ABC Travel List: T – Thailand, Tulum, Taj Mahal

My T-list seems very typical, but it is a fact that all of these places have been on my travel list for too long. And here is why.


1.Country: Thailand

Bildergebnis für thailand

The most typical Thailand-picture seen on the internet. It’s almost too clichée for me wanting to experience all of this as well, since it seems like almost everyone I know has been to Thailand. Still, there are so many more things to do there than just beach days and island hopping. Here they are!

-Elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai

Ähnliches Foto

There are many places in Thailand that abuse these wonderful animals, just for tourist attraction. I don’t wanna be that typical tourist who just rides with them in order to take a disgusting selfie. I wanna see what a typical day looks like for an elephant at a sanctuary. I am pretty sure that if I will ever do it, I will probably cry of happiness and cuteness overload :’)

There are also a lot of sanctuaries in African countries, India, and other south-east Asian countries.

-Lantern festival Yi Peng and Loy Krathong

The Shining Yi Peng Festival in Thailand

I imagine this event to be one of the most magical things a human being can possible experience. It looks so amazing, so divine, other-worldly. I already can’t wait till I will finally visit this place one day in the future.

Loi Krathong Festival Chiang Mai.jpg

There is also the river version (Loy Krathong) in which candles are released into the river which just looks magical together with the glowing lanterns in the sky. This festival takes place in November eyer year, but there is no fixed date. It always depends on the moon I guess. So I’d make sure to somehow travel around Thailand in November and make sure not to miss this festival.

-Beaches and Bays

Thailand's best beaches - image 01 of 17
Koh Lipe
Chaweng Thailand: The Beach revisited
Koh Samui
Paradise found: Thailand's best beaches
Ähnliches Foto
Koh Phangan; Source:
Paradise found: Thailand's best beaches
Koh Lanta
Thailand's best beaches - image 121 of 17
Koh Phi Phi
Thailand's best beaches - image 151 of 17

These pictures are all from

I would also love to visit the movie set of The Beach, since it looks unbelievably amazing.

Ähnliches Foto


-Wat Rong Khun Temple in Chiang Mai

Bildergebnis für chiang mai white temple

This must be the most beautiful temple I have ever seen. I have seen a picture of this years ago, and since then, I kept the city of Chiang Mai in my head for a long time.

-Nightlife in Bangkok

Bildergebnis für kaoh san road bangkok

From street night markets in Kaoh San Road, to rooftop bars in Bangkok city centre, there is the perfect nightlife activity for every taste.


These would be the main things for me to see in Thailand. Seems like not a lot, but it actually is with all the beaches, the elephant sanctuary and the timing of the festival.


2.City: Tulum

Bildergebnis für Tulum

Tulum is, right next to Cancun one of the most popular beach destinations of Mexico. And there is a reason for that, if you look at the picture.

Bildergebnis für tulum cenote

There are even beautiful Cenotes you can swim in <3 Seems like the best place for a vacation.

Bildergebnis für cenote azul

Cave Cenotes, but also open Cenotes. This one is called Cenote Azul. The one above is called Ik Kil. But there are half a dozen more that you can choose from. What a great matter to choose something :D

In Tulum, there is also a city that can be visited, but if I should ever go to Tulum, I am gonna relax on the beach and jump from Cenote to Cenote. No way my feet will lead me to town when I could lie on the beach all day :D


3.UNESCO World Heritage Sight: Taj Mahal

Bildergebnis für Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and a tomb dedicated to a woman. One of the few monuments in the world that has to do with a woman rather than a man, and that makes it even more beautiful.

If I should one day get to India, I will definitely stop by Taj Mahal, wake up early and try to get the best pictures without the tourist crowds.

What destinations starting with T are on your travel list? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!



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