Travel List

Like I have created a Bucket List yesterday, I thought about doing one for Travel, too, since one of my biggest wishes is to travel around the world and see as much as possible. I already had some wishes which places I wanted to visit, but I also got inspired by facebook page: Places to see before you die

There are a lot of beautiful places which are not known to a lot of people I guess, but are very beautiful, more worth seeing than those typical sights. You can see the pictures in the link above.

  • Africa:
    1. Cape Town
    2. Dubai
    3. Egypt, The Pyramids
    4. Jamaica: Golden Eye Resort
    5. Johannesburg
    6. Madagaskar
    7. Tunisia
    8. Zanzibar
    9. Nairobi
    10. Kenya

  • Antilles:
    1. Bahamas: Eleuthera; Musha Cay Island
    2. Barbados
    3. Caribbean
    4. Cuba
  • Arizona:
    1. Grand Canyon
    2. Horseshoe Bend
    3. Phoenix
    4. The Wave
    5. Tucson
  • Australia:
    1. Monkey Mia: Dolphines
    2. Sydney: Homebush Bay: Floating Forest Ship
    3. Whitehaven Beach
    4. Melbourne
    5. Hidden waterfalls
  • Austria:

    1. Salzburg
    2. Vienna
  • Bolivia:
    1.  Salar de Uyuni, world’s largest salt flat
  • Bora Bora:
    1.  Turqoise lagoon
  • British Virgin Islands:
    1.  Guana Island
  • California

    1.  Los Angeles (Hollywood, Walk of Fame)
    2. Mendocino: Glass Beach
    3. Orange County
    4. Redwood National Park
    5. San Francisco: Lombard Street
    6. Santa Monica: Tree houses
    7. Tulare County: Biggest tree in the World at Sequioa National Park
    8. Venice Beach
    9. Yosemite Falls
  • Chile:
    1.  Algarrobo
    2. The Easter Islands
  • China:
    1.  Beijing: The Forbidden City
    2. The Great Wall of China
    3. Hong Kong
    4. Shanghai
    5. Zhangjiajie
    6. Guilin
  • Costa Rica:
    1.  Chapel in the Clouds
  • Croatia:
    1.  Plitvice Lake
  • Czech Republic:
    1.  Praha
  • Dominican Republic:
  • England:
    1.  Bristol
    2. Canterbury
    3. Dover
    4. Leeds
    5. London
    6. Cambridge/Oxford (London)
    7. Reading
  • Finland:
    1.  Helsinki
  • Florida:
    1.  Miami
    2. Orlando: Disneyland
  • France:
    1.  Côte d’Azur
    2. Normandy: Mont Sain-Michel; Cliffs of Etretat
    3. Paris
    4. Straßburg
  • Germany:
    1.  Berlin
    2. Bremen
    3. Cologne
    4. Düsseldorf
    5. Frankfurt
    6. Görlitz: Kromlauer Park: Devil’s Bridge
    7. Hamburg
    8. Hannover
    9. Heidelberg
    10. Leipzig
    11. Munich
    12. Schönau am Königssee
  • Greece:

    1. Corfu Island
    2. Giola lagoon
    3. Ithaca Island
    4. Lesvos: Molyvos village
    5. Mykonos
    6. Milos Island: Papafragas Beach
    7. Navagio Beach
    8. Santorini
    9. Zakynthos
    10. Kreta
  • Hawaii:
    1. Honolulu
    2. Maui
    3. Molokini Crater
  • Holland:
    1.  Amsterdam
    2. Den Haag
    3. Giethoorn: boat village
    4. Keukenhof: The River of Flowers
    5. Rotterdam  
  • Iceland:
    1.  Waterfall of Gods
    2. Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls
  • India:
    1.  Bombay
    2. Ganges
    3. New Delhi
    4. Taj Mahal
  • Indonesia:
    1.  Bali: Hanging Infinity Pools
    2. Gili Islands
  • Ireland:
    1.  Dublin
  • Italy:
    1. Capri
    2. Florence
    3. Lake Como
    4. Manarola
    5. Milano
    6. Portofino
    7. Saturnia: Natural Jacuzzi
    8. Sicily: Levanzo
    9. Sorrento
    10. Spello: Streets and alleys
    11. Tuscany
    12. Venice: Turqoise Canal
  • Japan:
    1.  Hitachinaka: Hitachi Seaside Park
    2. Hokkaido
    3. Honshu: Mount Fuji
    4. Kyoto: Daigo-Ji temple (in autumn!); Sagano Bamboo Forest
    5. Tokyo: Kawachi Fuji Gardens
  • Laos:
    1.  Luan Prabang
  • Mexico:
    1. Cancun
    2. Chichen Itza: Sacred Cenote
    3. Hidden Beach
    4. Rivera Maya
  • Nevada:
    1.  Las Vegas
  • New York:
    1. Central Park
    2. Brooklyn
    3. Manhattan
    4. Niagara Falls
  • New Zealand:
    1. Coromandel Peninsula: Cathedral Cove
    2. Golden Bay
    3. Hobbit Village
    4. Waitomo Glowworm Caves
  • Norway:
    1. Fylke More og Romsdal: The Atlantic Ocean Road
    2. Narrow Fjord
  • Oregon:
    1.  The Wizard’s Hat of Bandon
  • Portugal:
    1.  Agueda: Street of Floating Umbrellas
    2. Idanha-a Nova: Rock Village Monsanto
    3. Lagos
    4. Lissabon
  • Republic of Fiji Islands
  • Republic of Maldives:

