One Night in Shanghai

Not only one week after my trip to Shanghai, I was about to visit that city once again, but this time just for one reason: Party.
Our friend Ana was leaving for her summer vacation so we all had a goodbye party since some of us wouldn’t see her again after she’d come back.
We were 8 people on the train and we had a lot of fun pre-gaming and playing Never Have I Ever.
When we arrived in Shanghai and checked in at our hostel, we continued our pre-gaming. We had already decided upon a club, which would be Mint Club.

In this post, I will introduce some clubs I have visited during my 10-month stay in China.

Let’s start with our pick for the night:

1. Club Mint

Situated close to Nanjing Dong Lu (East Nanjing Road), it is quite central and easy to find (not at least for the huge building which reads M1nt on it).
This is a very fancy club with a dress code. Men can’t wear sneakers or short trousers. By that, you can expect to find expats working as models and chinese new riches alike in this club.
The most famous characteristic of this club is its shark tank though. That was the reason for us to go there in the first place as well.


Another good side about this club is the service and its drinks. Some of them might be a bit too strong, and some might be too expensive, water for example, but most of them are excellent. On the main floor, the music is either electronic or a mix of party hits. On the lounge floor they usually play R’n’B or Hip Hop.

2. Bar Rouge

This Bar/Lounge which turns into a club in the late night hours, can be found right at the Bund. This club is famous for its view on Pudong and its fancy, but wild parties. Another treat for me to come back to this club are the delicious cocktails. Again, they are a bit more expensive than in usual clubs in China, but considering the location and the quality, I am always willing to pay for 1 or 2 drinks here. The music here is usually a mix of party hits.


3. Club Fusion

This is one of the smaller clubs in Shanghai, but nonetheless popular, especially among young people who just wanna have a good time. The location is not quite central, so be prepared to take a taxi there (and don’t forget to have the chinese adress ready). The music is a mix of famous radio and party hits and electronic music.


4. Myst Club

This club is another small-room club which is popular for its Star-DJ’s that perform in this club. Again, taking a taxi to this club might be better if you’re staying in the city centre, although it is not very far away. The music is a good mix of party hits, and of course, electronic. The audience is mostly chinese than expats, especially when compared to other clubs like Mint or Bar Rouge. But the people are all very friendly and intend to party and dance.


This was my short wrap-up of the clubs and bars I have visited in Shanghai, not in one night of course. Of course, you can combine 2 or 3 of these clubs and bars in one night if you are adventurous enough :D
My favourite Bar is definitely Bar Rouge. Next time I go to Shanghai, I will surely go there again.


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