ABC Travel List: U – USA, Ulaanbaatar, Upper Middle Rhine Valley

This post, I will try to keep a bit short, because it’s bedtime soon for me, and since I have been at work the whole day, and have to wake up early tomorrow as well, I will try my best to keep it as short as possible. Let’s start.


1.Country: USA


Ähnliches Foto

The Hollywood sign is probably the most iconic collection of letters on a hill in the world :’D It is practically the symbol for the American Dream.

Bildergebnis für route 66 karte

Driving along the Route 66 has always been a dream of mine, being influenced by everything involving the 60s and the whole Hippie scene. Going on a roadtrip from L.A. to Chicago is probably one of the most amazing things to do in America.

-California, San Francisco, Las Vegas

Bildergebnis für usa sehenswürdigkeiten

Since watching Full House as a kid, San Francisco has always looked like such an idyllic place to live at.

Bildergebnis für las vegas sehenswürdigkeiten

Vegas, the playground for adults. I would just love to spend one night partying here, just to see if it’s really THAT fun, as it’s shown in media all the time.

Bildergebnis für venice beach sunset

These palm tres and sunset at Venice Beach are THE dream!


Bildergebnis für arizona

Going to Arizona, seeing Cactus trees and the Grand Canyon and being left in awe are very high on my USA list.


Bildergebnis für florida strand

Hard to imagine that this place is in Florida. I actually heard that Florida is mostly populated by retired people and alligators, but it still looks awesome. Plus I’d love to visit Disneyland with the Universal Studios and the first Harry Potter World inside of a Disney World.

Bildergebnis für florida disney world harry potter

If I should ever make it here, or to any Disney World’s Harry Potter Studios, then I’ll be the happiest person on earth <3

And these things are somewhat the top things on my to-do list when in the USA. I already mentioned New York in the N-letter post, so I won’t include it here again.


2.City: Ulaanbaatar

Ähnliches Foto

Ulaanbaatar is the capitol city of Mongolia, and it has interested me since I have heard about it during my time in China.

Not only Ulaanbaatar, but the whole of Mongolia seems so wild and interesting. I’d love to visit it one day. Maybe not in the near future, but one day when I have become a more avid traveller with more experience.

Bildergebnis für gorchi tereldsch nationalpark

This is the Gorchi Tereldsch National Park. The nature looks so wild and untouched.

Bildergebnis für winterpalast des bogd khan

This is the Winter place of the Bogd Khan. Looks pretty amazing.

Bildergebnis für gandan kloster ulan bator

This is the Gandan Monastery. It looks pretty awesome with the birds flying around, and reminds me of the pigeons and seagulls you can see almost everywhere in Turkey.

All in all, Mongolia’s capitol looks very promising. One day, I hope that I can make it there.

3.UNESCO World Heritage Sight: Upper Middle Rhine Valley

Bildergebnis für upper middle rhine valley

I once drove past the Upper Rhine Valley on the train, when I was going to Cologne, and I looked out the window and wondered what this place was. There were rivers and lakes and mountains, such beautiful scenery, that I just wished to exit the train and explore the surrounding.

This must be one of the most beautiful places in Germany for sure.

So what is on your travel list? Let me know down below.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!



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