Hasta La Vista, Barcelona

Friday, 20th March 2015: La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona Beach, Mercat de la Boqueria:

Today was our last day in Barcelona. After a good breakfast, we went down to have our last breakfast in that beautiful hotel. Upstairs again, we packed our suitcases, since we were too exhausted to do it the day before. But it didn’t take too long anyway. At noon, we had to check out, but we were allowed to leave our suitcase in a room behind the lobby, so that we could still spend the day in the city and come to pick up our suitcase later.

My sister and me wanted to see Sagrada Familia, since we still haven’t seen the most famous sight in Barcelona :D My friend Keddy would meet us later, since it wouldn’t be too spectacular for her. But she recommended us to watch it from the Plaza de Gaudi, a little parc behind the church, because there wouldn’t be too many tourists there, and the view would also be better from that parc. We did as she told us. We took the metro to the station Sagrada Familia. As we got out, we were overwhelmed by the amount of tourists bustling around the church and standing on the pavement in front of the Sagrada Familia, taking photos like crazy. We also tried to take photos, but it was difficult, since there were too many people walking in and out of the picture, and the distance was just not far away to get the monument properly on one picture. So my sister and me started walking around to the backside of the church to find the parc. As we walked around it, we saw the line of visitors who were trying to get inside the church. It alsmost went along the whole church! And the entrance fee wasn’t cheap either: 20€! We thought about going in, but after seeing that, we decided against it. If you plan to go inside, you should buy a ticket online which is a bit cheaper and won’t force you to wait in line to get in. The next time I go to Barcelona, I will definitely buy a ticket to go inside. This time it didn’t work out, but this definitely wasn’t the last time in Barcelona. I want to go there again one day.

Anyway, when we found the parc, we felt way calmer. There weren’t nearly as many people as on the front side. And the construction work didn’t block the view of the church. We walked around the park a little bit and took a lot of photos.

Despite the construction works, the view is beautiful with the trees, flowers and the pond. And I really love the little roofs on the left side. They are so cute! So, whatever you do guys, go to that parc for a photo and a lovely view.

After enjoying the view in the parc for a few minutes, we set off towards Metro station again and planned to go to the beach, which was at the station Barceloneta. After we got off the station, we had to walk about 10-15 minutes to the beach. We walked past the harbor and saw some beautiful yachts and boats.

2015-03-21 03.15.29 1
Have I told you that I’d rather own and live in a yacht than a house :D

It was warmer at that station, but as we walked further in the direction of the beach, we felt the wind getting stronger and stronger. It was sunny, but at the same time windy. When we finally reached the beach, I was both happy to smell the salty air, and annoyed of the wind which was swirling my hair around my head and blowing the sand on my sunglasses. Still, it was quite funny to take photos in the wind and looking funny with our hair weighing around :D

2015-03-21 01.32.18 1 2015-03-21 01.32.26 1 2015-03-21 01.32.05 1

That’s how a wild sea looks like <3 Definitely my favorite landscape!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay any longer at the beach, since our hair was becoming a huge mess of knots. And the wind was surely making us freeze a little bit. We wanted to sit somehwere near and drink something. Earlier, we walked past a cafe/restaurant which looked quite cute, so we decided to go there for a drink. It is called Maka Maka and sold all kinds of food, mostly burgers. The cocktails sounded good as well, but since it was so cold outside, I didn’t want to drink a cocktail. We thought to drink something warm, but then we saw farm potatoes with parmesan and garlic, and immediately decided to take that to eat. We only ordere one, because we still wanted to eat something at the Mercat. Since a hot drink wouldn’t fit with that, I opted for a strawberry-cucumber smoothie with soy milk, and oh my, when it arrived and I tasted it, it was soooo gooooood!!!! The best smoothie I ever drank! Better than the ones at the Mercat, seriously! Of course it cost a bit more expensive, but it was definitely worth it. The parmesan potatoes were excellent as well. We didn’t want it to end, and ate too fast. In the end, we were sad that it ended so soon :’D

Soooo heavenly!

