New Year’s Eve 2014 to 2015 in Melancholic Prague

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! It is a bit late, but better now than never. I hope that you all managed to slip happily into the new year and will make the best out of it.

Well, now, my New Year’s Eve was quite amazing and different to all the others. My sister and me went to Prague to celebrate NYE together with our cousin who is doing Erasmus there. Plus, we never celebrated New Year’s Eve with her, so it was a first time for us three. We also have never met in winter, and never outside of Turkey or Germany. Also, I never celebrated the new year abroad in a different country other than Germany, so another first.

Alright, let me start from the beginning. We arrived in Prague on the 30th of December at about 4 pm, because our bus in Nuremberg was 30 minutes late. We were so happy when we finally arrived in Prague and were starting freaking out inside of the bus when we saw our cousin outside looking expectantly at the bus while we were waving like crazy (got us some disapproving stares from our fellow senior passengers). We were the last ones to get out of the bus, because the seniors in the bus thought it smart to scramble. Well, in the end we made it out of the bus and hugged each other like crazy, for the first time on foreign grounds :D After hurrying through metro trains and crowded streets, we found our apartment after about an hour because we caught the false metro train first :’D But doesn’t matter. We got the keys and entered the appartment we booked via Airbnb, a website where you can rent apartments or rooms from locals.

After we put our things inside, we went out again, in order to eat something and walk through the city a little bit.

We found a restaurant that also served czech food. When I am in a foreign country and city, I want to try the local food. I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it looked like a cozy pub-restaurant. There weren’t many guests at that time, because we went there at about 6pm, and czech people usually have dinner at about 7.30 pm as my cousin Irem told me. I actually didn’t want to eat something meaty, but that was quite hard, since czech food is full with meat, potatoes and dumplings. Finally, I ordered beef goulash with bread dumplings.

2014-12-30 18.42.47

It tasted not bad, but to be honest, I wasn’t quite overwhelmed. The bread dumplings were not different to usual bread to me, and the sauce was nothing special, with so much pepper taste. The meat however was cooked in a delicate way. Unfortunately, there was too less of the goulash in the dish :'( My sister had fried cheese, and Irem had a goulash soup.

We ate, talked and laughed, until at about 7pm we wanted to pay, when we had the biggest shock during paying which took about 15 minutes. At first, the waiter told us that we also had to pay for the pretzels and the salted almond which were on the table. He counted the pretzels. 30czk (about 1.20 €) for each and 70czk for a package of almonds… Plus, my sister and me had to pay extra 30czk because we had a main dish and it is served with a couvert, which is only a baske with bread, ketchup and other sauces which we didn’t really use… Then the waiter told us that we could leave him a tip of 10% from the sum we paid. Since I am used to giving tips in Germany, I didn’t mind that, but when Irem had to puy, her sum was almost round, so her tip was less than 10%. Suddenly the waiter started to drag her into giving him 10% of tip, “but it was her choice after all”, he kept on repeating. She was quite annoyed of this and said that she would leave the tip she decided to. That was a bit annoying, and although my dish only cost about 289czk (10.70€) I paid about 20€ with two drinks plus the a pretzel and the couvert… Sure everything is cheap in Czech Republic, but you also have to be careful with all those things…

Well, in the end we were quite happy to leave that restaurant, and also that we were full. We went around the city and across the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square where we found the Christmas Market still going on. On our way there it also started to snow in heavy chunks of snowflakes swirling through the cold winter night.

2014-12-30 17.42.14
Peeing statues in front of the Kafka Museum. They really were peeing, moving their penises around :’D


2014-12-30 17.42.44
K like Kafka
2014-12-30 17.46.21
The Charles Bridge from afar
2014-12-30 17.47.00
Swans by night :)
2014-12-30 20.06.24
Entrance to the Charles Bridge
Us on Charles Bridge
2014-12-30 20.07.43
Do you see the snow? o.O It was horrible and beautiful at the same time…
2014-12-30 20.18.43
Old Town Square
2014-12-30 20.20.46
The Astronomy Tower at the Old Town Square. My favourite building <3 Reminds me of Harry Potter
2014-12-30 20.27.31
The beautiful Christmas Tree in Old Town Square


Selfie above the trdelnik stand :D


2014-12-30 20.29.20
The Trdelnik stand. Above it, there is a little platform where you can climb and have a look at the Christmas market from above :D
2014-12-30 20.33.31
Trdelnik. A Czech baking good, originally from Hungary, still amazing in taste *o* I didn’t like the warm food, but when it comes to sweets and baking goods, they surely have an amazing taste <3
2014-12-30 22.50.36
I think this was the Opera House, but I am not so sure anymore

2014-12-30 20.43.24

After our stroll through the city by night, we searched for a warm place to sit and drink something. As we searched for a bar, we came across the Sex Machines Museum. The entrance was open, but if we wanted to go further inside we had to pay. We stayed in the entrance since there were also some fun things to look at.

