ABC Travel List: V – Vietnam, Vienna, Venice and its Lagoon

V is all about Europe and one Asian country this time.


1.Country: Vietnam

Bildergebnis für Vietnam

Vietnam is definitely on my current to-travel list. I am just so in awe of its raw nature, that somehow reminds me of China a little bit. But also the food and its people.


Bildergebnis für Vietnamese cuisine

Every vietnamese dish I have tried until now, has tasted so fresh and healthy. It was sooo yummy! <3 But there is still more to do in Vietnam other than just eating.

-Hoi An

Bildergebnis für Hoi An

Hoi An looks like the perfect mix of a city between beach and oldtown.

Bildergebnis für Hoi An
Bildergebnis für hoi an strand

-Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon

Ähnliches Foto

Ho Chi Minh City, or the former Saigon, is the bustling centre of urban life in Vietnam, as it seems to me. I heard a lot about how fast this city has been rising with its skyscrapers, industries and buzzing nightlife. I also heard that Ho Chi Minh City has some of the most amazing rooftop bars around the world.

Bildergebnis für ho chi minh city rooftop bar

This rooftop bar is called Chill Bar, and it might be one of the most instagrammed rooftop bars. At least what I have seen on the internet so far.

-Ha Long Bay

Bildergebnis für Ha Long Bay

In my opinion, the Ha Long Bay looks even more atmospheric than the bays in Thailand. Vietnam has always looked like an amazing mixture of the cultures of Thailand and China. At least that’s what it seemed like on the pictures. I am sure that in reality, it is even a thousand times more impressive, unique, and totally different from what I have imagined in my little head.


Bildergebnis für Hanoi

Hanoi seems to be the cultural, spiritual and historical centre of Vietnam, since it is the capital.

From lakes, museums, pagodas, and mausoleums, this city has everything for any tourist or traveller alike.


Bildergebnis für vietnam hue

This enormous statue of a dragon is the remaint of an abandoned water park.

Bildergebnis für vietnam hue
Source: faszination-sü

And this is the forbidden city of the former emperor’s town. Looks pretty nice.

Vietnam surely has some diverse places to offer for every taste.

2.City: Vienna

Bildergebnis für Wien

Vienna has much to offer. Not only city-wise, but also cake-wise. The famous Sachertorte has been invented in Austria, and I have even liked the german version of it. I don’t know what amazing tastes I can expect after eating it in its hometown.

Bildergebnis für Sachertorte

OMG! I need this right now.

Before my cravings get too strong, I will just continue with listing the must-go sights.

-The Castles

Bildergebnis für schloss schönbrunn

On the one hand, we have the castle of Schönbrunn…

Bildergebnis für schloss belvedere wien

…and on the other hand, we have the castle of Belvedere. Pretty amazing, huh? I think I’d prefer visiting Belvedere first, what about you?


Ähnliches Foto

I’d love to listen to an orchestral performance of Mozart’s work at the Vienna Philharmonic Opera House.

Seriously, visiting Vienna would probably result in a huge cake orgy at one of the castles’ banquet, with classical Mozart playing in the background:’D

3.UNESCO World Heritage Sight: Venice and its Lagoon

Bildergebnis für Venice and its lagoon

In Fact, it’s not Paris that is the city of love, it’s Venice. I would love to go to Venice one day, but I have the perfect image of going there with my significant other. It is truly a romantic city with the atmosphere of the water and the intimacy of sharing a gondola, it looks just so unique and inspiring.

Bildergebnis für Venice at night

I hope you enjoyed this post, about some of the most beautiful places in the world. At least in my opinion.

What are you V-letter travel spots to see very soon. Let me know below!

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!



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