Week in Review

As I have already told before, I won’t have too much time for blogging this and next month due to my bachelor thesis. Still, I feel the urge to write and publish posts on my blog. Although I am quite busy with reading secondary literature, I still regard my social life.

The first week of March was exciting for me indeed. On Thursday, the 5th of March my friend got married and I should act as an interpreter at their wedding because my friend June is from Myanmar and can’t speak german, only english. And since the interpreter can’t be someone from the family, it had to be an impartial friend.

I already acted as an interpreter when they applied for the wedding date a month ago. And now, I should also interpret at the wedding, which was a small and casual gathering, which I enjoyed pretty much since I am normally used to the huge pompous turkish weddings where you never find less than 200 guests :’D

During the marriage, I really did my best to properly translate everything that was being said, but I realized that the wedding promises were more like a poem, so there weren’t really complicated, bureaucratic words fortunately.

After the wedding, the mother of the husband poured us glasses of bubbly and we talked and laughed while drinking. I figured that everyone was so nice and funny. They weren’t stuffy at all.

After finishing the bottle, we set off for the cafe where we should celebrate with a cake and a hot drink. On the way to the cafe, June suddenly gave me two presents which embarrassed me a little bit, since I should be the one making presents to the wedding couple and not the other way around. I only gave them a card and they gave me two books. I thanked them of course but also stated that I would have done the interpreting even without getting paid. Veit (the husband) told me that he wouldn’t allow it. At least, I am happy that they thought of something cute like books, and not just only money :3

Here is what I received:


June is such a cute friend for thinking about that <3 I have always wanted to read Lord of the Flies and I have also heard a lot of positive things about Alice Munro and seen her books always next to Murakami’s book in the book stores :D I really can’t wait to finally end my bachelor thesis so that I can continue pleasure reading. It is really annoying having to read boring secondary literature.

Apart from the wedding, I had a pleasant week.

Started the day with tea and Harry Potter *o*
A sprinkle of colour amidst the grey skies on a Monday early evening. I was on my way to the beauty salon to get a shape into my bushy eyebrows. I am not quite talented in it
My whole weekend was spent with secondary literature for my bachelor thesis. It is not dry lecture yet, but the rest is coming soon as well :/
Today, sunday, was a yummy day. I ate the first strawberries of the year and they were quite delicious.

I hope that March will continue to be that good in the following weeks to come.

How was your week?


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