2014-12-30 20.58.40
I think that Love Tester messes you according to the temperature of your butt :’D Since we walked outside for over an hour, my butt was frozen like hell :’D A few hours and one drink later, the love tester categorized me as wild :’D

2014-12-30 20.57.31 2014-12-30 20.58.06

2014-12-30 21.13.52
Drinks at Popo Bar :D


At about midnight we headed home. I also bought a little bookmark in a souvenir’s shop and we saw this:

They sold it everywhere: Cannabis lollipops, Cannabis chocolate, Cannabis beer :’D I wondered if there really was cannabis inside


When we arrived at our appartment though, we suddenly couldn’t unlock the door. We assumed that there were other people in the other room and didn’t know that we were also living in that appartment. We got pissed off a little bit and rang the bell several times. An asian looking guy opened the door and apologized. He went back inside his room and we as well. Suddenly however, our extra bed was “stolen”. We were told by the guy renting his appartment that we would get an extra bed, and when we entered the apartment at 4pm that day, there actually was a prepared bed in the living room, but since we assumed we would be the only ones in the house, we wanted to take the bed to our room later. Now, the asians got the bed and we still needed a pillow and a blanket :’D So I had to knock on their door in order to figure out what to do. They were also 3 people with only one bed which was even smaller than ours. So we decided to sleep in one bed. The asian girl gave us her blanket and told us to share one blanket with her sister (or friend?), and I shared a pillow with my sister :’D Well, a stressful night after an eventful day.

2014-12-30 23.26.34
At least I could drink a tea aaaaand look what I found in the apartment: A breakfast at Tiffany’s novel. Look at that beautiful cover! I wish I could have taken it with me :'( And the mug was also just cute!

The next morning,  31st of December, we woke up at about 10 am and prepared to go to the Castle. We walked there and had to be careful not to slip and fall. On the way up to the castle we managed to take some cute photos.

2014-12-31 11.30.36
That was a church near our apartment. I loved the neighbourhood we lived in. It was cute and calm, and not dangerous at all :)
2014-12-31 11.35.51
I don’t know what these buildings are, but they just looked sooo nice with their faded-blue colour.
2014-12-31 11.42.36
At the Ginger Bread shop
2014-12-31 11.48.10
Another nice builing
2014-12-31 11.49.53
On the way to the castle. These buildings looked cute as well.
2014-12-31 11.56.45
Finally arrived. The roofs look like decorated with icing sugar :D
2014-12-31 12.01.02
Some costumed guys in front of the castle :D
2014-12-31 12.01.36
The entrance to the Castle with the two statues showing two ways of killing their enemy.
2014-12-31 12.04.42
There was something like a change of guards or something. I think it is because of New Year’s Eve.
2014-12-31 12.13.43
A fountain at the Castle
2014-12-31 12.14.08
Human cage in which a soldier was kept until his death.
2014-12-31 12.17.47
It was so hard to get this into a picture, so that I had to take a panorama shot. This reminds me a lot of the Cologne Dome
2014-12-31 12.20.21
Another building I favorized. I love the golden ornaments.
2014-12-31 12.22.35
My sister and me in front of that beautiful building
2014-12-31 12.26.32
This is something like the castle’s cathedral I think
2014-12-31 12.42.56
Welcome to our crib! The Sakizli Mansion :’D

After strolling through the Castle, and taking photos of several buildings, we went to the Starbucks next to the castle to drink something hot and eat something sweet.

2014-12-31 13.08.39
I had a green spearmint tea and cinnamon rolls. My sister had a Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate and an apple pie. My cousin bought Earl Grey and a Brownie. She took hers later, so it isn’t on the photo.

After that, we took the train to the shopping street. On our way there, we saw this Oldtimer. So beautiful.

2014-12-31 14.26.17
My future car :’D
2014-12-31 14.42.01
And my future pet. A winged lion.
2014-12-31 15.05.33
Finally arrived at the shopping street. This Hotel looks like the Grand Budapest Hotel :’D
2014-12-31 15.06.05
Walking to the National Museum, although we knew that it wasn’t open :’D
2014-12-31 15.11.47
Me in front of the Museum
2014-12-31 15.59.30
One Luxurious Shopping Center
2014-12-31 16.03.35
Another luxurious shopping center
2014-12-31 16.07.35
The Municipal House. Another of my favourite buildings
2014-12-31 16.09.31
Aaaand the Palladium. Every girl’s dream when it comes to sparkling pink malls. I includes a Topshop but i couln’t buy anything from there :/
2014-12-31 18.04.14
While waiting for our food at Hooter’s :D I loved this No Smoking sign. I am an allergic chick yeay!
2014-12-31 18.15.46
Junk Food ftw

After our stomachs were filled we headed home in order to get ourselves ready for the night. We wanted to meet 2 more friends of Irem in our appartment in order to drink something before celebrating. At about 9.30 pm we were ready and started drinking our wine we had bought. We also had some chips and we played with the Bertie Botts Beans since Irem is also such a huge fan of Harry Potter :) It was quite funny, and even my sister wanted to join that guessing game :D But soon, we realized that it was almost 11pm and Irem’s friends were still not there. They then wrote Irem that there were late, so at about 11.20 we cleaned the kitchen and went out. Our tram was a bit late, but we still made it in time to the Charles Bridge.