A good thing was that we could warm ourselves, although we sat outside since the waitress lighted a fire-oven right behind my back :3 After we paid (which took an eternity because they kept us waiting about 10 minutes to bring back the change which was 40€!) I didn’t want to leave because it was so warm there. But we had to hurry up since our friend Keddy was waiting for us at the train station. We met her there and went to the Ramblas again. At the Mercat, we bought our last portions of food to eat in the plane, and also, to bring something for our father and brother. I bought sooo much this time, but still had 20€ left in the end :D

After the Mercat, we set off for our hotel now, to pick up our suitcase. It was quite annoying to walk and drive around with that huge suitcase and my sister and me had huge difficulties :’D But in the end, we made it to the train station to take the train to the airport. We said goodbye to our friend and entered the train.

When we arrived at the airport, we got our boarding passes and searched our gate. The airport in Barcelona is way bigger than the one in Stuttgart, but we soon found it. Unfortunately, our flight had a delay of an hour. And here’s when the scariest departure I have ever experience begins. If you are afraid of flying, you better should stop reading now, guys! Anyway, about 30 minutes after the delay, a lot of people started to come out of the gate we were supposed to go through to board our plane. These people were the passengers who now left the plane we were supposed to be entering later. However, it was odd that they were exiting through the same gate as we were supposed to be entering later. Plus, most of them were looking strained, annoyed, relieved to have finally landed. I noticed this only after we had landed in Stuttgart as well. Why you ask? Well, I will come to that. When we were finally allowed to board the plane, it was 8pm. We should have entered at about 7pm. The first scary thing happened when the plane was still standing still and the pilot was speaking through the loud speakers. As he explained that the delay was due to the bad weather in Barcelona which caused difficulties to land securely, the lights began to flicker violently all of a sudden. Then, before the plane started to drive to the outbound route, a cabin attendant explained us that we would fly with the lights out, to ensure a safe flight. At first, I didn’t think it was strange. I already had a few night flights with turned off lights. But I was getting a bit annoyed when I noticed that the plane was taking way too long to drive to the outbound route. I immediately had to think about the speech of the pilot and the bad weather: Suddenly, I thought it a bad idea to fly at this weather. It was really raining strongly, and the wind was actually so strong that we could see the rain being blown off. Then, after about 20 minutes, the plane found the outbound route and sped up. When it took off, I seriously thought we would crash down! It was shaking from left to right quite violently. My sister was starting to get afraid and grabbed my arm, and I was clutching both of the armrests. I have never had such a flight. In the course of the plane, it was trying to get higher, but every time I felt how the plane had to reduce its height. It was obviously trying to get above this stormy cloud, but it had difficulties winning height with the wind pushing it down and making it more difficult to steer. Usually, I do something during a flight, most often reading. But this time, I was just way too busy with my own mind to concentrate on a book. The seat-belt sign was still blinking after 45 minutes. Usually, it turns off after 10-15 minutes when the plane has took off. I was counting the hours and sometimes closed my eyes to calm down. It was the wors flight I have ever had, and I am a person who flies since her childhood and has never been afraid of it.

Well, we landed at about 10pm in Stuttgart, finally! I was so relieved to see Stuttgart. I didn’t think I would have ever been so relieved :D

Anyway, the story is not finished yet. 4 days after that dreadful flight, news reached us that a Germanwings plane from Barcelona to Düsseldorf crashed into the mountains of the alps. Our plane was also Germanwings. I shivered as goosebumps covered my body. Me and my sister were way too schocked. People kept calling and writing to us, asking if we have already arrived. At first, I was shocked, but then I calmed down after a few days, since the plane was going to Düsseldorf, and we to Stuttgart. Still, after that event, I am feeling a bit afraid when boarding a plane now.

