I’m in love with Barcelona <3

First of all: I am so sorry that I couldn’t post this earlier guys, but I was quite busy the last few weeks. I have been reading my books for my bachelor thesis like crazy, and now, I only have 2 left. Still, I wanted to post about my trip to Barcelona ASAP as well, so that I won’t forget what I experienced. If some of you were following me on instagram, you might have seen some of the photos already. Still, I want to give a full report about what I had done during those 3 days in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Here we go!

1. Day, Tuesday, 17th March 2015: Arrival in Barcelona

That day, we prepared ourselves for a one and a half hour flight from Stuttgart to Barcelona. image Our trip was enjoyable and we arrived in Barcelona at about 7pm. My friend Keddy who is doing her Erasmus there picked us up at the airport. We immediately went to our hotel to put back our luggage. Our hotel was called Madanis and was near Camp Nou. It was a beautiful place and the rooms were quite comfortable. When we finally refreshed a bit, we set off again to eat something. My friend took us to a restaurant called Montaditos. It is a restaurant that sells sandwiches in small Tapas size. It tasted quite good and was what we needed at that moment. image The wine we drank was also very tasty. It looks a lot I know but we were 3 people and the sandwiches were quite small. But in the end we were full and went back to our hotel. My friend also gave us a metro Plan so we could find our hotel, and the meeting point for the next day. I have to say that the metro plan is easier than I imagined. So if you ever go to Barcelona getting around will be your least problem. I would also advise you to buy a 10-rides-ticket. 1 ride is valid for 90 minutes.

2. Day, Wednesday, 18th March 2015: Sightseeing Parcs:

That day was a loooong day. We had a good breakfast at the hotel. image image

View from our hotel room.

After breakfast we got on the metro to go to Parc Güell. It was a bit outside of the city centre, at the metro station Vallcarca, but we met Keddy and found it. The weather could have been a bit better but still it was nice and thankfully it didn’t rain.

Half the way we walked to Parc Güell.

image When we arrived in Parc Güell we walked around the charge-free area a bit and climbed up there to have a view over Barcelona. And it was worth it. There was also a guy playing the guitar, so the atmosphere was very peaceful and calming. image Then we continued walking amd came to the main part of the parc. There we found out that we had to pay so we did. It was about 8€ but I think it was okay. We had to wait 30 minutes to get inside, so that not everyon’d go inside at once. In the meantime we took a lot of photos

A little bit of posing ;)
While taking photos here, a group of school pupils came to us to ask us some questions about where we came from, how old we were, and why we were visiting Barcelona and Parc Güell. I think it was a homework from english class at school to interview tourists :D
Gaudi’s House. What a beautiful building! I wish I could live here in summer <3


The mosaic embellishments on the stone benches.
My friend Keddy and my sister. Unfortunately one building was restored, so the view was a bit uncomplete.
This bench was built so that it could provide you with shadow in summer and sun in winter.


It was really hard to take some decent photos of the famous mosaic lizard in Parc Güell, since so many people wanted to take a photo of and with it. The man standing there was posing next to the lizard with his wife for several minutes. He was even told off by a parc guard because he began leaning on the lizard -.- That man annoyed a great deal, and I think he was the perfect role model of an annoying tourist.


I loved this house, it looks like gingerbread house. And the bird in front looks like its sould is leaving him :/
A last picture of the Parc Güell

After walking for about 2 hours, we got tired and hungry, so we went to Barrio Gracia to find a place to eat. We walked there since it wasn’t too far away. Barrio Gracia is a artsy district with a lot of small boutiques, bars, restaurant and strangely enough, a lot of vegan shops. image After walking around a bit we found a Tapas Restaurant.

These were our tapas. I know, it doesn’t look like a lot of food, but it stuffed us quite well. They were all sooooo delicious, I wanna eat all of those again.
Guys, especially these mushrooms with cheese were heaven!
So, if you want to eat at a good and not so expensive place, this restaurant at Barrio Gracia is amazing. It doesn’t only serve Tapas, but also main dishes.

