ABC Travel List: P – Phillipines, Phnomh Penh, Petra

Letter P is a really tough one, especially on the World Heritage Part. There is gonna be a honorable mentions part for this letter.


1.Country: Philippines

Bildergebnis für The philippines

First things first: When in the Philippines, the most important activity must be island hopping. If you already have a diving license, then diving should be in it too. I’d still like to do a scuba diving license in the near future. One of my bucket list items.


Bildergebnis für Boracay

Boracay looks more like a honeymoon resort island. I guess I would only come here if there was a special party, since this place seems to be famous for parties as well.

Bildergebnis für boracay party

-Palawan / El Nido

Bildergebnis für the philippines islands
Bildergebnis für the philippines islands

Palawan actually has transformed into tourists paradise. I’d still like to go there. The pictures look unreal!


Bildergebnis für Cebu

Cebu mostly looks like a holiday resort place as well, but then there are falls like this one here (Tumalog Falls).

-Bohol Chocolate Hills

Bildergebnis für Bohol

These hills are literally instafamous.

-Puerto Princessa

I would love to swim and drive through this cage.


Ähnliches Foto

2.City: Phnomh Penh

Ähnliches Foto

Being the capital city of Cambodia, this city should be offering a lot of sights for tourists, travellers and backpackers alike.

-Royal Palace Phnomh Penh

Bildergebnis für royal palace phnom penh

Actually, the architecture of this royal palace looks a lot like a temple. I’d like to find out why.

-Phnomh Penh Silver Pagoda

Bildergebnis für silver pagoda phnom penh

I really love Pagodas, so everywhere I go in Asia, I have to visit that city’s pagoda.

-Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider)

Ähnliches Foto

Actually, this sight is in Angkor which I used in my A-letter post in the UNESCO part. But I thought I should mention it again in this part. Just very briefly.

Bildergebnis für ta prohm sunrise

And you can actually watch the sunset, with Tomb Raider. Probably the female video game heroine of our childhood.


3.UNESCO World Heritage Sight: Petra

Bildergebnis für Petra

THIS! Is the next World Wonder on my travel list actually. I am dying to go to Jordan and see Petra. Part of me is also a bit afraid of going to the Middle East, but I am just so afraid of the destructive future, that one day we might not have all of this left anymore, just like in the movie Wall-E in which everything and everyone disappears. A very eery, sad and unnerving imagination. I love this planet even with all its imperfections and all the pain going on, and I don’t want it to be destroyed.

Bildergebnis für Petra

I immediately decided upon Petra after seeing it on the UNESCO list. I did go through all the sights, and here are some honourable mentions, that have already been on my travel list:

-Piazza del Duomo, Pisa

-Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

-Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the Islands (Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto), Italy

-Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen-Itza, and Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan Mexico

Do you have any more recommendations to my list and the post in its whole? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me.



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