Ready for Departure! – Tokyo Anticipation

It’s finally time! I am flying to Tokyo  tomorrow and I am all kinds of excited!

  • I am nervous because of my health since I have a little bit of a scratchy throat, thus I am worried about the dry air in the plane.
  • I am nervous whether we will make it to the airport on time. We have to wake up at 4am tomorrow, and hit the road at 5am. My flight is at 10.25 am so I wanna be at the airport latest 8.25am.
  • I hope I can find a sim card vending machine at the airport in Japan.
  • I hope I can find my way to the office of my share house where I will have to attend an 1-hour orientation.
  • And then I hope I can finally find my way to my actual share house.
  • I hope I will not be dead after my trip and still find energy to stay awake until around 9pm.


I just wished I could skip tomorrow and Friday, and transport myself right into Saturday :D

I also have a job interview on Monday, and somehow, I have a good feeling in my gut. I hope it’s not wrong expectation.

I will definitely come back regularly with new Japan stories!

See you soon, next time from the other side of the World!



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