Top 10 Things to do in Shanghai

If you have been following me for a while now, you must have read some of my blogposts about Shanghai already. But there can never be enough blog posts about Shanghai, in my opinion – the pearl of the East.

Here are the Top 10 things to do in Shanghai summarized in one post.

1 The Bund:

This is a must when you are in Shanghai. You haven’t been there if you haven’t seen the Bund. And once you see it, you will miss the view, and everytime you’ll visit Shanghai you will be longing to see this view.


2 The IFC – International Financial Center and the Greenbelt: 

You can take the metro or the ship to cross the river. Here you will be walking underneath all of those mega skyscrapers that you could see across from the Bund.
The Greenbelt is a small, green oasis in the middle of the financial district.

3 Cross the Huangpu river: 

This only takes about 5-10 minutes, but it is a nice feeling, especially during the humid heat of the summer.

4 Dive into the nightlife:

Shanghai is famous for its vibrant nightlife. It is easy to get around with taxis, and as foreigners, you usually get in any fancy clubs.
Enjoy a delicious cocktail on the rooftops of Shanghai at the Bar Rouge, or dance with the sharks at Mint Club. To read more about nightlife possibilities check out my older blog post here.


5 Yu Garden:

This place is a mixture of temple, garden, and an arrangement of shops and food stands. It is definitely worth a visit if you are souvenir shopping and want to tick off some sights from your list. I also found stands that sold pretzels and turkish ice cream :’D


6 Have brunch on top of the roofs: 

In Shanghai there are rooftop anythings: bars, restaurants, cafes, pool parties, and clubs. One late morning when we woke up and were hungry, we wanted to have brunch at a good place so I looked up on instagram and found Kathleen’s Waitan, a cafe/restaurant/bar. They offered a brunch menu and it sounded so yummy. We booked a table and were seated very close to the floor-to-ceiling windows where we could have a full view on the Bund. It was amazing, and probably the most beautiful place I had brunch at with the best service you can imagine.


7 Go on an observation platform: 

I did this on 2 towers, the first time I had been there I went up the Jin Mao Tower, the one that looks like Taipeh 101. The second time I was in Shanghai I went up the IFC Tower, the Bottle Opener. They also have a skywalk, with glass floor, but some of my friends were afraid to go up there, so we just went up the usual observation floor. Next time I’m in Shanghai, I wanna go up the Shanghai Tower, the second tallest tower in the world.

Taken from Jin Mao Tower
Taken from IFC Tower

8 Try the streetfood: 

You will have so many possibilites to try the street food in Shanghai, or in China in general. Try the Jiaozi or the Xiao Long Bao which are famous for Shanhai. They are like somewhat bigger dumplings filled with minced meat and chinese cabbage and they taste heavenly <3
If you are braver, you can try some stinky tofu at the Yu Garden :’D

9 Have a short visit to People’s Square:

This is a small parc close to Nanjing Road. Here, local parents advertise their sons and daughters to find the perfect mathes for their spouses. It is funny to watch the people stand by their signs with photos and information of their children. It is also bizarre for Westeners though, to realize how important marriage is in the eastern culture.


10 Visit Jing’An Temple:

This is a beautiful, gold-embellished temple in the middle of the shopping streets of Shanghai.


These would be my top 10 suggestions. Of course, there are always different ways to create your trip to a city. I’ll be happy if I could just help a little bit.

Enjoy your trip!

Final rating:

Sightseeing: 3/5
Food: 5/5
Shopping: 5/5
Clubbing: 4/5
Transportation: 5/5



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