ABC-Travel List: E – Egypt, Efate, East Renell

For the fifth day of this challenge, the E-letter, it was a little bit hard to find something interesting, to be honest. The places on this list are quite some interesting places to visit, but they are not at the top of my travel list yet.


1. Country: Egypt

Bildergebnis für egypt

The pyramids of Giza are the main reason why I put Egypt on my list. I think nowadays, it’s still quite a risk to travel to Egypt with all the political sitution of the past. But I am sure that it’s gonna be quite safe to travel here.

Bildergebnis für egypt beach

This picture awakens the wanderlust in me 100%. Can’t believe this place is real. Now I really have to move egypt a little bit higher on my list.

I think Egypt is one of the most famous and popular travel destinations on the map. Everyone knows the famous pyramids which were once one of the seven world wonders (I have no clue why they are not on the list anymore). Anyway, whatever you do in Egypt, will be worth it.

2. City: Efate (Vanuatu)

Bildergebnis für efate

Efate is an island at the pacific island state of the Vanuatu which is said to be the happiest place on earth which is not a surprise, regarding these pictures.

Bildergebnis für efate

I know that in Vanuatu, all the places look as paradisiacal as Efate.

I guess there is not much to do in Vanuatu than island hopping, tanning on the beach and swimming in the different kinds of seas.

3. UNESCO – World Heritage Site: East Renell (Solomon Islands)

Bildergebnis für east rennell

Another place right out of paradise. This is a coral atoll, that’s the reason for its colour I guess. I have heard a lot of things about the Solomon Islands, but I never knew a lot about them. Now, they definitely are very high on my list as well.

Bildergebnis für east rennell

This post seems very different from the others. It was also quite hard to find a city with E, but in the end, I managed to include Vanuatu which has been a wish desitnation of mine for a long time now, although it might not be as hyped as other places. Apart from Egypt, the other two seem to be very unknown but beautiful places, and I am quite happy that I found out about them.

What about you guys? Do you have any suggestions for E-letter destinations?

Thanks for reading and traveling with me!



2 thoughts on “ABC-Travel List: E – Egypt, Efate, East Renell

  1. Well, there is no sea but with E you could visit the region in Spain where I’m from: Extremadura. It is very off the beaten path but we have jewels like Merida (lots of Roman ruins), Caceres (my hometown, its old city is in the Unesco heritage list and will appear in Game of Thrones’ next season as -I think- Oldtown), Valle del Jerte (sakura trees and super clean rivers) and dozens of beautiful villages… Remember it if you visit Spain ;)

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