Well, despite of that horrible flight back from Barcelona, the trip was awesome! I would recommend that city to any kind of person, since it has everything for everyone: Good food, a nightlife, shopping possibilities, a beach, and of course the most important, a lot of sightseeing of cultural and historical monuments. Even if our flight was terrible, don’t get misled by my experience; flying is still the safest way of transportation.

I hope you liked my posts. Have any of you ever been to Barcelona? How have you liked it there? Would you go again? And have you ever experienced a horrible flight at which you thought it would crash?

Thanks for reading!


Barcelona: How to combine Clubbing and Sight-seeing

Thursday, 19th March 2015: Arc de Triomf, Barrio Gotico, Mercat de la Boqueria:

On my previous post I wrote about the arrival in Barcelona and our second day there which also included clubbing. Clubbing during your travels can have its advantages and, if time is short, disadvantages. However, I have heard so many things about the nightlife in Barcelona, that I wanted to experience that as well. The problematic part happens in the next day’s morning hours of course. Usually, I am a person that doesn’t need a lot of rest after dancing. On that day, however, I just didn’t want to leave my bed. When my sister woke me up at 9am for breakfast, I felt so sick that I thought to skip breakfast. In the end, I thought it would be better to eat at least something, so we went down and I ate some fruits. After breakfast, we went to bed again, but not even after an hour I woke up again to take shower. I thought that might help to come back to myself and make me stop shivering all the time, despite of the sunny weather outside. My sister’s mood was a bit down since she knew this would happen after the party. But as soon as we got ourselves ready to go, we were feeling a bit better already. We met my friend Keddy at the station Arc de Triomf and began taking photos as soon as we saw the monument :D

2015-03-19 13.52.44
My trying to take selfies. Somehow I think that my front camera is broken, since the pictures is alwas dark at the top/at the right end
2015-03-19 13.54.50
My friend Keddy in front of the Arc de Triomf
2015-03-19 13.53.54
My sister and my friend Keddy walking through the Arc in front of me.
2015-03-19 14.09.46
A panorama shot of the Arc de Triomf

It was a beautiful, sunny day. As we walked into the Arc there was a man creating soap bubbles. We watched him and tried to capture beautiful photos with the bubbles flying in front of the arc. The man started speaking with us as he heard we were german. He also came from germany he told us :D

Look at the beautiful bubbles he created.

After standing there for a while we continued and found ourselves in the Parc de la Ciutadella. We walked around a little bit and found some beautiful places *o*

2015-03-20 04.15.54 1_20150320184239497
This view is so beautiful <3
2015-03-20 04.16.10 1
Me doing a little posing with the palm trees
2015-03-20 04.17.40 1
The famous fountain in the Parc de la Ciutadella. In my opinion, it is more beautiful than the Parc Güell
2015-03-19 14.19.04
A memorial for the victims of the war.

20150319_141957_Richtone(HDR) 20150319_144208_Richtone(HDR) 20150319_144444_Richtone(HDR)

2015-03-19 14.48.17
This was at the end of the Parc. That building is the parliament I think, and it was a bit funny to see a statue of a crying person in front of it. I think the statue and the little pond around it should symbolize a legend I have heard about. In that, there is a person who cried so much that a lake was formed. But I forgot what that story was and what it was called.

2015-03-20 04.19.09 1 2015-03-19 14.45.55 2015-03-19 14.46.21 2015-03-19 14.46.33

Whilte we were there, two friends of Keddy joined us as well. Flor, one of the Argentinian girls from the night before, and Monique, a girl who is also from Germany. Unfortunately, Flor didn’t stay too long with us. When we decided to visit Barrio Gotico, she had to return home to study. On the way there we walked past the old city walls of Barcelona as well.

2015-03-19 14.58.08 2015-03-19 14.58.20

Barrio Gotico is really a cute district with its many cafes, restaurants, little shops and tiny, old passages.

