What to do: Christmas in China

In a previous post I wrote about what to do in China on New Year’s Eve which you can read here.

Now that Christmas is almost ringing on our doors, I thought it would be nice to reflect on what I did last year during that time.

I might have mentioned that as coming from a muslim family, I am not really used to celebrate Christmas. I sometimes did Secret Santa with friends, or at school with our teachers and classmates, but other than that, I don’t really celebrate it every year.

Last year, we planned to have a christmas party at our friends’ new place that they moved in at. It wouldn’t be on the 24th, because some of our friends would go back home for the holidays, so we did the party 1 week before.
Everyone should prepare something to eat so we would all have a feast. And everyone should buy a secret santa gift that we would put under the christmas tree and people would pick one. I remember having bought tea and hand warmers. I personally would have loved that gift, and I thought it was unisex and something that everyone could use.

My food part was almost decided by the others: They were dying to eat something turkish, so I asked my mom for recipes I could also cook in China. We agreed on stuffed bell pepper, and I was really excited to try cooking that for the first time ever.

I got all the ingredients from the supermarket really early in the morning we wanted to celebrate and started cutting and cooking. I struggled a bit, but I managed to do it pretty well:


Ana did some pancakes for dessert, one of our friends who is french prepared foie gras, then we had a lot of chinese food, some potatoes, and many more yummy things. We also had drinks such as mulled wine, juices and different spirits.

I am sorry for the blurry picture. I also don’t know what happened to the buffet pictures :'(
The tree looks pretty poor, but China is not famous for its pine trees :’DΒ 

At first, we waited for everyone to arrive, of course, and when finally everyone was there, we started with the food orgy which lasted quite long :’D Everyone liked my peppers I think, except for our british roommate who wouldn’t touch it, because they looked weird :’D

After dinner, we decided to play games to decide the order of the secret santa picker. We played different games and of course, I was the last to pick a gift :’D I got the smallest one but it was really cute. I found out that one of my best friends, Veronica, chose the gift and she secretly hoped I would choose it :’D

I used this all up! It was an amazing lip balm <3

My gift was chosen by a friend who has made me the phone case for my birthday, and I was so happy to see her picking and liking it :)

After the games we were just drinking, talking, playing more games, and taking photos. It was such a wonderful evening!

Processed with VSCO
Seems like I was the only one wearing something red :’D


After our party, Christmas preparations at school just started. On Christmas Eve day, we had a little christmas party at the kindergarten where me and my british roommate dressed up as Santa Clause. It was so much fun and the kids were so cute <3


When we arrived back home after classes, a surprise awaited us. Ana has left us a little gift, for me, Mitch our british roommate, Veronica, and Harry. We should enter her room which was not locked and take our gifts. It was so cute of her to think about us even without her being present.

So that was how I spent Christmas in China. I think it was one of the most christmassy years I have had so far. I guess mainly, because it involved a lot of children learning english and with that also the cultural meaning of christmas in England and America.

What about you guys? Have you ever celebrated Christmas in a foreign country?

Thanks for travelling with me!




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