Weekly Wonders: All about shopping


Last week, it was all about shopping. Online or in retail stores, I splurged a lot, too much even.

First off, all the shops had a huge summer sale, and I ordered two huge packages from Mango and Zara plus a small one from Stradivarius. I didn’t keep everything I ordered, especially with the Mango package, I sent everything back except a black-and-white striped t-shirt with a mermaid printed on it. It’s super cute <3 And only 8€

Gestreiftes baumwoll-shirt | MANGO
Source: http://shop.mango.com

More about the rest of my shopping later.

Let’s start with my week:

1. The sunset on monday last week was just as beautiful as the downpour of rain that followed the colourful tint on the sky.

2. Tuesday was the last day of Bayram which is the Sugar Fest after the Ramadan month. We celebrate it by visiting family and friends, exchanging gifts in the form of sweets. We got an amazing collection of Lindt pralines, and of course I had to instagram it.

3. Now the orders from Zara. This outfit was not planned at all! I fell in love with the skirt and the slippers seperately, and I took the red shirt to match it with the white trousers on picture No. 5, but it turned out to be the most perfect outfit out of this haul.

Here are the pictures and links to the products:

Bild 3 von OBERTEIL MIT VOLANT von Zara
Source: zara.com
Source: zara.com 
Source: zara.com 


4. The second outfit inlcuded the long, printed culottes I fell in love with last month, but didn’t buy because they were 50€. I got them for 30€ and I am sooo happy with them <3

Unfortunately, they are nowhere to be found on the internet, so if you want them, you might have to head to the stores and pray they have them.

The shoes were also one of the things I wanted to get as soon as they were reduced. I love the plateau and the appearance of them looks like some cosplayer at Harajuku would wear. These were also originally 50€, but I got them for 30€.

Source: zara.com

5. The same with these pants in the picture. They were the same style but different motives. I loved the white one as well, but it was see-through. And I had to decide upon one pair of pants, so I took the black ones. They were my first love and and also easy to combine.

Again, I can’t find these pants anywhere in the onlineshop. So I would assume that they are gone for good :’D

The silver metallic sandals you can see on the picture, I wanted as a substitute for the metallic ones I owned because they broke apart recently, But after I fell in love with the plateau ones and the slippers, I decided to send the ones from Stradivarius back. I got them for 20€, but now they are 15.99€

Source: stradivarius.com

6. After my packages arrived, I decided to return some of the items in the stores, and also look for the mango dress that was sold out online. All of this can be very exhausting, especially during the humid heat, so a froyo break was everything I needed.

7. I was lucky of course, and found the dress at Mango for 30€ instead of 50€. Can’t wait to wear it on my bday finally <3

8. The rest of the days, I was mainly at work, so one day after work, I went to get myself a cup of rolled ice cream. It’s a new food trend now, slowly emerging in Germany.

At the weekend, I didn’t do many things. Just cooked a lasagne with my sister, that’s all.

The following week is gonna be way more exciting. Stay tuned!

See you next week at Weekly Wonders!



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