2015-03-22 01.49.49 1
Giant Palm Tree :D It’s steadied by metal ropes :’D


We walked around there, searching for a place to eat something and drink coffee. Then, my sister saw a shop selling macarons, but ended up buying ice cream which said to be the best in Barcelona.I tried from my sister, and it really tasted good. But I wanted to eat something proper, since my breakfast was a bit poor and I was getting very hungry. After walking for too long, we found a sandwhich shop and Keddy and me bought something to eat there. We took the sandwiches with us and sat down in front of the cathedral there. It was a good atmosphere and the sandwich tasted like the best thing ever :D In front of the cathedral, there was a man playing the guitar, and it fit perfectly to the sunny weather. It really was a beautiful moment, sitting there on the steps with the others and enjoying the sun and the music.

2015-03-22 01.48.45 1

After Keddy and me finished out sandwiches, we slowly set off to the city, in the direction of Las Ramblas where we wanted to go to the Mercat de la Boqueria. I was already so excited to sea this, and I was definitely not disappointed:

Every second stand was a smoothie stand. However, I didn’t like the smoothies that much :/ I was expecting more from them. Once, I had a raspberry-banana smoothie which didn’t taste too spectacular, and one day after, I had a dragonfruit-coconut smoothie which tasted like puke :S I think it was because of the coconut. I cannot recommend the ones with coconut to you, guys. You should better stick to what you know and like.
This was sooo yummy! I want fish right now <3

20150319_161332_Richtone(HDR) 20150319_161248_Richtone(HDR)

Thats what I bought from the Mercat (except for the bookmark of course)

We wanted to go there the next day again to buy something for our flight <3

After we left the Mercat, Monique had to leave. We said goodbye and then we set off to the bay. There was a mall, so we wanted to check that out. We didn’t take too long there. Keddy just went to the toilet, and me and my sister rested a bit. But we didn’t go shopping :D

However, the view was beautiful:

20150319_171239_Richtone(HDR) 2015-03-21 03.15.06 1

After leaving the mall, we looked for a place to eat Churros, since we still didn’t have eaten any. When we went to Plaza del Reial, we saw a little cute cafe that sold Churros with hot chocolate sauce <3 We immediately went inside and ordered:

2015-03-21 11.21.23 1
The interior is so cute guys! If I lived in Barcelona, I would be her every day. I forgot what it was cold, but it is in the little passage way that’s leading to the Plaza del Reial on the right hand side. You won’t miss that cute shop.

20150319_164859 2015-03-21 11.21.30 1 2015-03-21 11.21.40 1

Seriously, I wanna eat Churros for breakfast every day now *o* that was sooo gooood!

Well, after enjoying our ‘meal’, we set off to Las Ramblas again. We planned to go to Plaza Espana. My friend told me that there was a mall called Arena where one could go up the roof and have a view over the Plaza. So we did that. On our way to the metro station, however, my sister found the Sephora Shop and went inside. Guys, it was overwhelming. Never seen such a huge shop only for cosmetics. We don’t have Sephora in Germany, and the one we saw in Prague was tiny. This one looked like a runway when you entered o.O Too much walking for me and Keddy. We decided to sit down on the sofas downstairs. It was a bit embarrassing, since there were only men sitting there, waiting for their wifes/girlfriends :’D

Well, fortunately, my sister didn’t take too long, so we set left. When we arrived at Plaza de Espana, it was about 9pm I think. We were so tired from the night before, that we had difficulties walking :’D But it was worth the walk:


At the back you can see the Font Magica. When we left the Plaza we went there, too, since we saw the water from above, but when we arrived there, it was already turned down :( Next time, I want to see the fountain show!

When we entered the metro a few minutes later, we were quite relieved to go back home/to the hotel again. It was an exhausting, yet beautiful day. Plus, we proved that you can easily combine partying and sightseeing on a short city trip ;)

The next day was our last, but we still had a lot of time, so we did something as well before heading to the airport. If you want to know what we have done, stay tuned for the last Barcelona Post.