    1. Kanuhura Beach
    2. Paradise Island
  • Republic of Mauritius
  • Republic of Seychelles
  • Philippines:
    1. Manila
    2. Isla de Gigantes Island
    3. Villa Escudero: Waterfall Restaurant
  • Scottland:
    1. Dumfries: Caerlaverock Castle
    2. Isle of Skye: Fairy Pools
  • Singapore:
    1.  Marina Bay Sands: Infinity Pool
  • South Carolina:
    1.  400-year old oak tree
  • Spain:
    1.  Andalucia
    2. Barcelona
    3. Gran Canaria: Casa Batillo
    4. Ibiza
    5. Menorca
    6. Toledo
    7. Valencia
  • St. Lucia:
    1.  Jade Mountain: Infinity Pool
  • Sweden:
    1.  Stockholm
  • Switzerland:
    1. Basel
    2. Bern
    3. Lake Brienz
    4. Zurich
  • Tahiti
  • Taiwan:
    1.  Taipei
    2. Yushan National Park
  • Thailand:
    1. Bangkok
    2. Chiang Mai: Floating Lanterns Festival
    3. White Temple of Chiang Rai
    4. Island of Ko Kood
    5. Krabi
    6. Udonthani: Red Lotus Sea
  • Turkey:
    1.  Ankara
    2. Antalya
    3. Bodrum
    4. Capadocia
    5. Cesme
    6. Istanbul
    7. Izmir
    8. Kusadasi
    9. Pamukkale
  • Turks and Caicos Island


12 thoughts on “Travel List

      1. London & Berlin are big on my travel list. I also want to see much of Asia but have not been able to make that happen just yet. If you end up going to the States it’s very easy to check a lot of those locations off your list. I live about an hour outside of Manhattan but I always tell people to explore the other boroughs of New York City. Visit Chinatown in Flushing Queens or walk across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn for lunch. There are so many things to do there. I noticed you had Las Vegas on your list also, I just came back from there a few weeks ago and posted a bunch of pictures on my blog from my trip.


        1. London is really great! I would even go there again (which I will do probably for my Erasmus). When I have been to London I was just 13 years old. It was with the class, but I have seen almost all the sights. The only thing I would like to do in London more is shopping, visiting cafes and different restaurants, and going clubbing. And of course the Harry Potter Studio Tours ;) This is also on my bucket list :D
          Berlin was nice for sightseeing. There are a lot of historical museums, and the city itself is quite political. The parks are beautiful, but to be honest, there are more beautiful german cities (Munich and Hamburg for example). A lot of people love Berlin because of the club-scene, but when I have been there with class, we were not allowed to go clubbing during the night :D
          Yes, Chinatown is definitely on my list as well, when I should end up in Ney York in the future :D But thanks for your advices :) I will remember it :)


  1. Back in England, I live only 30mins away from London and still haven’t been to the Harry Potter Studios.. maybe this summer!?
    I have also added the park in Görlitz aswell as Koenigssee to the places I want to visit in Germany before my time on my Year Abroad is up!!
    Lovely blog btw :D


  2. Very interesting list, I don’t get why you have Jamaica in Africa because it’s in the Caribbean and that’s North America lol except for a few Geographical mistakes you got a Great list, you only missing Haiti though :D


  3. Hey, great list! Congrats on everywhere you’ve been and good luck on your future travel plans! I’m Cameron and I’m very interested in fashion, style and traveling. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!


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