A Bucket List

This is my first online Bucket List I guess. I already made a list a few years ago with my sister and my cousin, but it was just for fun. Now I got inspired by this blog: Project Light to Life.

I will List the things I really want to do before I die, and also the ones of which I wanted to do, and have already done :) I hope I can remember everything.

  1. Write and publish a novel
  2. Travel around the world
  3. Live abroad for at least 6 months
  4. Go to an elephant sanctuary
  5. Spend my birthday (4th of July) in the USA
  6. Meet Joanne K. Rowling
  7. Meet someone from the cast of “Harry Potter”
  8. Visit the London Studio Tours
  9. Go to the Harry Potter Theme Park in Disneyland, Orlando
  10. Get a Tattoo
  11. Kiss Underwater
  12. Swim with Dolphins
  13. Go on a Road Trip
  14. Go to Spring Break
  15. Go to a strip bar once
  16. Visit a Coffee Shop in Amsterdam
  17. Get lost in a Labyrinth
  18. Make a tour with a hot air balloon in Cappadocia
  19. Watch the lowering of the ball on New Years Eve in New York
  20. Learn Kung-Fu
  21. Acquire the British accent
  22. Learn to speak Italian
  23. Learn to speak Russian
  24. Learn to speak Japanese
  25. Learn to speak Chinese
  26. See the Sakura in Japan
  27. Play laser tag
  28. Play paintball
  29. Have a ride on a gondola in Venice, Italy
  30. Go sailing
  31. Swim with sharks
  32. Go Scuba-Diving
  33. Do an underwater-fotoshooting
  34. Dance on tables
  35. Own and ride a yacht
  36. Go to a waterfall
  37. Kiss a girl
  38. Do a Safari-Tour
  39. Visit a Monks Temple
  40. Party in a limo
  41. Meet someone famous
  42. Go to a butterfly camp
  43. Participate in the street partys in South American cities.
  44. Live in a house by the beach
  45. Appear in a theatre play on stage
  46. Have a mud-bath
  47. Go to a pool party
  48. Go Skinny dipping
  49. Watch a World-Cup-football match live
  50. Attend a music festival
  51. Wish upon a shooting star
  52. Write a message in a bottle
  53. Go Birdwatching
  54. Spend a day at the spa
  55. Go to a turkish Hammam
  56. Write at least one nice thing that happened every day and put it in a jar
  57. Become a godmother
  58. Watch an Indian dance show
  59. Watch a Geisha-show
  60. Own a dog
  61. Go Cosplaying in Tokyo
  62. Do calligraphy
  63. Translate a novel
  64. Drive through Route 66
  65. See the Polar Lights
  66. Throw a house party
  67. Do Fundraising for NGOs
  68. Watch an American basketball game live
  69. Learn how to cook Moussakka
  70. Ride on a Camel in the Sahara/Desert
  71. Visit the desert
  72. Try Deejaying
  73. Design a piece of clothing
  74. Learn how to dance Tango
  75. Learn how to dance Salsa
  76. Learn how to dance Hip Hop
  77. Visit a dog cafe
  78. Watch the sunset in Arizona
  79. Tree camping in Elk,California
  80. Go on a cruise
  81. Participate in the Holi in India
  82. Give my parents an all inclusive Holiday as a gift with my own earned money
  83. Go on a beach vacation with all of my closest friends
  84. Watch my children grow up
  85. Graduate from Uni
  86. Learn to cook
  87. Win a contest
  88. Do my dreamjob
  89. Go to a Drive-In Movie
  90. Drive an Oldie
  91. Go to Disney World/Disney Land
  92. Go to an Owl Cafe
  93. Go to a Cat Cafe
  94. Do Parasailing
  95. Hike the Inca Trail
  96. Adopt an animal
  97. Be backstage at a concert

14 thoughts on “A Bucket List

  1. I want to ride a camel or elephant. The Harry Potter thing in Florida is a given. I have three tattoos so I beat you there. Learn how to dance anything would be great for me. I don’t dance. At all. It’s horrible. And you’ve never played laser tag or gone paint balling!? Oh my. What are you doing with your life? Haha


    1. Yes, unfortunately, they don’t have laser tag so much here in germany :/ I don’t really know where in Germany I can do that. Maybe in Berlin? I heard that they have paint ball in frankfurt. But I am still a bit afraid of it :’D But I want to do it some time. The same as with the tattoos. I am still a bit afraid and broke for a tattoo, but I want to have one if I am a bit more experienced in life :) I just don’t want to make some bad decisions, especially when it comes to tattoos. :)
      I love dancing, but I would like to learn a pair dance.


      1. Tattoos aren’t scary. And don’t hurt. Too much. Lol. BUT I understand what you mean about getting one and then regretting it. I have one like that. But don’t ask what it is or why I got it cause I’m not telling!

        I’d just like to move to music with the slightest bit of rhythm. Haha


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