ABC Travel List: R – Russia, Rio de Janeiro, Rapa Nui National Park

I have finally arrived at R, one of the easiest letters to do for me, in fact. With world famous places which I wouldn’t have considered a few years ago.

Here they are.


1.Country: Russia

Ähnliches Foto

Russia, has a boasting history filled with amazing art, being the birthplace of movies and ballet, and not to forget all those important authors like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky or Nabokov, is a country worth visiting for every kind of art lover.

Here are the top cities to visit and what to do there.


Bildergebnis für moscow winter

Moscow seems to look just like a fairytale world. With a city looking like this, it’s no wonder great stories and art comes to life. Despite of hearing controversial things about the corruption present in the country, I am sure that it should be okay for travellers and tourists who take care of what they do and say.

I guess in Moscow, the main attraction is the Kremlin and the Red Square which I have already covered in an earlier blogpost. Still, there are way more cities in the biggest country of the world.

-Saint Petersburg

Bildergebnis für st petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, with many architectural buildings to admire, delicious food to taste, and a big collection of art to discover.

Bildergebnis für eremitage st. petersburg

This is the Eremitage, and I just want to express how much this architecture reminds me of Wes Anderson movies. It is unbelievably beautiful.

Ähnliches Foto

I guess I could spend hours in the Catherine Palace, snapping photos of this pompous interior.

I guess I could find a dozen more things to do in Russia when I’d plan to go there, especially art galleries, museums, exhibitions or anything connected to ballet or literature. If there should be a legit russian ballet performance during my trip in the far (or near) future, I’d make sure to see it.

Bildergebnis für Ballet moscow

2.City: Rio de Janeiro

Ähnliches Foto

All people I know who went to visit or live in Rio de Janeiro, come back with love in their hearts. Most of them get captivated a lot and actually wanna go back. In the end, it is a city with a rich culture and with many controversies as well.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have put Rio into my travel list, because I heard some brutal stuff about the crime rates. But more recently, I heard more positive things than negative ones. And all these positive experiences from other people awakend my interest. I wanna visit this vibrant and pulsing city in the biggest country of South America and meet its beautiful people who are obsessed about futbol!

-Jesus the Redeemer Statue, a.k.a. One of the seven Wonders of the World

Bildergebnis für Rio de Janeiro

To be honest, this one is the least interesting World Wonder for me, and I actually don’t really understand why this has been chosen, since it is just a statue in the end. I guess it is acttually pretty big and it is Jesus, but I guess I have to find out the reason when visiting it. Plus, the views look promising.

-Ipanema Beach

Ähnliches Foto

I have seen my friend on photos posting from this beach, sitting in the warm water and watching the football World Cup 2014. I was pretty jealous. The promenade with the clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and shops along the beach looks just like the most perfect vacation. And I can imagine that there might be some amazing looking people here.


Bildergebnis für rio de janeiro favelas

I know, I just talked about the crime in Rio, but the Favelas, the main are where all the crime takes place, have actually turned into a somewhat tourist attraction. I guess many Hollywood movies are to blame for this (like Fast and Furious), that used these Favelas as filming locations. I am not sure if abusing the Favelas as tourist attraction is a nice thing to do to the community that suffers of famine, poverty and crime, but maybe this interest could be turned into something positive, for example offering some people who live there to earn a living off tourism, working as guides or selling self-made gifts. That would actually be a nice way to boost the economy of the Favelas and take the people out of their situation. Maybe all of this is not as easy, since government should reenact this, and I guess if it doesn’t move a finger to rescue these people from their poverty, there might be no hope for them :(

-Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Bildergebnis für rio de janeiro carnival

Visiting the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is one of the must-do things on my bucket list. In my opinion, it is one of the most amazing festivals in the world, and the Carnival in Germany could never EVER compete against the one in Brazil, not even in the least bit. That’s all I’ve gotta say. And I am actually really pissed to be living in the country in which the Carnival sucks to a degree I can’t cope with.

For now, these are the main things I would love to do in Rio, and eat a lot of Acai Berry and Coconut, of course <3


3.UNESCO World Heritage Sight: Rapa Nui National Park

Bildergebnis für rapa nui

The Rapa Nui National Park in Chile, also known as the Easter Island with the statues of mysterious human faces called moai, is one of my most wanted places on my bucket. I actually wonder why this sight is not considered as a World Wonder. Maybe, because people haven’t found a lot about these statues. Which makes it more intriguing for me to visit and see these beautiful, but kind of creepy monuments.

With this, I will end this blogpost. I hope you enjoyed it.

What are some of the places starting with R on your travel list? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me.




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