I’m in love with Barcelona <3

First of all: I am so sorry that I couldn’t post this earlier guys, but I was quite busy the last few weeks. I have been reading my books for my bachelor thesis like crazy, and now, I only have 2 left. Still, I wanted to post about my trip to Barcelona ASAP as well, so that I won’t forget what I experienced. If some of you were following me on instagram, you might have seen some of the photos already. Still, I want to give a full report about what I had done during those 3 days in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here we go!

1. Day, Tuesday, 17th March 2015: Arrival in Barcelona

That day, we prepared ourselves for a one and a half hour flight from Stuttgart to Barcelona. image Our trip was enjoyable and we arrived in Barcelona at about 7pm. My friend Keddy who is doing her Erasmus there picked us up at the airport. We immediately went to our hotel to put back our luggage. Our hotel was called Madanis and was near Camp Nou. It was a beautiful place and the rooms were quite comfortable. When we finally refreshed a bit, we set off again to eat something. My friend took us to a restaurant called Montaditos. It is a restaurant that sells sandwiches in small Tapas size. It tasted quite good and was what we needed at that moment. image The wine we drank was also very tasty. It looks a lot I know but we were 3 people and the sandwiches were quite small. But in the end we were full and went back to our hotel. My friend also gave us a metro Plan so we could find our hotel, and the meeting point for the next day. I have to say that the metro plan is easier than I imagined. So if you ever go to Barcelona getting around will be your least problem. I would also advise you to buy a 10-rides-ticket. 1 ride is valid for 90 minutes.

2. Day, Wednesday, 18th March 2015: Sightseeing Parcs:

That day was a loooong day. We had a good breakfast at the hotel. image image

View from our hotel room.

After breakfast we got on the metro to go to Parc Güell. It was a bit outside of the city centre, at the metro station Vallcarca, but we met Keddy and found it. The weather could have been a bit better but still it was nice and thankfully it didn’t rain.

Half the way we walked to Parc Güell.

image When we arrived in Parc Güell we walked around the charge-free area a bit and climbed up there to have a view over Barcelona. And it was worth it. There was also a guy playing the guitar, so the atmosphere was very peaceful and calming. image Then we continued walking amd came to the main part of the parc. There we found out that we had to pay so we did. It was about 8€ but I think it was okay. We had to wait 30 minutes to get inside, so that not everyon’d go inside at once. In the meantime we took a lot of photos

A little bit of posing ;)
While taking photos here, a group of school pupils came to us to ask us some questions about where we came from, how old we were, and why we were visiting Barcelona and Parc Güell. I think it was a homework from english class at school to interview tourists :D
Gaudi’s House. What a beautiful building! I wish I could live here in summer <3


The mosaic embellishments on the stone benches.
My friend Keddy and my sister. Unfortunately one building was restored, so the view was a bit uncomplete.
This bench was built so that it could provide you with shadow in summer and sun in winter.


It was really hard to take some decent photos of the famous mosaic lizard in Parc Güell, since so many people wanted to take a photo of and with it. The man standing there was posing next to the lizard with his wife for several minutes. He was even told off by a parc guard because he began leaning on the lizard -.- That man annoyed a great deal, and I think he was the perfect role model of an annoying tourist.


I loved this house, it looks like gingerbread house. And the bird in front looks like its sould is leaving him :/
A last picture of the Parc Güell

After walking for about 2 hours, we got tired and hungry, so we went to Barrio Gracia to find a place to eat. We walked there since it wasn’t too far away. Barrio Gracia is a artsy district with a lot of small boutiques, bars, restaurant and strangely enough, a lot of vegan shops. image After walking around a bit we found a Tapas Restaurant.

These were our tapas. I know, it doesn’t look like a lot of food, but it stuffed us quite well. They were all sooooo delicious, I wanna eat all of those again.
Guys, especially these mushrooms with cheese were heaven!
So, if you want to eat at a good and not so expensive place, this restaurant at Barrio Gracia is amazing. It doesn’t only serve Tapas, but also main dishes.

