ABC Travel List: B – Bolivia, Buenos Aires, Białowieża Forest

Here is the second letter for the second day of this format. There are a few surprises I guess. Keep on reading to find out.


Country: Bolivia

I know, many of you might be confused about this choice now. Why would I choose Bolivia when the most popular South-American country starting with B is Brazil? There is one specific reason which are the Salt Flats of Bolivia. That’s the reason I chose Bolivia, because after seeing pictures of that sight, this country kept on stucking on my brain for years. I definitely have to see that place which would give me a great opportunity to visit the rest of Bolivia.

Bildergebnis für bolivien salar de uyuni

It’s called the Salar de Uyuni, and it is one of the most mesmerizing places I have seen on a picture. I guess it would be so surreal to visit this place. I love reflections and the sky, so this place would be the perfect place for me. It is literally a salt dessert, is 10.000 square kilometre big and contains 10 billion tons of salt. This is incredible. I can’t even imagine this!

When going to these Salt Flats, a 3-day tour will be offered, so it is actually possible to see more of Bolivia on this one trip.

Plus, if you wanna visit the highest capitol city on earth, go to La Paz which is situated on an altitude of 4100 metres above sea level.


Bildergebnis für la paz

I guess it’s safe to get some incredible views in Bolivia.

City: Buenos Aires

I guess this is not a surprise. There are so many travellers and tourists alike going to Buenos Aires to explore this wonderful city famous for Tango and its beautiful flowers. I love dancing, a big city and flowers, so this place has forever been on my list.

Bildergebnis für buenos aires

Buenos Aires seems to be filled with parks and beautiful buildings, and it is said to be the Paris of South America. Plus, Argentinia is famous for its cuisine, including the famous Empanada and one of the best steaks you can get around the world. Definitely a heaven for foodies, including me, and one more reason to indulge in this city and its food.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Białowieża Forest

I don’t even know how to pronounce this place, but it looks like 100% out of a magical Disney movie.




Doesn’t this place just look so magical? I came across this site just today. Up until this day, I have never known about this forest, and I am glad I did, because it makes me wanna get lost here. I wonder if I will come across Maleficient or Hansel and Gretel :’D

Bildergebnis für białowieża forest

This post was quite short, but I hope I could give you some input and new ideas for your travel list as well.

What places with B are on your list? Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading and travellling with me!



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