Female, twenty-something lost girl from Germany. Majored in English/American studies and now struggling with life. Trying to find happiness in blogging,  reading and writing, music, movies, and doing funny and yummy stuff with my friends. I love chocolate, cocktails, and delicious food :) I also like italian and asian food. I love the sea and I love different cultures. I love getting to know different people from different countries :) I can already speak German, English, Turkish; a litte bit of French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. I have turkish roots, grew up in Germany and spent 10 months teaching english in China. I discovered my love and passion for travelling there.

My dream is to travel the world and publish a novel :)

I hope you will enjoy yourself on my page, have fun, leave a comment or just like :)



33 thoughts on “About

    1. Really? thank you :) I will answer your questions in a blog post as soon as possible, and as soon as I can find other bloggers :)


  1. Hi there, nice looking blog. You’re right, I’ve met some excellent people since I started my blog, Diary of an Internet Nobody, last year. It has definitely been one of the best things about blogging. That, and finding out I love writing.


    1. Oh, Thank you very much!!! That’s so kind of you :) I am so flattered :) I will do this post right away tomorrow :)


    1. Well by now I have begun a few more novels :) some of them are fantasy/dystopian another one is a love story and then there are also some young adult stories I am thinking about :)


      1. Yeah, I’ve tried starting plenty of stories and end up catching writer’s block or just all together lose interest. But I’ve reopened one and am going strong! haha I’m like 200 shy of 8,000 right now. Personal record. :D Some of my good friends have basically finished a collaboration novel already!

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    1. Hey thanks for the nominataion :) unfortunately we don’t celebrate Christmas (since my family is moslem) so it wouldn’t make any sense for me to answer the questions :/ But thanks anyway for the nomination :) I would have definitely participated if it wasn’t about Christmas :)


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