Hangzhou Guide: Shopping and Nightlife

Hangzhou being the capitol of Zheijiang Province, is surely a popular tourist attraction, for both, chinese and foreign travellers.
As I have already written about my first trip to Hangzhou in this blogpost which was more about the touristy spots, I will write about a more relaxed trip in this post.

1. Eating and Shopping:
There are many shops in the main shopping street in Hangzhou (like Zara, H&M, Forever 21,…), but if you want to experience something more unique, you should take a look at Hefang Street. There, you can try a lot of street food and buy interesting souvenirs for friends and family, like fans, bamboo umbrellas, hand-carved keychains, toys, calligraphy brushes and more.









These sweets were soooo yummy!



2. Nightlife:
From yummy restaurants and cozy pubs to hip bars and fancy clubs. You can find a lot of possibilities in this city.
My favourite location was the Eudora Station pub which is a restaurant and a bar. I have only been there for their burgers, but I have heard amazing things about their parties.

And this is their burger

Another good place to eat is a fish restaurant called LuYu. It serves grilled fish with vegetables. It is really yummy *o*

The fish we ordered
and some mussels. Probably the tastiest ones I have ever tried

For clubs, I would actually only suggest to go to one club there which is called Club SOS. It’s like a mixture between chinese and western style club with many dance shows and performances. The dancing space might be too small but the drinks are very tasty and quite cheap compared with other clubs.


A typical sight in China: Taking selfies with strangers :D

There is another club called Queen we spent New Years Eve at. It looks really fancy from the outside and is quite big inside. But the music style is very electronic-based and the dance floor is tiny with too many people pushing. It’s best to dance remotely somewhere maybe close to the bar.

3. Activities around the West Lake:
There are several performances on and around the lake. One of them we saw was the fountain show which takes place every evening and is for free. They actually show it 2 or 3 times in a row on one night. It is really beautiful.



During the day you can also take a boat ride:
Getting wet from the rain is quite refreshing after a night-out
It rained so hard that a weed started to grow on my head :D

Of course there are way more things to explore in Hangzhou and it is up to every single person how to spend time in a city. Some like to check all the cultural and historical spots, while others enjoy a rather relaxed stay with a lot of delicous food and shopping. I enjoy a mix of both.


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