China Travel: What to do on your Birthday

Saturday, July 4th:
That day was my birthday, but I didn’t have many expectations from that day, because I had to work. At lunch time we went to the dongbei restaurant and our friend Harry joined us, too. Surprisingly, he got me a little gift, a leather bracelet. Since I didn’t expect anything on that day, especially not gifts, because I have only known all the people for only 4 weeks, it was a nice surprise.

Anyway, when we got back from the restaurant something more surprising happened. We were in the office and Ana was suddenly pushing my head down under the table, so that I couldn’t see what was going on outside the door. Then Josie, Geet and Veronica came in, one of them was holding a cake with candles and the other one a bouquet of flowers. This was such a cute surprise. I didn’t reckon they would bake a cake for me or suprise me at work with that. It was really a cute thought. After that surprise, work didn’t feel that bad anymore. Plus, I saw that I had my next weekend off, which made me even happier.

After work, Geet and me decided to go to Wanda Plaza to meet Nicole and have a nice dinner.
In Wanda Plaza, when we met up with Nicole we selected a nice restaurant which was called The Drunken Corner. I don’t know why it had such a name but the food was really good.

After dinner, Nicole bought us something that looked like Creme Brulee, and it tasted amazingly gooooood!!

As soon as our stomachs were filled with delicious food, we looked around the shops a little bit, one of them Miniso, and Nicole and Geet immediately fell in love with that shop as well.
When we were finished with shopping, Harry texted us and asked if we wanted to get a drink at 19 number. We agreed so we met up with him. There, we tried to play some old vintage Video Games, but it didn’t work as properly as we wished it would :’D

It was a calm and relaxed evening which was my first birthday in China and I couldn’t have wished for a more blissful evening, although some of the others were missing.
At the end of the day, we all got home safely.

This is one way to spend your birthday in the town you’re living at with the people you just met a month ago. Of course, if you wanted, you could also go on a trip, but because I just met my new friends, I didn’t want to just go somehwere. I wanted to spend my first birthday in China with the people there. And even though we were just 4 people, it was a great get-together :) I really enjoyed that day and I am still thankful for everyone who was there with me ^^


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