Dubai Part 4: The Ultimate Guide to a Beach Day in Dubai

If you are in Dubai, and don’t wanna spend your whole time roaming around the artificial, yet beautiful city, then a beach day is a must.

We wanted to include at least one beach day during our time in Dubai, so here it is, the ultimate guide to a beach day in Dubai, including our choice of beach, post-beach activities, and our hilarious night-out.

1. Choose one of the beaches: Jumeirah Public Beach

There are many different beach venues you can choose. The Jumeirah Public Beach is most probably the most popular one, because it is located right beside the Burj Al Arab.

First thing we did was meeting my friend Flora whom I met in Cappadocia last year. She lives in Dubai and we really wanted to meet, so we decided we could go to the beach together, have time to relax and talk a little bit.

When we arrived at the beach, we looked for a spot to lie on. We wanted it to be close to the Burj Al Arab so we could take some pictures afterwards.

The Jumeirah public beach is a great choice if you want to save some money but have a nice beach day. You can also find many places to buy food and drinks, and there is even a possibility to go Kite Surfing.



We were craving frozen yoghurt, so Flora, my sister and me went for a froyo hunt and found an amazing place with unlimited choice of toppings. We sat there, ate our little yoghurt bowl and watched the kites in the sky. Such a beautiful place.


Warning: Wear your clothes when you want to wander around the beach. There is a beach police, and they will warn you to get dressed if they catch you walking around in your bikinis.

2. Visit the Madinat Jumeirah

After 3 hours at the beach, we decided to visit the Madinat Jumeirah. I knew this place because it was all over Instagram, but I didn’t know you could just walk in and explore the grounds. My friend Flora told me that she went there and we should visit the place as well, so we did. You can walk there from the beach. It will be a bit far, but it is a nice walk in the late afternoon with the sun still burning down on your shoulders.

Our friend couldn’t join us unfortunately, but we still wanted to visit. At first you walk through the entrance gates and then you pass something like a mini bazaar until you find yourself at the Madinat with the Gondolas and the several restaurants.


You can also see the Burj Al Arab from here, so the views are very pretty. The Gondola Ride was 80 AED I think, but we didn’t go on it.

Afterwards, we saw a Cinnabon shop and tried one for the first time. It was really really good <3

3. Have drinks at a rooftop bar

After having a quick dinner at Loqma, an arabic fusion restaurant, we went to Level 43 by the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. It is a rooftop bar and it looked pretty fancy on the pictures, so we decided we would go there. I also told my friend Flora about our plans and she wanted to join us. We met at the lobby of Sheraton and then went up to the rooftop.

The drinks there are a bit expensive of course, but they were quite yummy and individual.


I’m sorry that the picture is so dark and blurry. The views were pretty amazing, but it was extremely windy that day, so it was quite hard to take pictures.


We stayed there for about 2 hours. Then, we had to say goodbye to Flora because the next morning, we would have to pack and spend the whole day awake until our flight on Saturday morning at 5 am. That’s why we had to get as much sleep as possible.

Our fourth day was a very relaxed day as you can see in this blogpost.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. You can be excited for the next and last blogpost about our Dubai trip.

Thanks for reading and travelling with me.



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