ABC – Travel List: K – Kenya, Kuala Lumpur, Kremlin and Red Square

Choosing the destinations for letter K was pretty easy. Especially for the countries, there weren’t a lot to choose from.

Here are some things I would like to visit and do.


1. Country: Kenya

Bildergebnis für Kenya

Kenya is known for its postcard-like pictures with its amazing nature and beautiful, wild animals. The capital city, Nairobi is famous not only for its Safari, but also for several other things.

Bildergebnis für nairobi national park

As a contrast to a nationalpark with animals, there are also beautiful beaches.

Bildergebnis für nairobi beach

I honestly didn’t expect this.

Adding to the Nationalpark, there is even a giraffe center. How cool is that?

Bildergebnis für nairobi giraffe center

2. City: Kuala Lumpur

Bildergebnis für kuala lumpur

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia has been on my travel list for several months now. The skyline, weather, food and the people seem beautiful and interesting alike.

Here are some things you can do in Kuala Lumpur

-Bukit Bintang

Bildergebnis für bukit bintang nightlife

This is considered to be the main downtown and nightlife hub of the city. Shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, anything that locals and tourists alike need for a modern living.

-Lake Gardens Park

Bildergebnis für lake gardens park kuala lumpur

-Thean Hou Temple

Bildergebnis für thean hou kuala lumpur

Just by seeing the pictures makes me wanna teleport to this place, roam around and take amazing pictures of the architecture and art that you can find here. It looks magical, just like out of a Disney movie.

-Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park

Bildergebnis für klcc park

This place looks gorgeous. Perfect for relaxing with a takeout lunch, sitting on a bench, eating and observing the people and the view.

-Rooftop Pools/Bars 

Bildergebnis für regalia residence kuala lumpur

I saw a picture on instagram of the Regalia Residence (as shown above) and I immediately have to put that on my list. If it should be too expensive, I’d consider just visiting one of the several rooftop bars that are scattered around Kuala Lumpur.

-Petronas Towers

Bildergebnis für petronas towers kuala lumpur

And of course, last but not least, the famous Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur which are so unique in their architectural design. It was the highes building of the world for a certain, but short period of time, and the bridge between them is accessible for visitors. I do hope that it is glass-bottomed :’D

I just get the feeling that Kuala Lumpur seems to be more of a relaxed city than one famous for sightseeing.

3. UNESCO World Heritage Site: Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow


Definitely the most iconic building in Russia, and in my opinion, the most uplifting structure in the whole world with its colourful, mosaic roofs that look more like the icing of a cake, which might actually be the icing of the cake during your Russia travels. At least, it would probably be that for me, since it would be one of the few reasons to visit Russia at all.

Bildergebnis für red square moscow

Together with the Kremlin Palace, the Red Square being right next to it looks just like out of a Disney movie as well. The colours are so strong and uplifting, that one might actually feel like in a dreamworld, constructed by Tim Burton himself.

This was already it! That’s all for the K-letter places. This time I have chosen more relaxing and laid-back places I think.

What are your favourite K-letter places on your travel list?

Thanks for reading and travelling with me.



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