ABC Travel List: W – Wales, Warsaw, Wulingyuan National Park

This post is not going to be very long, I guess, since I have chosen, or let’s say, had to choose places that do not interest me as much as some other places I have already mentioned in this challenge. Still, these places are worth to be seen. And here they are.


1.Country: Wales

Bildergebnis für wales landschaft

Wales is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes. This is one of them, and there are even more…

Bildergebnis für wales landschaft

This is Snowdonia landscape in North Wales. Very typical with green mountains and hills and little blue lakes in the middle.

Bildergebnis für wales landschaft

This looks very atmospheric.

Bildergebnis für wales sehenswürdigkeiten

Plus there are many ancient castles that look like straight outta Winterfell :’D

I think a weekend trip to Wales would be an accurate way to get to know the culture and everything this often ignored country has to offer.


2.City: Warsaw

Bildergebnis für Warsaw

Warsaw, together with many other Polish cities, has evoked my interest throughout the last few years. Warsaw actually seems to be quite similar to german cities, but the buildings look even older and more beautiful than its german counterparts. Or maybe it just seems like this to me because I have lived in Germany all my life.

Anyway, here are some of the beautiful sides to Warsaw.

-Culture Palace

Bildergebnis für kulturpalast warschau

This is a culture and science Palace, is actually the tallest building in Poland. It doesn’t seem to be a palace, nor a museum of any sorts.

-King’s Castle

Ähnliches Foto

The red building on the right side it is. It has been the place where the kings used to live. Now, it kind of reminds me of the typical german city halls we have in oldtowns.

-Lazienki Park

Bildergebnis für lazienki park

WOW! This park looks amazing!

Bildergebnis für lazienki park

I can only imagine how beautiful this park must look like in summer. I would probably spend most of my time at this location.

-Wilanow Palace

Bildergebnis für wilanow palast

This must then be the polish answer to Versailles. I love the colours, the arrangement of the garden and the structure of the building. Everything fits into perfect harmony with each other.

Warsaw seems to be a beautiful city with an impressive historical past, but also a vibrant place with a buzzing nightlife.

3.UNESCO World Heritage Sight: Wulingyuan National Park

Bildergebnis für wulingyuan national park

By now, everyone has probably seen these mountains at least once. No surprise, since these are the mountains that inspired the movie Avatar. Many people call these also the Avatar mountains. Wulingyuan is the name of the town as far as I know, and the mountain area is actually called Zhangjiajie. It is breathtaking, and one of the things that are still on my China travel list.

So, this was a short post. I hope you still enjoyed it.

What W-destinations are on your travel list? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!



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