ABC Travel List: A – Australia, Angkor, Aldabra Atoll

I wanted to come up with a new format only for this month. I remember doing something similar like this years ago in April as well. I forgot the hashtag for it, but it was a series of blogposts for the month of April where you have to choose a topic and then write blogposts from A-Z about that topic.

Even if there isn’t this format anymore, I loved it and decided to do it again this year. This time, I wanted to do an A-Z travel list including, countries, cities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I hope you will enjoy this series of blogposts. So without further ado, let’s start with the first letter of the alphabet.


Country: Australia


Australia is the dream destination of so many young people. Whether it is for a working holiday or a semester abroad, this country/continent attracts many people from warmer and colder places alike. Living in Germany, I met many people who went backpacking or work and travelling here and met a lot of amazing, laid-back people during their time. Although I am really amazed by this country’s sheer natural beauty, I am also quite afraid of the spiders and other deadly animals it beholds. But I learned that you will have to experience everything before assuming anything bad. Some of the places here are on my Travel – and Bucket list actually, for example all the animals you can interact with, and all the beautiful beaches you can visit.

Bildergebnis für bondi beach

Apart from the beaches, it beholds many beautiful, hidden ponds and pools in the jungle that you can come across if you are being adventurous.

Ähnliches Foto

Australia is definitely on my list. I would probably not go for a working holiday here, since I would have to go alone. I don’t really mind travelling solo, since I did it several times in China, but due to my fear of spiders, I would probably need someone to kill them all for me :’D I think the best way to travel to Australia would be with a friend, backpacking for a couple of weeks through some of the most beautiful sights and cities.

City: Angkor

Bildergebnis für Angkor

I know that this little city is also a unesco world heritage site, but I really wanted to include this place on my list, so here it is, with the most perfect picture that makes me so envious to travel around Asia again.

This site is at the same time an archaeological site and a temple. I guess you could spend half of your day at this place. Truly beautiful!

UNESCO – World Heritage Site: Aldabra Atoll

Bildergebnis für Aldabra Atoll

I was always seeing pictures of baby sharks in shallow, clear blue water, and I was wondering where this place was. If you were wondering the same, then I have the answer: It is here, my friends, in Aldabra Atoll in Seychelles.

Bildergebnis für Aldabra Atoll

This place literally looks like paradise. I guess this would be a perfect place to go with your significant other and automatically very beautiful for honeymoon as well. Apart from that, you can of course travel here with friends and family as well.

These are the first places for the first letter.

Tell me about your Travel Bucket list places.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me.



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