Tokyo: Off the Beaten Track Neighborhoods

I just had to reblog this amazing post <3 Can't wait to finally explore this place myself.

Travel With Nano B.

I‘ve said it before – Tokyo is a city of thousand layers and there is a lot more to this sprawling metropolis than its biggest tourist destinations I listed in my Tokyo Guide for First Time Visitors. Real pleasures here are in fact smaller and subtle, yet just as transporting.  If you’re looking to find a warm and human vibrancy you miss when just hopping from one big sight to another, it is worth going a bit off the beaten track to quieter areas that exude a sense of neighborhood in this urban setting.

Amidst the concrete jungle and hustle of Shinjuku, Shibuya or Asakusa, there are numerous low-rise neighborhoods where locals make cozy communities in the midst of this vast, high-powered city. This is where people go grocery shopping in local shop that’s not part of a chain; relax over a cup of coffee at the corner patisserie;

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