubai list. This mosque is outside of Dubai, in Abu Dhabi, but taking a taxi is supposed to be quite cheap in the UAE, especially if you can share it with other people. We would spend the whole day in Abu Dhabi when already there, so I would have to check out what else we could do there.

4. Beaches and Beach Clubs: 

Because there are way too many in Dubai, I will just summarize all the Beaches that are on my list. It probably won’t be possible to go to them all, but I definitely want to see at least two of them.

  • West 14th Beach on The Palm
Bildergebnis für West 14th dubai

Because we stay at Mövenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate, we get free access to this beach which looks incredible with its infinity pool. It is located on the artifical island of The Palm.

Bildergebnis für the palm dubai
  • Jumeirah Beach and Jumeirah Beach Residence: 

Probably the most famour public beach in Dubai, including the promenade with lots and lots of restaurants, cafes and shops (including Shake Shack).

Here, with the Burj Al Arab, one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

Bildergebnis für jumeirah beach


Bildergebnis für jumeirah beach residence dubai
  • Nikki Beach: 

Being probably the most popular beach club in Dubai, this is actually a must visit. We will probably go to this place on thursday if it isn’t too expensive.

Bildergebnis für nikki beach dubai

 5. Dubai Mall + Aquarium: 

Bildergebnis für dubai mall

Travelling with my sister means going shopping, even if it is only for 1 or 2 hours. The Dubai Mall has one interesting asset that the other malls in Dubai don’t have: The biggest aquarium in the world. I guess that’s worth a visit.

6. Butterfly Garden: 

Bildergebnis für butterfly garden dubai

I really wanna see this place. I love butterflies and I would love to walk in those gardens with dozens and dozens of colourful butterflies whirring around me. A beautiful imagination.

7. Miracle Garden: 

Bildergebnis für miracle garden dubai
Bildergebnis für miracle garden dubai
Bildergebnis für miracle garden dubai

Do I need to say more?

8. Dubai Marina: 

Bildergebnis für Dubai marina

I love marinas and looking at yachts, and Dubai, being one of the richest countries in the world probably has some dope yachts chilling in the marina.

For the sights, this was pretty much all. I didn’t include the restaurants and bars and clubs we want to go to, although Shake Shack and Nusr Et (Saltbae’s restaurant) are pretty much on the list as well. But with these things, it always depends on the circumstances.

I am already pretty much excited, especially for the great weather and the desert.

Have you ever been to Dubai? Is there anything you could add to my Must-See List?

Thank you for reading and travelling with me.