Dubai Part 2: Desert, Dunes and Dancers

Finally, the second day has started on our trip. After our great first day in Dubai, we were now looking forward for our spectacular second day for a reason.

After our amazing, huge breakfast (which I forgot to take photos of), we needed to go to the Dubai Mall to buy the tickets for the Burj Khalifa the next day. At around 10.30 am we took a taxi to the mall. At first we tried to find a place to exchange money, and right after that we tried to find the Burj Khalifa ticket counter. Both tasks were a challenge. The mall is huge and we had to ask at the information point several times until we finally found it.

The line was quite short when we arrived, so we didn’t have to wait for too long. We wanted to go up the Burj Khalifa at peak time which is starting from 5pm, so that we could see it during daylight, dusk, and evening. That’s the busiest time, and according to that are the prices. We had to pay 350 AED (around 100€) instead of the usual afternoon price of 200 AED (around 50 €).

We got our tickets, which look so beautiful and each ticket has an interesting fact about the Burj Khalifa. So they are not only a great souvenir from the trip, but also quite useful and informative.

After finally getting our tickets, we went to look at the aquarium which is said to be the biggest in the world. You can spend minutes and even hours just watching the fish, ray and sharks swim around. I especially love the rays. They look so cute <3


Close to the aquarium, we suddenly came across the Cheesecake Factory. We really wanted to try it, since there is none in Europe, let alone in Germany. We only wanted to have cake, so we decided to share 2 cakes for 3 people. That was more than enough. Even only one cake would have been enough. We also had coffee and cappucinos, so in the end we were extremely full.

We got an Orea Cheesecake and a Lime Cheesecake which was surprisingly sweeter than the former one.

We were too full, but we still wanted to go for a little bit of shopping. My sister immediately had to go to Sephora. There, we spent quite some time. I bought a chapstick and a liptint both from TonyMoly. The rest was way too expensive for me. Next to Sephora we found a Ted Baker Store, and I really really wanted to have a look since I have become quite obsessed with their floral, flowy dresses, beautiful bags and cute plastic shoes <3 Inside, I felt like I have entered the wardrobe of Alice. It was wonderful! Definitely one of my favourite stores. I found a little make up purse which I can also use as a night-out purse to put in some cash and lipstick. It looked so cute and it was only 185 AED (around 45€).

I got this in turqoise colour. I love the classical Ted Baker bow <3

We didn’t go to any more shops, because my sister was starting to feel dizzy, so we slowly decided to return to the hotel to get changed and rest a little bit before the real fun would begin.

At 3.30 pm our driver and guide for the desert safari should pick us up at the hotel lobby.

Our guide was on time. He picked us up and started chatting to us in a fun way. He was really really funny and entertaining. His name was Zayid (I hope I spelled it right), and he was from Pakistan. He said he was doing this job since he was 20 years old (he was 37 I think). We also picked up another group of 3 people who turned out to be from Spain. Their english wasn’t quite good but they seemed very nice.

We drove quite long to the desert, almost 1 hour. We saw many other white Toyota landrovers on the way there, and when the dune bashing finally began, we had a lot of those cars in front of us, so we could see how they were driving, and at the same time we were in our car, jumping up and down.

I have to warn you guys, though. If you get carsick very easily, this kind of activity is the wrong one for you. My sister for example gets carsick almost all the time, and she couldn’t handle it. After like 10 minutes of dune bashing we had to stop. She felt sick and started crying and had to get out of the car. We were falling behind but it was okay. I felt sad for my sister. I didn’t expect her to feel that sick. So guys, if you can’t handle exciting rides or get motionsick very easily, then I’d suggest you do a simple camel ride or a calm Jeep Ride to your desert destination. That’s actually what I wanna try next time I’m in the desert. As much as I loved the dune bashing, I still want to try different things.



We took a break and had the chance to take some photos. Unfortunately, the sun was hidden behind the clouds, and it was just in general a very windy day in the desert. Still, we managed to capture some amazing pics.



From left to right: My sister, my brother and me, fighting with the wind.

We also got to meet a man with a falcon who let us hold it for 10 AED. Looking in hindsight, I don’t know how animal-friendly that was, but as far as I could judge from the looks of the animal, it looked quite healthy and clean. It wasn’t in a bad condition and didn’t have that abused kind of look on its face. Still, I’m not sure, and I would be so thankful if any of you guys knew more about that. Feel free to tell me in the comments if you know.


After our successful photo session, we continued our dune bashing. My sister had to clench her teeth together for a few minutes more and then we finally arrived at the base.

The sitting are around the stage


We paid the 185 AED per person and then enjoyed some tea and watched the camels. I actually wanted to have a ride before we had arrived, but seeing the animals changed my mind. They looked really sad and tired from all the kneeling and standing up for 5 minutes to walkd and kneeling again. People were screaming and laughing and taking selfies. I even caught a camel spitting at one tourist who got too close to him for a selfie. I changed my mind about riding them and we went inside for a little bit of henna.

A lot of girls were standing in line. The service was for free, but if you wanted to, you could leave a tip for the lady who, in my opinion was pretty talented and could actually be an artist in another country.

I left a tip of 10 AED because I loved the way she did my henna. It looked beautiful. She did it freely without a template.




After the henna was finished, we headed towards our seats and waited for the show and dinner that was also included in the price.

Soon, a dancer appeared on stage. A man with a wide, colourful skirt, but that was a rather annoying performance because of the weird music that included baby crying which was super weird.


When it was finally finished and our food was being served, I was more than happy.

A very yummy samos. crspy dough and filled with juicy meat
The buffet had everything, from hummus, arabic naan bread, barbecued meat, rice with curry, salads, potatoes, and even BUTTER CHICKEN! I died when I saw that! It was so yummy! I have to say that arabic food is very similar to Indian food.
This was the dessert. Desser in the desert :’D Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. I don’t quite know what the desserts consisted of. The left one was a kind of sweet porridge. The right one was really yummy. Something like a pumpkin cake I think.

We also had some fruit, apples and oranges. And while we were havin dessert, the belly dancer finally arrived on stage. After dinner I thought they wouldn’t bring out the belly dancer, but they did and it made our night. She was incredibly beautiful and talented. I loved how she danced and could have watched her for hours. So beautiful! In my opinion the most seductive dance style.


Unfortunately, our evening was at the end after the dance performance. Everyone slowly started heading towards the exit to their guides. Our driver was already waiting for us at the tea stand so we quickly walked to our car and started our drive back home.

We had an amazing day and an even more amazing evening. The desert definitely is my second favourite ecosystem now, right after the ocean.

I can warmly recommend you to do such a tour. I would even suggest you to research a little bit better and try to book an even better programm. There are different ones and some even include the audience into the belly dancing which I would have loved to see and do :’D next time I will try to research more for sure.

For our third day, I can tell you that it’s probably gonna be a long post. Our day was filled activities. And of course, stay tuned to read about our trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa.

What about you guys? Have you ever been to the desert? What is your favourite ecosystem?

Thanks for reading and travelling with me!







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