Amsterdamazing: Day 3

Amsterdam seen from the Canal Ride

Unfortunately, our last day in Amsterdam started with an early morning. We woke up to the masculine smell of 4 guys we were sharing our dorm with. Usually, I can be a bit slow in the mornings, but we didn’t enjoy the smell at all so we hurried up a little bit and left the dorm which we were somewhat happy about. We were not so happy about leaving this city of course, but still we got some hours left until we had to head to the airport.

Since we checked out at around 10 am, and our flight was around 4 pm, we still wanted to do some things until 2pm.

Here is a mini guide on how to spend you last 4 hours in Amsterdam:

1. Canal Ride:

That day, we were lucky with the weather, since the day before the weather was a bit rainy and therefore we didn’t go on a canal ride. Because this was on top of my to-do list in Amsterdam, I was obviously quite excited to finally do it. Unfortunately, we only did a normal tour on a small boat which went through the smaller canals, but I enjoyed that a lot. We initially wanted to book one of the tours including drinks and food, but our budget wasn’t enough for those anymore :/ Next time I go, I will definitely do one of those :)

The ride took around 1 hour and I just couldn’t stop staring at those wonderful houses and buildings we passed. Best way to describe them is by showing the photos:



2. Eat raw herring:

Since my friend and me are big foodies, we were keen to try out the famous raw herring in Amsterdam. The last few days we had difficulties finding any stands or restaurants selling local food. So I looked up online and found out that there were some herring stands close to the train station. Since our canal tour ended right at the train station, we decided to walk to that herring stand described online and we were successfull:


I really enjoyed this sandwich. Some people describe it as slimy and fishy, but it was really delicious. Maybe the first bite might be a bit different from what I was used to, but I quickly came to like the taste and wished to have a second one.

3. Visit souvenir shops:

My friend still wanted to buy some souvenirs for her mother, so we had a look at a bigger souvenir shop close to the train station as well. They had some interesting stuff and another cheese trying section where we spent a lot of time at :’D Free food d’uh!

Soon, we had to slowly get going. We shortly went back to our hostel to pick up our suitcases and said goodbye to Amazing Amsterdam.

It is a city you can visit a couple of times and won’t get enough of.

Today’s rating:

Sightseeing: 4/5
Food:  4/5
Shopping: 4/5
Nightlife: 5/5

Transportation: 4/5


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