After eating we got on our way to the metro station. My friend Keddy saw a coffee shop and bought a cup of coffee. Then, a few streets further, we saw a froyo shop and got ourselves a frozen yoghurt :D image Now we took the metro to go to the Parc de Laberint. I saw this online on trip advisor and fell in love with it: It has a maze guys!!! Whatever you do, you have to go to that parc! It is not far from the station Mundet (As I can remember that’s what the station was called). As we arrived we didn’t even have to walk that much. Soon we found it. It is near the campus. And we were lucky: the entrance is free on wednesdays (and sundays as well I think). But usually it’s 2€ so that’s quite cheap.

The entrance to the labyrinth parc
Inside, we found this cute door which looked so magical. On the other side, we found…
… The Romantic Parc


Further ahead from the Romantic parc, we found little water falls. I couldn’t stop taking photos of these <3

image After that, as we walked around the area, we saw some roofs and I was wondering what building that was. So we had a look and found this place below. It was the entrance to the maze. image

Me trying to be artsy :D

And finally: THE MAZE!

image image Aaahhhh! It was sooo amazing and fun! The gloomy weather fit perfectly to the atmoshpere of the maze. I think it couldn’t have been better <3 image As we wanted to leave we came across these little cuties :’D I noticed that there are a lot of animals, especially bird-type animals. In Parc Güell we saw some beautiful green birds that looked like tropical birds. Here we saw a heron and some ducks :D Well, after the parc we decided to shortly get out at station Catalunya. There is the parallel street to the Ramblas and so the Casa Batllo. We saw it and it really is quite beautiful. Gaudi was a genius, really. image My friend wanted to show me something. After walking for a while, it turned out to be a bookstore :D what else! It was a book store called Altair and was one especially for travelling. image On this board people could pin their announcements to look for travel partners who want to go to the same place. A cool idea in my opinion. I bought a bookmark here. It was a bit expensive but it was a beautiful one.

After that, we went to our hotel room. In the evening we wanted to go partying. My friend asked us if we want to go to the Sonora Bar first where the Erasmus students usually meet. After that we would go to a club called Razzmatazz. Wednesdays, clubs usually are closed. Only a few are open and Razzmatazz is one of those.

At the hotel, we lay down a bit cause we were so tired. It was also the day when FC Barcelona had a match (against Liverpool I think), so I could watch all the football fans down in the streets in front of our hotel room window. Later when the game started, we could hear everything from the stadium. Well, almost everything. Every time the goal keeper made a long, hard kick to the other end we could hear that, and every time the crowd groaned and cheered we could hear it as well :D no need to pay for a seat ;D

Well, a few hours later we were ready and went to meet our friend at the metro station Marina. At the bar we ate a hamburger but I didn’t like it a lot and couldn’t even finish it. But I drank a lot. Maybe too much. Whenever you go partying in Barcelona, or Spain in general, keep in mind that the drinks are quite strong. At the bar we met some Argentinien friends of Keddy. They were quite funny and nice people :D


When we went inside the club, I was already a bit tipsy, but the crowd at the entrance gave me a little shock. The People were going crazy as though there was something for free. The entrance was usually 15€+free drink. If you had a screenshot of the event flyer, you could get inside for 8€+drink of course. Well, the entrance fee was the only thing I spent that night. I had my free drink, Rum-Cola and then my sister couldn’t drink half of her Vodka Bull so she gave it to me.

At the end of the night, I was drunk and feeling sick. But still we had fun and met a lot of nice people. Although I didn’t really like the music at the club (it was a mixture between pop charts and 90s trashy music), I had a good time, no wonder with so much alcohol consumed. However, the club Razzmatazz actually is known for its techno music, and its 7 or so floors, but on Wednesday, only 1 floor is open and the music is rather bad.


