China Travels: Nanjing Part 2 – The former capital city

In October, my friend Ana decided to go to Nanjing for a concert.

So, after work on a Saturday evening, we took the fast train to Nanjing and arrived in the late evening. Josie joined us as well, and her boyfriend Harry was already in Nanjing and he picked us up there.

This time, I did completely different things from the first time I visited this city which you can read about here.

So here is a guide for 2 nights in Nanjing:

1 Nightout:

When we arrived, we first put our bags in our rooms and then went to visit the bar next to the hostel we were staying at. It was full with young expats and was owned by two french guys who kept on smoking weed and even passed them to the customers :’D *Note: weed and any other form of drugs – except for alcohol – is illegal in China and can be sentenced with the death penalty. So, these guys were living a risky life there :’D

Anyway, the drinks in that bar were really delicious and quite cheap.

After having some drinks, Ana and me still wanted to go out clubbing at the famous party area Nanjing 1912 which was quite nearby our hostel. Josie and Harry were quite tired so we left them at around midnight and headed to look for the street. Thanks to Harry’s descriptions and Google Maps we found it.

We went into a bar which was also a club and it was packed. The people were again, all young and foreign, but also many chinese and other asians. I got to talk with a korean girl who was obviously quite drunk but a lot of fun :D It is so funny how I always get to talk to random korean girls, be it in Germany or anywhere else :D

Anyway, we didn’t stay too long and went back to our room at around 2 or 3 am.

2. Learn about the history of Nanjing at the Presidential Palace:

We didn’t actually plan to visit this place, but our friend Harry was very interested in it so we gave it a go which we didn’t regret.

At this presidential palace you can learn a lot about the history of Nanjing, look at the different rooms, gaze at the marvellous paintings of famous presidents (including Sun Yatsen, Chiang Kai Shek and others), and get lost in the lush green of the gardens outside. Here are some photos for your impression:







3 Go to the Sun-Yatsen and take a lot of pictures:

As you can recall from my last past about Nanjing, we tried to go to the Mausoleum, but it was already closed. This time the others, including me were dying to see this place. It looked beautiful on pictures, and you actually had to climb up some stairs to get there. Of course you can’t go inside the Mausoleum, but you can walk around the grounds. For your information, Sun-Yatsen was the first president of China who hereby ended the empery in China. So as you can understand, he is very important for the modern history of China. He kind of reminds me of the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Atatürk.

Here are some of the pictures we took, which are quite a lot.



4 Take the Cable Car to Zhongshan, the scenic area:

We also were interested to see the Zhongshan, a little mountain, or a big hill close to the Sun-Yatsen Mausoleum. There are two-way cable car tickets you can buy nearby.

The ride took a while, since it was rather a ski-lift than a cable car which I was a little bit scared of at the beginning, but the views made up for it again. Here you go:


Up at Zhongshan, we walked around the scenic area a little bit and discovered some interesting spots:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIMG_20151016_14233720151011_161932_Richtone(HDR)


5 Feast on some traditional Nanjing food at Nanjing Dapaidang (南京大排檔):

This restaurant is at the bottom of Zhongshan, close to the Sun-Yatsen Mausoleum. By the time we arrived there, it had already gotten a bit cold outside, and it was about to get a bit colder, so we were happy to get inside the restaurant, although we had to wait like 20 minutes for a table. It was worth it. Check out yourself:

The inside of the restaurant
And again
The dishes were too beautiful
Sticky Rice. One of my favourites
Fried dumplings! Oh heaaaveeeen!!!!!!
I can’t remember what this was
And some tea of course
Can’t remember this anymore either
Cold duck meat.
And some good old noodle soup
Hot Baijiu after the meal. I usually don’t like it, but the one here was not bad.


6 Enjoy a beer at the Fuzi Mao area:

When we came back from the meal, we were quite drowsy and tired, but I persuaded everyone to have a look at Fuzi Mao, the place by the river with the amazing lighting. Finally, we went there and the lights were still on. We decided that we wanted to sit down somewhere to drink something, so we found a bar next to the river and had a IPA beer:


It is really dark, but it was a nice beer, probably the nicest one we had in China.

We sat there for around 2 hours and then headed back to the hostel because we were feeling cold. Plus, I had a train the next morning, so I had to wake up a bit earlier.

It was a great ending to a short, but interesting trip. Once again, Nanjing didn’t disappoint. This was my last time in this wonderful city. Definitely check out this city if you ever make it to Shanghai, since it is quite nearby.


Today’s rating:

Sightseeing: 5/5

Food: 5/5
Shopping: –
Nightlife: 4/5
Transportation: 4/5



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