China Travels: Dragon Boat Festival

June 20th – June 21st, 2015

Dragon Boat Festival is a very important holiday in China when people get together and eat zongzi, sticky rice squeezed into bamboo leafs. There are usually also Dragon Boat races on big famous rivers or lakes.
We, however, spent this day celebrating our friend’s birthday in a club.

First, we had to eat something of course. We went to a restaurant near the apartment. They had a lot of seafood there, even little sharks swimming in tanks. We only got normal stuff like fish, shrimps and shells. It wasn’t that bad, actually, I really loved the fish. For drinks, we had our own bottles, Gin & Tonic. No one really cared about that which is one of the perks about living in China.

After the restaurant, we went back to the apartment to pregame before going to the club. We started with simple drinks and then switched to shots. It was also the first time I tried Baijiu, a Chinese alcoholic beverage that is made out of grains. It is similar to the Japanese schochu and the Korean soju but it is stronger, so closer to Vodka. I heard that it was quite strong, but when I smelled it, it didn’t really smell badly at all.
Remember: Sometimes, things that smell good do not taste good at all and vice versa.
Anyway, after the Baijiu I thought I had to throw up. Luckily, nothing happened and I was still feeling fine :D
After taking some group photos, we slowly started to set off to the club at about 9 pm.


When we arrived at the club, we first didn’t miss to pose in front of a huge zongci (sticky rice that is usually eaten during Dragonboat festival).


It was my first time at a chinese club, and most of them were a bit different from the clubs in Germany. You usually book a table with drinks, fruits and snacks, especially when you are coming with a big group.



When the others arrived a few minutes later, more of us were found on the dance floor. Soon, they even brought a hookah.



In chinese clubs you have to expect  weird dance and singing performances. But I was really shocked when suddenly, they played german folk music. At first I couldn’t believe it. I was laughing my arse off about this funny fact that they were playing german folks music in a club in China.WTF?! How do they get the idea of that?

Soon, I realized that many of our friends were either too drunk to dance anymore or had disappeared, so I found myself dancing alone to some electronic music. Very soon, a chinese girl came to dance with me. The dance floor was shaking like crazy under the weight of all the people dancing since it was made out of wood. Suddenly, the girl grabbed my arm and led me to her table. She gave me a glass of beer and her friend gave me a balloon ring. Oh and btw: it is normal in that club that a clown appears walking around the club making balloon figures. My friends found me and We then added the strange girl on Wechat and suddenly, someone gave us blinking lights, at least I first thought they were blinking lights until we put one of them into our mouths. I found out that these things were actually blinking lollipops. Just so that you know: In China, or Asia in general I think, Caucasian looks are desired by most people, girls and guys alike. Girls wanna look like westerners, and guys wanna date white girls. Most of the time, guys are too shy to approach girls, whereas chinese girls have no problem with hugging, kissing, dancing, and taking selfies with us :’D After a night out in China, you won’t ever go back home without several new wechat contacts on your phone (Wechat is like the chinese facebook).



So we were fooling aroundand taking photos with strangers the rest of the night. At about midnight we realized that most of our friends have gone home and the rest wanted to return, too. I was surprised, because usually, the party really starts at midnight. We took a taxi first to the xiao long bao place but it was closed. So we got a taxi home. When we arrived, Hailey and Josie were already asleep. The others were still awake and having a late night dinner. we also brought some fried noodles, and on the way back we had huge laugh flashes. After having our noodles at the apartment we sat on the couch, talking and laughing until it was time for all of us to go to bed.

The next day was the laziest Sunday in history. We woke up, had breakfast in the form of zongci, the traditional sticky rice they eat here during Dragonboat Festival, and then did nothing for the rest of the day.


I never thought a night out in China would be so different, yet so much fun. And I never thought it would be so easy to meet new people in chinese clubs. Some people might not like it or find it trashy, but I quite enjoyed myself :’D



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