Well, at some point in the club, my friend and my sister were gone and I found myself dancing alone and having a lot of fun :’D My sister also told me that she saw a lot of gay couples making out in a corner :’D I think I was just too wasted to notice that.

Well, in the end, when we were feeling tired, we decided to leave at about 5 am. We went outside and there was a huge crowd of young people, mostly Erasmus students. At after 5 am we took the metro to the hotel. At 6 am we arrived and instantly fell asleep.

How we survived the next day, you will find out in the second part of the post :)

Barcelona Travel Plans

I might have mentioned that I will be going to Barcelona in March for 3 days to visit my friend there who does her Erasmus. My sister is also going to join. Or should I rather say that she organized the trip :D

Before I will be too occupied with my Bachelor thesis in a few weeks, I wanted to make a travel list with sights and places I want to visit there. Let’s start:

Disclaimer! These pictures are not mine. They all have been found on google.

1. Park Güell & Casa Museu Gaudi:


This park was designed by Gaudi and it looks like gingerbread world to me *o* with the beautiful rooftops. I think I will take a lot of pictures here. I can already see it coming.


And this is going to be my future house. I mean, it is pink and it is hidden behind a ton of palm trees. If we can visit the house, I would really like to go in.

2. Sagrada Familia


This was also designed by Antoni Gaudi, and in fact it isn’t finished yet o.O It has been under construction for 100s of years. So overwhelming.

3. Mercat de la Boqueria (Food Market)


This is one of the sights I am soooo excited about. It is all about food. Cheap food. A lot of food. A lot of cheap food. I have to be there *o*

4. Las Ramblas und Placa Catalunya

Catalunya_Barcelona1_tango7174 La-Rambla-barcelona

These places seem to be like the center of Barcelona, so I guess we will definitely get around this place somehow. It connects the promenade with the harbour. I think here might be some nice restaurants to eat at. Can’t wait :)

5. Fairy Bar (El Bosc de les Fades)


I wanna go there soooooo soooo bad!!! I have seen this bar in a german youtuber’s vlog and it looks like a dream. Perfect for me. The adress is: Museo de Cera, Passatge de la Banca, 5, 08002 Barcelona,Museo de Cera, Passatge de la Banca, 5.

6. Font Magica and Montjuic



This is also going to be one of the sights I will take hundreds and hundreds of pictures, probably even videos. I heard that it looks amazing on new year’s eve. This fountain is in Montjuic which is a mountain. I also want to see the mountain, but I won’t climb up there. I am not a mountain person I guess :D There is also a castle up there I think, but I looked at the pictures on google, and they don’t look like they were worth seeing, so I guess we could skip that part. Hey, btw: it is a rhyme: fountain and mountain :D

7. Casa Batllo


This building looks amazing!!! I am already in love with this *o* This is also in the Placa de Catalunya, so I definitely have to go there now!

8. Camp Nou


Our hotel will be at Camp Nou, so we will probably have a look at the stadium as well. I wonder if we can also go in as tourists just to look at the empty stadium. I don’t think that I will go to a match there, because I heard it is expensive as f*ck. And my sister and friend are not the biggest football fans. Still, I would like to see the biggest stadium in Europe.

9. Parc de la Ciutadella & Arc de Triomf


OOOOO EMMMMM GEEEE!!!! This looks like a dream! Seriously, this is how I would imgine paradise! I wanna go there NOW!

It is near the train station Barcelona-Franca. I guess it is in the french-influenced part of Barcelona, since there is also a small Arc de Triomf.


10. Tibidabo


I guess this is like the observation hill or something like that. You can also go up there by cable car and there is also an amusement park, but I am not sure if we will go there. But it really would be nice to have a view over Barcelona from there.

These are the 10 main points I want to check out in Barcelona. I am quite excited already, and can’t wait for March any longer.

What about you guys? Have you already been to Barcelona? Do you have any secret suggestion for me, a non-touristy place I should definitely see?

Thanks for reading guys!