Berlin Calling: April 10th 2015

Hi Guys! I have to apologize for not having blogged for ages, but I was quite busy the last few weeks with my bachelor thesis. I handed it in 2 weeks ago. I am planning writing sessions for the next few days and weeks. However I also had a few problems with wordpress with uploading pictures because my gallery is full, so I have to empty it, and I guess that will take a few hours :'( But when I am finished, I will post the rest of my planned blog posts.

Well, anyway. In the middle of the month, I went to Berlin with my sister to visit our friend Jasmina. We stayed at her house and on Monday Jasmina and me went to the Purity Ring concert. But before that we had a weekend with lots of fun and food.

When my sister and me arrived at the airport on Friday, Jasmina picked us up and together, we took the bus and then the train to her apartmenet. She lives in Friedrichshain, near the East Side Gallery, so she is quite central. She also has to walk to the train station for only about 5 minutes, and next to her flat she has an indian and an arabic restaurant. Quite cool!

When she picked us up, we left our stuff at her flat and immediately went out to eat something. Two of her friends joined us, too. We went to a japanese restaurant called Hashi and it was sooooo goood!!!!! <3

I had two suhsi plates and some takoyaki. I tried them for the first time and they were quite delicious.




After dinner, we wanted to go to a bar to drink something, but the bar had a huge queue, so we decided to go to a park and drink a beer or something. When we got there, the park was quite empty. Jasmina’s friends had recommended this, and my sister, Jasmina and I decided not to stay too long. We drank our beer in a hurry and then left for the train.

Still, it was a good day with delicious food.
The next posts about this trip will be a little more detailed of course :)

Thanks for reading.


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