2014-12-31 22.14.14
Our fancy dinner ;D
2015-01-01 00.04.00
Happy New Year from Charles Bridge :D
2015-01-01 00.10.51-3
I have no clue how I caught that pic

2015-01-01 00.27.51

After the celebrations on the bridge, we slowly started to walk towards Old Town Square in order to find a club where we could celebrate. However, on the way out of the bridge, it seemed like all the other people had the same idea at the same time. There was so much of a scramble that I felt like a sausage after that. It was crazy! I almost walked into a firecracker! Maybe, I would have a missing limb now if I haven’t reacted on time. Gosh, how I hate these firecrackers… -.-

Well, however, we found a club and got ourselves some drinks. At the bar, there was a czech guy who seemed to be quite drunk or high or whatever he was :’D I taught him some curse words in german :’D He also tried to teach me some czech curse words, but I forgot by now :’D

After we had found a place to sit and warm up a little bit, another guy came to our table and talked to us. However, soon, Irem and me wanted to dance, so we went to the dance floor and after some drunk guys decided to grab at us we headed to the bar again. I felt a bit harrassed in that club/bar because every stranger seemed to smack my butt o.O Well, however, we got ourselves some sangria, which was sooooo goooood! They had fruits in it and the cocktail just tasted so good.

2015-01-01 02.50.05

Irem and me went to dance a little more, and we were lucky because they played the opening of ‘Friends’ :’D So funny! Heard it for the first time at a club xD

Unfortunately, we left the club at 4am. Irem’s friends had to catch the train, because they were living on the campus which was about 40 minutes away by train. Then we also decided to go home because we had to leave the room at about 10 am :/ When we finally arrived home, I was sooo tired I fell instantly into bed. After 4 hours, I had to wake up and it was horrible. I packed my things in less than an hour. At 10 am we headed to the tram station in order to drive to the train station. When we arrived there, we first looked for a place to have breakfast. I have to say, that I am not quite convinced of czech bakeries. German bakeries are just so amazing, and compared to those, Czech bakeries just fade away. Plus, they seldom sell sandwhich without meat… o.O I wanted one without meat, but they didn’t have, so I had to get a croissant… bummer. I also got myself a rooibos tea. At first, I just couldn’t eat because I felt so sick, but after a while, I got really hungry, so I risked some sips and a bite. I felt better right away, but the tiredness was just killing me. When I slept on the table of the bakery, one of the worker came to me and woke me up. He told me it wasn’t allowed to sleep there :’D

My sister and Irem also got some things to eat from a market at the train station, so when we were on the bus, I ate a lot of them. I was dying.

2015-01-01 13.39.06
These baking goods howevery, could not be found at any bakery shops. They are called Fornetti and they. are. so. awesome. There was a mini croissant with cinnamon, dough square with chocolate-banana, cheese breads and more <3 I loved these so much!

The bus ride back was quite tiring, but I slept most of the ride. I was so happy when we finally arrived home.

Now, here is my overall impression of Prague:

A beautiful, little city with a lot of historical sights and buildings.

The air was amazingly clear. Since I have asthm, I seem to be addicted to clean air, and my lungs instantly react to clean air. I was sick before I went to Prague, and despite of the partying, I almost recovered.

Furthermore, the people were so nice and helpful. I haven’t seen any creeps as expected. The people seemed to be very happy and cheerful there, although some of them didn’t look as if they had a lot of money. But once we saw a crowd spontaneously dancing on the street. That was nice :)

Also, the city wasn’t dangerous at all. Even as we walked back home at 4 am, we were not scared a bit. I read everywhere that it should be a dangerous place with a lot of creeps and drug addicts, but that wasn’t the case at all. The only thing I noticed was the smell of weed simply EVERYWHERE! Every 10 minutes you smell weed and then you spot someone with a joint between their lips :’D they are just smoking weed as if it’s nothing. It’s like little Amsterdam :D

What I disliked about the city was only the food. The sweets however made everything cool again.

When it comes to the atmosphere, I had a melancholic feeling about the city. That’s a mood that fits perfectly to me as you can see from my blog title.

Why I would come back to Prague: In order to see the John Lennon Wall and visit the Kafka Museum.

That was my impression. How about you? Have you already been to Prague? What did you think about it?

Thanks for reading!