After eating we got on our way to the metro station. My friend Keddy saw a coffee shop and bought a cup of coffee. Then, a few streets further, we saw a froyo shop and got ourselves a frozen yoghurt :D image Now we took the metro to go to the Parc de Laberint. I saw this online on trip advisor and fell in love with it: It has a maze guys!!! Whatever you do, you have to go to that parc! It is not far from the station Mundet (As I can remember that’s what the station was called). As we arrived we didn’t even have to walk that much. Soon we found it. It is near the campus. And we were lucky: the entrance is free on wednesdays (and sundays as well I think). But usually it’s 2€ so that’s quite cheap.

The entrance to the labyrinth parc
Inside, we found this cute door which looked so magical. On the other side, we found…
… The Romantic Parc


Further ahead from the Romantic parc, we found little water falls. I couldn’t stop taking photos of these <3

image After that, as we walked around the area, we saw some roofs and I was wondering what building that was. So we had a look and found this place below. It was the entrance to the maze. image

Me trying to be artsy :D

And finally: THE MAZE!

image image Aaahhhh! It was sooo amazing and fun! The gloomy weather fit perfectly to the atmoshpere of the maze. I think it couldn’t have been better <3 image As we wanted to leave we came across these little cuties :’D I noticed that there are a lot of animals, especially bird-type animals. In Parc Güell we saw some beautiful green birds that looked like tropical birds. Here we saw a heron and some ducks :D Well, after the parc we decided to shortly get out at station Catalunya. There is the parallel street to the Ramblas and so the Casa Batllo. We saw it and it really is quite beautiful. Gaudi was a genius, really. image My friend wanted to show me something. After walking for a while, it turned out to be a bookstore :D what else! It was a book store called Altair and was one especially for travelling. image On this board people could pin their announcements to look for travel partners who want to go to the same place. A cool idea in my opinion. I bought a bookmark here. It was a bit expensive but it was a beautiful one.

After that, we went to our hotel room. In the evening we wanted to go partying. My friend asked us if we want to go to the Sonora Bar first where the Erasmus students usually meet. After that we would go to a club called Razzmatazz. Wednesdays, clubs usually are closed. Only a few are open and Razzmatazz is one of those.

At the hotel, we lay down a bit cause we were so tired. It was also the day when FC Barcelona had a match (against Liverpool I think), so I could watch all the football fans down in the streets in front of our hotel room window. Later when the game started, we could hear everything from the stadium. Well, almost everything. Every time the goal keeper made a long, hard kick to the other end we could hear that, and every time the crowd groaned and cheered we could hear it as well :D no need to pay for a seat ;D

Well, a few hours later we were ready and went to meet our friend at the metro station Marina. At the bar we ate a hamburger but I didn’t like it a lot and couldn’t even finish it. But I drank a lot. Maybe too much. Whenever you go partying in Barcelona, or Spain in general, keep in mind that the drinks are quite strong. At the bar we met some Argentinien friends of Keddy. They were quite funny and nice people :D


When we went inside the club, I was already a bit tipsy, but the crowd at the entrance gave me a little shock. The People were going crazy as though there was something for free. The entrance was usually 15€+free drink. If you had a screenshot of the event flyer, you could get inside for 8€+drink of course. Well, the entrance fee was the only thing I spent that night. I had my free drink, Rum-Cola and then my sister couldn’t drink half of her Vodka Bull so she gave it to me.

At the end of the night, I was drunk and feeling sick. But still we had fun and met a lot of nice people. Although I didn’t really like the music at the club (it was a mixture between pop charts and 90s trashy music), I had a good time, no wonder with so much alcohol consumed. However, the club Razzmatazz actually is known for its techno music, and its 7 or so floors, but on Wednesday, only 1 floor is open and the music is rather bad.


Well, at some point in the club, my friend and my sister were gone and I found myself dancing alone and having a lot of fun :’D My sister also told me that she saw a lot of gay couples making out in a corner :’D I think I was just too wasted to notice that.

Well, in the end, when we were feeling tired, we decided to leave at about 5 am. We went outside and there was a huge crowd of young people, mostly Erasmus students. At after 5 am we took the metro to the hotel. At 6 am we arrived and instantly fell asleep.

How we survived the next day, you will find out in the second part of the post :)


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