Amsterdamazing: Day 2

This was our only full 24-hours day in Amsterdam and it was packed. I will just present you a way to spend the 24 hours in this wonderful city.

1. Have breakfast: 

Amsterdam has many cafes and restaurants to offer for all the hungry stomaches, either waking up from a night full of sex and drugs or just for simple foodies like us who needed something sweet/savoury to start the day. I am more of a sweet person while my friend always needs meat and something savoury :’D

I first went to a bakery to have some waffles swimming chocolate sauce :’D My friend felt sick just from watching me eat that :’D

I have to admit, I was a little bit sick after I finished this :’D

After that my friend had a Wantan soup at a chinese restaurants. You can find a lot of bakeries and chinese restaurants all over Amsterdam. Don’t worry about looking anything up on the internet, you will stumble upon one sooner or later.

2. Visit the Bloemenmarkt:

What better way is there than to wake up to the fresh smell of flowers! Of course, we didn’t have the luxury to order someone with flowers to our dorm, but we had the choice to walk to the flower market after having a fulfilling breakfast, and so we did. On our way there we saw Amsterdam from his many beautiful sides.

Flowers and a canal


Arriving at the flower market, we were surprised that it was next to a canal and a tiny pathway next to shops, cafes and cheese cellars :D

Of course, Weed and Tulips, two natural symbols of Holland. But did you know that Tulips were a gift from the Ottoman Empire to the Dutch Kingdom hundreds of years ago. Tulips only grew in the country which is now Turkey, but Holland loved these flowers so much that they kept on cultivating it so that it became their national symbol :D That is so interesting and another reason to love the dutch who give so much importance to something as simple as a flower.

3. Visit the Heineken Experience, or any other museum:

Because we aren’t huge museum fans, we weren’t interested in all those art museums you can find in Amsterdam. I really wanted to see the Anne Frank Huis, though, but all the tickets were sold out online and there was an estimated waiting hour of at least 2 hourse outside of the museum :/ But since museum has such an abundance of great museums to visit, we thought we should give at least one of them a try. One which is not so expensive and a little bit interactive. So we decided to go to the Heineken museum which was a great decision as you can see on the pictures below.


4. Take a photo at the I amsterdam letters:

One of the newly famous sights, especially on social network platforms like Instagram are these letters.

Unfortunately, when we got there, it was already late in the afternoon so the place was full of people, everyone climbing on the letters, crawling through the a-holes (sounds so wrong :’D) and just posing in front of the m’s and t’s. That’s also what we did.

5. Eat Poffertjes:

What more is there to say?

6. Have dinner – only if you are decisive enough to choose the restaraunt:

We had difficulties, but because the chinese restaraunt seemed a bit expensive, and we only had limited cash, we opted for the Ramen restaraunt close to the red light district. It is called Ramenya and a good choice for quick, but good food.


7. Have a drink above the city at the Sky Lounge:

In the evening, we met a friend who lives there and went to the Sky Lounge which we only found by accident while looking for Bitterballen online and where to eat it. Of course, we completely forgot about that dutch snack because we were too busy being awed by the view and couldn’t stop taking pictures.


Of course the view is not as spectacular as the ones we are used from Asia, but it was still very beautiful, especially the location which was on top of the Hilton Double Tree Hotel. So if you ever go to Amsterdam and wanna have a nice night out without going to the Red Light District, this is another choice (and probably not even that much more expensive than in the RLD).

So once again, another night ended in this wonderful city. Our dorm was now filled with 4 more smelly guys, but it was the only night we had to endure them :’D

The next post will be about our last day, or rather, our last final hours in Amsterdam. We saved the most beautiful sight for that day, though, so don’t miss it!


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