Movie Monday: La La Land

This movie was everything I needed. It made me feel all the emotions: joy, pain, sadness, bitterness, fear, happiness, everything.

It’s been almost two weeks that I watched it actually, but I needed some time to collect all my feelings and be able to put them into words.Β 

Every scene and every song had its special place in the movie. None of them were unneccesary. The characters interacted perfectly with each other. I especially loved Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together. They must be my most favourite movie couple of all times.

This movie is probably my new favourite movie as well, replacing Pulp Fiction.

La La Land made me want to pursue my dreams as well. Dreams I never thought I’d have one day. It is such a bittersweet movie, with such a sad ending, but probably the most fitting ending. It made me feel so sad that I couldn’t bare it. In order to pursue your dreams, one has to give up on the loved ones. It is such a wonderful movie. Starting with beautiful music, dresses, dances and locations. With hope and sunshine, and continuing with the development of love, also pain and difficulties. The songs tend to get less and less and the plot puts itself into the foreground. With it the difficulties and the downsides of pursuing your dreams.

La La Land – Audition (The fools who dream)

This song made me cry like a baby. The wonderful voice of Emma Stone and the relatability of the song had me nearly choking with so many emotions.

Still, the movie tells us to never let go of our dreams. Whatever the dream might be: Opening a Jazz Bar, finding your true love, or becoming a famous actress, all of these have downsides, and we have to choose our dreams and live with them. We have to accept their good sides, as well as their downsides.

I am 100% sure that even people who don’t like musicals will love this movie.

I can only encourage each and every one of you to go watch this movie immediately.

Rating: 10/5 !!!


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